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Alternative Languages

SAP offers a lot of languages to install.
Global operating companies have normally more than 1 language installed and offer their employess the facility to run SAP beside the global languge in the national language too.
The well-directed use of communication-software ase SKYPE, TeamViewer, MIKOGO, GoToMeeting etc. enables nowadys the spontaneous Informations-exchange and thereby the visual presentation and Support at application-issues.
However in spite of all efforts language stays a problem for some.
Our solution shall here optimize strongly.

Our solution allows user to call actual transaction everytime parallel in another installed language by pressing a button.
The call is done via Remote-Login and only restricted by max. number of possible sessions (Modes).
Control is executed by using the central SAP-Help-Menu and is thus available systemwide.

A further solution enables to display requested SAP-F1-Help-Documentation additionally in a language which user defines himself as preferrred language.

Both functionalities provide enduser as developer tremendous support.

At all a very simple but effective solution.
If we could raise your interest feel free to contact us.

Keywords: SAP, translation, translator, shorttext, longtext, documentation, F1

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