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Imagine: a stock is burning off.
The question: how big will be the claim?

Well, simply you can multiply the quantities of concerning components with the production costs and/or sales-prices.

But will that be the real dimension of the claim?

We say: No!

If car has no starter-lock car can't be delivered.

Our Solution determines beside the material-claim the economic-claim too.
It determines the quantity-delta between lost of stock and still existing quantities of other stocks, further requests based on highest recoverytime and that not only of concerning stock-components but for component-user too. Our solution determines concerning productions-costs and sales-price of saleable components, modules and products additionally to multiply them with determined deltas. At least lost benefit and share of sales are determined.

The result is represented in a very detailed overview which shows

1. concerning component, module- and product-user
2. concerning sales- (*1) - and production-orders (*2)

*1: Sales-Orders with turnover of actual and previous year and desired delivery date
*2: Production-orders with start- and enddate

HotKeys for materialmaster, accounting, stock- and component-list are self-evident.

Information of the 2 categories can be reduced to a single component with detail-functionality.

This solution is very qualified for determination of insurable values whereat the result may be positive, negative or neutral - for whomever.

... the one who asks, leads!