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BADI                 Tittel                                                      .

OFFLINE_APPL         Egendef. exit for offlineapplikasjoner med WAF-kommunikasjon.
OFX_ACCOUNT_STMT     OFX: Behandling av kontoutskrift                            .
OFX_PAYMENT          OFX-betaling                                                .
OI0_MM_CONTRACT      BADI for FUGR OI0_BAPI_MM_CONTRACT                          .
OI0_OP_PROC          Process Compatible Operators                                .
OIA_DEL_COST_REPRICE Split Condition Repricing                                   .
OIA_ERS_ENHANCEMENT  Invoice split possibility                                   .
OIA_EXGAGRMNT        BADI for FUGR OIA_IF_EXGAGRMNT                              .
OIA_EXGAGRMNT_VALID  Validation of exchange agreement data                       .
OIA_LIA_POSTZERO     Postzero amount at LIA transaction                          .
OIA_QS_ENHANCEMENT   Additional quantity schedule data                           .
OIB_QCI_CUST_PARAM   BAdI for customer specific parameter handling               .
OIB_QCI_DET_DEF      Business Add In to change default determination parameters  .
OIB_QCI_DIM1_TO_DIM2 Quantity Conversion Interface: Dimension1-to-Dimension2     .
OIB_QCI_EXTERNALFUNC QCI: Add-In for external function call                      .
OIB_QCI_NATURAL_GAS  QCI: Natural gas conversion exits                           .
OIB_QCI_RAWMATERIALS Business Add-In for raw material conversions                .
OIB_QCI_ROUND_QTY    Add-In for Rounding/Checking Quantities and Parameters      .
OIC_CPE_FILL_ATTRIB  BAdI for Filling Customer Attributes                        .
OIC_GET_LSMW_INFO    Get LSMW Project Information for Data Exchange              .
OIC_GR_REPRICE_CHECK Material  movement criteria check for repricing             .
OIG_DG_DATA_MAINTAIN BAdI: Storage of Vehicle Data Before Dangerous Goods Check  .
OIG_MAT_DOC_CHANGE   OIL - TD : Function to Pass MM data from TD                 .
OIH_ED_VAL_DEF       BADI for Excise Duty defaulting and validation              .
OIIM_USER_SCREEN     User screen for meter master data                           .
OII_DIP_ADD_COLUMNS  Add. user columns for Silo Management                       .
OII_DIP_ANALYSIS     Business Add-in for goods movement based dip analysis       .
OII_DIP_CALCULATION  Methods to modify Tank dip calculations                     .
OII_DIP_EXTERNAL     BADI for costomer control under input dip data              .
OII_TANK_MM_HANDLING Silo Management additional Material movmement checks        .
OIJP_SFT_CALC_CUST   Calculate safety stock - customer BADI                      .
OIJP_TGT_CALC_CUST   OIL-TSW: Calculate target stock - customer BADI             .
OIJU_PHYINV          Physical inventory Add-In                                   .
OIJU_RD_CALC_CUST    BADI to overwrite SAP TSW Stock Projection logic            .
OIJU_RD_FC_CUST      OIL-TSW: Generate rack issue forecast - BADI                .
OIJU_RD_TICKET       Manipulation of Ticket Data within SPW                      .
OIJ_3WP_SEL_SCREEN   3WP Selection Screen BADI                                   .
OIJ_3WP_TEXT         3WP Test Add-Inn                                            .
OIJ_3WP_UI           3WP User Interface adjustments                              .
OIJ_AMMEND_3WP_FIELD Amend 3WP Fields to Tables Demand, Supply, Trans. Avails, DS.
OIJ_APOFCST_MAINTAIN APO DP Forecast maintain in TSW SPW                         .
OIJ_BPB_GUI          BAdI: Berth Planning Board UI                               .
OIJ_BPB_MAIN         Berth Planning Board main BAdI                              .
OIJ_BPB_OPT          BAdI: Automated Berth Scheduling in Berth Planning Board    .
OIJ_CALC_DEM         Calculate despatch and demurrage                            .
OIJ_CALC_LOC_DURTION Calculate Duration between two TSW Locations                .
OIJ_DEF_BERTH_SELECT sets a default ber.  from suit. berthswhile berth scheduling.
OIJ_DET_DATE         Determine date                                              .
OIJ_EL_EVM_NOM_PROC  BADI For Event Manager Processing                           .
OIJ_EL_LTTERMS_CHECK Check laytime terms                                         .
OIJ_EL_MVSCEN        OIL-TSW: movement scenario / ticketing related exits        .
OIJ_EL_PRORATE       TSW: BADI for Proration Calculation                         .
OIJ_EL_TSW_DETAILS   OIL TSW: TSW Details customer functions - customer BADI     .
OIJ_EXIT_TKT_PROCESS skips processing a ticket during archiving of tickets       .
OIJ_EXT_DET          Update external details from Nomination                     .
OIJ_IF               OIL TSW: Interface functions - customer BADI                .
OIJ_LB               Location Balancing BADI - Methods                           .
OIJ_LB_CHECK_DMD_SUP Location Balancing check demand supply for the schedules    .
OIJ_LB_INV           Location Balancing Inventory Calculation                    .
OIJ_LB_PAST_INV      Logic of scheduled date v/s posting date in inventory calc. .
OIJ_LB_USER_FIELDS   BADI for additional user fields in LB item and header outtab.
OIJ_LB_VALIDATE      BADI for missing LB validations                             .
OIJ_LT_ACCOUNTING    Laytime & Demurrage screen exit for financial posting       .
OIJ_LT_ACT           Calculate actual laytime - BADI definition                  .
OIJ_MD               TSW master data BADIs                                       .
OIJ_METER_RECONCILE  Reconcile meter objects with common equipment number        .
OIJ_NOM              OIL-TSW: Nomination Processing - BADI                       .
OIJ_NOMEV_VALIDATION Nomination Event Validation Add-In                          .
OIJ_NOMHD_VALIDATION Nomination Header Validation Add-In                         .
OIJ_NOMIT_VALIDATION Nomination Item Validation Add-In                           .
OIJ_NOMLD_VALIDATION Nomination Berth Scheduling Validation Add In               .
OIJ_NOMMT_VALIDATION Multiple Nominations Validation Add-In                      .
OIJ_NOMPRORATE_VAL   Proration Validation Business Add-In                        .
OIJ_NOM_CHK          BAdi to check the releated customer nominations             .
OIJ_NOM_COMM_ALE     TSW: ALE interface                                          .
OIJ_NOM_COMM_RECEIVE Nomination Receive Partner Information                      .
OIJ_NOM_DEFAULTING   Nomination Defaulting Add-In                                .
OIJ_NOM_DEF_DUMMLOC  OIL-TSW :Defaults dummy location used for bunker consumption.
OIJ_NOM_EVPREREQ     Event Prerequisite Check                                    .
OIJ_NOM_EVSUBSEQ     Subsequent Event Routine                                    .
OIJ_NOM_FILTER       Nomination data filters                                     .
OIJ_NOM_FOR_LOC_DMND Generate nomination for location demand data                .
OIJ_NOM_GEN_CONITEMS OIL-TSW:generates bunker consumption nomination items       .
OIJ_NOM_GUI          Nomiation GUI Add-In                                        .
OIJ_NOM_MAINTAIN     Nomination Maintain Function Add-In                         .
OIJ_NOM_MATBALANCE   Material balance function within Nomination GUI             .
OIJ_NOM_PIPE_BATCH   Nomination Pipeline Batching Add-In                         .
OIJ_NOM_PUBLISH      PUBLISH to nomination Add-In                                .
OIJ_NOM_STPREREQ     Status prerequisite check                                   .
OIJ_NOM_STSUBSEQ     Subsequent status routine                                   .
OIJ_NOM_UI           Nomination User Interface adjustments                       .
OIJ_NOM_UPDATE       Update nomination Add-In                                    .
OIJ_NOM_UPD_SCHEDLN  Nomination Document Schedule line Update Add-In             .
OIJ_NOM_VALIDATION   Nomination Item Validation Add-In                           .
OIJ_NOM_VIEW_CHECK   Check of the selected view Add-In                           .
OIJ_PEG_GUI          TSW: Pegging GUI enhancements                               .
OIJ_PEG_RULE         Pegtype specific extensions                                 .
OIJ_PP               Production planning data handling                           .
OIJ_PRO_TKT_O1       Calculation of Temperature of the Loaded Quantity in Ticket .
OIJ_QUERY            Oil TSW: Abap Query Processing Nomination                   .
OIJ_RD_BASE_DATE     BADI to overwite Base Date                                  .
OIJ_RD_CONSTR        Stock projection constraints validation BADI                .
OIJ_RD_ZONLO         BADI to change the time zone                                .
OIJ_REP_QTY          OIL-TSW: to handle the reported quantities status etc.      .
OIJ_ROIJRDU1N        BADIs used in SP Engine                                     .
OIJ_SCHED            Schedule Entry BADI Definition                              .
OIJ_SCHED_BREAKDOWN  Oil-TSW: OIJ_SCHED Breakdown rules                          .
OIJ_SCHED_UPDATE     Schedule Entry Updation Control BADI defintion              .
OIJ_SPREL            Stock projection relevance                                  .
OIJ_SPTYPE_SIMAPPL   OIL TSW: Associate Stock projection type to Simulate applic..
OIJ_SPW_DOC_CONS     Consume SD/MM orders in the SPW by goods movements          .
OIJ_SP_DOC           R/3 documents in TSW Stock projection                       .
OIJ_SP_SCHEDSTAT     Overwrite the OIJ_SCHED-SCHED_STAT                          .
OIJ_SS_CALC          BADI Defination for Measurement Comparison                  .
OIJ_STOP_GAUGE_CALC  stop gauge calculation routines                             .
OIJ_STOP_METER_CALC  used to calculate stop meter given start meter and LD qty   .
OIJ_STOP_MTR_CALC    used to calculate stop meter given start meter and LD qty   .
OIJ_TIMECONS         OIL TSW : BADI for time dependent constraints in TSW        .
OIJ_TIMEZONE_CALC    Interpret Date/Time Fields and TIMESTAMPS for Timezones     .
OIJ_TKT              Ticket maintenance add in                                   .
OIJ_TKTEV_VALIDATION Ticket Event Validation Add-In                              .
OIJ_TKTHD_VALIDATION Ticket  Header Validation Add-In                            .
OIJ_TKTIT_VALIDATION Ticket Item Validation Add-In                               .
OIJ_TKT_DEFAULTING   Ticket Defaulting Add-in                                    .
OIJ_TKT_DOCG         OIL-TSW: Ticket Document Generation Processing BADIs        .
OIJ_TKT_GEN_CONITEMS Generates Bunker Consumption Ticket Items                   .
OIJ_TKT_VALIDATION   Ticket Full Validation Add-In                               .
OIJ_TSW_EXT_DETAILS  OIL-TSW: handle external details in ticketing               .
OIJ_UPDATE_3P_ITEMS  Reference Document changes update SCHED_STAT = '3P' items   .
OIJ_WHATIF_UI        What-If Popup / Clipboard User Interface adjustments        .
OIJ_WHIF_DISAGG_RULE OIL TSW: Badi for What-if type disaggregation rule          .
OIJ_WL               Worklist BADIs                                              .
OIJ_WL_NOMI_CHK_TOL  Check Contract tolerance with nomination quantity           .
OIK_SHPPL            Replacement for EXIT_SAPMOIKP_100                           .
OIK_SPLIT_QUANTITY   TPI: Splitting of the order quantity                        .
OIO_CONTAINER        Enhancements for offshore logistics container handling      .
OIO_CROSS_DOCK_LIST  Enhancements to goods receipt cross docking list            .
OIO_HOLDING          Enhancements to OLM delivery hold functionality             .
OIO_RENTAL_MOB       User exit for PBO/PAI of rental mobilization data elements  .
OIO_RT_REFERENCE     OLM Additional checks on returns reference objects          .
OIO_SHIPMENT_RECEIPT OLM Shipment Receipt                                        .
OIO_SHIPPING         Enhancements to offshore logistics shipping                 .
OIO_SH_CAPACITY      Cargo capacity calculations for voyage/transport units      .
OIO_SH_ROUTE         Set departure and destination point for a handling unit     .
OIO_SUPPLY_CHAIN     Enhancements to offshore logistics supply chain             .
OIO_TRACKING         Enhancements to offshore logistics material tracking        .
OIO_VG_SHIPMENT      OLM enhancement for voyage interface to shipment            .
OIO_VOYAGE           Enhancements for offshore logistics voyage                  .
OIRA_AFTER_EXECUTION Process execution                                           .
OIRA_DBT_INS_CONCAT  Insert record  into aggregation table while filling OIRADBT .
OIRA_DBT_MOD_CONCAT  Modify record  in aggregation table while filling OIRADBT   .
OIRA_IN              BADI to fill values into aggregation table                  .
OIRA_MSG_SUPP        SSR: Message suppression                                    .
OIRA_PRDISPALV       SSR Print - ALV display table BADI for disp/chg print pgm   .
OIRA_PREAGG_IN       BADI to fill values into variable key of pre-aggregation tab.
OIRA_PREAGG_MAIN     BADI to manipulate DBT entries after aggregation            .
OIRA_PRINT_COMM      Fill comm strructure/partner table for SSR Output determin. .
OIRA_PRINT_FILL      BADI to fill values into variable flds of the print index   .
OIRA_PRINT_UPDATE    BADI to skip print index update at callup point             .
OIRA_PROCDATECHECK   Process date check                                          .
OIRA_PROCEXECUTION   Process execution                                           .
OIRA_PROCGRPCHECK    Prerequisite grouping check                                 .
OIRA_PROCPREREQCHECK Prerequisite check                                          .
OIRA_PROCSTATUPDATE  Process status update                                       .
OIRA_PRPROCALV       SSR Print - ALV display table population BADI               .
OIRA_UPD_PRNINDEX    SSR Print: Modify print index entries to be updated         .
OIRB_STATUS          Business location status change check                       .
OIRC_2DPRICE_LCDIFF  Apply price differences during line copy                    .
OIRC_CLUSTERUPDATE   Location Cluster price proposal                             .
OIRC_CUST_RESET      BADI to determine cells for customisable reset button       .
OIRC_DR_SCHDEF       SSR Stocks - Process schedule definition                    .
OIRC_DR_TOLQTY       SSR Stocks - Tolerance base quantity determination          .
OIRC_DR_USERCHK      SSR Stocks - User checks                                    .
OIRC_EDITMATRIX      2 dimensional priicng edit matrix exit                      .
OIRC_FOOTERDEFN      Pricing dialog footer definiton                             .
OIRC_HEADERDEFN      Pricing dialog header definition exit                       .
OIRC_LOGDOCDR_SCHDEF SSR Logistics documents - Process schedule definition for DR.
OIRC_LOGDOC_SCHDEF   SSR Logistics documents - Process schedule definition       .
OIRC_MARGINDEFN      Margin analysis exit                                        .
OIRC_MR_EVNT_AGGEXCL BAdI: Meter Readings - Manipulation Before Aggregation      .
OIRC_MR_MANUAL_PR    SSR Meters - Dialog save method                             .
OIRC_MR_SCHDEF       SSR Meters - Process schedule definition                    .
OIRC_MR_USERCHK      SSR Meters - User checks                                    .
OIRC_OUT             Fill communication struct. from values in agg. table        .
OIRC_PERIODDEFN      Pricing period definition (IS-Oil SSR)                      .
OIRC_PRICECOMMSTR    Population of pricing communication structures KOMK/KOMP    .
OIRC_PRICEPROPDOWN   Columnwise price proposal exit                              .
OIRC_PRICEPROPOSAL   Rowwise price proposal exit                                 .
OIRC_PRREPORTCOMMSTR Population of report communication structure OIRCPISPC      .
OIRC_PR_HISTSEL      SSR Pricing - History selection                             .
OIRC_PR_SAVE         SSR Pricing -  Save command                                 .
OIRC_PR_USERCHK      SSR Pricing - User checks                                   .
OIRC_RESET_CELLS     BADI to determine cells for customisable reset button       .
OIRC_ROLLOVER_CNTR   SSR Meters - Rollover control                               .
OIRC_ROWDEFN         Pricing Row definition exit                                 .
OIRC_SCREENDEFN      Pricing screen defintion exit                               .
OIRC_TARGET_LINE     Identify target line for copy paste                         .
OIRE_CHCALENDAR      SSR PC:  BADI definition for CH processing calendar check   .
OIRE_CHDISCOUNTS     SSR PC:  BADI definition for determination of CH discounts  .
OIRE_CHDISP_ALV_DTF  SSR CH ALV Display customer appended fields for DTF data    .
OIRE_CHDISP_ALV_REC  SSR CH ALV Display customer appended fields for recon data  .
OIRE_CHPROCALV       SSR PC:  Fill customer append fields in  CH Proc ALV display.
OIRE_COMP            Payment card complaint routine                              .
OIRE_COMPLAINTPROC   Complaint processing definition                             .
OIRE_DTF_CMPLETE_DEF SSR PC: DTF incompletion handling                           .
OIRE_DTF_ITM_PRICE   SSR PC: DTF item price unit handling                        .
OIRE_DTF_ITM_STYP    SSR PC: DTF service type handling on item level             .
OIRE_DTF_SAVE        Save Payment Card Data                                      .
OIRE_EXCL_FUNCTION   Exclude DTF functions                                       .
OIRE_FILL_COMM_STR   Fill pricing communication structure in DTF processing      .
OIRE_PCSTAT          BADI to fill dynamically determined PC stats                .
OIRE_RECON_ALV       SSR PC Reconciliation Fill Customer Defined Fields in ALV   .
OIRE_RECON_DIFFTOL   SSR PC Reconciliation Save Logic for Non-Zero Diffs         .
OIRE_RECON_DTF_MODIF SSR Reconciliation:  Modify export params for OIRE_READ_DTF .
OIRE_RECON_PROPOSE   SSR PC Reconciliation Matching Logic                        .
OIRE_SPLIT           Payment card splitting routine                              .
OIRE_VAL             Routinen für die Prüfung von Zahlungskarten                 .
OIRH_BL              Business location master data Interface processing          .
OIRH_BLD             Business location Dip Reading Interface processing          .
OIRH_BLM             Business location Meter Reading Interface processing        .
OIRH_BLP             Business location Material price Interface processing       .
OIRH_BLPCP           Business location Payment Card  Interface processing        .
OIRH_BLPCP_AGG       BAPI for Aggregated Data                                    .
OIRH_BLPCP_PRNO      Process ID Determination                                    .
OIRH_CHS_OUTBOUND_01 Clearing House Settlement Message Outbound Processsing      .
OIRH_CHS_OUTBOUND_02 Clearing House Settlement Message Outbound Processsing      .
OIRH_RECON           Field conversion for the reconciliation data                .
OIRI_ADDINVDATA      Add additional invoicing data                               .
OIRI_ADD_DATA        Add additional invoicing data                               .
OIRI_DAILY           Build up data hierarchy for Daily Claim Report              .
OIRI_DEFERRED_PAYM   Customer user-exit for SSR Inv. deferred paym acct postings .
OIRI_DETDOC          I&S SSR Determine invoicing document BADI                   .
OIRI_DETERM_VENDOR   Badi to determine the vendor and posting keys from SD/FI    .
OIRI_DIST            Fee cost distribution fos CC settlement                     .
OIRI_FILL_COMM       Fill communication structures                               .
OIRI_LIS_UPDATES     BADI to pass LIS data between billing documents in one LUW  .
OIRI_MARGIN_CALC_REP Calculation of Margins in Reporting (IS-Oil SSR)            .
OIRI_OUT             Fill communication struct. from values in agg. table        .
OIRI_PRN_DCLAIM      Customer user-exit for SSR Daily Claim report               .
OIRI_QV_FILL         Fill quantity and value in aggregated tables                .
OIRI_QV_OUT          Fill quantity and value in aggregated tables                .
OIUGT_GRAPHICAL_VIEW Upstream Graphics Business Add-In                           .
OIUH_X_CROSS_REF     PRA/Razorfish Cross Reference                               .
OIUP_ADMIN_WORKBENCH PDM Workbench BADI's                                        .
OIUP_PDM_ENGINE      PDM Engine Business Add-In                                  .
OIUREP_2014_DOC_ID   MMS-2014:  Document ID Creation BADI                        .
OIURV_CI_INCLTAXFREE Add-In: Include Tax Free for Settlement Statement Tax Sum   .
OIURV_CI_SKIPREC     Add-In: Set Skip Record for Settlement Statement Tax Driver .
OIURV_CI_SKIPREC_SUM Add-In: Set Skip Record for Settlement Statement Tax Sum    .
OIURV_LD_INCLTAXFREE Add-In: Include Tax Free for Tax Sum                        .
OIURV_TAX_LD_SKIPREC Add-In: Set Skip Record for Tax Sum                         .
OIURV_TAX_SKIPREC    Add-In: Set Skip Record for Tax Driver                      .
OIURV_UOM_EXTRACT    UOM extraction                                              .
OIUT2_DOI_GLOBAL     DOI maintenance - save                                      .
OIUVL_CI_INCLTAXFREE Add-In: Include Tax Free for Settlement Statement Tax Sum   .
OIUVL_CI_SKIPREC     Add-In: Set Skip Record for Settlement Statement Tax Driver .
OIUVL_CI_SKIPREC_SUM Add-In: Set Skip Record for Settlement Statement Tax Sum    .
OIUVL_LD_INCLTAXFREE Add-In: Include Tax Free for Tax Sum                        .
OIUVL_TAX_LD_SKIPREC Add-In: Set Skip Record for Tax Sum                         .
OIUVL_TAX_SKIPREC    Add-In: Set Skip Record for Tax Driver                      .
OLR3_CONSISTENCY     BADI: kontroller konsistens i tilknyttet cProjects-objekt   .
OLR3_DATA            BADI: Ikke-generisk datafastsetting for objekt              .
OLR3_DMS             BADI: SAP-DVS-dokumenttilknytninger i cProjects             .
OLR3_NOTIFICATION    BADI: oppretting av melding. Fyll ut ORDNR og felt fra RIQS5.
OM_EDITOR            BADI for utvidet relasjonsredigeringsprogram                .
OPENHUB_TRANSFORM    Open hub: Add-in-transformasjon                             .
OTHERS_ACTUALS       Behandl. av kostnader for oppdat. av verktøy                .
OXT_BUSOBJ_DEF       EEW Business Object Definition                              .
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