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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
Naam objecttype      T Naam component            Titel                                                     .

SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C BIND                      Bind Proxy Object to Real Object                          .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C CREATE_AS_MANAGED_ELEMENT Generate an Object According to Metadata in SCR           .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C EXECUTE_BEFORE_FCODE      Called Before Subscreen in Module                         .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C EXECUTE_CONTEXT_FCODE     Execute FCODE from Extended Context Menu                  .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C EXTENT_CONTEXT_MENU       Extend Context Menu of Object                             .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C GET_ABAP_PROXY_CLASS      Determine the ABAP Proxy Class                            .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C GET_ASSOSIATIONS          Get the Table of Association Objects                      .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C GET_CONTEXT_FCODE_LIST    Get List of FCODES for Context Menu                       .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C GET_PARTS                 Get Table of All Part Association Objects                 .
SCSM_MANAGED_ELEMENT C GET_PROPERTIEY            Get the Property Table                                    .
SCSM_ME_SCR_BASED    C CONVERT_SCR_OO_OBJREF     Convert SCR Object Reference to Managed Element Reference .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C ANALYZE_DATA              Compares SD Condition Values with FI amounts              .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C DIFFERENCES_FOUND         Differences Found Between SD and FI                       .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C DISPLAY_RESULT            Print Result                                              .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C GET_RESULT_TABLES         Print results table                                       .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C LOAD_DB                   Read Data from Database                                   .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C LOAD_FI_AMOUNT            Read FI Amounts                                           .
SDFI_CONSISTENCY     C LOAD_SD_CONDITION_VALUES  Read Condition Values and Corresponding Accounts          .
SRV_TAXES_COUNTRY    I CHECK_TAX_DATA            Country-specific check of tax data                        .
SRV_TAXES_COUNTRY    I COMSRV_COUNTRY_FILL       Transfer of additional tax data from ME to service package.
SRV_TAXES_COUNTRY    I COMSRV_COUNTRY_READ       Get additional tax data in service package from ME        .
SRV_TAXES_COUNTRY    I TRANSFER_TAX_DATA         Transfer of tax data from MM-SRV to country package       .
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