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SAP provides following scenarios for creating and maintenance of materials:


BAPIs need a context as program or function, mass-data need a monitor and customer fields are conditionally considered as customer tables require modification-effort.

LSMW is based on fieldmapping, provides datas in flat structures, underlies transport-requests for updates and a 13-instruction-mode.

CATT underlies too transport-request, is less flexiblel and fits mostly for uniformed requirements.

Our solution supports the increase of master-datas as the easy maintenance of selective master-data-fields by using flat-files.
One or more EXCEL-worksheets serve as base.
The worksheets include either datas of special views (e.g. sale, purchasing, dispo) or the complete specification of one or more materials.
Tableoriented view-informations as units, classification etc. are to be managed in separated worksheets. The worksheets are imported as TXT-Files (max. 10 per run).
The whole functionality can be used for creating or updating for materials.
Unused columns can be easy hided as every column can be sap-like formatted (interesting for numeric values which are expected by SAP without user-exit; example: BUKRS, WERKS, VKORG, VTWEG etc.).
All files can be commented on column-level.
The solution supports shorttexts (max. 14 languages) and units for add. datas as all standard-views.
Miscellaneous longtexts and socalled "trip-buttons" on special views are not supported.

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