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BADI                 Tittel                                                      .

N1APPLAN_CHECK       IS-H Med* BAdi for Checking Appointment Release             .
N1CREATE_SCREEN      IS-H*MED: BAdI for Inegration of Customer-Specific Screens  .
N1DCS_DIASVCQUICKENT IS-H*MED: DCS: Diagnoses/Quick Service Entry BAdI           .
N1DISPOAP_SCHEDULED  IS-H*MED: Business Add-In for Dispatcher Work Station       .
N1ME_ADMIN_EVT_SCR   Medication: Screen Control for "Administer Drug"            .
N1ME_ADMIN_EV_SIMPLE Medication: 'Quick Drug Administration' Control             .
N1ME_ADM_EVENT_DIAL  Medication: Control Administration                          .
N1ME_BEFORE_DT_FSOU  Medication: Control Before Fill Source Determination        .
N1ME_CALC            Medication: Change Calculations                             .
N1ME_CHANGE_ENDEVENT Medication: BADI for 'End Event' Function                   .
N1ME_CHANGE_ENDORDER Medication: Methods for 'End Order' Function                .
N1ME_CHANGE_EVSTATUS Medication: BAdI to Change Event Status                     .
N1ME_CHANGE_EXTEND   Medication: Methods for "Extend Order" Function             .
N1ME_CHANGE_IM_EVSTA Medication: Set Status for Events (PIC/FILL)                .
N1ME_CHANGE_MOSTATUS Medication: Methods for Changing Order Status               .
N1ME_CHANGE_SUSPORD  Medication: Methods for Deactivating Order                  .
N1ME_CHDVER_DETERMIN Medication: Fill Change Attribute for Order                 .
N1ME_COMMIT_WORK     Medication: BADI for Actions on COMMIT                      .
N1ME_COPY_ORDER      Medication: Control of "Copy Order" Function                .
N1ME_CUST_ORD_HEADER Medication: Customer-Specific Order Header                  .
N1ME_DATAS           Medication: Integration of Customer-Specific Data Classes   .
N1ME_DRUG_SEL_CHECK  Medication: Call Checks for Drug Selection                  .
N1ME_DYNAM_SUBSCR    Medication: Cust.-Spec. Screen Control for Order Dialog     .
N1ME_EVENT_GENERATE  Medication: Generate Events                                 .
N1ME_EVENT_POST_COND Medication: Connection to MM Control                        .
N1ME_F4_HELP         Medication: BADI for Overriding F4 Help                     .
N1ME_GET_CASE        Medication: Change Case                                     .
N1ME_GET_HEIGHT      Medication: Change Weight of Patient                        .
N1ME_GET_OBJ_FOR_OBJ Medication: Determine Object for Another Object             .
N1ME_GET_VMA         Medication: Determine Employee Reponsible                   .
N1ME_GET_WEIGHT      Medication: Change Weight of Patient                        .
N1ME_NEWRVER_DETERMI Medication: Fill Change Attribute Flow Rate Change          .
N1ME_ORDER_DIALOG    Medication: Process Control of Medication Order             .
N1ME_ORDER_ENTRY     Medication: Access to Order Dialog                          .
N1ME_ORDER_HARDSTOP  Medication: Calculate Max. Duration of Medication Order     .
N1ME_PREVENT         Medication: Change Event Generation Horizon                 .
N1ME_READ_PARAM      Medication: Read Customer-Specific Parameters               .
N1ME_WP_012          Clinical Work Station - Order BAdI                          .
N1ME_WP_013          Drug Events/Inpatient Nursing Services View Type            .
N1PACSSTRUCTURE      IS-H*MED: PACS Link Change transfer structure               .
N1PATORG_APPEND      IS-H*MED: Business Add-In for Patient Organizer             .
N1REQUESTNUMBERCHECK IS-H: Customer-Specific Check of ANFNR (incl. Adjustment)   .
N1VKPRINT            IS-H*MED: Business Add-In for the Pre-registration List     .
N1_APPOINTMENT       IS-H*MED: BAdIs for Object "Appointment"                    .
N1_APPS_MOVE         Presetting of Appt Planning Using Collective Processing     .
N1_CANCEL            IS-H*MED: Customer-Specific Enhancements when Canceling     .
N1_CHG_APP_TEMPLATE  IS-H: Change Appt Template (Create Appt with Template)      .
N1_CONNECTIVITY      External Communication (Data Interchange)                   .
N1_CONTEXT_DIALOG    IS-H: Influence Displayed Data                              .
N1_CORDER_CHECK      IS-H: Check Clinical Order (in Dialog)                      .
N1_CORDER_PREALLOC   IS-H: Preset Clinical Order (in Dialog)                     .
N1_CORDER_PRINT_SSF  IS-H*MED: Print Clinical Order                              .
N1_CORDER_USER_COMM  IS-H: Clinical Order (Dialog) - Process Functions           .
N1_CREATE_COMPCON    IS-H: BAdI for Creation of a Component Configuration        .
N1_CREATE_COMPONENT  IS-H: BAdI for Creation of a Component Instance             .
N1_CREATE_CONFIG     IS-H: BAdI for Creation of a Configuration Instance         .
N1_CREATE_PRC_POPUP  IS-H: BAdI for Creation of a Dialog Box Process             .
N1_CREATE_SCREEN     IS-H: BADI for Instantiation of a Screen Object             .
N1_DOC_PREPARE_ADDR  IS-H*MED: Recipient Presetting/Postprocessing for DOKVERS   .
N1_DOC_PREPARE_PRINT IS-H*MED: Control of Printer Default Settings in DOKVERS    .
N1_FA_CALCULATE      Pat. Transport Service: Calculate Duration of Transp. Order .
N1_FCT_TEAM_SAVE     i.s.h.med: BAdI Before Saving Team Entry                    .
N1_GENERATE_MEEVENT  Medication: Change Event Table Before Generation            .
N1_HLST_NEW_FIELDS   IS-H*MED: Selection List for Services: User Exit New Columns.
N1_INTERNET_SERVICE  IS-H*MED: BAdIs for Internet Service                        .
N1_MEDSRV_INFO       i.s.h.med: BAdI for Service Processing                      .
N1_MEEVENT           Medication: Change Event Generation                         .
N1_NBEW_SAVE         IS-H*MED: Defaults for Saving a Movement                    .
N1_OP_PROGRAMM       IS-H*MED: Customized Applications in the OR Schedule        .
N1_PERFORM_SERVICE   IS-H*MED: Prohibit Performance or Release of Services       .
N1_PERFORM_SRV_CHECK IS-H*MED: Perform/Release Service - Checks                  .
N1_PERFORM_SRV_SAVE  IS-H*MED: Perform/Release Service - During Update           .
N1_PG_GET_START_POS  IS-H*MED Plan. Grid - Calculation of Start Date and Position.
N1_PG_LABEL_APP      IS-H*MED: Planning Grid - Labelling of Appointments         .
N1_PG_LABEL_TIMEGRID IS-H*MED: Planning Grid - Labelling of Time Grid            .
N1_PG_LABEL_TIMESLOT IS-H*MED Labelling of Time Slots                            .
N1_PREPARE_ADMISSION IS-H*MED: INACTIVE (Default - Change Admission Transactions).
N1_PREREG_CHECK      IS-H: Check Preregistration (Dialog!)                       .
N1_PREREG_PREALLOC   IS-H: Preset Preregistration (Dialog)                       .
N1_PREREG_SUBSCREEN  IS-H: Control for Customer-Spec. Preregistration Subscreen  .
N1_PREREG_USER_COMM  IS-H: Preregistration (Dialog!) - Processing Functions      .
N1_PTS_FPV           Patient Transport Service: Determine Available Transporters .
N1_SCR_PARTNER       IS-H*MED: Restrict Employee Selection                       .
N1_SET_PLAN_TOOL     IS-H*MED: Sets Planning Tool to Be Used                     .
N1_VITPAR_DIALOG     IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Editing Dialog Box                     .
N1_WPOOL_LABEL_NODE  IS-H*MED Planning Grid, Worklist: Label Nodes               .
N1_WP_LSTAMB         IS-H: Clin. Work Station, User Exits Outp.Clinic/Svce Fclty .
N1_WP_OP             IS-H*MED: Clinical Work Station - User Exits for Surgeries  .
N1_WP_PTS            IS-H*MED: Clin.Work Station, User Exits View Type Transp.Ord.
N1_WP_REQUEST        IS-H*MED: Clin. Work Station: Clinical Order View Type      .
N2M_ASSO_OTF_FROM_TC Opprett assosiasjoner dynamisk fra handelskontrakt          .
N2M_CHANGE_ASSO_DATA Assosiasjonsstyring: Endring av assosiasjonsdata            .
N2M_CHANGE_LEAD_TAB  Endre tabell over ledende dokumenter                        .
N2M_CHECK_ASSO_DATA  Assosiasjonsstyring: Kontroll av assosiasjonsdata           .
N2M_CHECK_ASSO_IN_TC Assosiasjonsstyring: Ktr. av assosiasjoner i handelskontrakt.
N2M_CHECK_REL_SHIP   Assosiasjonsstyring: Kontroll av assosiasjonsrelasjoner     .
N2M_CHECK_TC         Assosiasjonsstyring: Kontroll av handelskontrakt            .
N2M_FAILED_UNLINK    Assos.styring: Atferd etter mislykket atskillelse for assos..
N2M_FLT_ASSO_PARTNER Assosiasjonsstyring: Filtrering av assosiasjonspartner      .
N2M_FLT_ASSO_TABS    Assosiasjonsstyring: Filtrering av assosiasjonspartner      .
N2M_QUANTITY_DISTRIB Assosiasjonsstyring: Egendefinert omfordelingsstrategi      .
NAVIGATION_ACL       Manipulation of navigation area                             .
NETW_DIR_PROCUREMENT BADI for egendef. kontroller ved materialer uten mat.nr.    .
NETW_POSI_CONFI_LIST Egendefinert posisjonering i endringsstyring for dokumenter .
NETW_USER_FIELDS_F4  Egendefinert F4-hjelp for brukerfelt i nettverket           .
NOTIF_ACTIONBOX      Påvirkning av funksjoner i aktivitetsfelt                   .
NOTIF_AUTHORITY_01   Ytterligere autorisasjonskontroller for melding             .
NOTIF_COST_CUS_CHECK Egendefinert kontroll før oppretting av kostnadssamler      .
NOTIF_CREATE_OBJ     Oppretting av objekt i rapportdialog                        .
NOTIF_EVENT_POST     Rapportoppdatering: Henting av rapportdata                  .
NOTIF_EVENT_SAVE     Endring ved lagring av rapport                              .
NOTIF_FORM_PARAM     Get the smart form interface parameters                     .
NOTIF_LINK_MAINT     Maintain the Link table entry                               .
N_ALT_APP_SEARCH_DYN IS-H: Alternative Editor for Open Time Slot Search          .
N_APP_CONSTR_CHG     BAdI for Changing Appointment Template                      .
N_WP_MEDCONTROL      IS-H: Clinical Work Station; View Type Medical Controlling  .
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