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ALV in background and no lost of interactivity!

With delivery of ALV-Grid SAP's technicians have developed a super-comfortable and very easy-to-handle tool.

This Grid-Technic offers developer a lot of variations and user a lot of functions for interactive processing resp. by Hotspots.

A Problem is always coming up when data-selection takes long time.
This problem is often not unusual for customer-reports when massdata have to be selected by different tables.

Thereby selection may take hours.

If you start ALV-Grid-report in background comfort of handling and interactivity will be lost.

To avoid this comfort-lost we have developed an efficient solution.

With absolutely marginal report-line-adds (minimal 6 lines) our solution generates a container-selection-subscreen , allows saving of ALV-basedata in container with controllable expiration and selective recall .
With every report-call expired container will be reorganised.

An ALV-Container-Manager-Report perfects container-control.

... the one who asks, leads!