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Rapport                        Tittel                                                                .

CACL_SWITCH_CURR_TO_EURO       Valutaomstilling til euro for kjennetegn og verditilordninger         .
CACS00_ADHOC_CASES_COMPARER    Compare Commission Using by Selection Criteria                        .
CACS00_ARCH04_CAS              Archive Commission Case                                               .
CACS00_ARCH04_CAS_ALV          Archive Commission Case                                               .
CACS00_ARCH04_DOC              Archive Commission Document                                           .
CACS00_ARCH04_DOC_ALV          Archive Commission Document                                           .
CACS00_ARCH06_CAS              Commission Case Archiving: Deletion Program, Index Creation           .
CACS00_ARCH06_DOC              Commission Document Archiving: Deletion Program, Index Creation       .
CACS00_ARCH07_CAS              Commission Case Archiving: Reload Data from Archive into DB           .
CACS00_ARCH07_DOC              Commission Document Archiving: Reload Data from Archive to DB         .
CACS00_CASES_COMPARER          Compare Cases by Group                                                .
CACS00_CASINV_LIST             List of Commission Case Participants Including Header Data            .
CACS00_CAS_LIST                List of Commission Cases                                              .
CACS00_DOCRE_LIST              List of Remuneration for Commission Documents                         .
CACS00_DOCSE_LIST              List of Settlement Items for Commission Documents                     .
CACS00_DOCVA_LIST              List of Valuations of Commission Documents                            .
CACS00_DOC_REORG               Program CACS00_DOC_REORG                                              .
CACS00_INV_LIST                List of Commission Case Participants                                  .
CACS00_LIST_TEMPLATE           List of Commission Case Participants                                  .
CACS00_MRU                     Mass Updating                                                         .
CACS00_OBJHIST_LIST            List of Commission Case Objects (Bundling History)                    .
CACS00_OBJ_LIST                List of Commission Case Objects                                       .
CACS00_PMNT_BLOCK_RESET_ALV    Unlock Payment                                                        .
CACS00_REP_0351739             TCACS_RESULT Repair as per Note No. 0351739                           .
CACS00_REP_0420029             Repair Program for Note no. 0420029                                   .
CACS00_REP_0451150             XPRA: CACS00_REP_0451150                                              .
CACS00_REP_0590235             Repair Program for SAP Note 0590235                                   .
CACS00_REP_0613241             Repair Program for SAP Note 0613241                                   .
CACS00_REP_382040              Commission Document Repair, As Per Note No. 382040                    .
CACS00_REP_382427              Reversal Document Repair According to Note no. 382427                 .
CACS00_REP_393373              Repair program for note 393373                                        .
CACS00_REP_868082              Program CACS00_REP_868082                                             .
CACS00_SUM_BUILD_ALV           Subsequent posting of all totals tables for docs not recorded there   .
CACS00_SUM_INIT                Resetting Commission Application Totals Tables                        .
CACS00_SUM_INIT_ALV            Resetting Commission Application Totals Tables                        .
CACS25_REP_896955              Program CACS25_REP_896955                                             .
CACS27_AC_GC                   OBSOLETE Program CACS27_AC_GC                                         .
CACS27_AC_GC_ALV               Program CACS27_AC_GC                                                  .
CACSCONDMIGVERS05              Migration of Performance-Related Remuneration                         .
CACSCP_RCP_CASE_ADMIN          RCP: Administration of Initial Commission Cases                       .
CACSCP_RCP_PENDING_CASES       Selection of Commission Cases                                         .
CACSCP_RCP_WORKLIST_ADMIN      RCP: Administration of Worklists                                      .
CACSCP_RCP_WORKLIST_ADMIN_ALV  RCP: Administration of Worklists                                      .
CACSOA0000ELT1CACS_S_ELTDO001  Remuneration By Remuneration Type and Business Object ID              .
CACSOA0000ELT2CACS_S_ELTCT001  Contracts By Number                                                   .
CACSOA0000ELT2CACS_S_ELTCT002  Contracts By Group Contract                                           .
CACSOA0000ELT3CACS_S_ELTPA001  Transfer Parameters (ELT)                                             .
CACSOA0000ELT6CACS_S_ELTCT001  Provision of Terminated Contract                                      .
CACSOA0000ELT6CACS_S_ELTCT002  Provision of Terminated Contract and Group Contract                   .
CACSOA0006CACS_S_ELTCT001      Provision of Terminated Contract                                      .
CACSOA0006CACS_S_ELTCT002      Provision of Terminated Contract and Group Contract                   .
CACSSD_CMDC0                   Check Condition Master Data                                           .
CACSSD_CMDC2                   Program CACSSD_CMDC2                                                  .
CACS_462_DOCRE                 Program for Filling Fields in CACS00_DOCRE                            .
CACS_463_ACC                   Fill Application in *_ACCAS/_ACCST                                    .
CACS_463_DOCHD                 Convert period in *_DOCHD                                             .
CACS_463_LOS_MIGRATION         Migrate Logical Services                                              .
CACS_464_APPL_REUSE            Further Use of a Commission Application After Ugrade to 4.64          .
CACS_464_LOS_SETTL_MIGR        Program CACS_464_LOS_SETTL_MIGR                                       .
CACS_ADD_NEW_TABLE             CACS_ADD_NEW_TABLE                                                    .
CACS_ADJUST_HR_PARTNER         Adjust Business Partner with HR Employee                              .
CACS_APPLLOGDIS                Display Application Logs                                              .
CACS_APPL_STATUS_TEMPL         Status of Commission Application: Reference Report                    .
CACS_APPL_TA_CLASSIFY_PACKAGE  Set Classification for IMG Transactions, Package-Specific             .
CACS_ARFC_SIMU                 Program Simulation aRFC-Server Group                                  .
CACS_BUFFER                    Selection of Commission Cases from Buffer and Pending Cases           .
CACS_BUFFERLOG_CLEAR           Program CACS_BUFFERLOG_CLEAR                                          .
CACS_BUFFERLOG_CLEAR_ALV       Program CACS_BUFFERLOG_CLEAR                                          .
CACS_BUPAACC_DISP              Remuneration Inquiry for Business Partner                             .
CACS_BUPAACC_DISP_NEW          Remuneration Inquiry for Business Partner                             .
CACS_BUPA_CREATE_CP            Link Existing Business Partners with HR Employees                     .
CACS_CALL_SARA                 SARA Archiving Transaction Call for Main Menu                         .
CACS_CHECK_CASERUN             Performance Overview  - Provision Cases                               .
CACS_CHECK_CASERUN_ALV         Performance Overview  - Commission Cases                              .
CACS_CLOSE_RUN                 Closing                                                               .
CACS_COI                       Mass Resetting                                                        .
CACS_COMPARE_HR_PARTNER        Compare HR Staff with Assigned Business Partners                      .
CACS_COMPARE_VERSION_TABLES    INTERNAL: Copy Time-Managed Customizing Tables from RFC Destination   .
CACS_CONDCATTHELP              Program CACS_CONDCATTHELP                                             .
CACS_CONDPRIO1                 Copy Sorting Sequence from Remuneration Criteria                      .
CACS_CONDPRIO1_ALV             Copy Sorting Sequence from Remuneration Criteria                      .
CACS_COND_100                  Program CACS_COND_100                                                 .
CACS_COND_100_ALV              Program CACS_COND_100                                                 .
CACS_COND_ANALIZE_01           Overview of Condition Records in the Commission System                .
CACS_COND_ANALIZE_01_ALV       Overview of Condition Records in the Commission System                .
CACS_COND_MAINTENANCE          Commissions: Maintenance of Condition Records in Commission System    .
CACS_COND_MIGRATION            Converts Individual Agreements                                        .
CACS_COPY_TCVARIANT            FS-CS: Copy From TC Variants                                          .
CACS_COPY_TCVARIANT_ALV        FS-ICM: Copying Table Control Variants                                .
CACS_CREATE_APPL               Create New Commission Application                                     .
CACS_CSB_DEL_PARKED_VERS       Report for Deleting Parked Versions in Contract Bundle                .
CACS_CSB_DEL_PARKED_VERS_ALV   Report for Deleting Parked Versions in Contract Bundle                .
CACS_CSC_DEL_PARKED_VERS       Report for Deleting Parked Versions in The Commission Contract        .
CACS_CSC_DEL_PARKED_VERS_ALV   Report for Deleting Parked Versions in The Commission Contract        .
CACS_CTRTBU_MIGRATION_BZO      Migration of Commission Contracts to Portfolio Assignment (PFO)       .
CACS_CUSTCOPY_FRAME            Copy, Transport, ... Customizing of an Application                    .
CACS_CUSTPACKAGEBUILDER        Copies Customizing from Prototype Application "Back" to a Package     .
CACS_DYNREPMENU                Program CACS_DYNREPMENU                                               .
CACS_EDT_GENERATE_CSTRUCTURES  Creation of Character Structures from a Dictionary Information File   .
CACS_ELTAPPLSET                ELT - Reserve Standard Delivery for Commission Application            .
CACS_END_CTRT_EFF              Effective Ending of Legally Ended Commission Contracts                .
CACS_END_CTRT_EFF_ALV          Effective Ending of Legally Ended Commission Contracts                .
CACS_END_OF_MONTH_CHECK        Program CACS_END_OF_MONTH_CHECK                                       .
CACS_END_OF_MONTH_CHECK_ALV    Program CACS_END_OF_MONTH_CHECK                                       .
CACS_ERASE_SAMPLEDATA          ICM: Delete Test Data                                                 .
CACS_FFLT_GC                   Program CACS27_AC_GC                                                  .
CACS_FFLT_GC_ALV               Program CACS27_AC_GC                                                  .
CACS_FFLT_RUN                  Program CACS_FFLT_RUN                                                 .
CACS_FILE_COPY                 Copying a File from Application to Presentation Server and Vice Versa .
CACS_FILE_TO_VAR               Variant Import from an EDT Input File                                 .
CACS_FILL_EURO_WORKTABLES      Transfer of SAP standard conversion information for LCC commission    .
CACS_FILL_LIST_AUTH_STRUC      Structural Authorization: T77uu, T77ua Tables Filled Automatically    .
CACS_FILL_LIST_AUTH_STRUC_ALV  Structural Authorization: T77uu, T77ua Tables Filled Automatically    .
CACS_FIND_INCONS_CONTR_OCCUP   Inconsistencies in Contract - Display Assignments                     .
CACS_FPP_DBC_FRAMEWORK         Framework for Parallel Processing of DB Conversion (See Note 833306)  .
CACS_FPP_STMT                  Parallel Settlement                                                   .
CACS_GENERATOR                 Generation of a Commissions Application                               .
CACS_INDV_SCALE_PLAUSI         Check individual scales                                               .
CACS_INDV_SCALE_PLAUSI_ALV     Check individual scales                                               .
CACS_INFORMATION_VIEW_ALV      Program CACS_INFORMATION_VIEW                                         .
CACS_INITIALIZE_VERSIONS       Program CACS_INITIALIZE_VERSIONS                                      .
CACS_LCP_GENERATOR             Compare Local Copies with Originals in Other Systems                  .
CACS_MIGBUCAGR                 Display of Contracts to be Migrated                                   .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT01   Migration of settlement agreements                                    .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT02   Migration of Flat-Rate Agreements for Remuneration                    .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT03   Migration of Guarantee Agreements                                     .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT04   Migration of settlement agreements                                    .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT05   Migration of Flat-Rate Agreements for Remuneration                    .
CACS_MIGRATION_SUBCONTRACT06   Migration of Guarantee Agreements                                     .
CACS_NSC_EXECUTE               Namespace Conversion of Individual Key- and Non-Key Fields            .
CACS_OAPDWFCREATE              Create Workflow Template for Process Definition                       .
CACS_OAPIDEL                   Mass Deletion of Assignment Processes                                 .
CACS_OAPSIEXEC                 Execute Process Step in Worklist for Object Assignment                .
CACS_OATRG1EXEC                FOA Connection: Execute Trigger of Type 'Commission Contract'         .
CACS_OATRGEXECOPTS             FOA: Options for Trigger Deletion                                     .
CACS_OAUIGEN                   Generation of User Interfaces                                         .
CACS_OAUIVAR                   Creation of Selection Variants for User Interfaces                    .
CACS_OAWLDEL                   Mass Deletion of Worklists                                            .
CACS_OAWLEXEC                  Execute Method on Worklist for Object Assignment                      .
CACS_PACKAGE_STD_AND_EXP       Standardize and Export Versioned Entries of an ICM Package            .
CACS_PMNT_BLOCK_RESET          Lift Payment Locks                                                    .
CACS_PMNT_BLOCK_RESET_ALV      Lift Payment Locks                                                    .
CACS_PRINT_ICM1                Mass Printing: Commission Documentation                               .
CACS_PROFILE_SHOW              Program CACS_PROFILE_SHOW                                             .
CACS_PS_MDCU_CHECK             Program CACS_PS_MDCU_CHECK                                            .
CACS_RCOMPARE_HR_PARTNER       Compare HR Staff with Assigned Business Partners                      .
CACS_REASSIGN_CENTRALPERSON    Manual Link Between HR Staff and Business Partners                    .
CACS_RECH_APPL_COPY            Commissions: Drilldown CACS Application Copier                        .
CACS_REM_INQUIRY               Remuneration Inquiry                                                  .
CACS_REP_0314369               Repair TCACS_RESULT in accordance with Note 0314369                   .
CACS_REP_0381331               Repair Copy Service Customizing as per Note No. 381331                .
CACS_REP_0426247               Repair Program for Note no. 426247                                    .
CACS_REP_0538004               Repair Program for Copy Services (Table TCACS_MAP20/MAP21)            .
CACS_RESET_MAP                 Reset Copying Services                                                .
CACS_RESET_MAP_ALV             Reset Copying Services                                                .
CACS_RESET_USERPARM            Change/Delete a User Parameter                                        .
CACS_REVERSE_CLOSE_RUN         Reset - Closing                                                       .
CACS_REVERSE_SETTLE_RUN        Reset - Settlement                                                    .
CACS_REVERSE_TRICAS_RUN        Reset - Additional Commission Case                                    .
CACS_RUN_JOURNAL1              Overview of Run Log                                                   .
CACS_RV14BTCI                  Batch Input Interface for Conditions                                  .
CACS_RV14BTCI_ALV              Batch Input Interface for Conditions                                  .
CACS_RVBTCI01                  Create Sequential File for Conditions Data Transfer                   .
CACS_RVBTCI01_ALV              Create Sequential File for Conditions Data Transfer                   .
CACS_SEGASS_MIGRATE_BZO        Migration of Segments and Assignments in Portfolio Assignment         .
CACS_SESDATA_DISPLAY           Display Settlement Schedule Data                                      .
CACS_SES_REV                   Reset Settlement Schedule Run                                         .
CACS_SES_RUN                   Settlement Schedule Run                                               .
CACS_SETTLE_RUN                Settlement                                                            .
CACS_SET_FLAG_ARCHIVE          Program CACS_SET_FLAG_ARCHIVE                                         .
CACS_SET_PARID                 CACS: Set a Parameter ID with a Value                                 .
CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG              Logs for Mass Processing                                              .
CACS_SHOW_MASSLOG_ALV          Logs for Mass Processing                                              .
CACS_SRV_0416978_451           Program for Deleting Logs Release 4.51 up to and Including 4.62       .
CACS_SRV_0416978_463           Program for Deletion of Logs in Application Log                       .
CACS_START_STDREP              Program CACS_START_STDREP                                             .
CACS_STATUS_SELECTION_TEMPLATE Template for Developing Programs with Various Data Sources            .
CACS_SUMREBUILD_GENERATOR      Totals Table Generation: Generator                                    .
CACS_TEST_FRAME                Main Program for Checks                                               .
CACS_TGT_RULE_SHOW_CONTRACTS   Target Agreements: Display Commission Contracts for Target Rules      .
CACS_TGT_VALUE_MAINTAIN_COMPLX Target Agreements: Maintain Values for Complex Target Types           .
CACS_TGT_VALUE_MAINTAIN_CORR   Tgt Agrmts: Maintain Correction Values for Elementary Target Types    .
CACS_TGT_VALUE_MAINTAIN_SMPL   Target Agreements: Maintain Values for Elementary Target Types        .
CACS_TRANSFER_HRLOG            Transfer HR Log Records to Target System                              .
CACS_TRICAS_RUN                Additional Commission Case                                            .
CACS_TRIGGER_V3                Trigger Outstanding V3 Postings                                       .
CACS_UPGRADE_LOG               Add Zeros in Front of Buffer ID                                       .
CACS_USAGE                     FS-CS/ICM Measurement                                                 .
CACS_USAGE_ALV                 FS-ICM/ICM Measurement                                                .
CACS_VIEW_GENERATOR            Program CACS_VIEW_GENERATOR                                           .
CACS_WARRALLO                  Closing Offsetting for Guarantee: Select Dataset                      .
CACS_WFCASTRIG                 Commission Case Workflow: Trigger Flagged Events                      .
CALCULATE_POSITION             Program for beregning av beholdningsendringer                         .
CALLOTB                        OTB: Planlegging - start                                              .
CALL_AFI_SELSCREEN             Selection Screen of LDB AFI                                           .
CALL_AFI_SELSCREEN_PMPS        PM/PS: Utvalg av vedlikeholdsordrer                                   .
CALL_DRB_FROM_KAEP             Anrop DRB (Document Relationship Browser) fra FG KAEP                 .
CALL_EMAP_OUTBIIN              Protokoller for avregning og fakturering                              .
CALL_PSJ_SELSCREEN_PMPS        PM/PS: Prosjektutvalg                                                 .
CASE_DELETE_PROGRAM            Arkivering av saker: Sletteprogram                                    .
CASE_PRE_PROGRAM               Arkivering av saker: Forprogram                                       .
CASE_READ_PROGRAM              Arkivering av saker: Leseprogram                                      .
CASE_RELOCATE_PROGRAM          Arkivering av saker: Overføring av saksmapper                         .
CASE_WRITE_PROGRAM             Arkivering av saker: Skriveprogram                                    .
CATSGETS                       Arbeidstidsskjema: SUBMIT-rapport for lesing av logisk database PCH   .
CATSSHOW                       Vis data i arbeidstidsskjemaer                                        .
CATT_TRACE                     Testprogram                                                           .
CAT_APPROVE_UIATEST            Testrapport fra UIA-grensesnitt for CATS-godkjenning                  .
CA_TAXLOG                      Tax-Relevant Data Accesses                                            .
CCARDEC_TRANSFORM_FI           Konverteringsrapport for aktivering av kryptering av betalingskort    .
CCARDEC_TRANSFORM_SD           Konverteringsrapport for aktivering av kryptering av betalingskort    .
CCARDEC_TRANSFORM_VCKUN_VCNUM  Konverteringsrapport for kredittkort i kundenstamdata ved kryptering  .
CCCL_TEST                      Program CCCL_TEST                                                     .
CCIFMEAS                       Oppretting av basiskvantumsenheter i systemtilpasning                 .
CCMARCHINSTR                   Arkivering av infostore for CIC                                       .
CCMARCHLOG                     Arkivering av infostore for CIC                                       .
CCMCLBAA                       Call center-tilbakeringing - arkivering                               .
CCMCLBAD                       Call center-tilbakeringing - arkivering - sletting                    .
CCMCLBAR                       Call center-tilbakeringing - arkivering - gjenoppretting              .
CCMCLBD1                       Call center-tilbakeringing - brukeralternativer                       .
CCMCLBR1                       Call center-tilbakering - rapportering                                .
CCMCLGAA                       Call center-hendelse - protokollføringsarkiv                          .
CCMCLGAD                       Call center-hendelse - protokollføringsarkiv - sletting               .
CCMCLGAR                       Call center-hendelse - protokollarkiv - gjenoppretting                .
CCMON_ALERT_GENERATE           Genererer meldinger for kostnadssteder for visning i MiniApp          .
CCMSBI_ASR_EXTRACT_TEST        Test ekstraktor for ABAP-statistikkdata                               .
CCMSBI_RSA1APAC                Overfør applikasjonskomponenthierarki fra innhold                     .
CCMSBI_TESTENV                 Testmiljø: Ekstraksjon av CCMS-ytelsesdata til BW-system              .
CCMSBI_TEST_DATA_EXTRACTION    Program CCMSBI_TEST_DATA_EXTRACTION                                   .
CCMSBI_TEST_REORG_EXTRACTION   Program CCMSBI_TEST_DATA_EXTRACTION                                   .
CCMSBI_WAST_EXTR_TESTENV       Testmiljø: Ekstraksjon av WEBAS-statistikkdata til kildesystem        .
CCM_DEL_GE_DYNPRO              Program CCM_DEL_GE_DYNPRO                                             .
CCPOS_ALERT_GENERATE           Genererer meldinger for konteringer på kostnadssteder for MiniApp     .
CCSEQ_CSG_DELETE               Slett graf for endringsrekkefølge                                     .
CCSEQ_CSG_UPDATE               Oppdater graf for endringsrekkefølge                                  .
CCUINIT                        Measurement of Concurrent Users: Initialization                       .
CDESK01                        CAD-skrivebord: Sporingsevaluering                                    .
CDESK02                        CAD-skrivebord: Lagre sporing                                         .
CDESK03                        CAD-skrivebord: Slett sporing                                         .
CDESK_SHOWRES4                 Program CDESK_SHOWRES                                                 .
CDESK_START                    Program CDESK_START                                                   .
CDITEXT                        Compare KW Document Titles and Node Texts                             .
CDURATION                      Fastsetting av produktiv tid                                          .
CDVCMPDD                       Veri: Compare DD Sources in Different Systems                         .
CERTMAP                        X.509 - registrering av sertifikat: Oppgi sertifikat                  .
CERTREQ                        Sertifikatforespørsel                                                 .
CE_CL_EXTRACT_R3_CLASS_DATA    Ekstraksjon klassedatabase for Excel offline-verktøy                  .
CFCSTART                       Start på dialogbehandling av avklaringsbeholdning                     .
CFCSTARTBOR                    Program CFCSTARTBOR                                                   .
CFCSTART_ALERT_MINIALV         Program CFCSTART_ALERT_MINIALV                                        .
CFG_AP_INITIALISE_DB           Rapport CFG_AP_INITIALISE_DB                                          .
CFG_AP_REQUEST_DB              Rapport CFG_AP_INITIALISE_DB                                          .
CFG_DOCUMENT_PUBLISHER         Rapport COM_CFG_DB_PUBLISH_DOCUMENTS                                  .
CFG_ERP_INITIALISE_DB          Program CFG_ERP_INITIALISE_DB                                         .
CFM_CHECK_POSITIONS            Kontrollerer moduler for beholdningsutvalg                            .
CFM_RECON_TPM_CONTENT          Avstemming TPM-innhold                                                .
CFSHOW20                       TR-FM: Skifte av regnskapsår bevilgning - vis data                    .
CFSHOW21                       TR-FM: Bevilgningsoverføring - vis foreløpige data                    .
CFW_CONTROLBOX                 Test for Java Beans                                                   .
CFW_WORKSHOP_CONTEXTMENU       Example: Simple tree control (with documentation)                     .
CFW_WORKSHOP_CREATE            CFW Workshop: Demo Program for Creating a Control and Container       .
CFW_WORKSHOP_DRAGDROP          Drag and Drop Demonstration Program with Textedit and Tree Control    .
CFW_WORKSHOP_EVENTS            CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Reacting to Control Events        .
CFW_WORKSHOP_LIFETIME          Control Framework: LIFETIME Demonstration                             .
CFW_WORKSHOP_METHODS           CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods                   .
CFW_WORKSHOP_METHODS_A         CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step A          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_METHODS_B         CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step B          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_METHODS_C         CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_NAVIGATE_1        CFW Workshop: Navigation with Simple Tree Control on Screen           .
CFW_WORKSHOP_NAVIGATE_2        CFW Workshop: Navigation with Simple Tree Control in Splitter         .
CFW_WORKSHOP_NAVIGATE_3        CFW Workshop: Navigation with Simple Tree Control in Docking          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_SOLUTION_1        CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_SOLUTION_A        CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_SOLUTION_B        CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_SOLUTION_C        CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFW_WORKSHOP_TEMPLATE          CFW Workshop: HTML Demo Program for Calling Methods - Step C          .
CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CFOLDERS         Program CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CFOLDERS                                        .
CGPL_CHANGE_OPTIONS            Forhåndsdefinering for brukerspesifikke innstillinger                 .
CHANGEDOCU_DEL                 Arkivering endringsdokumenter: Sletteprogram                          .
CHANGEDOCU_READ                Les endringsdokumenter fra arkiv eller fra databasen                  .
CHANGEDOCU_WRI                 Arkivering endringsdokumenter: Skriveprogram                          .
CHAR_PROFILE_USED_IN_MATERIALS Utvalg av materialer etter kjennetegnsprofil                          .
CHAT                           Report for Generic SAP Chat                                           .
CHDOC_ENTRY                    Endringsdokumenter                                                    .
CHECKREPORT_PROGRESSANALYSIS   Kontroller rapport: Systemtilpasning for fremdriftsanalyse            .
CHECK_ACCESSIBILITY            Program ZGESAMTPROGRAMM                                               .
CHECK_CLASS_INHERITANCE        Determine Inheritance Hierarchy: Selection                            .
CHECK_CM                       Analyse av SD-dokument i henhold til kredittstyring                   .
CHECK_COLLECTION               Program DISPLAY_COLLECTION                                            .
CHECK_MISSING_ELEMENTS         Program CHECK_MISSING_ELEMENTS                                        .
CHECK_WIP_QUANTITY_STRUCTURE   Kontroller og kompletter VIA-kvantumsstruktur                         .
CHECK_XREF                     Program CHECK_XREF                                                    .
CIBDCONF_REQUEST               BDR-grensesnitt PP-PDC: Opplastingsforespørsel                        .
CIBDOP_DOWN_PP                 BDR-grensesnitt PP-PDC: Last ned operasjoner                          .
CIC_SET_RESTART_TIME           Fastsett tidsintervall som CIC0 kan startes på nytt etter.            .
CIFACTSTKUC                    Rapport CIFACTSTKUC                                                   .
CIFPUCUST01                    Kontroller systemtilpasning av sourcing for anonyme innkjøpsrekv.     .
CIF_APPL_LOG_SEARCH            Søk etter tegnstrenger i CIF-applikasjonsprotokoll                    .
CIF_APPL_LOG_SEARCH_2          Søk etter tegnstrenger i CIF-applikasjonsprotokoll                    .
CKECP_DISP_CM_USAGE            Kalkulasjoner for modell                                              .
CKECP_EXPORT_MODEL             Easy Cost Planning: Eksporterer modell til XML-fil                    .
CKECP_GEN_CP_DIR               Include CKECP_GENERIC_BPO                                             .
CKECP_IMPORT_MODEL             Easy Cost Planning: Importerer modell fra XML-fil                     .
CKECP_LAUNCH                   Program CKECP_LAUNCH                                                  .
CKECP_WS_ADMINISTRATION        Program CKECP_WS_ADMINISTRATION                                       .
CKEKADDITIONS                  Program CKEKADDITIONS                                                 .
CKMLAVR_BUILD_DATA             Akkumulering av faktiske data - flere perioder                        .
CKMLAVR_CALC_DELTA_POSTINGS    Akkumulering: Fastsetting av deltakonteringer for beholdningskontoer  .
CKMLAVR_CHANGE_LA_NO_SETTLE    Indikator "Ikke inkluder pris"                                        .
CKMLAVR_CHANGE_WITH_SUCC_RUN   Program CKMLAVR_CHANGE_WITH_SUCC_RUN                                  .
CKMLAVR_CLOSING_ENTRIES        Akkumulering: Avslutningskonteringer                                  .
CKMLAVR_COMPARE_MLCD           Program CKMLAVR_COMPARE_MLCD                                          .
CKMLAVR_EXPLANATION_TOOL       Analyse av dataakkumulering                                           .
CKMLAVR_ITERATE_ACTUAL_PRICES  Akkumulering: Fastsetting av faktisk pris                             .
CKMLAVR_PLAN_PRICES            Akkumulering: Forhåndsmerk priser                                     .
CKMLAVR_SHOW_CUM_PROCESS       Program CKMLAVR_SHOW_CUM_PROCESS                                      .
CKMLAVR_SHOW_SCALING_DIFFS     Program CKMLAVR_SHOW_SCALING_DIFFS                                    .
CKMLAVR_SIM                    Program CKMLAVR_SIM                                                   .
CKMLDUVACT_CREATE_DIST         Program for opprettelse av fordeling                                  .
CKMLDUVACT_POST_DIST           Include CKMLDUVACT_POST_DIST                                          .
CKMLDUVACT_RECORD              Program CKMLDUVACT_RECORD_NEW                                         .
CKMLDUVMAT_CREATE_DIST         Program CKMLDUV_CREATE_DIST                                           .
CKMLDUVMAT_POST_DIST           Program CKMLDUV_POST_DIST                                             .
CKMLMV_CHANGE_PROCMOD          Konvertering av prosessmodell: Oppgi siste dag i perioden             .
CKMLMV_ITERATION_TRACE         Fremdriftsrapport for iterasjon                                       .
CKMLMV_MAINTAIN_RULES          Vedlikehold Controlling-nivå                                          .
CKMLMV_ORDER_LIST              Liste over alle ordrer i prosess eller anskaffelsesalternativ         .
CKMLMV_PLAN_QS_IMPORT          Import av budsjettert kvantumsstruktur                                .
CKML_PRICES_SEND               Materialprisforsendelse                                               .
CKML_QSTREE                    Vurdert kvantumsstruktur (flere nivåer)                               .
CKML_RUN_CREATE                Foreldet fra versjon 4.6A, utgår                                      .
CKML_RUN_DELETE                Slett kalkulasjonskjøring faktisk kalkulasjon                         .
CKML_RUN_DISPLAY               Foreldet fra versjon 4.6A, utgår                                      .
CKML_RUN_DISPLAY_MATERIALS     Vis materialliste                                                     .
CKML_RUN_PLANTS_FOR_DATE_DISP  Faktisk kalkulasjon: Alle fabrikker i kalkuleringer                   .
CKML_RUN_STATUS                Skriving av totalstatus i INDX-tabell                                 .
CKML_RUN_TYPE_ADMINISTER       Opprett, endre kalk.kjøringsprofil for kalk.kjøring i ML, osv.        .
CLASSIFICATION_V8              Report CLASSIFICATION_V8                                              .
CLASSINFO                      Oversikt over klassifisering detaljhandel -" CRM                      .
CLASS_TEST                     Program CLASS_TEST                                                    .
CLEANUP_SAACONT                Clean Up Table SAACONT for Delivery                                   .
CLEAN_MMSITEREF                Rydd opp i databasetabell for handelsstedsgruppering - innkjøp        .
CLIENT_INFO_IMPORT             Program CLIENT_INFO_IMPORT                                            .
CLOSING_MONITOR_MIGRA          Avslutningscockpit                                                    .
CLU_REPAIR                     ICNV: Repair of Wrong Logical Cluster Rows                            .
CL_QB_JOIN_BUILDER_TEST        Report NETGRAPHIC1_TEST                                               .
CL_QB_JOIN_BUILDER_TEST2       Report NETGRAPHIC1_TEST                                               .
CMAC_FINANCIAL_HOLD_REMOVE     Remove student financial holds according to financial situation       .
CME_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING          Ktr. CME-systemtilpasning & MDF-deler                                 .
CME_TESTUNIT_CHAR              Testenhet kjennetegn (CME)                                            .
CME_TESTUNIT_DSCOPE            Testenhet CME Test - gyldighetsområde                                 .
CMPB_ASGN_DISPLAY              Vis kampanjetilordning                                                .
CMPGN_WHERE_USED_LIST          Bruksinformasjon for kampanje                                         .
CMTABLEINFO                    Visningsrapport for IBase i CM                                        .
CMX_ISE_START_VERI             InterSessionEvents: Start funksjonstest                               .
CM_CDT_AREA_CALCULATE          Rapport for beregning av arealer langs konsumentbeslutningstre        .
CM_CDT_REPAIR_MASTERDATA       Rapport for beregning av arealer langs konsumentbeslutningstre        .
CM_CONFIGBASELINE_CREATEMULTI  CM: Oppretting av flere baseliner i bakgrunnen                        .
CM_CONFIGBASELINE_EXPLODE      Bryt ned baseline                                                     .
CM_MAIN                        Hovedprogram for CM-workbench                                         .
CM_MAP_MP_1_CM_TM_1            Anrop av reoloptimering                                               .
CM_WORKBENCH                   Program CM_WORKBENCH                                                  .
CN24NREPORT_SUB                CN24N: Total nettverksplanlegging                                     .
CNAFVC_BANFO_CHECK             Merknad 492767                                                        .
CNETWPROG                      Fremdriftsrapport: Nettverksakt.                                      .
CNHIERAR                       Hierakianalyse prosjekt, merknad 149698                               .
CNHTTST1                       Demo for HTML Control: Use as General WWW Browser                     .
CNHTTST2                       Demo for HTML Control: Processing Control Events in ABAP              .
CNHTTST3                       Demo for HTML Control: Use with WebRFC                                .
CNHTTST4                       Demo for HTML ControL: Own Initial Pages for WebRFC                   .
CNMMREPORT                     Prosjektorientert anskaffelse "PROMAN"                                .
CNSTATUS                       Analyse og korrigering av statusinkonsistenser i arbeidsstrukturen    .
CNS_CP_DELETE                  Sletting av endringspekere                                            .
CNS_CP_MONITOR                 Monitor endringspeker                                                 .
CNV_CURR_TEST                  Test report for RFC calls of Conversion Engine for Currencies         .
CNV_TEXT_TEST                  Test report for RFC calls of Text Engine                              .
CNV_UNIT_TEST                  Test report for RFC calls of Conversion Engine for Units              .
CN_CHECK_ANLI_PRPS             Rapport CN_CHECK_ANLI_PRPS                                            .
CN_MIGRATION_PSTX_SOI          MIGRERING PS-tekster SOI                                              .
COCKMLWIPDEL                   Via til faktiske kostnader: Sletteprogram                             .
COCKMLWIPWRI                   VIA til faktiske kostnader: Arkiveringsprogram                        .
COFCODOCDEL                    Feilkostnadsbilag: Sletteprogram                                      .
COFCODOCWRI                    Feilkostnadsbilag: Skriveprogram                                      .
COINT_TPOS_DEL                 Rapport COINT_TPOS_DEL                                                .
COINT_TPOS_WRI                 Rapport COINT_TPOS_WRI                                                .
COKP0001                       Omvurdering av poster som ble budsjettert med ressurser.              .
COKP0003                       Bruksinformasjon av poster budsjettert ved hjelp av ressurser.        .
COKP0003_BATCH_KPR6            Anrop TRANSAKSJON for COKP0003                                        .
COKP0004                       Omvurdering av poster budsjettert ved hjelp av resept                 .
COKPR004                       Revurder CO-ressurspriser                                             .
COKPR005                       Kopier CO-ressurspriser                                               .
COMLWIPDEL                     VIA-kvantumsbilag: Sletteprogram                                      .
COMLWIPWRI                     VIA-kvantumsbilag: Arkiveringsprogram                                 .
COMPARE_WIP_DOCUMENT_WITH_QS   Sammenlign VIA-kvantumsbilag og VIA-kvantumsstruktur                  .
COMPCHECK                      Compatibility Check of Server Objects in Exceptions                   .
COMPONENT_EXPORT_EX            Eksporterer komponent til fil                                         .
COMPONENT_EXPORT_XML           Eksporterer komponent til fil                                         .
COMPONENT_PRINT                Formaterer utskrift av spørringsdefinisjon                            .
COMPUTE_ACT_VERSNO             Program COMPUTE_ACT_VERSNO                                            .
COMPUTE_FREEZE                 Freezing Server Objects                                               .
COMPUTE_INTERFACE              FETCH_USELOG Program                                                  .
COMPUTE_STATISTICS             Create Statistics                                                     .
COMPUTE_TRANSPORTED_OBJS       Program COMPUTE_TRANSPORTED_OBJS                                      .
COMPUTE_USAGE                  Report COMPUTE_USAGE                                                  .
COMPUTE_USAGE_FOR_PROJECT      Program COMPUTE_USAGE_FOR_PROJECT                                     .
COM_ALTID_SHLP_GENERATE        Ettergenerer alt. produkt-ID-er for en produkttype                    .
COM_ALTID_TRANSPORT            Overfør settyper                                                      .
COM_ANALYZE_SETTYPE_ATTRIBUTE  Analyseverktøy for konsistenskontroll av attributter og settyper      .
COM_ATTRIBUTE_UPD_PME          Program COM_ATTRIBUTE_UPD_PME                                         .
COM_BUPA_SEND_BP               Program COM_BUPA_SEND_BP                                              .
COM_CATEGORY_TRANSPORT         Overfør kategori                                                      .
COM_CLEAR_BAPI_TEST            Dataopprydding: Testprogram for BAPI-metoder                          .
COM_CLEAR_CASE_DELETE          Sletting av dataoppryddingstilfeller                                  .
COM_CLEAR_CASE_TEST            Dataopprydding: Testprogram for FG COM_CLEAR_CASE                     .
COM_CLEAR_RFW_TEST_GUI         Test prototyp RFW for opprydding                                      .
COM_DIFF_KEY_GENERATE          Program COM_DIFF_KEY_GENERATE                                         .
COM_DML_ARCHIVE_DELETE_TEMPL   MDF: Genereringsmal for sletting etter arkiveringskjøringer           .
COM_DML_ARCHIVE_WRITE_TEMPL    MDF: Genereringsmal for innlesing i arkiv                             .
COM_DML_CUST_DB_STAT           Oppdat. av alle DB-statistikker for genererte objekttypetabeller      .
COM_DS_GENERATE_IL             CRM CRD: Generering av datakilder for relasjonskategori               .
COM_DS_GENERATE_SETTYPE        CRM CRD: Generering av datakilder for settype                         .
COM_GTIN_DELETE_DUPLICATES     Program COM_GTIN_DELETE_DUPLICATES                                    .
COM_HIERARCHY_DELETE_ALL       Sletter hierarkier med alle kategoridata                              .
COM_HIERARCHY_DELETE_SINGLE    Sletter alle hierarki- og kategoridata                                .
COM_PME_API_DEMO               Program COM_PME_API_DEMO                                              .
COM_PRODUCT_ARC_CHECKBACK      SAP Produktarkivering - slettekjøring: Frigi produkter for sletting   .
COM_PRODUCT_CHECK_STATUS       Statusanalyse for CRM-produkter                                       .
COM_PRODUCT_CONFIG_API_TEST    Test produkt-API-er for konfigurasjon                                 .
COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL         Sletting av alle produktstamdata                                      .
COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_PRWB_USER   Tilbakestill brukerdefinerte innstillinger for produktvedlikehold     .
COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE      Sletting av produkt fra database                                      .
COM_PRODUCT_GETSTRUCNAMES      Søk etter datatype for produktsettype                                 .
COM_PRODUCT_IDX_CREATE         Oppretting av indekstabell comm_product_idx                           .
COM_PRODUCT_IDX_DELETE         Sletting av indekstabell comm_product_idx                             .
COM_PRODUCT_IDX_RESET_FLAG     Tilbakestill indikator for indekstabell                               .
COM_PRODUCT_IDX_SET_FLAG       Sett indikator for indekstabell                                       .
COM_PRODUCT_PCUI_ENABLE        Generer blueprintposter for hierarkier                                .
COM_PRODUCT_SELECTIONS         SAP produktarkiveringskjøring: Kontroller produkter og endre status   .
COM_PRODUCT_SHLP_GENERATE      Generer søkehjelp for locator for COMMPR01 for produktkategorier      .
COM_PRODUCT_STATUS_DISPLAY     Vis status for CRM-produkter/individuelle objekter                    .
COM_PRODUCT_STATUS_SET         Sett status for CRM-produkter/individuelle objekter                   .
COM_PROD_CAT_REL_CHANGE        Program PROD_CAT_REL_CHANGE                                           .
COM_REGENERATE_ALL_ATTR_40     Generer alle egendefinerte settyper for versjon 4.0 i ettertid        .
COM_REGENERATE_ALL_SETS_40     Generer alle egendefinerte settyper for versjon 4.0 i ettertid        .
COM_REGENERATE_SETTYPES_40     Generer enkelte settyper for versjon 4.0 i ettertid                   .
COM_REGENERATE_SETTYPES_40_BSP Generer enkelte settyper for versjon 4.0 i ettertid                   .
COM_SCE_EXAMPLE_DYNPRO         Grensesnitt IPC (eksempel: Uavhengig skjermbilde)                     .
COM_SCE_EXAMPLE_HTML_CONTROL   IPC-grensesnitt (eksempel: Ekstern HTML-control)                      .
COM_SCE_EXAMPLE_SUBSCREEN      IPC-grensesnitt (eksempel: Underordnet bilde)                         .
COM_SETTYPE_ATTRIBUTE_20C      Overfør settyper                                                      .
COM_SETTYPE_ATTRIBUTE_40       Generer alle egendefinerte settyper for versjon 4.0 i ettertid        .
COM_SETTYPE_CHECK_RFC          Program COM_SETTYPE_CHECK_RFC                                         .
COM_SETTYPE_TRANSPORT          Overfør settyper                                                      .
COM_SET_BW_RELEVANCE_FLAGS     Program for fastsetting av BW-relevansflagg for settyper i etterhånd  .
COM_SE_BUSOBJ_CP_TEST          Program COM_SE_BUSOBJ_CP_TEST                                         .
COM_SE_CPOINTER_DELETE         Søkemotortjeneste: Slett endringspekere                               .
COM_SE_CPOINTER_REACTIVATE     Søkemotortjeneste: Reaktiver endringspekere                           .
COM_SE_DELETE_FROM_INDEX       Søkemotortjeneste: Slett objekt fra indeks                            .
COM_SE_DISPATCHER              Søkemotortjeneste: Indeksering                                        .
COM_SE_SEARCH_IIF_TEST         Søkemotortjeneste: Testramme for internt søkegrensesnitt              .
COM_SE_SEARCH_REL_TEST         Program COM_SE_SEARCH_REL_TEST                                        .
COM_SE_SEARCH_TEST             Søkemotortjeneste: Testramme                                          .
COM_TRANSPORT_TRESC            Program TRANSPORT_TRESC                                               .
CONTEXT5                       Contexts: Display Analysis                                            .
CONTEXT6                       Context Builder: Testing                                              .
CONTEXTE                       Context Builder: Editor                                               .
CONTEXTL                       Contexts: Linking fields                                              .
CONTEXTP                       Contexts: Component printing                                          .
CONTEXTR                       Contexts: Field reductions                                            .
CONTEXTV                       Contexts: Replace Version                                             .
CONTEXT_INTERNAL_INFOS         Contexts: Display                                                     .
CONTEXT_NETWORK                Contexts: Hierarchy, network                                          .
CONTROL_TEXTS_UPLOAD           Innlasting av tekster for RFC-klient fra XL til SAP-tabell            .
CONVERT_CALL_FUNCTION          Program CONVERT_CALL_FUNCTION                                         .
CONVERT_CALL_FUNCTION_A        Program CONVERT_CALL_FUNCTION                                         .
CONVERT_JOB_CONVERTER          Execute all conversions with an entry in table CONVERTER              .
CONVERT_STOCK_UNVAL_TO_VAL     Konvertering prosjektbeholdning (IKKE FRIGI!)                         .
CONV_CONVERT_BOM_ASSEMBLY      Conversion of an assembly                                             .
CONV_CONVERT_DOCUMENT          Conversion of the original application file of a document             .
CONV_CONVERT_DOC_STRUCTURE     Conversion of a Document Structure                                    .
CONV_DISPLAY_APPL_LOGS         Display messages                                                      .
CONV_FREE_CONVERTER            Program CONV_FREE_CONVERTER                                           .
CON_ACC_CFICC_ARC_DELETE       Archive FIN Objects for Cost Centers: Delete Program                  .
CON_ACC_CFICC_ARC_WRITE        Archive FIN Objects for Cost Centers: Write Program                   .
CON_ACC_CFICR_ARC_DELETE       Archive FIN Objects for Cost Centers/Activity Types: Delete Program   .
CON_ACC_CFICR_ARC_WRITE        Archive FIN Objects for Cost Centers/Activity Types: Write Program    .
CON_ACC_CFIFA_ARC_DELETE       Archive FIN Objects for Assets: Delete Program                        .
CON_ACC_CFIFA_ARC_WRITE        Archive FIN Objects for Assets: Write Program                         .
CON_ACC_CFIOCONSI_ARC_DELETE   Archive FIN Objects for Consignment: Delete Program                   .
CON_ACC_CFIOCONSI_ARC_WRITE    Archive FIN Objects for Consignment: Write Program                    .
CON_ACC_CFIORGEN_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Internal Orders: Delete Program               .
CON_ACC_CFIORGEN_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Internal Orders: Write Program                .
CON_ACC_CFIORMNF_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Manufacturing Orders: Delete Program          .
CON_ACC_CFIORMNF_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Manufacturing Orders: Write Program           .
CON_ACC_CFIORMNT_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Maintenance Orders: Delete Program            .
CON_ACC_CFIORMNT_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Maintenance Orders: Write Program             .
CON_ACC_CFIORNTA_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Network Activities: Delete Program            .
CON_ACC_CFIORNTA_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Network Activities: Write Program             .
CON_ACC_CFIORNTW_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Networks: Delete Program                      .
CON_ACC_CFIORNTW_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Networks: Write Program                       .
CON_ACC_CFIORPURIT_ARC_DELETE  Archive FIN Objects for Purchase Orders: Delete Program               .
CON_ACC_CFIORPURIT_ARC_WRITE   Archive FIN Objects for Purchase Orders: Write Program                .
CON_ACC_CFIORQMM_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for QM Orders: Delete Program                     .
CON_ACC_CFIORQMM_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for QM Orders: Write Program                      .
CON_ACC_CFIORSRV_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for Service Orders: Delete Program                .
CON_ACC_CFIORSRV_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for Service Orders: Write Program                 .
CON_ACC_CFIORWBS_ARC_DELETE    Archive FIN Objects for WBS Elements: Delete Program                  .
CON_ACC_CFIORWBS_ARC_WRITE     Archive FIN Objects for WBS Elements: Write Program                   .
CON_ACC_CFIPV_ARC_DELETE       Archive FIN Objects for Materials: Delete Program                     .
CON_ACC_CFIPV_ARC_WRITE        Archive FIN Objects for Materials: Write Program                      .
CON_FIN_CHECK_ACT_COSTS_ORDERS Check Report Actual Costs/WIP for Mfg Orders in Inventory Accounting  .
CON_FIN_CHECK_BW_EXTRACTION    Program CON_FIN_CHECK_BW_EXTRACTION                                   .
CON_FIN_COMPARE_BALANCES       Reconciliation: Monthly Totals Inventory Ledger - Monthly Totals G/L  .
CON_FIN_COMPARE_DOCS           Reconciliation: Inventory Ledger Documents - General Ledger Documents .
CON_FIN_COMPARE_SETTLEMENT     Reconciliation: Settlement Documents - Settlement Credits             .
CON_FIN_CONF_AFTER_LANGU_ACT   Text Activation for Financials                                        .
CON_FIN_FI_DOC_ON_INV_ACCT     Documents on Inventory Ledger Accounts, Entered Directly in G/L       .
CON_FIN_PRICE_UPDATE           Price Update with Costing Run                                         .
CON_FIN_PRICE_UPDATE_2         Price Update with Material Selection                                  .
CON_FIN_WQ_CONTROL             Control of Work Queue                                                 .
CON_FIN_WQ_DISPLAY_DATA        Display Work Queues                                                   .
COOCMPICK                      Endringssystem for produksjonsordrer: Bekreft/annuller endringer      .
COOMDISPLAYPTEXTS              Vise langtekster for budsjettering                                    .
COOMRESPUSER                   Automatisk utfylling av ansvarlig bruker av stamdata                  .
COPA_BAPI_TEST                 Testprogram for CO-PA BAPI-er                                         .
COPA_BATCH_LOG_SHOW            Utdata CO-PA-protokolldata                                            .
COPA_COPY                      Kopier CO-PA bevegelsesdata mellom resultatområder                    .
COPA_COPY_PLAN                 Kopier CO-PA-budsjettdata mellom resultatområder                      .
COPA_COPY_SEGMENTS             Kopiering av resultatobjektnummere mellom resultaområder              .
COPA_ERKRS_2_BUKRS             CO-PA: Oppbygging av firmakodeenkeltposter                            .
COPA_ERKRS_COPY                CO-PA: Kopiere et resultatområde                                      .
COPA_FILL_SALES_ITEM_TABLE     Program COPA_FILL_SALE_ITEM_TABLE                                     .
COPA_KEPM_SHOW                 Vis busjetteringsnivå, -pakke                                         .
COPA_ORG_STRUCT                CO-PA struktur                                                        .
COPA_REVERSE_KE27              Tilbakeføring av KE27 deltadetaljposter i resultatanalyse             .
COPCOBJ_REORGCHECK             Kontroll av om det kan settes slettemerking for ordre                 .
COPYMGD1                       Kopiere standardfunksjonsgruppe SAPLMGD1 / SAPLMGD2 for materialbasis .
COPYUSOB_C                     Copy Authorization Default Values for Services                        .
CORRECT_FUNC_TFDIR_FREEDATE    Report CORRECT_FUNC_TFDIR_FREEDATE                                    .
CORRECT_WIP_QUANTITIES         Kontroller og korriger VIA-kvanta                                     .
CORUAFFW                       Etterbehandling av feilposter fra automatiske varebevegelser          .
CORUAFFW_MAP                   MiniApp: Varebevegelser med feil                                      .
CORUAFW0                       Kontere varebevegelser fra tilbakemeldinger via rapport               .
CORUAFWP                       Kontere varebevegelser fra tilbakemeldinger via rapport               .
CORUAFWX                       Generering av AFWI-tabell fra korrekt konterte AFFW-poster            .
CORUCOFC                       Etterbehandling av tilbakemeld. med feil ved beregning av fakt. kostn..
CORUPRELIST                    Tilbakemelding: Vise merker                                           .
CORUPROC                       Prosesskjede for tilbakemelding, felleskjøring av bakgrunnsbehandling .
CORUPROC1                      Tilbakemelding av markeringsposter                                    .
CORUPROZ                       Merkede tilbakemeldingsprosesser                                      .
CORU_PHANT_REDUCT              Reduksjon av planlegging ved dummyer med flere nivåer                 .
COWORKDISPATCH                 Planlegging av funksjonsmerking                                       .
COWORKDISPATCHNEW              Planlegging av funksjonsmerking                                       .
CO_ALEITEM_DEL                 Arkivering via ALE-fordelte CO-detaljposter: Sletteprogram            .
CO_ALEITEM_WRI                 Arkivering via ALE-fordelte CO-detaljposter: Skriveprogram            .
CO_ASSIGN_AUTH_GROUP           Tilordning til sett-autorisasjonsgruppe -" CO-grupper                 .
CO_CCMAST_DEL                  Arkivering av kostnadsstedsstamdata: Sletteprogram                    .
CO_CCMAST_WRI                  Arkivering av kostnadsstedsstamdata: Skriveprogram                    .
CO_CUS_DISPLAY                 Valgte innstillinger for CO-konfigurasjon og for dataanalyse          .
CO_ECP_DEL                     Arkivering ECP-kalkulasjoner: Sletteprogram                           .
CO_ECP_WRI                     Arkivering ECP-kalkulasjoner: Skriveprogram                           .
CO_ITEM_DEL                    Arkivering av CO-detaljposter: Sletteprogram                          .
CO_ITEM_WRI                    Arkiver CO-detaljposter: Skriveprogram                                .
CO_ML_VAPP                     Include CO_ML_VAPP                                                    .
CO_OCM_OBJECT_LISTH            Ordreendringsprosess - kilde                                          .
CO_OCM_OBJECT_LISTH_MAP        MiniApp ordreendringsprosess - kilde                                  .
CO_OCM_ORDER_LIST              Ordreendringsprosess - anskaffelseselementer                          .
CO_SSTRUC_CORR                 Korrekturprogram for avregningsskjema                                 .
CO_SURCHARGE_RATES_ICD         Overføring  avgrensning  tilleggsprosentsatser                        .
CO_TOTAL_DEL                   Arkivering av CO-sumposter: Sletteprogram                             .
CO_TOTAL_WRI                   Arkivering av CO-sumposter: Skriveprogram                             .
CPE_ARC_PRICEQUOT_DELETE       Arkivering av kursnoteringer: Sletteprogram                           .
CPE_ARC_PRICEQUOT_SAVE         Arkivering av kursnoteringer: Skriveprogram                           .
CPE_BASIS_FM_TESTING           Rapport kan bare brukes av SAP-servicepersonell (CPE-FBS-tester)      .
CPE_DOC_FM_TESTING             Rapport for testing av funksjonsmoduler under CPE_DOC                 .
CPE_RCOMMFOR                   Overføring av formler fra CPE-systemtilpasning                        .
CPIPOSTA                       Reparasjonsrapport for gjenoppretting av tapt status for prosessordre .
CPPEBAL_BALRELATIONS_PRINT     Utdata av alle vedlikeholdte linjeutjevningsrelasjoner                .
CPPEBAL_CHK_LBREL_OUTSIDE_LINE Kontroll av linjeutjevning                                            .
CPPEBAL_CMP_TO_FLO             Komponenttilordning til linjeobjekter                                 .
CPPEBAL_CORRECT_LINEBAL_RELS   Konsistenskontroll linjeutjevningsrelasjoner                          .
CPPEBAL_CORRECT_LINEBAL_RELS2  Rapport CPPEBAL_CORRECT_LINEBAL_RELS2                                 .
CPPEBAL_CORRECT_PLN            Program CPPEBAL_CORRECT_PLN                                           .
CPPEBAL_DOUBLE_ASSIGNMENTS     Fastsetting av dobbel aktivitetstilordning i linjeutjevning           .
CP_OMC_TEST1                   Test masseendring                                                     .
CP_OPR_MASS_CHANGE             Masseendring arbeidsstasjoner                                         .
CP_PRT_MASS_CHANGE             Masseendring produksjonshjelpemidler                                  .
CP_REF_TSK_MASS_CHANGE         Masseendring standardplanreferanse                                    .
CREATE_APAUSED                 CREATE_APAUSED Include                                                .
CREATE_FINSTA                  Program for opprettelse av TXT-FINSTA                                 .
CREATE_FRZ_HIER                Creating Hierarchy for SAKB1                                          .
CREATE_PHON_STRING             Fonetisk søkestreng                                                   .
CREATE_PVS_ML                  Create Multi-Level PVS Example                                        .
CREATE_USELOG                  Interface Determination                                               .
CRIF_AR_DUE_ITEMS              MiniApp FI-AR: Forfalte fordringer                                    .
CRIF_GL_BLNCE                  Hovedbokssaldoer med MiniApp-adapter                                  .
CRIF_SCHEDULE_MANAGER_STAT     Rammerapport for Schedule Manager MiniApp                             .
CRITERIA_MANAGER               Criteria Management                                                   .
CRM0_CHECK_MASSDATA_HANDLING   Kontroller om massedatabehandling er aktiv                            .
CRMC_CATS_HR_REP               Endre CATS-profiler for CRM                                           .
CRMHRALE_DISPLAY               Visning av fremtidige medarbeiderdata                                 .
CRMKEYRE                       Reorganiseringsrapport for tabell CRMKEY                              .
CRMKEY_RED                     Reduksjon av tabell CRMKEY                                            .
CRM_BSP_APPL_DOWNLOAD          Program WT_BSP_APPL_DOWNLOAD                                          .
CRM_BSP_BLUEPRINT_COPY         Program CRM_BSP_BLUEPRINT_COPY                                        .
CRM_BSP_BLUEPRINT_MAINT        Program CRM_BSP_BLUEPRINT_MAINT                                       .
CRM_BSP_BLUEPRINT_XML_SERVICE  Blueprint-XML-service                                                 .
CRM_BSP_CU_CHECK_INTEGRITY     CRM: Kontroll av Blueprint-tabellinnhold                              .
CRM_BSP_CU_INIT_APPLSET_REL    Blueprint: Generering av relasjonstabell for applikasjonssett (intern).
CRM_BSP_CU_INIT_ENTITY_TABS    Blueprint: Struktur for entitetstabeller fra relasjoner (INTERN)      .
CRM_BSP_CU_INIT_STRUC_FLDGRP   Blueprint: Initialisering skjermbildestruktur i feltgrp.tab. (INTERN) .
CRM_BSP_CU_VCLS_SHOW           Anrop view cluster i visningsmodus                                    .
CRM_BSP_CU_VIEW_SHOW           Anrop view i visningsmodus                                            .
CRM_BSP_DELETE_QUERY           Kopieringsrapport: CRM_BSP_VARIANTS til CRM_BSP_QUERY                 .
CRM_BSP_FRAME_ANALYSE          Program CRM_BSP_FRAME_ANALYSE                                         .
CRM_BSP_FRAME_ANALYZE          Program CRM_BSP_FRAME_ANALYZE                                         .
CRM_BSP_LAYOUTC_GENERATE       Program CRM_BSP_LAYOUTC_GENERATE                                      .
CRM_BSP_LAYOUT_GENERATE        Program CRM_BSP_LAYOUT_GENERATE                                       .
CRM_BSP_STATE_ERASE            Statussletting CRM-PCUI-applikasjon                                   .
CRM_BSP_USABILITY_CHECK        Program ZCRM_BSP_USABILITY_CHECK                                      .
CRM_BSP_VARIANTS_TO_QUERY      Kopieringsrapport: CRM_BSP_VARIANTS til CRM_BSP_QUERY                 .
CRM_BSP_VARIANT_DESCRIPTION    Vedlikehold betegnelser for søkeforespørsler                          .
CRM_CHECK_APP                  Kontroll utvekslingsformat for forretningstider                       .
CRM_EXTRACT_INDIV_PRODUCTS     Aktiver endringspeker                                                 .
CRM_GENIL_CUST_COPY2           Rapport CRM_GENIL_CUST_COPY2                                          .
CRM_ICI_TRACE_DELETE           Sletting av ICI/BCB-sporing                                           .
CRM_PRDXI_PRODREL_SEND         Bare intern bruk: Direkte XI-utgang for produkt/produkt-relasjoner    .
CRM_ROLE_CHECK                 Program CRM_ROLE_CHECK                                                .
CRM_ROLE_COPIER                Rollekopieringsverktøy (vedlikehold av CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO)              .
CRM_ROLE_MAPPINGS_ADDER        Rapport CRM_ROLE_MAPPINGS_ADDER                                       .
CRM_SAF_CLUSTERING             EI: Start for clusteringservice for kunnskapsdatabase                 .
CRM_SAF_COMPILATION_DELTA      EI: Deltakompilering for objektrelasjonsbasis                         .
CRM_SAF_COMPILATION_FULL       EI: Fullstendig kompilering for objektrelasjonsbasis                  .
CRM_SAF_DELETE_FULL_KB         SAF: Fullstendig sletting for kunnskapsdatabase                       .
CRM_SAF_GENERATION_FULL        SAF: Fullstendig generering for kunnskapsdatabase                     .
CRM_SAF_KB_TEST_GET_ATTRIBUTES SAF: Testavrop av attributter                                         .
CRM_SAF_KB_TEST_GET_DETAILS    SAF: Test av detaljavrop av kunnskapsentitet i forskjellige format    .
CRM_SAF_TOOL_CHECK             SAF: Rapport for start og planlegging av individuell diagnosekontroll .
CRM_SAF_TOOL_DEFINE_WP         SAF: Definer arbeidspakker                                            .
CRM_SAF_TOOL_PROBE             SAF: Program for testing, diagnostisering og løsing av SAF-problemer  .
CRM_SRV_RESERVATION            Koblingsrapport mellom CRM-transaksjon og reserveringer               .
CRM_TAX_CUST_VALIDATE_BP       Program CRM_TAX_CUST_VALIDATE_BP                                      .
CRM_URL_CONSISTENCY_CHECK      Rapport CRM_URL_CONSISTENCY_CHECK                                     .
CRPCATT                        test                                                                  .
CRSCNA01                       Korrigeringsrapport for prisbetingelser                               .
CRSCNN01                       Korrigeringsrapport for naturalrabattbetingelser                      .
CRWB_DELETE_DISTR_BASELINES    Sletting av distribuerte baseliner                                    .
CRWB_MULTIPLE_DISTORDERS       Program CRWB_MULTIPLE_DISTORDERS                                      .
CRWB_SCHEDULED_REPLICATION     CM: Oppretting av flere baseliner i bakgrunnen                        .
CSIM_TABLEFIELD_SELECT         Include CSIM_TABLEFIELD_SELECT                                        .
CSM_CEN_REQUEST_UPDATE         Request Update of Central Repository from Central Repository          .
CSM_CONTENT_TAB_CLEAN          Program CSM_TAB_CLEAN                                                 .
CSM_LOAD_LOCAL_SYSTEM_DATA     Adding System to Central System Management                            .
CSM_RECONCILE_REPOSITORIES     Program CSM_RECONCILE_REPOSITORIES                                    .
CSM_REG                        Adding System to Central System Management                            .
CSM_TAB_CONSISTENCY            Program CSM_TAB_CONSISTENCY                                           .
CSM_UPDATE_CEN_PARAMETERISABLE Program CSM_UPDATE_CEN                                                .
CS_RESET_CSXB_DATA             Tilbakestill alle CSKB-brukerdata som er lagret i systemet            .
CTBW_GEN_META                  Program CTBW_GEN_META                                                 .
CTMENU_BUILD                   Context Menu Demonstration: Constructing a Context Menu               .
CTMENU_DYNPRO                  Context Menu Demonstration: Programming for Screen Elements           .
CTS_ANALYSE_ORIGLANG_OF_TEXTS  Analyze Texts in Text Table                                           .
CTS_DTEL_CROSSREF_TEXTTABLES   Program CTS_DTEL_CROSSREF_TEXTTABLES                                  .
CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE             Program CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE                                            .
CURTO_CIF_CREATE_FOCUS_RTO     Overføring av PP/DS-PDS fra ordre-/prosjektstykklister                .
CUSLNTRTO_CIF_MAST             Overføring av PDS (kun stykkliste) til APO                            .
CUSLNTRTO_CIF_REPORT           Overføring av produksjonsdatastrukturer til APO                       .
CUSTES10                       Check report: Find date fields in Customizing tables                  .
CUSTMON1                       Objects in Customer Namespace                                         .
CUST_API_TEST_PPF              tset                                                                  .
CUST_INCONSISTENCY_PPF         PPF: Fjern inkonsistens i systemtilpasningen                          .
CVI_ADJUST_ROLE_CUSTOMIZING    Konverter rollesystemtilpasning for kunde-leverandør-integrasjon      .
CVI_ANALYZE_CUST_TAX_NUMBERS   Analyse av avgiftsnumre for forretningspartner og debitor             .
CVI_ANALYZE_VEND_TAX_NUMBERS   Analyse av av avgiftsnumrene til forretningspartner og kreditor       .
CVI_MAPPING_BP_CUST_VEND       Program CVI_MAPPING_BP_CUST_VEND                                      .
CVI_MAPPING_CONTACTS           Avstem systemtilpasning av kontaktpersonattributter                   .
CVI_MAPPING_LEGAL_FORM         Avstem systemtilpasning av selskaps- og transaksjonsform              .
CVI_MIGRATE_CUST_LINKS         Konverter tilordningstabell for tilknytning forretningspartner-debitor.
CVI_MIGRATE_VEND_LINKS         Konverter tilordn.tabell for tilknytning forretningspartner-kreditor  .
CVI_SYNC_CUST_TAX_NUMBERS      Initial synkronisering av avgiftsnumre til FP og debitor              .
CVI_SYNC_VEND_TAX_NUMBERS      Initial synkronisering av avgiftsnumre til FP og kreditor             .
CY0TCY37                       Vedlikeholde periodeinndeling av strategi i tabell TCY37              .
CYAUFTR1                       Visning av ordredata                                                  .
CYDATTIM                       Konvertering dato "-" Integer "-" Point in time                       .
CY_DEL_SUB_PROFILE             Sletting av underprofiler for listeprofiler i kapasitetsplanlegging   .
*** End-of-List ***
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