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Translations of Short- and Longtexts

You know the problem not only as "Global Player":
unicode-enabled SAP-ERP-Systems know 41 languages at all inclusive customer-language Z1.
Additionally SAP provides 8 Z-languages (Z2 - Z9).
Certainly not all languages have to be installed to create specific texts e.g. for offers, characteristics of class-system or other descriptions in foreign languages.
You can use every language which is known in table T002.
A lot of popular translations of shorttexts can be done with the sap-classic table-functions or with transaction SE63.
But it's getting of interest when translation-agencies have to be embedded.
Then you have to care for fees, access authorisation or remote-user at least.
However an excellent translator needs a consolidated knowledge for a genuine translation of facts, product-specific descriptions or processes.
You achieve an essential facility for translations if there are already exist translation-templates in other languages and those are offline presented clearly arranged.
Further the generated Export-File allows to add further languages.
Deletion of texts is enabled too.
All changes within material-shortexts are updated in the change-history of material-master.

For this purpose we have a perfect solutuion.

Precondition for our solution is a XML-enabled spreadsheet-tool (normally MS EXCEL >= 2007 or OpenOffice Calc).
A Template-File defines the languages for ex- and import by an intelligent column-design .

At all a very simple but effective solution.
If we could raise your interest feel free to contact us.

Keywords: SAP, translation, translator, shorttext, longtext, characteristic, class-system, EXCEL, export, import, download, upload, SE63, template

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