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Rapport                        Tittel                                                                .

DAT_INIT_TRSTI                 Initialiserer rapport-rapport-grensesnitt for CO-OM-OPA               .
DA_ARCDEL_DA_SARA              Cross-Archiving-Object Check/Delete                                   .
DA_EXAMPLE_PREPROCESS          Preselection Program for Archiving Object Example                     .
DA_STAT_ANALYSIS               Analysis of Data Archiving Statistics                                 .
DB2_DBCONINFO                  Program DB2_DBCONINFO                                                 .
DBCFK001                       Logisk database for CF001                                             .
DBCFKNNN                       Logisk database for CFNNN                                             .
DBCONINFO                      Database Connection Information                                       .
DBINTERNALINFO                 Database Interface Module Statistics (internal)                       .
DBPAPGMC                       Generator for MK-tilgangsbane for LDB PAP                             .
DBPNPGMC                       Generator for utvalgsmetoder for søkehjelp for LDB PNP og PNPCE       .
DB_CONTAINER_UTIL              Program for Processing Database Container Information                 .
DDDBGEN                        Tataf enhancement                                                     .
DD_ADD_FORM_BUTTON             Buttons on Forms of Dynamic Documents                                 .
DD_ADD_FORM_INPUT              Dynamic Documents, Interactive Elements: Forms with Buttons           .
DD_ADD_LINK                    Dynamic Documents, Interactive Elements: Links                        .
DD_ADD_LINK_SCROLLED           Dynamic Documents, Interactive Elements: Links                        .
DD_ADD_PICTURE                 Display of SAP icons and pictures stored in the BDS                   .
DD_ADD_TABLE                   Tables in Dynamic Documents                                           .
DD_ADD_TEXT                    Text output in dynamic documents                                      .
DD_ALV_FREE_TOP                ALV use with definable page header                                    .
DD_ALV_STANDARD_TOP            ALV use with standard page header (REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE)        .
DD_CORRECT_TYPD_TRDIR          DDIC: Correct SUBC Entries for Type Groups                            .
DD_F4_START_INDX               Starter indeksering for å synkronisere ekstern indeks                 .
DD_KH_KONTEXT                  Display online docu (HTML Browser) for a context                      .
DD_SPLIT_DOCUMENT              Distribution of areas on dynamic documents                            .
DD_STYLE_TABLE                 Style types and list colours for dynamic documents, print             .
DELETE_IMPL                    Delete all implementations of ENHO name from table GBADI_IMPL         .
DELETE_USELOG                  FETCH_USELOG Program                                                  .
DELS110                        Hjelpeprogram for å slette data fra S110                              .
DEL_SIM_ORD                    Slett simulert ordre                                                  .
DEMOGFWBW                      Testrapport for GFW-nettverk (nettverk)                               .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS              Complete Demonstration for ABAP Objects                               .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_CONTROLS     GUI Controls on Screen                                                .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_DIALOG_BOX   Splitter Control for Screen with Dialog Box                           .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_GENERAL      ABAP Objects Demonstration                                            .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_METHODS      Demonstration of Methods in ABAP Objects                              .
DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_SPLIT_SCREEN Splitter Control on Screen                                            .
DEMO_AT_SELECTION_ON_BLOCK     Demonstration for Block Processing on Selection Screen                .
DEMO_AT_SELECTION_ON_END       Demonstration for Multiple Selection Processing                       .
DEMO_AT_SELECTION_ON_RADIO     Demonstration of Radio Button Processing on a Selection Screen        .
DEMO_AT_SELECTION_SCREEN       Demonstration of the Basic Form of AT SELECTION-SCREEN                .
DEMO_AT_SELECTION_SCREEN_PBO   Demonstration for PBO of a Selection Screen                           .
DEMO_AUTHORITY_CHECK           Checking Authorizations                                               .
DEMO_CALL_SCREEN_FROM_LIST     Calling a Screen from List Processing                                 .
DEMO_CALL_SELECTION_SCREEN     Calling User-Defined Selection Screens                                .
DEMO_CALL_STANDARD_SEL_SCREEN  Calling Standard Selection Screens                                    .
DEMO_COLORSEL                  Demo program: Color selector                                          .
DEMO_CUSTOM_CONTROL            Control Framework                                                     .
DEMO_DATA_PROCESS_EXTRACT      Formatting Data Using Extracts                                        .
DEMO_DATA_PROCESS_INT_TABLES_1 Formatting Data Using Flat Internal Tables                            .
DEMO_DATA_PROCESS_INT_TABLES_2 Formatting Data Using Nested Internal Tables                          .
DEMO_DROPDOWN_LIST_BOX         Program                                                               .
DEMO_DYNPRO                    Program S_SCREEN_PAINTER_DEMO                                         .
DEMO_DYNPROS_AND_LISTS         List Systems                                                          .
DEMO_DYNPRO_AT_EXIT_COMMAND    Demonstration of Conditional Module Execution                         .
DEMO_DYNPRO_AUTOMATIC_CHECKS   Demonstration of Automatic Entry Checks on Screens                    .
DEMO_DYNPRO_CHECK_RADIO        Checkboxes and Radio Buttons                                          .
DEMO_DYNPRO_CONTEXT_MENU       Context Menus on Screens                                              .
DEMO_DYNPRO_DICTIONARY         Demonstration for Screen Fields with Dictionary Reference             .
DEMO_DYNPRO_DROPDOWN_LISTBOX   Demonstration of Dropdown List Boxes on Screens                       .
DEMO_DYNPRO_F1_HELP            Demonstration of F1 Help on Screens                                   .
DEMO_DYNPRO_F4_HELP_DICTIONARY Demonstration for F4 Help from the ABAP Dictionary on Screens         .
DEMO_DYNPRO_F4_HELP_DYNPRO     Demonstration for F4 Help on Screens                                  .
DEMO_DYNPRO_F4_HELP_MODULE     Demonstration for F4 Help from Dialog Modules                         .
DEMO_DYNPRO_FIELD              Demonstration of FIELD on Screens                                     .
DEMO_DYNPRO_FIELD_CHAIN        Demonstration for Input Checks in ABAP Programs                       .
DEMO_DYNPRO_GET_CURSOR         Demonstration for GET CURSOR on a Screen                              .
DEMO_DYNPRO_GUI_STATUS         Demonstration of GUI Status on Screens                                .
DEMO_DYNPRO_INPUT_OUTPUT       Demonstration of Input and Output Fields on Screens                   .
DEMO_DYNPRO_MODIFY_SCREEN      Demonstration of Dynamic Screen Modifications                         .
DEMO_DYNPRO_MODIFY_SIMPLE      Demonstration for Screen Modifications                                .
DEMO_DYNPRO_MODULE             Demonstration of a Simple Module Call                                 .
DEMO_DYNPRO_ON_CONDITION       Demonstration for Conditional Module Calls on Screens                 .
DEMO_DYNPRO_PUSH_BUTTON        Demonstration for Pushbuttons on Screens                              .
DEMO_DYNPRO_SET_CURSOR         Demonstration for Cursor Position                                     .
DEMO_DYNPRO_SET_HOLD_DATA      Demonstration for Hold Data                                           .
DEMO_DYNPRO_STATUS_ICONS       Demonstration for Status Icons                                        .
DEMO_DYNPRO_STEP_LOOP          Step Loop                                                             .
DEMO_DYNPRO_STRINGS            Connecting Strings to Screen Fields                                   .
DEMO_DYNPRO_SUBSCREENS         Subscreens                                                            .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABCONT_LOOP       Table Control with LOOP - ENDLOOP                                     .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABCONT_LOOP_AT    Table Control with LOOP AT ITAB                                       .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABLE_CONTROL_1    Table Control with LOOP Statement                                     .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABLE_CONTROL_2    Table Control with LOOP AT ITAB                                       .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABSTRIP_LOCAL     Tabstrip Control - Scrolling at SAPgui                                .
DEMO_DYNPRO_TABSTRIP_SERVER    Tabstrip Control - Scrolling at Application Server                    .
DEMO_DYNPRO_VALUE_SELECT       Demonstration of Input Checks in the Flow Logic                       .
DEMO_EXTRACT_EXTRACT           Filling an Extract with Data                                          .
DEMO_EXTRACT_FIELD_GROUPS      Defining an Extract                                                   .
DEMO_EXTRACT_LOOP              Reading an Extract                                                    .
DEMO_EXTRACT_SORT              Sorting an Extract                                                    .
DEMO_GFW_PRES_SHOW             Example for the Function Module GFW_PRES_SHOW                         .
DEMO_GFW_PRES_SHOW_MULT        Example for the Function Module GFW_PRES_SHOW_MULT                    .
DEMO_GFW_SHOW1                 Demonstration of GFW Function Modules in Splitter                     .
DEMO_GUI_WDR_VIEWER1           SAPGUI Eventing for Web Dynpro Application: Demo 1                    .
DEMO_GUI_WDR_VIEWER2           SAPGUI Eventing for Web Dynpro Application: Demo 2                    .
DEMO_GUI_WDR_VIEWER3           SAPGUI Eventing for Web Dynpro Application: Demo 1                    .
DEMO_HANDLE_EXCEPTIONS         Handling Class-Based Exceptions                                       .
DEMO_HELLO_WORLD               The ABAP "Hello World" Program                                        .
DEMO_JAVA_SCRIPT_MINI_EDITOR   Program                                                               .
DEMO_LEAVE_TO_LIST_PROCESSING  Calling Lists from Screens                                            .
DEMO_LIST_DRAGNDROP_CONTROL    Demoprogram for dra og slipp i interaktive lister (ABAP-lister)       .
DEMO_LIST_DRAGNDROP_CONTROL2   Demoprogram for dra og slipp i interaktive lister (ABAP-lister)       .
DEMO_LIST_FORMAT_COLOR_2       Using Colors in Lists                                                 .
DEMO_LIST_GRID                 Programming Grid Lines                                                .
DEMO_LIST_HIDE                 The HIDE Technique                                                    .
DEMO_LIST_OUTPUT               Program                                                               .
DEMO_LIST_PRINT_1              Execute and Print                                                     .
DEMO_LIST_PRINT_CONTROL        Defining the Print Format                                             .
DEMO_LIST_PRINT_CONTROL_2      Indexing Printed Lists for Optical Archiving                          .
DEMO_LIST_READ_LINE            Reading Lines from Lists                                              .
DEMO_LIST_SET_MARGIN           Setting the Left-Hand and Top Edges                                   .
DEMO_LOGICAL_DATABASE          Calling Logical Databases Using a Function Module                     .
DEMO_LOGICAL_EXPR_SELTAB_1     Demonstration for Selection Criteria in Logical Expressions           .
DEMO_LOGICAL_EXPR_SELTAB_2     Demonstration for Selection Criteria in Logical Expressions           .
DEMO_LOG_EXPR_IN_SELTAB        Checking Selection Criteria                                           .
DEMO_MESSAGES                  Message Demonstration                                                 .
DEMO_MOD_TECH_FB_READ_SPFLI    Calling READ_SPFLI_INTO_TABLE                                         .
DEMO_MOD_TECH_FB_STRING_SPLIT  Calling Function Modules                                              .
DEMO_PICTURE_CONTROL           Program                                                               .
DEMO_PROGRAM_CALL_TRANSACTION  Passing Data Using SPA/GPA Parameters                                 .
DEMO_PROGRAM_CHECK_1           Leaving Event Blocks Using CHECK                                      .
DEMO_PROGRAM_CHECK_2           Leaving Event Blocks Using CHECK                                      .
DEMO_PROGRAM_END_OF_SELECTION  END-OF-SELECTION                                                      .
DEMO_PROGRAM_EXIT_1            Leaving Event Blocks Using EXIT                                       .
DEMO_PROGRAM_EXIT_2            Leaving Event Blocks Using EXIT                                       .
DEMO_PROGRAM_GET               GET                                                                   .
DEMO_PROGRAM_GET_LATE          GET ... LATE                                                          .
DEMO_PROGRAM_INITIALIZATION    INITIALIZATION                                                        .
DEMO_PROGRAM_READ_TABLES_1     Program Execution Without Logical Database                            .
DEMO_PROGRAM_READ_TABLES_2     Program Execution With Logical Database                               .
DEMO_PROGRAM_REJECT            Leaving a GET event block with REJECT                                 .
DEMO_PROGRAM_START_OF_SELECTIO START-OF-SELECTION                                                    .
DEMO_PROGRAM_STOP              Leaving Event Blocks Using STOP                                       .
DEMO_PROGRAM_SUBMIT_REP1       Program                                                               .
DEMO_REGEX_TOY                 Regular Expressions                                                   .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_BASIC    Functions of Parameters                                               .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_EVENTS   Selection Screen Events                                               .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_F1       F1 Help on the Selection Screen                                       .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_F4       F4 Help on the Selection Screen                                       .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_LDB_1    Demonstration for Selection Screen of a Logical Database              .
DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_LDB_2    Demonstration for Selection Screen of a Logical Database              .
DEMO_SELECT_DYNAMIC_CONDITIONS Dynamic Conditions                                                    .
DEMO_SELTAB_GET_EVENT          Demonstration for Selection Criteria in GET Events                    .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_AS_SUBSCREEN   Selection Screen as Subscreen                                         .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_BEG_OF_BLOCK   Element Blocks                                                        .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_BEG_OF_LINE_1  Several Elements in One Line                                          .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_BEG_OF_LINE_2  Several Elements in One Line                                          .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_FUNCTION_KEY   Pushbuttons in the Application Toolbar                                .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_IN_TABSTRIP    Selection Screen as Subscreen in Tabstrip                             .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAMETERS_1   Functions of Parameters                                               .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAMETERS_2   Dynamic Dictionary References                                         .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAMETERS_3   Default Values for Parameters                                         .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAMETERS_MCO Parameters with Search Help                                           .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAMETERS_SPA SPA/GPA Parameters as Default Values                                  .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_CHECK    Checking Input Values                                                 .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_CHECKBOX Defining Checkboxes                                                   .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_LOWER_CA Upper- and Lowercase for Parameters                                   .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_MODIF    Modifying Input Fields                                                .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_OBLIGATO Defining Mandatory Fields                                             .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PARAM_RADIOB   Defining Radio Buttons                                                .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_PUSHBUTTON     Pushbuttons on the Selection Screen                                   .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_COMMENT Spaces, Lines, and Comments                                           .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_DEFAULT Default Values for Selection Criteria                                 .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_LDB_1   Selection Criteria and Logical Databases                              .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_LDB_2   Selection Criteria and Logical Databases                              .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_NO_EXT  Restricting Input to One Line                                         .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_NO_INT1 Restricting Input to Single Fields                                    .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_NO_INT2 Restricting Input to Single Fields                                    .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_SELECT_OPTIONS Basic Form of Selection Criteria                                      .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_STANDARD_SEL_S Calling Standard Selection Screens                                    .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_STATUS         Modifying GUI Status                                                  .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_USER_COMMAND   Function Code for Checkboxes and Radio Buttons                        .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_VIS_LEN        Defining Visible Length                                               .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_WITH_SUBSCREEN Selection Screen with Subscreen                                       .
DEMO_SEL_SCREEN_WITH_TABSTRIP  Selection Screen with Tabstrips                                       .
DEMO_SPECIAL_TECH_GET_RUNT_DB  Measuring the Runtime of Database Access                              .
DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE2        Report DEMO_START_WD_IN_PLACE2                                        .
DEMO_TRANSACTION_ENQUEUE       Locking and Unlocking                                                 .
DEMO_WHERE_IN_SELTAB           Demonstration of Selection Table in the WHERE Clause                  .
DGCONVERT                      Converting Dangerous Goods Texts and Descriptions to Phrases          .
DGCPSUBMASSTATUSWRITE          EHS: Mark Change Pointers As Processed                                .
DGICN_CUST_HAZINDSUB           Program DGICN_CUST_HAZINDSUB                                          .
DGICN_HAZINDSUB                Program DGICN_HAZINDSUB                                               .
DGICN_IDENTIFIER               Program DGICN_IDENTIFIER                                              .
DGICN_NODG                     Program DGICN_HAZINDSUB_AND_NODG                                      .
DGICN_SYMBOLS_GENERATE         EHS-DG: Creating Symbol Entries for Dangerous Goods                   .
DGMASTERDELETE                 Deletion Report for Initial Filling or Initial Updating               .
DGPCN000                       FG-mat.: Konvertering til forskr.avhengige systemtilpasninsgstabeller .
DGPCN063                       FG-mat.: Konv. av tabell for forskr. for farl. gods TDG63 til THM063  .
DGPCNCMD                       DG-Mat: Check Referential Integrity for Converted Customizing Tables  .
DGPCN_PROPSHIPNAME             DG: Convert Dangerous Goods Descriptions                              .
DGPDATCO                       Stamdata for farlig gods: Dataimport fra stoffdatabase                .
DGPDATP1                       Overføre materialbasiser for farlig gods med CATT DG_DATA_DGP1        .
DGPDEPR                        Farlig gods: Slette importprotokoller                                 .
DGPPHRACT                      DG: Activate Phrases                                                  .
DGPPHRCONV                     Report to Convert Text Patterns                                       .
DGPPUSHREP                     Sende stamdata for farlig gods                                        .
DGPSHDG                        Stamdata for farlig gods: Visning med indikatorer                     .
DGPSHPK                        Emballering av farlig gods: Vis med indikatorer                       .
DGPSHPKNEW                     Dangerous Goods Packaging: Display with Descriptions                  .
DIACL_SELECTION                Logbook Selection                                                     .
DIACL_SELECTION_NEW            Logbook Selection                                                     .
DIMSPPB_BARCHART_DEMO1         Demo 1: Datavisning i styring av liggende stolpediagrammer            .
DIMSPPB_BARCHART_DEMO2         Demo 2: Tilføy taster til verktøylinje for styring av ligg. st.diagr. .
DIMSPPB_BARCHART_DEMO3         Demo 3: Hendelsesbehandling med styring av liggende stolpediagrammer  .
DIMSPPB_BARCHART_DEMO4         Demo 4: Tilføy kontekstmenyer til obj. for liggende stolpediagrammer  .
DIMSPPB_BARCHART_DEMO5         Demo 5: Vis varslinger i styring av liggende stolpediagrammer         .
DISPLAY_CFG_OF_A_VEHICLE       VMS: Display Configuration of a Vehicle (Report for Testing)          .
DISPLAY_COLLECTION             Program DISPLAY_COLLECTION                                            .
DISPLAY_COLLECTION_AS_LIST     Test                                                                  .
DISPLAY_COLLECTION_AS_TREE     Test                                                                  .
DISPLAY_FUNC_INCLUDE           ZDISPLAYINCLUDE                                                       .
DISPLAY_WIP_LAR                Verdistrømvisning aktivitetstyper                                     .
DISPLAY_WIP_OBJ_ML             Vis VIA til faktiske kostnader                                        .
DIWPS_REV_D                    Revisjonsarkivering: Sletteprogram                                    .
DIWPS_REV_ID                   Revisjonsarkivering: Program for sletting av indeks                   .
DIWPS_REV_ORDER_CREATE         Ordreoppretting for revisjon                                          .
DIWPS_REV_R                    Revisjonsarkivering: Leseprogram                                      .
DIWPS_REV_SEL                  Revisjonsutvalg                                                       .
DIWPS_REV_W                    Revisjonsarkivering: Skriveprogram                                    .
DIWPS_SLOT_SEL                 Planleggingstavleutvalg                                               .
DIWPS_TL_WHERE_USED_LIST       DI A&D: Bruksinformasjon for arb.plan                                 .
DIWP_SELFTEST                  Revisjonsplanlegging                                                  .
DI_ACL_D                       Logbook archiving: Delete program                                     .
DI_ACL_ID                      Logbook archiving: Index delete program                               .
DI_ACL_R                       Logbook archiving: Read program                                       .
DI_ACL_W                       Logbook archiving: Write program                                      .
DI_AD_SUBCON_MOVETOSTOCK       Program DI_AD_SUBCON_MOVETOSTOCK                                      .
DI_RBDSE_PPE                   iPPE ALE Distribution                                                 .
DI_STOCK_DATA                  Defining a toolbar menu with default button                           .
DI_SUBCON_MONITOR_2            Subcontracting Monitor                                                .
DMCGUI0                        DMC: Opprett/behandle konverteringsobjekter                           .
DMCGUI1                        Behandle global regel / innebygd regel                                .
DMCGUI2                        DMC: Behandle/vedlikehold applikasjoner                               .
DMCGUI3                        Administrasjon av direct input-typer                                  .
DMC_GENERATE1                  Generering av kjøringstidsobjekter                                    .
DMC_GENERATE_RT_OLO_DI2        DMC: Generate Runtime Object for Outer Layer (OLC)                    .
DMC_UPLOAD_TMPLT               DMC: OPPLASTING av innebygd regel                                     .
DMC_WORKBENCH                  DMC Workbench                                                         .
DMEECONVERT                    DMEE: Formatkonvertering av inngående DOF-filer                       .
DMEECONVERT1                   DMEE: Formatkonvertering av inngående DOF-filer                       .
DML_REPAIR_RELATIONS           MDF: Reparasjon av relasjonstabeller                                  .
DMS_COPY_VERSION_INC           Kopier post til tabell TDWA_VERSION                                   .
DMS_CUST_CHECK01               Kontroller DSS-systemtilpasning på frontmaskin                        .
DMS_CUST_CREATE01              Standardinnstillinger for DSS-applikasjon                             .
DMS_DELETE_CORRUPTDATA_TDWD    DMS-rapport for sl. av data med feil i TDWD - brukt til Unicode-konv. .
DMS_KPRO_CHECK1                KPRO-kontrollrapport                                                  .
DMS_KPRO_CHECK_ATTRIB          Kontroller og eventuelt opprett attributter for KPRO                  .
DMS_KPRO_CONVERT               Migrering av DSS-arkiver til KPRO-arkiver                             .
DMS_KPRO_CONVERT2              Fysisk migrering av original (til DMS_KPRO_CONVERT)                   .
DMS_KPRO_DELETE                Sletting av KPRO-objekter                                             .
DMS_KPRO_FILL_CACHE            Fyll cache (push)                                                     .
DMS_KPRO_IDX_SEARCH            Fulltekstsøk i SAP Knowledge Provider                                 .
DMS_KPRO_READ                  Fastsett originaldata fra KPRO for et dokument                        .
DMS_LOAD01                     Opprett fil med IDOCs for dataoverføring                              .
DMS_RELOCATE_CONTENT           Overføring av dokumenter                                              .
DMS_UPD_LAST_CHANGE            Fyll tabell DRAW_LAST_CHANGE initialt                                 .
DMS_UPD_LAST_DRAD_CHANGE       Fyll tabell DRAD_LAST_CHANGE initialt                                 .
DMU_MAINT_FOR_BOM              Manuelt DMU-matrisevedlikehold for stykkliste                         .
DMU_MAINT_FOR_POSVAR           Manuelt vedlikehold av DMU-matrise for pos.var.                       .
DMU_READ_FOR_BOM               DMU-matrisevisning for stykkliste                                     .
DMU_READ_FOR_POSVAR            Visning av DMU-matrise for pos.variant                                .
DOCUMENT_BRIDGE_TEST           DocumentBridge: Demo- og testprogram                                  .
DOCU_CONTENT_ANALYSE1          Analyse: Kommandoer per dokumentasjonsklasse                          .
DOCU_CONTENT_ANALYSE2          Analyse: Variabler per dokumentasjonsklasse                           .
DOCU_CONTENT_ANALYSE3          Analyse: Lenker til hvilke/hvor mange dokumentasjonsklasser           .
DOCU_READ_CHANGE_DATA_FRM_FILE Skrive endr.- og oppr.data i servicefil for oppr. av utvikl.system    .
DOCU_READ_CHANGE_DATA_TEST     Skrive endr.- og oppr.data i servicefil for oppr. av utvikl.system    .
DOCU_SEARCH                    Fulltekstsøk for kort- og langtekster                                 .
DOCU_WRITE_CHANGE_DATA_TO_FILE Skrive endr.- og oppr.data i servicefil for oppr. av utvikl.system    .
DOCVLTCH                       DSS: Sammenligning av originaler med filer for serv. med begr. tilgang.
DOCVLTCH01                     FTP server med begrenset tilgang: Søk etter manglende originaler      .
DPBPRESETFKSAF                 Tilbakestill fakturastatus i faktureringsplantidspunkt                .
DPR_CALC_LOG_DELETE            Rapport DPR_CALC_LOG_DELETE                                           .
DPR_CALC_LOG_PARAMETER         Aktivering av protokollparametere                                     .
DPR_CALC_LOG_REPORT            Vis protokoll for kalkulasjonsgrensesnitt                             .
DPS_USE_ACCESSES_TO_ABA_COUNT  Telling av bruksområder på ABA-objekter (fra utsiden av SAP_ABA)      .
DSIG_BOOKING_EX                Rapport DSIG_BOOKING_EX                                               .
DS_LOG_DISPLAY                 Program DS_LOG_DISPLAY                                                .
DTC_ALVTEST_0                  ALV-testrapport (generert)                                            .
DTINTMPL                       Template for utvikling av programmer med forskjellige datakilder      .
DUE_CAP                        Test : FIMA_DAYS_AND_PERIODS                                          .
DV9ZUABGANG                    Test PRF List Using SAPscript                                         .
DVSARCH1                       Rapport for arkivering av dokumentstamdataposter                      .
DVSARCH2                       Rapport for arkivering av dokumentstamdataposter, sletteprogram       .
DVSARCH3                       Rapport for arkivering av dokumentstamdataposter, leseprogram         .
DX_DOC_BDS                     Demonstration for Using BDS In Office Integration                     .
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