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Translated & titled SAP®-Classes beginning with ...:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X

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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
Nome tipo ogg.                 T Titolo                                                      .

CL_BADI_CONDITION_MAN_PPF      C Condizioni mediante Business AddIn (BAdI)                   .
CL_BCS_CUST_PPF                C Comunicazione esterna                                       .
CL_BCS_PPF                     C Comunicazione esterna                                       .
CL_BCS_TEMPL_PPF               C Comunicazione esterna                                       .
CL_DEF_IM_HRPAYIT_INPSM        C Implementazione default per definizione BAdI HRPAYIT_INPSM  .
CL_EXM_IM_HRPAYIT_CUD          C Esempio di implementazione per definizione BAdI HRPAYIT_CUD .
CL_EXM_IM_HRPAYIT_INPSM        C Esempio di implementazione per definizione BAdI HRPAYIT_INPS.
CL_EXM_IM_HRPAYIT_UR           C Esempio di implementazione per definizione BAdI HRPAYIT_UR  .
CL_EX_BADI_EXITS_RPRAPA00      C BAdI Class CL_EX_BADI_EXITS_RPRAPA00                        .
CL_EX_BADI_SD_FM_ASSIGN        C BAdI class CL_EX_BADI_SD_FM_ASSIGN                          .
CL_EX_BAPI_0050                C BAdI class CL_EX_BAPI_0050                                  .
CL_EX_COCM2                    C BAdI Class CL_EX_COCM2                                      .
CL_EX_FI_FB08_SUBST_BUDAT      C BAdI Class CL_EX_FI_FB08_SUBST_BUDAT                        .
CL_EX_FI_ITEMS_MENUE02         C BAdI Class CL_EX_FI_ITEMS_MENUE02                           .
CL_EX_FMBW_CUSTOMER            C BAdI class CL_EX_FMBW_CUSTOMER                              .
CL_EX_HRCCE_DIST               C BAdI class CL_EX_HRCCE_DIST                                 .
CL_EX_HRPADIT_730              C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPADIT_730                               .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT51                C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT51                                 .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_CALC             C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_CALC                              .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_F24              C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_F24                               .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_INPSM            C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_INPSM                             .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_OPRDTAB          C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_OPRDTAB                           .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR               C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR                                .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ           C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ                            .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ_CL        C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ_CL                         .
CL_EX_HRPAYIT_XNAB             C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HRPAYIT_XNAB                              .
CL_EX_HRWTT00HTML              C BAdI class CL_EX_HRWTT00HTML                                .
CL_EX_HRWTT00SELECTION         C BAdI class CL_EX_HRWTT00SELECTION                           .
CL_EX_HRWTT00TOOLS             C BAdI class CL_EX_HRWTT00TOOLS                               .
CL_EX_HRWTT00WIZARDS           C BAdI class CL_EX_HRWTT00WIZARDS                             .
CL_EX_HR_15_DM10               C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HR_15_DM10                                .
CL_EX_HR_IT_SCATTI_DIVERSI     C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HR_IT_SCATTI_DIVERSI                      .
CL_EX_HR_IT_SUPMIN             C Classe BAdI CL_EX_HR_IT_SUPMIN                              .
CL_EX_IF_EX_HR_IT_SUPMIN       C Classe BAdI CL_EX_IF_EX_HR_IT_SUPMIN                        .
CL_EX_ME_PO_SC_SRV             C BAdI Class CL_EX_ME_PO_SC_SRV                               .
CL_EX_PC270006                 C BAdI class CL_EX_PC270006                                   .
CL_EX_PROCESS_MESS_EVT         C BAdI Class CL_EX_PROCESS_MESS_EVT                           .
CL_EX_QB_PLAN_SELECTION_P      C BAdI Class CL_EX_QB_PLAN_SELECTION_P                        .
CL_EX_QEVA_ALT_QTY_INPUT       C BAdI Class CL_EX_QEVA_ALT_QTY_INPUT                         .
CL_EX_SMOD_MRFLB001            C BAdI Class CL_EX_SMOD_MRFLB001                              .
CL_EX_WAKT_BADI_001            C BAdI Class CL_EX_WAKT_BADI_001                              .
CL_EX_WOSCR_CBL                C BAdI Class CL_EX_WOSCR_CBL                                  .
CL_HR99S00_DDIC_CACHE          C CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE                                       .
CL_HRPADIT_CONG_DETR_FIGLI     C Conguaglio detrazioni per "4 figli                          .
CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE          C CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE                                       .
CL_HRPADIT_INAIL_REDUCT_PERCT  C Read INAIL reduction percentage for RDTAB                   .
CL_HRPADIT_INFOTYPES           C Master data modifications                                   .
CL_HRPADIT_TABLE_READER        C Payroll table reader                                        .
CL_HRPADIT_TFR_SILENZIO_ASSEN  C Read INAIL reduction percentage for RDTAB                   .
CL_HRPAYIT_APPLOG              C Wrapper for the application log                             .
CL_HRPAYIT_CUD_CORR_HANDLER    C CL_HRPAYIT_CUD_CORR_HANDLER                                 .
CL_HRPAYIT_DDIC_GENERATOR      C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CL_HRPAYIT_E3L_PERNR_LOG       C CL_HRPAYIT_E3L_PERNR_LOG                                    .
CL_HRPAYIT_EMENS               C Emens Declaration's Generation                              .
CL_HRPAYIT_EMPLOYEE            C CL_HRPAYIT_EMPLOYEE                                         .
CL_HRPAYIT_FILE_HANDLER        C CL_HRPAYIT_FILE_HANDLER                                     .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_APPMISC        C Generic application data store                              .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_CONTROLLER     C Controller per modelli del Unified Reporting                .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_CUST_XML       C Classe di customizing per generazione di xml                .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_DAQ_ENGINE     C CL_HRPAYIT_CUD_DAQ_ENGINE                                   .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_FACTORY        C CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_FACTORY                                     .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_PROC_ENGINE    C CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_PROC_ENGINE                                 .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_PROC_ENG_XML   C Process engine for XML type output                          .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_PROC_POST      C Post-process per un campo                                   .
CL_HRPAYIT_FORM_SEQUENCE_XML   C Generare numeri sequenziali per strutture XML               .
CL_HRPAYIT_IAS_APPMISC         C IAS Application misc                                        .
CL_HRPAYIT_IAS_CONTROLLER      C IAS Controller                                              .
CL_HRPAYIT_IAS_EMPLOYEE        C IAS employee class                                          .
CL_HRPAYIT_INPSM_APPMISC       C Application misc per l'INPS mensile                         .
CL_HRPAYIT_INPSM_CONTROLLER    C Controller per l'INPS mensile                               .
CL_HRPAYIT_INPSM_EMPLOYEE      C Employee class per l'INPS mensile                           .
CL_HRPAYIT_INPSM_PROC_ENGINE   C Processing Engine Class for INPSM report                    .
CL_HRPAYIT_INPSM_TABS_HANDLER  C INPS mensile table handler                                  .
CL_HRPAYIT_ROUND_AMOUNT        C Arrottondamento&Troncamento                                 .
CL_HRPAYIT_STATUS_MGR_ADAPTER  C Adapter for the status manager                              .
CL_HRPAYIT_STRUCT_FROM_DAQ     C Extract from DAQ customizing the definition for a structure .
CL_HRPAYIT_TEMSE_STORAGE       C CL_HRPAYIT_TEMSE_STORAGE                                    .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0002_IT       C Informazioni personali (IT)                                 .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0006_IT       C Indirizzi (Italia)                                          .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0021_IT       C Famiglia Persona di riferimento  (IT)                       .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0154          C Dati previdenziali (IT)                                     .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0155          C Additional administrative data (IT)                         .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0156          C Tax Deductions (IT)                                         .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0158          C Somme corrisposte da terzi (IT)                             .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0159          C Seniority (IT)                                              .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0160          C Fondi Integrativi di Previdenza (IT)                        .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0305          C Previous Employers (IT)                                     .
CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0421          C Retribuzioni Particolari (IT)                               .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0002_IT     C Class for the execution of the standard conversion          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0154_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0155_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0156_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0158_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0159_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0160_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0305_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0421_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0548_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HRPA_UI_CONVERT_0659_IT     C Klasse zur Durchführung der Standard Konvertierung          .
CL_HR_B2A_IT_F24               C HR-B2A-IT: F24 document class                               .
CL_HR_B2A_IT_INPS              C HR-B2A-IT: Inps document class                              .
CL_HR_T005P                    C Klasse um Tabelle T005P zu lesen                            .
CL_HR_T5ITA1                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITA1 zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITAF                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITAF zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITAT                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITAT zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITC1                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITC1 zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITCJ                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITCJ zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITCS                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITCS zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITCT                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITCT zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITCW                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITCW zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITNJ                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITNJ zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITQN                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITQN zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITQP                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITQP zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITQR                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITQR zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITQS                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITQS zu lesen                           .
CL_HR_T5ITSX                   C Klasse um Tabelle T5ITSX zu lesen                           .
CL_IM_CL_HRPAYIT_770           C Classe del BAdI: HRPAYIT_770                                .
CL_IM_HR99S00_DAQ002_CUD       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HR99S00_DAQ002_CUD             .
CL_IM_HRPAYITINPS_DAQ002       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYITIT01_DAQ002             .
CL_IM_HRPAYITINPS_DAQ003       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYITINPS_DAQ003             .
CL_IM_HRPAYITINPS_DAQ006       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYITINPS_DAQ006             .
CL_IM_HRPAYITIT01_DAQ002       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYITIT01_DAQ002             .
CL_IM_HRPAYITIT01_DAQ006       C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYITIT01_DAQ006             .
CL_IM_HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ           C Classe di imp. per imp. BAdI HRPAYIT_UR_DAQ                 .
CL_IM_HR_IV_ICOMP              C Implementation class CL_IM_HR_IV_ICOMP                      .
CL_IM_HR_IV_MODULE             C Classe di implementazione CL_IM_HR_IV_MODULE                .
CL_IM_HR_IV_PRZNT              C Classe di implementazione CL_IM_HR_IV_PRZNT                 .
CL_IM_HR_IV_SUMME              C Classe di implementazione CL_IM_HR_IV_SUMME                 .
CL_IM_HR_IV_TARIF              C Classe di implementazione CL_IM_HR_IV_TARIF                 .
CL_IM_HR_IV_UNITS              C Classe di implementazione CL_IM_HR_IV_UNITS                 .
CL_MERGE_CONFIGURABLE_PPF      C Parametrizzare numero massimo di azioni da elaborare        .
CL_MERGE_MAX1_ACTION_PPF       C 1 azione al massimo per definizione d'azione                .
CL_MERGE_MAX1_EQ_PPF           C Max 1 azione non elaborata / eguaglianza (obsoleto)         .
CL_MERGE_MAX1_FOR_TYPE_PPF     C 1 azione non elaborata al massimo per tipo di elaborazione  .
CL_MERGE_MAX1_PPF              C 1 azione non elaborata al massimo per definizione d'azione  .
CL_METHODCALL_CUST_PPF         C Chiam. metodo                                               .
CL_METHODCALL_PPF              C Chiam. metodo                                               .
CL_METHODCALL_TEMPL_PPF        C Chiam. metodo                                               .
CL_RULE_DETERMINATION_PPF      C Determinazione mediante condizioni                          .
CL_RULE_DET_TRANSP_PPF         C Determinazione tramite condizioni trasportabili             .
CL_SF_FAX_CUST_PPF             C Smart Forms Fax                                             .
CL_SF_FAX_PPF                  C Smart Forms Fax                                             .
CL_SF_FAX_TEMPL_PPF            C Smart Forms Fax                                             .
CL_SF_MAIL_CUST_PPF            C Smart Forms Mail                                            .
CL_SF_MAIL_PPF                 C Smart Forms Mail                                            .
CL_SF_MAIL_TEMPL_PPF           C Smart Forms Mail                                            .
CL_SF_PRINT_CUST_PPF           C Stampa Smart Form                                           .
CL_SF_PRINT_PPF                C Stampa Smart Form                                           .
CL_SF_PRINT_TEMPL_PPF          C Stampa Smart Form                                           .
CL_WF_CONDITION_LOGIC_PPF      C Condizioni workflow                                         .
CL_WORKFLOW_CUST_PPF           C Workflow                                                    .
CL_WORKFLOW_PPF                C Workflow                                                    .
CL_WORKFLOW_TEMPL_PPF          C Workflow                                                    .
CX_DDIC_ERROR                  C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_DDIF_TABL_ACTIVATE_NOT_OK   C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CX_DDIF_TABL_PUT_NOT_OK        C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CX_DDIF_TTYP_ACTIVATE_NOT_OK   C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CX_DDIF_TTYP_PUT_NOT_OK        C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CX_ERROR_IN_NUMBER_OF_CHILDREN C Error in calculating the number of children                 .
CX_ERROR_READING_PAYRESULTS    C Error reading payroll results                               .
CX_FIELD_NOT_FOUND             C CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE                                       .
CX_KEY_NOT_GIVEN               C CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE                                       .
CX_MANY_RESULTS                C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_NO_ATTRIBUTES               C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_NO_RESULTS                  C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_NO_STRUCTURE_DEFINITION     C Generate dynamic DDIC elements                              .
CX_RULE_NOT_SET                C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_STRUCT_NOT_FOUND            C CL_HRPADIT_DDIC_CACHE                                       .
CX_T549A_NOT_MAINTAINED        C Payroll table reader                                        .
CX_T549Q_NOT_MAINTAINED        C Payroll table reader                                        .
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