link builder - backlinks - how to get backlinks

Postby AlenseMelve » Tue 1. Mar 2011, 08:03

Link building is very confusing where to start!

You may be thinking how can i get backlinks? Where to get backlinks from?
What are good backlinks to get?

You can get relevent backlinks using some great backlink tools

Using backlinks tools are the easy and offeicent way to get links to your site!
Using tlsubmit you can get some great relevant backlinks at any domain you wish to get it on!

You can also geo target which is great when it comes to targeting selected countrys!

Re: link builder - backlinks - how to get backlinks

Postby Ashgaro » Thu 2. Feb 2012, 14:20

Sorry, i dont unterstand:/
Can you explain it a bit deeper?
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