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A SAP R/3 - System is dynamic.

Usually the 1st R/3-Sandbox is copied as Productive-System.
By this Systemcopy all customer "first attempts" are tranferred to productive system.
Customer-AddOns as so-called "one-time"-reports for analysing problems or repair-reports charge the ABAP-Repository and get to problem areas not only at release-changes but for redesigns or migrations too.
At this moment an often raised question is: what is used and what not.

Our solution supports to answer this question.

All transactions called direct or running reports are logged and counted at call.
So you can find out rather quickly which report runs how often and was started by whom.

Futhermore every report-call can be reduced to special users - without transaction too -, as you can reduce report-start to block time ( interesting for long-running reports ).

... the one who asks, leads!