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Rapport                        Titel                                                                 .

H00EHS00_UPLOAD_AGENT          Overnameprogramma oude gegevens voor belastingen (niet meer gebruikt) .
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_AGENTT         Overnameprogramma oude gegevens voor belastingomschr.(niet meer gebr.).
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGANA        Programma voor overname van memovelden Protocol_Regulation-Description.
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGDES        Programma voor overname van memovelden Protocol_Regulation-Description.
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGFOL        Programma voor overname van memovelden Protocol_Regulation-Follow_up  .
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PREGPRO        Programma voor overname van memovelden Protocol_Regulation-Procedure  .
H00EHS00_UPLOAD_PROTMEM        Programma voor gegevens-upload memoveld Protocol_Description          .
H00RSMUPLOAD                   Choose File Upload from Director/Local File                           .
H00RSM_CLASS_TIMEDATA_DOWNLOAD Initiële download van tijdgegevens                                    .
H00RSM_EXPRSM1_SUB             Tijdgegevens downloaden: exportprogramma starten                      .
H00_ADHOCQUERY                 Start van HR ad-hoc-query                                             .
H00_ANALYSE_TEXT_IDENTIFIER    Analyseprogramma voor HR-tekstherkenning                              .
H00_QUERY_AD_HOC               SAP-query oproepen voor ad-hoc-rapportage in HR                       .
H00_QUERY_AD_HOC_ROLE          Rol oproepen SAP-query voor ad-hoc-rapportage in HR                   .
H00_QUERY_DEVELOPMENT          SAP-query oproepen voor ontwikkeling in HR                            .
H00_QUERY_DEVELOPMENT_ROLE     Rol oproepen SAP-query voor ontwikkeling in HR                        .
H00_SAPQUERY                   Start van SAP Query in HR-omgeving                                    .
H01_UTSV_FRAME                 Frame for Calling RPUTSVDx                                            .
H37_SELECT_ADIANTAMENTO        Select personal numbers for a payroll process                         .
H37_SELECT_PERNR_BRANCH        Select personal numbers for a payroll process                         .
H99CMLI0                       Muntenlijst voor contante betaling via betaalweg                      .
H99CWTR0                       Reporter looncomponenten                                              .
H99CWTR0_CE                    Reporter looncomponenten                                              .
H99HRF_GENERATE                HR Forms: genereren delen van formulieren                             .
H99HRF_METADATA_02             HR-formulieren: Metagegevens verzorgen                                .
H99LT52OCG                     Vervolgverwerking Off-Cycle Workbench                                 .
H99LT52OCL                     Overschrijving gestorneerd of vervangen door cheque                   .
H99PDSY10                      Plausibiliteitscontroles voor HRDSYS                                  .
H99PDSY_COMPARE                HRDSYS:  systeemoverkoepelende tekstvergelijking                      .
H99PDSY_FILL_SMODILOG          Ontbrekende gegevens in SMODILOG aanvullen                            .
H99PDSY_FIND_DOCU              HRDSYS-documentatie weergeven                                         .
H99PDSY_READ_TRANSPORT         HRDSYS-objecten van een transportopdracht weergeven                   .
H99PDSY_REPAIR_SMODILOG        Overbodige gegevens in SMODILOG verwijderen                           .
H99PM_AFTER_IMP                Aanvullende informatie in een procesmodel invoegen                    .
H99UCDP0                       Processen automatisch afsluiten en verwijderen                        .
H99UDDED                       Overzicht - ontwikkeling van looncomponenten inhoudingsfunctionaliteit.
H99UDDICTYPES                  Vergelijk DDIC-structuur PAYxx_RESULT met macrodefinitie              .
H99UDEL_T52RIC                 Display/delete entries from table T52RIC                              .
H99UGPMP_CE                    Customizing T7CCE_APASG uitvoeren tijdens wijziging MPSD              .
H99UGSP0                       Splits in de afrekening                                               .
H99U_ABKRS_CONV_SCHEDULER      Programma H99U_ABKRS_CONV_SCHEDULER                                   .
H99U_CONVERSION_CA             Conversie van cluster CA voor gearchiveerde afrekeningsresultaten     .
H99U_PYINFTY_CC_XPRA           Afrek.infotype: hoofdrapport van XPRA voor conversie LInd. in 4.6A    .
H99U_PYINFTY_REPLACE_XX        Niet-toegewezen landcodes XX per afrekeningsinfotype - XPRA           .
H99U_RGDIR_WPBP                Tabellen HRPY_RGDIR en HRPY_WPBP opnieuw opbouwen                     .
H99_B2ACHECK                   HR-B2A: Controleprogramma voor B2A-applicatie                         .
H99_B2AFILE                    B2A: bestanden uploaden/downloaden                                    .
H99_B2AMANAGER                 Programma H99_B2AMANAGER                                              .
H99_B2AREORG                   HR-B2A: Reorganisatieprogramma voor B2A-applicatie                    .
H99_CHKE_FRAME                 Kader voor RFCHKE00                                                   .
H99_DISPLAY_PAYRESULT_OLD      Afrekeningsresultaten weergeven                                       .
H99_DP_FILL_T52CLST            Gegevens T52CLST genereren                                            .
H99_FORMSTEMPLATE_PRNT_02      HR-formulieren: sjabloon voor hoofdprogramma                          .
H99_HRFORMS_CALL               Oproep van het afdrukprogramma voor het HR-formulier                  .
H99_HRFORMS_CALL_HELP          Programma H99_HRFORMS_CALL_HELP                                       .
H99_POST_PAYMENT               Boeking betalingen: boekingsrun genereren                             .
H99_PRESORT_PERNR              Voorsortering (b.v. op land & postcode) voor vervolgrapport           .
H99_PROCESS_INBOUND_FRAME      Programma H99_PROCESS_OUTBOUND_FRAME                                  .
H99_PROCESS_OUTBOUND_FRAME     Programma H99_PROCESS_OUTBOUND_FRAME                                  .
H99_RFF_FRAME                  Kader voor het oproepen van RFFO*_C                                   .
H99_RFF_FRAME_REP              Kader voor het oproepen van RFFO*_C voor vervanging van cheque        .
H99_SELECT_OC_ALL              Personeelsnummers selecteren voor massa-bonusproces (PY)              .
H99_SELECT_PERNR               Personeelsnummers voor afrekeningsproces selecteren (PY)              .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_CE            Selectie van pers./contracten voor een afrekeningsproces (PY)         .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_INTERFACE     Selecteer personeelsnrs., interface zonder hoofdafrekenprogramma      .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_MASS_ADVANCE  Personeelsnummers selecteren voor massavoorschotproces  (PY)          .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_MASS_BONUS    Personeelsnummers selecteren voor massa-bonusproces (PY)              .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_MASS_LTI      Personeelsnummers voor een massa-LTR proces (PY) selecteren           .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_MASS_LTI_M    Personeelsnummers voor een massa-LTR proces (PY) selecteren           .
H99_SELECT_PERNR_PU12_GROSS    Personeelsnummers selecteren voor afrekening en export                .
HARCAF02                       Average difference for family allowances                              .
HARCALC0                       Payroll accounting program Argentina                                  .
HARCAR82                       Calculates /239 (past)                                                .
HARCART0                       Remuneration statement for employees with LRIC licences               .
HARCCEN0                       Social Insurance Administration (SNSS) census                         .
HARCDBC0                       Determining gross amounts and contributions differences               .
HARCDGI0                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 20                      .
HARCDGI1                       Res.886/2000-Income Tax 4th tax bracket-SICORE 4-Deductions           .
HARCDGI2                       Res.886/2000-Income Tax 4th tax bracket-SICORE 4-Deductions           .
HARCDGI9                       R.G. 4110 - 4th Cat. Income Deductions - File Generation              .
HARCDTA0                       Pre-program Data medium exchange Various payment processes            .
HARCDTB0                       Previous program Data medium exchange Separate payment process        .
HARCEDT0                       Remuneration statement                                                .
HARCF649                       Form 649- Sworn Annual Declaration of Employee                        .
HARCIMPF                       Final settlement on Income Tax                                        .
HARCKTO0                       Payroll account                                                       .
HARCLJN0                       Payroll journal                                                       .
HARCLSTR                       Cluster AR payroll results                                            .
HARCLSTRA2                     Reading of Cluster A2 (ARGENTINA)                                     .
HARCMLI9                       Cash breakdown list                                                   .
HARCOS00                       List of payments to welfare fund                                      .
HARCSI00                       Union contribution list                                               .
HARCSI12                       Generation of annual declarations - Version 12                        .
HARCSI13                       Generation of employee declarations- Version 13.1                     .
HARCSI15                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 15                      .
HARCSI16                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 16                      .
HARCSI17                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 17                      .
HARCSI18                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 18                      .
HARCSI93                       Generation of employee declarations                                   .
HARCSIAR                       Generation of employee declarations - Version 20                      .
HARCSIR0                       Personnel count for SIJP                                              .
HARCSRV0                       Certification of Services                                             .
HARCTER0                       Off-cycle payroll run: employees leaving the company                  .
HARCVAC0                       Off-cycle payroll run for vacation payment                            .
HARLIBR0                       Legal Payroll Payments Book: Law 20.744 Art. 52 - Forms version       .
HARLIBR1                       Legal Payroll Payments Book: Law 20.744 Art.52 - SapScripts version   .
HARUTMS0                       Display of Temse - Multi-record files                                 .
HARUTMS1                       Temse file display - Original version                                 .
HARUTMS3                       Display of Temse files-Indiviual register                             .
HBR3RDE0                       List of third-party contributions                                     .
HBRAVFE0                       Issue of Leave Notice                                                 .
HBRAVPR0                       Notice Notification                                                   .
HBRCAGED                       GREU: report and file                                                 .
HBRCALC0                       Payroll accounting program  - Brazil                                  .
HBRCCED0                       Income Declaration                                                    .
HBRCDTA0                       Preparation program - data exchange for several payments              .
HBRCEDT0                       Remuneration statement                                                .
HBRCEDT1                       Monthly remuneration statement                                        .
HBRCFER0                       Leave allowance advance payment                                       .
HBRCGRH0                       Alimony history                                                       .
HBRCKTO0                       Payroll accounts                                                      .
HBRCMLI9                       Cash breakdown list                                                   .
HBRCONTR                       Probation contract                                                    .
HBRCONV185                     Conversionn routine for Documents Infotype                            .
HBRCSAB0                       Report to handle special absences                                     .
HBRCVTR0                       Transportation ticket report                                          .
HBRDARF0                       FRRD report                                                           .
HBRDEPD0                       Dependents Declaration for Income Tax Discount                        .
HBRDIRF0                       Withholding Income Tax Declaration - WITD                             .
HBRETQCP                       Salary Adjustment Label                                               .
HBRETQFER                      Taken leave label                                                     .
HBRFCOL0                       Collective leave programming                                          .
HBRFICHA                       Employee Tab Page                                                     .
HBRGPS00                       GSW form printing                                                     .
HBRGRFC0                       Guide of FGTS Termination Collection - GFTC                           .
HBRGRFP0                       FCGSWI - FGTS Guide Collect Termination and Social Welfare Information.
HBRGRPS0                       GCSW - Guide of Collect of Social Welfare                             .
HBRIN680                       Normative instruction 68                                              .
HBRIN860                       Normative instruction 86                                              .
HBRLLOG0                       View legal report result                                              .
HBRPAYR0                       Payroll Monthly Report                                                .
HBRPIS00                       SIP - program for processing archive cash office SIP company          .
HBRRAIS0                       Social Information Annual List - SIAL                                 .
HBRRECT0                       Termination (Standard)                                                .
HBRRTER0                       Termination Term                                                      .
HBRRTER1                       Termination term                                                      .
HBRSALC0                       List and Specification of Contribution Salaries                       .
HBRSALF0                       Child Allowance data sheet                                            .
HBRSALM0                       Maternity Pay data sheet                                              .
HBRSEF00                       FGTS Collect Company System and Social Welfare Information - FCSWI 4.0.
HBRSEGDE                       Unemployment Insurance Application - UI                               .
HBRTERM0                       Dependents Declaration for Child Allowance                            .
HBRU13S0                       Program HBRU13S0                                                      .
HBRUQTG0                       Generate legal leave entitlement                                      .
HBRUTDOCU                      Overview and Documents Maintenance                                    .
HBRUTMS5                       Display TemSe files                                                   .
HBRVENF0                       Issue of Leave Notice                                                 .
HCNCALC0                       Payroll Driver, Version China                                         .
HCNCAWS0                       China specific Bonus (AWS) calculation                                .
HCNCCBD0                       China PHF/SI declaration report                                       .
HCNCCBR0                       China PHF/SI calculation base retrieve/upload report                  .
HCNCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HCNCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements China                                         .
HCNCKTO0                       Payroll Accounts --- China                                            .
HCNCLJN0                       Payroll Journal --- China                                             .
HCNCMLI0                       Cash Breakdown List (China)                                           .
HCNCMLI9                       Cash Breakdown List (Read CN Cluster)                                 .
HCNCPHF0                       Public housing fund result screen list                                .
HCNCSI00                       Social insurance result screen list                                   .
HCNCTAX0                       Individual Income Tax Report                                          .
HCNU0021                       Conversion for IT0021 IC Number from NUMC to CHAR                     .
HCNUOI01                       Import and export MSWORD form                                         .
HFICALC0                       Payroll driver (Finland)                                              .
HFICDTA0                       Preliminary Program - DME for Several Payment Runs (Finland)          .
HFICEDT0                       Remuneration Statement Finland                                        .
HFICEDT0_ELETTER               Remuneration statement as electronic letter for ePost                 .
HFICKTO0                       Payroll Accounts                                                      .
HFICLJN0                       Payroll Journal - Finland                                             .
HFICSTS0                       HR-FI: Quarterly and annual statistics for hourly workers             .
HFICTAX0                       Tax and social insurance statement Finland                            .
HFICVAC0                       Off-cycle payroll run for vacation payment                            .
HFIELET0                       Download eLetter from TemSe file                                      .
HFIFTUM0                       Quarterly / semi-annual file for trade unions (Finland)               .
HFIIABP0                       Batch Input for Vacation Bonus Payments Finland                       .
HFIITUMF                       Create New IT0057 for Trade Union Fees via Batch Input                .
HFILAAI0                       Annual accident insurance statement (Finland)                         .
HFILAIR0                       Accident insurance reporting (Finland)                                .
HFILAWT0                       Annual working time report Finland                                    .
HFILDED0                       Legal deductions list (Finland)                                       .
HFILERR0                       Employee representative report Finland                                .
HFILGAR0                       Garnishment overview (Finland)                                        .
HFILHPA0                       Holiday Pay Accrual                                                   .
HFILHPA0_FI                    Report HFILHPA0_FI                                                    .
HFILKEL0                       Report HFILKEL0                                                       .
HFILOTR0                       Overtime report (Finland)                                             .
HFILPEN0                       List of employees legally obliged to change insurance type (Finland)  .
HFILSEA0                       Earnings statement                                                    .
HFILTALEL0                     LEL/TaEL reporting (Finland)                                          .
HFILTAX0                       Data collector for annual tax statement (Finland)                     .
HFILTAX1                       Finnish ATS Data Presentation                                         .
HFILTCRE                       Display tax card information (Finland)                                .
HFILTEL0                       TEL employment and year statement (Finland)                           .
HFILTUM0                       Trade union membership fees list (Finland)                            .
HFILTUMF                       Download TUM fees from TemSe file (Finland)                           .
HFILTVR0                       Pay Scale Reclassification data for Parake employees                  .
HFILVAC0                       Finnish Vacation Planning Report                                      .
HFILVAC1                       Vacation calculation report                                           .
HFILWTR0                       Finnish wage type reporting                                           .
HFISPOB0                       Statistics: Places of Business (Finland)                              .
HFISPRS0                       HR-FI: October statistics for private sector                          .
HFISSTS0                       Report HFISSTS0                                                       .
HFIUCPL0                       Personnel numbers that have to be unlocked for payroll runs           .
HFIUHPA0                       Report HFIUHPA0                                                       .
HFIUTCCP                       Delimitation and copying of tax infotypes                             .
HFIUTCDL                       Download tax card (Finland)                                           .
HFIUTCUL                       Upload tax card (Finland)                                             .
HFIUTEM0                       Download from TemSe data to frontend                                  .
HHKCALC0                       Payroll Driver Hong Kong                                              .
HHKCDTB0                       Preliminary Data Medium Exchange - for separate payment run           .
HHKCDTC0                       Preliminary Data Medium Exchange - for several payment runs(HK)       .
HHKCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements    -    Hong Kong                             .
HHKCKTO0                       Payroll Accounts                                                      .
HHKCLJN0                       Payroll Journal - Hong Kong                                           .
HHKCLST1                       Payroll Results for Cluster HZ  -  Hongkong Payroll Projection        .
HHKCLSTR                       Payroll Results for Cluster HK                                        .
HHKCPFB0                       HR-HK: Periodic MPF contribution report (format: bank of Bermuda)     .
HHKCPFC0                       HR-HK: Periodic MPF contribution report (format: HSBC)                .
HHKCREC0                       Payroll results check tool                                            .
HHKCSKLE                       Batch Input: Statutory Sick Leave                                     .
HHKCTXB0                       Employer's return of remuneration and pensions for the tax year(V4.6) .
HHKCTXE0                       Notification by an ER of an EE who commences to be employed           .
HHKCTXF0                       Notification by an ER of an EE who is about to cease to be employed   .
HHKCTXG0                       Notification by an ER of an EE who is about to depart from Hong Kong  .
HHKU0346                       Conversion program for Infotype 0346(HK specific)                     .
HHKUJ2Z0                       Conversion program : T7HK2J to T7HK2Q, T7HK2R,T7Hk2S and T7HK2Z       .
HHKUREC0                       Payroll results check tool: Generation                                .
HHKUREC5                       Payroll results check tool: Display                                   .
HIDCALC0                       Payroll Driver, Version ID (Indonesia)                                .
HIDCANN0                       Payroll Annual Display                                                .
HIDCAWS0                       Indonesia Bonus (AWS) calculation                                     .
HIDCDTC0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HIDCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements                                               .
HIDCJAM0                       Jamsostek monthly reports -- Indonesia                                .
HIDCJAM1                       Jamsostek Yearly Report - ID                                          .
HIDCKTO0                       Payroll Account                                                       .
HIDCLJN0                       Payroll Journal                                                       .
HIDCLSTL                       Printout of Loan Results                                              .
HIDCLSTR                       Display Payroll Results (Cluster IS) Indonesia                        .
HIDCMLI9                       Cash Breakdown List (Read IS Cluster)                                 .
HIDCTAX1                       Annual Tax Report Indonesia                                           .
HIDUNAM1                       Name data conversion for upgrade to Indonesia HR version rel 4.0A     .
HIECALC0                       Payroll Calculation Driver for Ireland                                .
HIECDTA0                       Preliminary Program - DME for Several Payment Runs (Ireland)          .
HIECDTB0                       Preliminary DME Program for Separate Payment Run                      .
HIECEDT0                       Payslip - Ireland                                                     .
HIECEOY0                       IE Year End Report : Production of Legislative Forms                  .
HIECEWN0                       HR Ireland: Works Numbers Return                                      .
HIECEXEP                       HR Ireland: Exceptions Report                                         .
HIECEXEP_NEW                   HR-XX: Exceptions and Messages Report                                 .
HIECKTO0                       Payroll account                                                       .
HIECLJN0                       Payroll journal for Ireland                                           .
HIECLSTR                       Display cluster IE (Payroll results Ireland)                          .
HIECMLI9                       Cash breakdown list Ireland (read cluster IE)                         .
HIECP300                       P30 Legislative Reporting Ireland                                     .
HIECP35L                       P35 Legislative Reporting Ireland                                     .
HIECP450                       P45 Legislative Reporting Ireland                                     .
HIECP600                       P60 Legislative Reporting Ireland                                     .
HIECPAC0                       Report to change payroll area for mulitple employees                  .
HIECPENP2                      Irish Pensions Contributions Report                                   .
HIECPRC1                       PRC1 Legislative Reporting Ireland                                    .
HIECTFA0                       HR Ireland: Update Of Tax Credit                                      .
HIECVHI0                       HR Ireland: Update of VHI details                                     .
HIECVHI1                       HR Ireland: Download of VHI details                                   .
HIECVHI2                       Health Insurance Contribution Report                                  .
HIEDTFG0                       Data Medium Exchange: Cancelling Transfers                            .
HIEIPAYE                       HR-IE: PAYE Upload Tax Credits                                        .
HIER_BO2                       Demoprogramma: hiërarchiegrafiek in bewerkingsmodus                   .
HIESIPTU                       IRISH PAYROLL SIPTU REPORT                                            .
HIEUDIR0                       Create Directory for Payroll Results (Cluster IE)                     .
HINC2170                       Form 217 (2A)                                                         .
HINCALC0                       Payroll Driver, India                                                 .
HINCANN0                       Payroll Annual Display - India                                        .
HINCBON0                       India specific Bonus calculation                                      .
HINCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange - Post Payroll - India     .
HINCDTB0                       Preliminary  DME Prog. for seperate payment run - India               .
HINCDTC0                       Data Medium Exchange and Check Printing for India                     .
HINCDTE0                       Prenotification - India                                               .
HINCEDT0                       HR: India Remuneration Statements                                     .
HINCEPF0                       HR:India  Employees' Provident Fund  -  Reports                       .
HINCEPF1                       HR: IN PF Report                                                      .
HINCEPN0                       HR: IN Pension Reports                                                .
HINCEPN1                       HR: IN Pension Reports                                                .
HINCESI0                       Form 6 and 7 for Employees State Insurance                            .
HINCF160                       Print program for form 16                                             .
HINCF240                       Print program for form 24                                             .
HINCGRY0                       Gratuity Listing                                                      .
HINCKTO0                       Payroll Account - India                                               .
HINCLJN0                       Payroll Journal - India                                               .
HINCLON1                       HR-IN : Loan Report to display Principal, interest and subsidy        .
HINCLSTR                       Cluster Display IN ( Payroll Results, India )                         .
HINCLWF1                       HR-IN: Labour Welfare Fund legal reports                              .
HINCMLI9                       Cash breakdown List (Read IN cluster)                                 .
HINCPTX0                       HR:India Professional Tax reporting                                   .
HINCPTX0_REF                   Proffessional Tax Refunds                                             .
HINCPTX1                       HR:India Professional Tax reporting [Annual form for Maharashtra]     .
HINCREMC                       HR-IN: Claims Carry Forward Balance                                   .
HINCREMS                       HR-IN: Status for claims                                              .
HINCREMT                       HR-IN: Claims Balance Disbursement                                    .
HINCSAN0                       Superannuation Report                                                 .
HINCWTR0                       Wage Type Reporter                                                    .
HINIALR0                       Allowances Restructuring.                                             .
HINIBSG0                       Basic - General Increments                                            .
HINIBSP0                       HR: IN  Basic Promotions                                              .
HINIDAB0                       HR: IN  Batch Program - DA                                            .
HINIESI0                       Batch program for ESI - India                                         .
HINIHRA0                       HR-IN: Batch program for Housing (HRA/CLA/COA)                        .
HINILON0                        Penal Interest                                                       .
HINIS800                       Batch Program for Section 80 - India                                  .
HINIS880                       Batch Prgram For Section 88 - INDIA.                                  .
HINU58B0                       Table Insert for T558B- Period                                        .
HINU58C0                       Table Insert  for T558C- Wage Type                                    .
HINUDNUP                       System Interface with EXCEL (Download from IT8/Upload into IT15)      .
HINUESI0                       ESI -  Monthly Eligibility Report                                     .
HINUPTX0                       Conversion report program for Ptax table - T7INP1                     .
HINUUAD1                       R/3 Interface with EXCEL (Upload and download)                        .
HINUULK0                       INLK Payroll Tables T558B and T558C  Upload                           .
HINUUPCF                       HR-IN:Claims Balance upload program                                   .
HINU_M40_FFOD                  Create DME (Print Payment advice note)                                .
HJPU_CHARCODE_CHECKER          Character code checker                                                .
HKRCALC0                       Payroll Driver, Version for South Korea                               .
HKRCCMSC                       List for changes of monthly standard compensation                     .
HKRCDON0                       Report HKRCDON0                                                       .
HKRCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HKRCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements KR                                            .
HKRCKTO0                       Payroll Accounts                                                      .
HKRCLJN0                       Payroll Journal --- South Korea                                       .
HKRCLSTR                       Payroll Results for Cluster KR (South Korea)                          .
HKRCMED0                       DME for medical expense                                               .
HKRCMIS0                       Modification of compensation amount in separation                     .
HKRCPTX0                       The payment certificate of earned income tax                          .
HKRCSIP0                       Social insurance premium deduction statement                          .
HKRCSMIP                       Statistics for medical payment                                        .
HKRCUPNP                       Annual notification for Health Insurance & National Pension           .
HKRCYEA0                       The payment receipt of withholding income tax                         .
HKRCYED0                       Report HKRCYED0                                                       .
HKRCYEG0                       The payment list of withholding income tax                            .
HKRLEIAL0                      List for Employment Insurance Eligibility Acquired and Lost           .
HKRLFST1                       Preselection report for fast entry of Infotype 0543                   .
HKRLSIACQ                      The acquired list of social insurance                                 .
HKRLSICHG                      List for the SI eligibility changed                                   .
HKRLSILOS                      List for National Pension Eligibility Acquired and Lost               .
HKRSEPR0                       The separation payment tax receipt                                    .
HKRULQC0                       Generate leave quota compensation                                     .
HKRUNP00                       Health Insurance & National Pension Grade Change BDC (Korea)          .
HKRUTSV0                       TemSe Download for Reporting Korea                                    .
HLACTRM0                       Termination                                                           .
HMXCAFL0                       Generation of IMSS notifications                                      .
HMXCAGU0                       Annual bonus calculation                                              .
HMXCAJD0                       Adjustment of annual deferred tax                                     .
HMXCALC0                       Mexican payroll accounting program                                    .
HMXCCRE0                       Annual declaration of wage credit paid in cash                        .
HMXCCSS0                       IMSS and INFONAVIT Contribution Calculation                           .
HMXCDEM0                       Multiple electronic documents                                         .
HMXCDIE0                       State Tax detail                                                      .
HMXCDNT0                       Delete notification for Integrated daily wage infotype (0372)         .
HMXCDSS0                       Wage and Salary Declaration                                           .
HMXCDTA0                       Pre-program Data medium exchange Various payment processes            .
HMXCEDT0                       Remuneration statement Mexico                                         .
HMXCETS0                       Limit surplus report for daily integrated wage (SDI)                  .
HMXCFIC0                       Calculation of theoretical taxable income                             .
HMXCFIN0                       Termination details                                                   .
HMXCFNC0                       Generation of  FONACOT initial file, issue and payments               .
HMXCFOVPBS                     Report of discounts for FOVISSSTE credits                             .
HMXCGRB0                       Maintenance payments: beneficiaries                                   .
HMXCGRH0                       Garnishment history                                                   .
HMXCGRI0                       Regular tax calculation report                                        .
HMXCIES0                       State Tax declaration                                                 .
HMXCIFA0                       Savings fund interest distribution                                    .
HMXCINF0                       Deductions by INFONAVIT and FONACOT credits                           .
HMXCINO0                       Payroll tax report                                                    .
HMXCIPDPBS                     ISSSTE - Payroll Data File and Report                                 .
HMXCISR0                       Income Tax Calculation                                                .
HMXCKTO0                       Payroll account                                                       .
HMXCLFA0                       Savings fund settlement                                               .
HMXCLJN0                       Payroll journal                                                       .
HMXCLSTR                       Payroll accounting results (Cluster MX)                               .
HMXCMCI0                       Tax Methods Comparative                                               .
HMXCRET0                       Payments and deductions record for Income Tax purposes                .
HMXCRFC0                       Report HMXCRFC0                                                       .
HMXCRNS0                       Annual report on payments by minimum wage levels                      .
HMXCRUT0                       Profit share calculation                                              .
HMXCSARPBS                     SAR Contributions and Employee Catalog maintenance                    .
HMXCSDI0                       Wage integration report                                               .
HMXCSFA0                       Balance report for Savings Fund                                       .
HMXCSSA0                       Report HMXCSSA0                                                       .
HMXCSSI0                       IMSS-INFONAVIT contribution report                                    .
HMXCTAL0                       INFONAVIT deduction release record                                    .
HMXCVAL0                       File format for food vouchers                                         .
HMXTISS0                       List of personnel absences and incapacities                           .
HMXTRTR0                       Annual percentage calculation of industrial risk contribution         .
HMXTVAC0                       Settlement of Vacation Quotas                                         .
HMXUACTPBS                     Personnel Action Report                                               .
HMXUISTPBS                     ISSSTE FILE UPLOAD                                                    .
HMXUSARPBS                     Program for SAR data initial loading                                  .
HMXUTMS0                       Display of TemSe files                                                .
HNZCADV0                       Advance payment NZ                                                    .
HNZCALC0                       Payroll Driver, Version NZ (New Zealand)                              .
HNZCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HNZCEDT0                       Editing Payroll Results (New Zealand Version)                         .
HNZCIRC0                       Inland Revenue Certificates and Electronic File NZ                    .
HNZCLAC0                       New Zealand Leave Accruals and Leave Processing program               .
HNZCLJN0                       Payroll Journal --- International                                     .
HNZCLSTR                       Display Payroll Results (Cluster NZ) - New Zealand                    .
HNZCLV00                       New Zealand leave processing                                          .
HNZCLVP0                       Leave Liability Projection Accrual Program                            .
HNZCMLI9                       Cash Breakdown List (Read NZ Cluster)                                 .
HNZCSUP0                       Superannuation Calculations NZ                                        .
HNZCTAX0                       Taxation  New Zealand                                                 .
HNZCTR10                       Terminations New Zealand                                              .
HNZDLN10                       Advance Pay Cluster(N1) Display and Deletion Program for New Zealand  .
HNZLABQ0                       ABSENCE QUOTA BALANCE BATCH UPDATE                                    .
HNZLACC0                       HR-NZ: ACC Employer Premium Report                                    .
HNZLCON0                       Leave Conversion - New Zealand leave                                  .
HNZLCSE0                       Child Support, Student Loans & Employee Start/Finish Report NZ        .
HNZLDET0                       HR-NZ: Employee Pay Details Report                                    .
HNZLEMS0                       Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348)  - New Zealand                      .
HNZLEXC0                       HR-NZ: Payroll Exception Report                                       .
HNZLLVL0                       Leave Liability Report                                                .
HNZLPRR0                       IR68P - PAYE/ACC Reconciliation Report NZ                             .
HNZLQES0                       Quarterly Employment Survey - New Zealand                             .
HNZLREC0                       HR-NZ: Run Reconciliation Report                                      .
HNZLREM0                       Employer deductions: Remittance certificate (IR345/IR346) - NZ        .
HNZLSCS0                       Quarterly Labour Cost Survey - Superannuation                         .
HNZLSUM0                       HR-NZ: Employee Payroll Summary Report                                .
HNZLSUP0                       HR-NZ: Superannuation Report                                          .
HNZQESL0                       Quarterly Labour Survey (Annual Leave) - NZ                           .
HNZUCDC0                       Convert Payroll Results for Conversion to " 2 Decimal Places          .
HNZUCLR0                       Payroll Results (RQ) - Original and differences from retro periods    .
HNZUDIR0                       Create directory for payroll results (RU cluster)                     .
HNZULVP0                       New Zealand LVPAY Cluster update utility                              .
HNZULVR0                       HNZULVR0                                                              .
HNZUPTQ0                       Report To List Inconsistent Absence Quota Data                        .
HNZUXMS0                       Shifting of Christmas and New Year Holidays - Holiday Pay Act         .
HPHCALC0                       Payroll Driver - Philippines                                          .
HPHCAWS0                       13th Month Pay                                                        .
HPHCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HPHCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements                                               .
HPHCKTO0                       HR payroll account -Philippines                                       .
HPHCLJN0                       Payroll Journal - Philippines                                         .
HPHCLSTR                       Display Payroll Results (Cluster PH) - Philippines                    .
HPHCMLI9                       Cash Breakdown List (Read PH Cluster)                                 .
HPHCMP00                       HR-PH: Advance Payment Multiple Runs                                  .
HPHCTAX0                       Philippines Taxation Program                                          .
HPHEOYT0                       End of Year Tax Statement BIR2316 Philippines                         .
HPHRALP0                       Alphalist Report                                                      .
HPHREDI0                       PY-PH: SSSEdiNet                                                      .
HPHRHDM0                       HDMF Membership Registration/Remittance Form                          .
HPHRNHIP0                      HR-PH: PhilHealth Report - RF-1                                       .
HPHRSBR0                       Report to print the receipt numbers.                                  .
HPHRSS00                       HR-PH: Social Security Report                                         .
HPHRSSS0                       PY-PH: Social Security Report                                         .
HPHRTAX0                       Monthly Tax Remittance Report                                         .
HPHRUSBR0                      PY-PH : Utility report to insert receipt records in the table.        .
HPHUALR0                       Payroll Results (PH) - Actual/most recent result for CRT              .
HPHUCDC0                       Convert Payroll Results for Conversion to " 2 Decimal Places          .
HPHUCLR0                       Payroll Results (PH) - Original and differences from retro periods    .
HR3PR_REM_DEL                  Archiving 3rd Party Remittance: Write Program                         .
HR3PR_REM_WRI                  Archiving 3rd Party Remittance: Write Program                         .
HRALXPROT                      Verslagweergave voor uitgebreide HR-ALE-verdeling                     .
HRALXSYNC                      Objecten synchroniseren en repareren                                  .
HRFPM_MAINT_T77HRFPM_CHGPE     Verzorging van toegestaan tijdvak voor wijzigingen in het verleden    .
HRUAORD0                       Management of orders                                                  .
HRUAT7                         T-7 Vacation schedule                                                 .
HRUA_ORDER_T1                  Form T1                                                               .
HRUA_ORDER_T11                 Form T-11                                                             .
HRUA_ORDER_T11A                Unified Form T-11A                                                    .
HRUA_ORDER_T1A                 Form T1A                                                              .
HRUA_ORDER_T5                  Form T5                                                               .
HRUA_ORDER_T5A                 Form T5A                                                              .
HRUA_ORDER_T6                  Form T6                                                               .
HRUA_ORDER_T6A                 Form T6A                                                              .
HRUA_ORDER_T8                  Unified form T-8                                                      .
HRUA_ORDER_T8A                 Form T8A                                                              .
HRUCALC0                       Payroll driver (Russia)                                               .
HRUCALCM                       Scheduler for Multiple Payroll (Russia)                               .
HRUCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HRUCDTF0                       Data Medium Exchange: Cancelling Transfers                            .
HRUCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements                                               .
HRUCKTO0                       Payroll Accounts                                                      .
HRUCLJN0                       Payroll Journal Russia                                                .
HRUCLST0                       Payroll Results for Cluster UR                                        .
HRUCPL10                       Garnishments History                                                  .
HRUCPL20                       Listing of Customizing Tables                                         .
HRULAVP0_2004                  Calculation on advance payments                                       .
HRULAVP1_2004                  Insurance payments of pension payments                                .
HRULAVP2_2003                  Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                           .
HRULAVP3_2004                  Individual card of the account of payments and sums UST (2004)        .
HRULAVP4_01                    Sheet 01 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_02                    Sheet 02 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_03                    Sheet 03 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_04                    Sheet 04 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_05                    Sheet 05 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_06                    Sheet 06 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_07                    Sheet 07 - Obligatory pension insurances declaration                  .
HRULAVP4_2002                  Obligatory pension insurances declaration                             .
HRULAVR0                       Employees average number counting                                     .
HRULAVR1                       Count average employees number                                        .
HRULCALCSEN                    Show results of seniority calculation                                 .
HRULICO0                       Flexible Employees Payroll Data                                       .
HRULICO9                       Detailed Sum                                                          .
HRULNDFL                       Person income tax (1-NDFL and 2-NDFL)                                 .
HRULP4                         Report P4                                                             .
HRULPFP1                       ADV-1 Insured persons questionnaire                                   .
HRULPFP11                      ADV-11 Insurance payments list on obligatory pension insurance        .
HRULPFP2                       ADV-2 Insured persons questionnaire - the exchangeable                .
HRULPFP3                       ADV-3 Insured persons questionnaire - the duplicate                   .
HRULPFP5                       SZV-4-1, SZV-4-2 Individual data on seniority, earnings (payment)     .
HRULSZVK0                      Report SZVK                                                           .
HRULT2_2004                    T-2 Employee's personal card                                          .
HRULT3                         List of members of staff (Unified form T-3)                           .
HRULT530                       T-53 Payroll sheet                                                    .
HRULTAB0                       HR RU: Time Sheet Table (Tabel T-13)                                  .
HRULTABY0_NSEL                 Organizational Structure with Persons                                 .
HRULTX12                       Register for 2-NDFL                                                   .
HRULYD01                       Sheet 01 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD02                       Sheet 02 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD03                       Sheet 03 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD04                       Sheet 04 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD05                       Sheet 05-06 - Tax return calcul. on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD07                       Sheet 07 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD08                       Sheet 08 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD09                       Sheet 09 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD10                       Sheet 10 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD11                       Sheet 11 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRULYD17                       Sheet 07 - Tax return calculated on uniform social tax                .
HRUL_CHECK_BANK_ACCOUNT        Check bank account                                                    .
HRUL_ZHSTRU00                  Structure Display/Maintenance                                         .
HRUU294T                       Review of status IT0294                                               .
HRUU294TXTO297                 Converting cluster TX of IT-0294 to IT-0297                           .
HRUU297TO15                    Converting IT-0297 to IT-0015                                         .
HRUUCONVERT_CLUSTER_RY         Convert cluster 'RY' into 'UR'('UA')                                  .
HRUUEXCEL                      Download to EXCEL                                                     .
HRUUKLADRCHECK                 Check IT-0006 with KLADR data                                         .
HRUUKLADRDELETE                KLADR - Delete                                                        .
HRUUKLADRLOAD                  KLADR - Load                                                          .
HRUUPKM0                       Package manager for pension fund                                      .
HRUUT7RUN_REPORT               Wage codes list                                                       .
HRUUT7RUN_WAGE                 All Wage Types in the reports customizing                             .
HRUUT7RUOKSO                   OKSO - Load                                                           .
HRUUTED0                       Maintaining RU-Forms                                                  .
HRUU_BDS_UPLOAD                Report for Uploading Templates in ALV Environment                     .
HRUU_CONVERT_IN_UNICODE        Convert table records in Unicode                                      .
HRXSS_SER_RFW_TEST             Test ESS Reporting Framework                                          .
HRXSS_TIM_REPORT_TEST_BACKEND  Backend tester                                                        .
HR_B2A_GB_REORG                HR-B2A: Reorganization program for B2A Application                    .
HR_CE_GENERATE_PERSONID_EXT    Genereringsbericht voor infotype 0709 (Personid_ext)                  .
HR_SYNC_PERSON                 Afstemming werknemers op zakenpartner                                 .
HS_DELAPPL                     EH&S: Vulverslagen gevaarlijkestofstam verwijderen                    .
HS_DISTRIBUTE                  EH&S: Gevaarlijke stof verdelen                                       .
HS_FILL                        EH&S: Gevaarlijkestofstam vullen                                      .
HS_INFO                        EH&S: Stamrecords gevaarlijke stoffen weergeven                       .
HS_PHRACT                      EH&S: Customizing gevaarlijkestofstam - aanwijzingen activeren        .
HTHCALC0                       Payroll Driver, Version 9 (Thailand)                                  .
HTHCAWS0                       Bonus (AWS) Calculation                                               .
HTHCDTB0                       PRELIMINARY  DME PROG. FOR SEPARATE PAYMENT RUN  (TH)                 .
HTHCDTC0                       Preliminary Prog - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs (TH) .
HTHCEDT0                       Remuneration Statements                                               .
HTHCKTO0                       Payroll Accounts Thailand                                             .
HTHCLJN0                       Payroll Journal - THAILAND                                            .
HTHCLSTR                       Payroll Results for Cluster TH                                        .
HTHCSSD1                       Social Security Detailed Report Form No. 1-10 (1st Part)  THAILAND    .
HTHCSSS1                       Social Security Form No. 1-10 (1st Part)  THAILAND                    .
HTHCTX1A                       Income Tax Form 1A - Yearly report Thailand                           .
HTHCTX5B                       Income Tax Form 50 Bis - Yearly report Thailand                       .
HTHCTX91                       Income Tax Reconciliation Worksheet (PIT91)                           .
HTHCTXF1                       Income Tax Form 1 (ITF1) - Monthly Report for Thailand                .
HTHLVA00                       Leave Entitlement Generation for TH                                   .
HTHUVIEK                       Initialize P0003                                                      .
HTHU_CREATE_SEQ_NO             Create Sequence no. for Thai Employee (for Legal reports)             .
HTWCALC0                       Payroll Driver for Taiwan                                             .
HTWCAWS0                       Bonus calculation                                                     .
HTWCDTA0                       Preliminary Program - Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs   .
HTWCDTF0                       Data Medium Exchange: Cancelling Transfers                            .
HTWCEDT0                       Payslip, Taiwan                                                       .
HTWCKTO0                       Taiwan Payroll Accounts                                               .
HTWCLJN0                       Payroll Journal  --- Taiwan specific                                  .
HTWCLSTR                       Payroll Results for Cluster TN                                        .
HTWCMLI9                       Cash Breakdown List (Read TN Cluster)                                 .
HTWCMP00                       Multiple payments                                                     .
HTWCTXM0                       Tax Certificate Report & Media Form                                   .
HTWCTXP0                       Periodiclly Income Tax Summary Report                                 .
HTWCTXW0                       Tax Certificate Report & Media Form (Payday)                          .
HTWLAM00                       Read payroll result and update infotype 0354/0355/0818                .
HTWLCE00                       Certificate for LI/NHI payment                                        .
HTWLHI00                       List and update LI/NHI/NP data                                        .
HTWLHIA0                       NHI Adjust report                                                     .
HTWLHIC0                       NHI Change report                                                     .
HTWLHID0                       Difference Report of NHI Data                                         .
HTWLHIJ0                       NHI Join report                                                       .
HTWLHIM0                       NHI Medium report                                                     .
HTWLHIQ0                       NHI Quit report                                                       .
HTWLIM00                       3in1 (LI/NHI/NP) or 2in1 (LI/NP) medium report                        .
HTWLINF0                       Infotype Overview for Employee                                        .
HTWLLIA0                       LI Amount Adjust report                                               .
HTWLLIC0                       LI Change report                                                      .
HTWLLIJ0                       LI Join report                                                        .
HTWLLIQ0                       LI Quit report                                                        .
HTWLLPD0                       Data Comparison Report for Labor Insurance or New Pension (Taiwan)    .
HTWLNC00                       Delimit IT0354 IT0355 record when T7TW1B was changed                  .
HTWLNPP0                       TW Pension and Severance payment calculation report                   .
HTWLNPR0                       Report HTWLNPR0                                                       .
HTWLRT00                       Retirement/Severance/Resignation calculation                          .
HTWSI970                       Social Insurance (LI/NHI) of Taiwan                                   .
HTWUTXM0                       Delete tax reported data                                              .
HTWUVB50                       Export/import Program and Word forms into/from database.              .
HVECADR0                       Accident declaration file                                             .
HVECALC0                       Payroll accounting program (Venezuela)                                .
HVECARC0                       Form AR-C: Income Tax deduction statement                             .
HVECCCR0                       Collective contract report                                            .
HVECDTA0                       Data medium exchange program: payment processes                       .
HVECEDT0                       Payslip and severance payslip                                         .
HVECINE0                       Report of worker contributions to INCE                                .
HVECINR0                       Report on quaterly contribution from company to INCE                  .
HVECINT0                       Calculation of interests over severance                               .
HVECINT1                       Calculation of interests over severance                               .
HVECISL0                       Files and reports for ISLR                                            .
HVECIVS0                       Consistency of Work report for IVSS                                   .
HVECKTO0                       Payroll account                                                       .
HVECLJN0                       Loon-/salarisoverzicht                                                .
HVECLPH0                       Report of files for the LRVH (Housing Act)                            .
HVECLPH1                       Calculation of LPH payments                                           .
HVECLPH2                       Calculation of RPVH contributions                                     .
HVECLSTR                       Display payroll results (Cluster VE)                                  .
HVECMIN0                       Register of juvenile employees (Art. 265 of the Fed.Labor Act)        .
HVECOL00                       Collective vacations report                                           .
HVECPSH0                       Profit share calculation in payroll                                   .
HVECPSR0                       Declaration file of profit obtained and distributed by the company    .
HVECRAI0                       RA-I Form: Annual tax statement                                       .
HVECRNR0                       Update listing report                                                 .
HVECSEN0                       Calculation of seniority welfare payments                             .
HVECSIE0                       IVSS report 14-02                                                     .
HVECSIE1                       IVSS report 14-03                                                     .
HVECSSO0                       Calculation of SSO and SPF contributions and deductions               .
HVECSSR0                       Report of file generation for the IVSS SANE system                    .
HVECSVB0                       Report on state of benefit and interest account                       .
HVECTAX0                       Income Tax calculation                                                .
HVECTER0                       Processing of termination of working relationship                     .
HVECTRA1                       Apprentices report (Ministry of Labour Art. 270 )                     .
HVECVAC0                       Valuation report on legal vacation in the payroll                     .
HVECVCD1                       Leave advanced payment: Venezuela                                     .
HVECWHR0                       Hours worked report                                                   .
HVEULKT0                       Report for data transfer from external systems                        .
HVEUTMS0                       TemSe file display                                                    .
HVEUTMS1                       TemSe file transfer                                                   .
HVEUTMS2                       Display of TemSe files in original format                             .
HVEUTMS3                       TemSe file transfer                                                   .
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