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Rapport                        Tittel                                                                .

I18N_ABAPLIST_UC_BLOCK         Unicode-tegn (U+0000-FFFF) for Unicode-blokk                          .
I18N_ALV_CAL                   Program ZALVCAL_ISL_5                                                 .
I18N_ALV_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS       BIDI-indikator med ALV-rutenett                                       .
I18N_AL_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS        Test BIDI-indikator i ABAP-liste med brukerinntasting                 .
I18N_DYNPROS_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS   Test BIDI-indikator med skjermbildekontroller                         .
I18N_MAINTAIN_TISLCAL          Program I18N_MAINTAIN_TISLCAL                                         .
I18N_PRINT_TEST_SC_SF_DIRECT   Directly sends SAPScript + Smartform doc to print                     .
I18N_SET_DATAELEMENT_FLAGS     Rapport I18N_SET_DATAELEMENT_FLAGS                                    .
IACFLAGS                       Tilbakestill flagg for webobjekter.                                   .
IAM_API_TESTFRAME              Identity & Access Management   ( API testframe )                      .
IAOMSEL00                      Utvalgskriterier for internordrer                                     .
IAOMSEL_CPR                    Utvalgskriterier for internordrer                                     .
IAOM_CPROJECTS_CLEAN_UP_PS     Automatisk scenario med PS-prosjekt: Slett og rydd                    .
IAOM_CPROJECTS_COCKPIT_LOG     Poster i applikasjonsprotokoll til cockpit for integr. med cProjects  .
IAOM_CRMSRV_F4_UPLOAD          Opplasting konterbare objekter i CRM                                  .
IAOM_CSCENARIO                 Vedlikehold controllingscenario                                       .
IAOM_CUST_CORR                 Kontroller og korriger systemtilp. av fastsetting av controllingtype  .
IAOM_CUST_CO_INTEGRATION       Vedl. controllingintegrasjon                                          .
IAOM_DISPLAY_DATA              Vis stamdatautvidelse                                                 .
IAOM_EXTOB_DEL                 Rapport IAOM_EXTOB_DEL                                                .
IAOM_EXTOB_PRE                 Rapport IAOM_EXTOB_PRE                                                .
IAOM_EXTOB_WRI                 Rapport IAOM_EXTOB_WRI                                                .
IAOM_GRANTOR_TEST              Test Program - Account Assignment Manager for Grantor Scenario        .
IAOM_LINK_ANALYSIS             Analyse av forbindelser for objekter i konteringsadministrasjon       .
IAOM_LOG_ANALYSIS              Analyser protokollposter til konteringsbehandler                      .
IAOM_LOG_DELETE                Slett poster i protokoll for konteringsstyring                        .
IAOM_LOG_PARAMETER             Aktivering av protokollparametere                                     .
IAOM_LOG_REPORT                Vis oversetterprotokoll                                               .
IBRO_BAPI_TEST                 Test BAPI Calls Broker Report                                         .
IBRO_BH_RESULTS_CREATE         Build Results For OI Preparation                                      .
IBRO_CUST                      Customers for Broker                                                  .
IBRO_DUNNSTATUS                Broker Dunning Status History                                         .
IBRO_REPHIST                   Display Broker Report History                                         .
IBRO_REPLIST                   Search for items in broker reports                                    .
IBRO_STMFIK_CLOSE              Assign New Reconciliation Key to Broker Reports                       .
IBRO_STMFIK_REVERSE            Reverse Broker Report (All Reconciliation Keys for Report)            .
IBRO_STMPOST                   ISCD: Post broker report                                              .
IBRO_STMTRANSF0                Broker report transfer program                                        .
IBRO_STMTRANSF1                Broker report transfer program                                        .
IBRO_STMTRANSF2                Post Broker Report (as Job) - OBSOLETE (Use IBRO_STMTRANSF4)          .
IBRO_STMTRANSF3                Program IBR0_STMTRANSF3                                               .
IBRO_STMTRANSF4                Post Broker Report (as Job) with 'select for all entries' Selection   .
IBRO_STMTRANSF_DA              Broker Report Transfer - Display/Change Contents of Sequential File   .
IBRO_STMTRANSF_DG              Generate test file for broker report transfer                         .
IBRO_STMTRANSF_FA              Broker Report Transfer - Display / Change Incorrect Data              .
IBRO_STM_CHECK                 Check Program for Broker Report Consistency                           .
IBRO_STM_CHECK_LT_471          Check Program for Broker Report Consistency                           .
IBRO_VAR_MIGRATE               Generate / Migrate Variants for Broker Report                         .
ICLH_REPREIMB_GENERATE         Program ICLH_REPREIMB_GENERATE                                        .
ICL_APPSERV_TO_FRONTEND        Program SAPMZAPPSERV_TO_FRONTEND                                      .
ICL_CF_CASE_RESERVE2LOT        Program ICL_CF_CASE_RESERVE2LOT                                       .
ICL_CF_LOT2GL                  Program ICL_CF_LOT2GL                                                 .
ICL_CF_RECOVERY_FETCH          Report Cash Receipts to Claims Management System                      .
ICL_CF_ULAE2LOT                Program ICL_CF_ULAE2LOT                                               .
ICL_CLAIM_CLOSE                Program ICL_CLAIM_CLOSE                                               .
ICL_CVERM_TICL003_MAINTAIN     Program ICL_CVERM_TICL003_MAINTAIN                                    .
ICL_DATA_EXTRACT1              Extract Costs from Claims (Demonstration Scenario)                    .
ICL_DATA_UP_DOWNLOAD           FS-CM: Download Data from ApplServer to PresServer                    .
ICL_DIAG_UPLOAD                ICL: Report for Importing Diagnoses and Diagnosis Groups              .
ICL_FNOL2CLAIM                 Program ICL_FNOL2CLAIM                                                .
ICL_FNOL_START                 Program ICL_FNOL_START                                                .
ICL_FRONTEND_TO_APPSERV        Program SAPMZFRONTEND_TO_APPSERV                                      .
ICL_GRID_VARIANT_COPY          Program ICL_GRID_VARIANT_COPY                                         .
ICL_IBNRQUART_AGING            Distributing IBNR Reserves Over Incident Years                        .
ICL_IBNRQUART_CLASS            Distributing IBNR Reserves Over Incident Years                        .
ICL_IBNRQUART_LE               Distributing IBNR Reserves Over Incident Years                        .
ICL_IBNR_COMP                  Comparison of Two IBNR Versions                                       .
ICL_IBNR_PROCESS               Distribution of IBNR Reserves Over Incident Years                     .
ICL_IBNR_PROCESS_HEALTH        Program ICL_IBNR_PROCESS_HEALTH                                       .
ICL_IBNR_RESERVE2LOT           Post IBNR Reserves to Reserve Lot                                     .
ICL_IBNR_RESULT_EDIT           Program ICL_IBNR_RESULT_EDIT - Edit Results                           .
ICL_IBNR_STATISTIC_EDIT        Program ICL_IBNR_STATISTIC_EDIT - Edit Statistical Data               .
ICL_ICLCLAIMDATA_UPLOAD        Upload Claim Data to File or Table                                    .
ICL_ICLHISTDATA_UPLOAD         Read History Data and Write in Database Table ICLHISTDATA             .
ICL_MINI_BP_SEARCH             Program ICL_MINI_BP_SEARCH for MiniApp                                .
ICL_MYCLAIMS                   List of My Claims                                                     .
ICL_PICTURE_UPLOAD             Auxiliary Program for Uploading and Saving Picture Files              .
ICL_RBP_MASS_CHANGE_PE         RBP: Mass Change of Performer Assignment                              .
ICL_REASSIGNED_PAYMENT_DELETE  Undo Reassignment of a Payment                                        .
ICL_RIDATA_UI                  Report Claim/Loss and Accounting Data to Reinsurance System           .
ICL_START_DARK                 Call FS-CM with BDT in Subscreen (and Skip First Screen)              .
ICL_SUP_APPL                   Distribution of Calculated Reserves to Individual Claims              .
ICL_SUP_CALC                   Calculation of Suppl. Reserves                                        .
ICL_SUP_COMP                   Comparison of Reserve Calculations                                    .
ICL_SUP_SUPRES_TO_RESLOT       Write applied supplemental reserves to reserve lot                    .
ICL_TEXTS_MAINTAIN_SIMPLE      Simple Editor for Creating Notes                                      .
ICL_ULAE_CALCULATE             Program ICL_ULAE_CALCULATE  - Allocating Overhead Expenses            .
ICL_ULAE_CFFACTOR_EDIT         Program ICL_ULAE_CFFAKTOR_EDIT - Editing CDE Reserve Factors          .
ICL_ULAE_PERCENT_EDIT          Program ICL_ULAE_PERCENT_EDIT - Edit Reserve Percentage in Co.Code    .
ICL_ULAE_RESERVE_ALLOCATE      Calculation of Reserve Overhead                                       .
ICL_ULAE_UNPAID_UPLOAD         Transfer and Edit External Data                                       .
ICL_ULAE_UPLOAD                Program ICL_ULAE_UPLOAD - Transfer External Data and Edit             .
ICL_VEHCATALOG_UPLOAD          Import of Object Catalogs (Like Vehicle Classification List)          .
ICNVUPGV                       Verification program for ICNV in upgrade                              .
ICRP0001                       Program ICRP0001 : Test customizing for Strategy Dispatching.         .
IC_SC_EMAIL_REL_CONVERT        Rapport IC_SC_EMAIL_REL_CONVERT                                       .
IC_XML_EDITOR_START_UI         Program IC_XML_EDITOR_START_UI                                        .
IDNFBR_SHOW_NF_CHANGES         Program IDNFBR_SHOW_NF_CHANGES                                        .
IDOC_DISPLAY_CONTROL           Test anrop visning kontrollpost                                       .
IDOC_DISPLAY_DATA              Vis datapost                                                          .
IDOC_DISPLAY_STATUS            Vis statuspost                                                        .
IDOC_TREE_CONTROL              IDOC-visning                                                          .
IDPRCNINVOICE                  Printout of Billing Documents and Delivery Notes on Prenumbered Forms .
IDPR_INVOICE_HANDLING          Used Prenumbered Forms Report                                         .
IDSD_UPDATE_CI_MESSAGES        Update Output messages for Credit invoices                            .
IDXVERSIONEN                   Maintain Segment Versions                                             .
IDX_ALEREQUEST                 Program IDX_ALEREQUEST                                                .
IDX_CHECK_METADATA             IDoc Adapter: Metadata Checker                                        .
IDX_DELETE_IDOCTYP_WITHOUT_IS  Delete IDoc types; they are to be sent to XI                          .
IDX_FILL_STRUCTURE             Load Selected IDoc Metadata for the IDoc Adapter                      .
IDX_GET_CONFIG                 Report IDX_GET_CONFIG                                                 .
IDX_NOALE                      IDoc Adapter: Acknowledgments                                         .
IDX_PACKET_WIZARD              Activation of IDoc Message Packages                                   .
IDX_RESET_METADATA             Delete the Structure Descriptions for IDoc Adapter                    .
IDX_SELECT_IDOCTYP_WITHOUT_IS  Maintain IDoc types not to be transferred to IS in XML format         .
IDX_SHOW_MESSAGE               XML Messages in Adapter                                               .
IGN_COPY                       Program for Copying BRF Objects                                       .
IHC_APPL_ARCHIVE_DELETE        IHC: Arkivering. Sletteprogram                                        .
IHC_APPL_ARCHIVE_LOAD          IHC: Arkivering, program for ny innlasting                            .
IHC_APPL_ARCHIVE_READ          IHC: Arkivering, program for ny innlasting                            .
IHC_APPL_ARCHIVE_WRITE         Arkivering av IHC-betalingsoppdrag: Skriveprogram                     .
IHC_APPL_ROUTING               Eksempel: List Tree Control (med dokumentasjon)                       .
IHC_APPL_STATUS_EXTERNAL_DOCS  IHC: Evaluer status for eksterne bilag                                .
IHC_APPL_UPDATE_EXTERNAL_DOCS  IHC: Hent eksterne bilag (oppdater status)                            .
IHC_BANK_STATEMENT_CHECK       Kontrollerer resultater fra en massekjøring (oppr. av kontoutskrift)  .
IHC_BCAREVPO_ALV01             Liste over bankområdeuavhengige betalingsoppdrag                      .
IHC_CASH_MANAGEMENT_CHECK      Konsistenskontroll av likviditetstyringstilpasning                    .
IHC_CASH_MANAGEMENT_ONLINE     Online analyse av IHC-finansiell status                               .
IHC_CASH_MANAGEMENT_TRANSFER   Overføring av IHC-finansiell status til SAP likviditetsstyring        .
IHC_CHECK_BKKM1                Kontroller kontoutskrifter                                            .
IHC_COMPARE_BANK_STATEMENTS    Sammenlign bankkontoutskrifter                                        .
IHC_ROUTE_ALV01                Liste over rutefastsettinger                                          .
IHC_TEST_PROCESS               Test IHC-prosesser                                                    .
IHC_TEST_STATUS                IHC-test: Statusadministrasjon                                        .
IHC_TOOL_TRAPO                 Program Z_IHC_TOOL_TRAPO                                              .
IHC_UTIL_ADJUST_BANK_STATEMENT Kooriger saldi i kontoutskrifter                                      .
IHC_UTIL_COCKPIT               Startbilde: IHC-betalingsoppdrag                                      .
ILQAPI00                       SAP ArchiveLink: Create All Queues (CFBC, CARA, CGDA)                 .
ILQAPI02                       ArchiveLink: Display of All Queue Entries                             .
ILQAPI20                       SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CFBC and CFBC_E queues            .
ILQAPI21                       SAP ArchiveLink: Generate Test Entry in CFBC Queue                    .
ILQAPI40                       SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CARA and CARA_E queues            .
ILQAPI41                       SAP ArchiveLink: Test and complete CARA und CARA_E queues             .
ILQAPI60                       SAP ArchiveLink: Driver program for CFBA and CFBA_E queues            .
ILQAPI61                       SAP ArchiveLink: Test and complete CFBA and CFBA_E queues             .
ILQTRANS                       ArchiveLink: ILQTRANS                                                 .
IMCHCK00                       Amrop avstemm.programm IM-FA sammenlign. tiltak med anl. u. utførelse .
IMCHCK08                       Kontrollere AUU i ANLI, COBRB og avr.bilag / korrigere evt. COBRB-AUU .
IMEO_EP_GENERATE_BG            Generer investeringsprogram fra FO (bakgrunnsjobb).                   .
IMINUM30                       IM: Overta eksterne numre for anmodning om tiltaksmidler fra PS       .
IMP_DO_SELECT                  Program IMP_DO_SELECT                                                 .
IMP_START                      Program IMP_START                                                     .
IMSHOW01                       Test output of non-archived settlements of investment measures        .
INBD_DLV_TRACKING_EVENTS_HIST  Evalution of inbound delivery tracking: Comparison of durations       .
INITIAL_DATA_LOAD_R3_STOCK     Initial opplasting av data fra R/3 til LIME beholdningskvanta         .
INITIAL_DATA_LOAD_R3_STOCKIND  Initial datalasting fra R/3 til LIME-beholdningsindeks                .
INITIAL_DATA_LOAD_R3_WERKS     Initial datalasting fra R/3 til LIME-lokaliseringer                   .
INITXBP2                       Initialization Program for Background Processing Interface XBP 2.0    .
INIT_REP_TAB_OF_CONDITIONS     ALE-distr.enhet: Initial utfylling av replikeringstab. for betingelser.
INSTKOMPR                      Komprimer anlegg                                                      .
INST_BCCUST_START              SAP Installation: Customizing (Basic Settings)                        .
INST_CLIENT_COPYCLX_VARSOURCE  Client Copy During Installation (source client specified)             .
INST_CREATE_CUA                Installation: Create Central User Administration                      .
INST_CREATE_RFC_DEST           Program INST_CREATE_RFC_DEST                                          .
INST_CUSTOMER_ACTIONS          SAP Installation: Interactive Post-Processing                         .
INST_DB13_CONFIG               RRR Installation: Configuring DB13                                    .
INST_JOBS_FOR_DB_CONFIG        Creating Database-Specific Jobs                                       .
INST_JOBS_STANDARD             Standard Jobs - Scheduling Standard Jobs According to Note 16083      .
INST_LANGUAGE_SUPPLEMENT       Language Supplementation During Installation                          .
INST_SETCURRENCY               SAP Installation: Setting Global Currency for All Clients             .
INST_SET_TMS                   Creating the TMS Configuration                                        .
INST_TMS_PREP_ADD2DOM          Preparing a System to Be Included in the Transport Domain             .
INST_TMS_REPL_VIRT_SYSTEM      Including the Production System in the Transport Domain               .
INST_WP_INTEGRATION            mySAP.com Workplace, Integration of Component Systems                 .
INS_ENHHEADER                  Program INS_ENHHEADER                                                 .
INV_DISPLAY_MATERIAL_WAO       Visning materialstamdata (CKM3 eller MM03)                            .
INV_TOP_PRICEDIF_WAO           MiniApp: Materialier med høyeste salgsprisdifferanse                  .
INV_TOP_PRICE_DIFF             Materialer med største diff. i glidende gj.sn.pris el. foreg. periode .
INV_TOP_PRICE_DIFF_46C         Mat. med største diff. i glid. gj.pris for inneværende og forrige per..
INV_TOP_STOCKVAL_WAO           MiniApp: Materialer med høyeste beholdning                            .
INV_TOP_STOCK_VALUES           Materialer med største beholdningsverdi                               .
INV_TOP_STOCK_VALUES_46C       Materialer med største beholdningsverdi                               .
IOCI_SHOW_HTML                 OCI-grensesnitt: Vis katalog                                          .
IOCI_SHOW_HTML_NEW             OCI-grensesnitt: Vis katalog                                          .
IOS_TEST_HELLOWORLD            Program TIOS_HELLOWORLD                                               .
IOS_TEST_SIMPLE_MS             Program TIOS_HELLOWORLD                                               .
IOS_TEST_SIMPLE_SO             Program TIOS_HELLOWORLD                                               .
IOS_TEST_SPREADSHEET_MS        Program TIOS_HELLOWORLD                                               .
IOS_TEST_WORDPROCESSING_MS     Program TIOS_HELLOWORLD                                               .
IPMO_ACE_ARCHIVING_PREPARE     Forberedelse av arkiveringskjøring i Accrual Engine                   .
IPMO_ACE_BASISDAT_SEL_FOR_MAIN Avsetninger IPM: Vis periodiseringsobjekter                           .
IPMO_ACE_CARRY_FORWARD         Saldooverføring i Accrual Engine for komponent IPMO                   .
IPMO_ACE_FI_RECONCILIATION     Avstemming Accrual Engine med finansregnskap                          .
IPMO_ACE_PERIODIC_POSTING      Konter/frigi avsetninger for utgående royalties                       .
IPMO_ACE_POSTING_2_ACC_TRANSFR Overføring av Accrual Engine-bilag til regnskap                       .
IPMO_ACE_REVERSAL_POSTING      Tilbakefør periodiske avsetningskjøringer                             .
IPMO_DSITEMS                   Avsetninger OR: Periodiseringsobjekter i distribusjonsserver          .
IPMO_DSPARAMS                  Avsetninger OR: Parametere for periodiseringsobjekter i distr.server  .
IPMO_PSDOCITEMS                Avsetninger OR: Vis detaljposter i konteringsserver                   .
IPMO_PSITEMS                   Avsetninger OR: Vis summeringsverdier i konteringsserver              .
IPM_ACE_ARCHIVING_PREPARE      Preparation for an Archiving Run in the Accrual Engine                .
IPM_ACE_BASISDATA_SEL_FOR_MAIN Display CRM Accruals in Accrual Engine                                .
IPM_ACE_CARRY_FORWARD          Balance CarryForward in Accrual Engine                                .
IPM_ACE_FI_RECONCILIATION      Reconciliation of Accrual Engine with Financial Accounting            .
IPM_ACE_PERIODIC_POSTING       Post Periodic Accruals for IPM                                        .
IPM_ACE_POSTINGS_2_ACC_TRANSFR Transfer of Accrual Engine Documents to Accounting                    .
IPM_ACE_REVERSAL_POSTING       Reverse Periodic Accrual Runs                                         .
IPM_CR_PAYMENT_REPOST          IPM: Ompostering av betalinger for kontraktsrevisjon                  .
IPM_DSITEMS                    Display CRM Accruals                                                  .
IPM_DSPARAMS                   Display Parameters for CRM Accruals                                   .
IPM_PSDOCITEMS                 CRM Accruals: Display Line Items in Accrual Engine                    .
IPM_PSITEMS                    CRM Accruals: Display Totals Values in the Accrual Engine             .
IPPECIF_CLEAN_UP_CP            Checking Redundant Change Pointers for iPPE                           .
IPPECIF_COMPARE                iPPE: CIF Comparison Tool                                             .
IPPECIF_EKG_COMPARE            Compare Production Versions                                           .
IPPECIF_EKG_READ               Read the Production Version                                           .
IPPECIF_RCPTRAN                CIF Change Transfer in iPPE                                           .
IPPECIF_REPAIR_PVSDEX          Correcting data inconsistencies in the PVSDEX table                   .
IP_MDAS10_46C                  Unntaksstatistikk behovsplanlegging                                   .
IP_MDRW10_46C                  Materialer med laveste lagerdekning for beholdning                    .
IP_MDRW20_46C                  Materialer med laveste lagerdekning med inngang 1                     .
IP_MDRW30_46C                  Materialer med laveste lagerdekning med inngang 2                     .
IP_MDRW40_46C                  Materialer med høyeste lagerdekning for beholdning                    .
IP_MDRW50_46C                  Materialer med høyeste lagerdekning med inngang 1                     .
IP_MDRW60_46C                  Materialer med høyeste lagerdekning med inngang 2                     .
IQAPI_DEMO_CHANGE_VARIANT      IQAPI: Change Variants                                                .
IQAPI_DEMO_COPY_QUERY          IQAPI: Copy Queries                                                   .
IQAPI_DEMO_CREATE_BASIC        IQAPI: Create a Query                                                 .
IQAPI_DEMO_CREATE_BASIC_LDB    IQAPI: Create a Query                                                 .
IQAPI_DEMO_CREATE_RANKING      IQAPI: Create a Query                                                 .
IQAPI_DEMO_CREATE_STATISTIC    IQAPI: Create a Query                                                 .
IQAPI_DEMO_INFOSET             InfoSet Query API: Test Program for InfoSets                          .
IQAPI_DEMO_OVERWRITE_BASIC     IQAPI: Overwriting a Query                                            .
IQAPI_DEMO_QUERY_CALL          Test Program for Function Group IQAPI_QUERY_CALL                      .
IQAPI_DEMO_QUERY_CONTENT       IQAPI: Read Query Information and Regenerate the same Query           .
IREAD_NOTIFICATIONS            Send rapport                                                          .
IREAD_SM_PM_ORDERS             Send ordre                                                            .
ISAUTO_ERS_OVERVIEW_LIST       ERS Collective Settlement List                                        .
ISAUTO_MIGRATE_COMPL           Migrering av lev.bekreftelser foran crt7 under "=auto3.0logic ferdig  .
ISAUTO_OPENWEB                 Display open WEB releases                                             .
ISAUTO_RMMR1MRB                Revaluation with Collective Settlement                                .
ISAUTO_SUE_R_MMBACKLOG         Backlog List MM                                                       .
ISAUTO_XLO_R_CHECK_SCHED       X-System Transit: Check Report for Scheduling Agreements/Sales Orders .
ISAUTO_XLO_R_TRANSIT_REC       Display Stock in Transit (Recipient View)                             .
ISAUTO_XLO_R_TRANSIT_SDR       Display Transit Stock (Supplier View)                                 .
ISA_CATALOG_REPLICATION        Replikering av produktkataloger til TREX                              .
ISA_CATALOG_REPLICATION_DELETE ISA: Sletting av indekser som ble opprettet ved katalogreplikering    .
ISCD_DEPOSIT_CORR              Creation of Payment Forms for Deposit Accts with Insufficient Coverage.
ISIA_POD_FLAG                  Filter PODs According to 'Viewed' Indicator                           .
ISJPINVSUM01                   ISJP Master Data Reporting                                            .
ISJPINVSUM14                   Invoice Summary Processing                                            .
ISJPINVSUM20                   Invoice Summary - Print Program                                       .
ISJPINVSUM30                   Invoice Summary Status Report                                         .
ISM_DM_TEST                    Testprogram for dokumentadministrasjon i IS-M                         .
ISM_DM_TEST_WITH_MEDIA_OBJECTS Testprogram for dokumentadministrasjon i IS-M                         .
ISRLOCG1                       Hierarkisk klasseoversikt                                             .
ISR_CREATE_USER                Program ISR_CREATE_USER                                               .
ISSRLISTAUFRUF                 Inflow/outflow lists / position lists / repayment lists               .
ISSRLISTAUFRUFDV9              Inflow/outflow lists / position lists / repayment lists               .
ISSR_VARIANT_TEST              Test                                                                  .
IST_CA_FILEHIST                Foreldet fra 4.63: IS-T-CA - steng.-/gjenåpningsfil for tlf.nr. hist. .
IST_CA_FILEHIST_01             IS-T-CA: Historikk for stengings-/gjenåpningsfiler                    .
IST_CA_UNBLOCK_TELNR           Foreldet fra V1.2: IS-T-CA - opprett gjenåpn.fil etter bet.stakkjøring.
IST_EBS_EXT_START_MASS_ACT     Start på masseaktivitet per rapport                                   .
IST_SAMPLE_CANCEL_BILLDOC      Tilbakefør avregningsbilag                                            .
IST_SAMPLE_CREATE_BILLDOC      Opprett avregningsbilag                                               .
IST_TDATA_DELETE               Slett oppsagte telefonnumre fra tabell IST_TDATA                      .
ISUWA_FILL_CHARACTERISTICS     Rapport ISUWA_FILL_CHARACTERISTICS                                    .
ISU_ADRV_CORRECT               Korrigering av ADRV for tilknytningsobjekter                          .
ISU_AMIO_ARCHIVE               Program ISU_AMIO_ARCHIVE                                              .
ISU_AMIO_DELETE                Include ISU_AMIO_DELETE                                               .
ISU_BW_MKT_SIMTRIG_CREATE      Forbered ekstrapoleringsindekser for masseaktivitet                   .
ISU_CORRECT_ADRESS_IN_EQUI     Program ISU_CORRECT_ADRESS_IN_EQUI                                    .
ISU_CREATE_FUNCLOC_FOR_AREA    Opprett korresponderende teknisk plass for areal                      .
ISU_DEREG_REMADV               Betalingsmedium - korrespondanse for generisk betalingsmediumsprogram .
ISU_DFKKOP_CRSRF_UPDATE        Konvertering kryssreferansenummer i tabell DFKKTHI                    .
ISU_DFKKTHI_CRSRF_UPDATE       Konvertering kryssreferansenummer i tabell DFKKTHI                    .
ISU_EDISC_INVDISCDOC_DISPLAY   Program ISU_EDISC_INVDISCDOC_DISPALY                                  .
ISU_EURO_TRANSFER              Program ISU_EURO_TRANSFER                                             .
ISU_FLEXBRE_LOG                Total Log Parallel BRE Run                                            .
ISU_IDE_TEST_SWITCH            Program ISU_IDE_TEST_SWITCH                                           .
ISU_IDE_TEST_SWITCH2           Program ISU_IDE_TEST_SWITCH                                           .
ISU_INET_USER_MAINTAIN         Kopi av funksjonsmodul ISU_INET_TEST_USER                             .
ISU_INTERNET_USER_SWITCH       Velkommen til konverteringen av Internet Self Service User            .
ISU_MDATA_TEMPLATE_TEST        Utføring av stamdatamal                                               .
ISU_MDATA_TEMPLATE_TEST_MULT   Flere utføringer av stamdatamal                                       .
ISU_MDT_ADJUST_TRANSPORT       Testrapport for å korrigere overførte stamdatamaler                   .
ISU_MDT_HIERARCHY_DISPLAY      Hierarki for stamdatamaltype                                          .
ISU_MOVEOUT_ABRDATS            Bare SAP: Reaktiver tilbakeført utflytting (EAUS, EAUSV, EVER)        .
ISU_PERS_SELOPTION             Persontilpasning av rapportvarianter                                  .
ISU_RIMASE01                   Tilpass MASE-poster til relevant databasestatus                       .
ISU_SET_JDC_IN_COADDRESS_EXT   Fyll jurisdiksjonskode i tilknytningsobjekt fra eksternt system       .
ISU_UPG_AGR_MIGRATE_SSM_USR    Conversion of Old Activaty Groups to New Maint. Transact. (IS-U Upgr.).
ISU_UPG_AGR_XPRA_ALL_CLIENTS   Conversion of Old Activity Groups to Maint. Transact. (for IS-U Upg.) .
ISU_UPG_XPRA_ETTIF_SHARE       Adjustment of Variant Controls in ETRFV for INFACT Variants           .
ISU_VACANT_INST_SEL            Program REVISEL for søk etter tomme anlegg                            .
ISU_WA_CREATE_MATNR_FOR_BEHGRP Oppretting av material tilsvarende beholdergruppe                     .
ISU_WA_INITIAL_LOAD_EWAELOCEO  Tilordning avfallshåndteringsobj. til plass.sted                      .
ISU_WA_SPLIT_ROBS              Ny tilordning av rengjøringsobjekter etter fordeling                  .
ISU_XPRA_CS_BPCONTACT_OBJECTS  XPRA for konvertering BCONTO -" Objekttilknytning                     .
ISU_XPRA_CS_OBJECTROLES        XPRA for konvertering av objektliste for systemtilpasning til kontakt .
ISU_XPRA_CS_OPS_CUSTOMIZING    Konvertering av OPS-systemtilpasning 4.61 -" 4.62                     .
ISU_XPRA_IDE_POD_CREATE        XPRA for oppretting av leveringssteder i områder IDE                  .
ISU_XPRA_MR005                 XPRA: ADATSOLL skal kopieres fra EABL til EABLG                       .
ISU_XPRA_PERCEPTIONS           Konverteringsrapport for argentinske perceptions                      .
ISVIEWER                       Program ISVIEWER                                                      .
ITAGCYCOMMCTRL_DELETE_TRIGGER  Commission Monitoring: Deletion of Trigger Entries                    .
ITAGCYINSCOMPSH_POST           Posting Shares to Insurance - Not Container-Based                     .
ITAGCY_CLEANSING               Deletes Trigger Tables After Archiving                                .
ITAGCY_CLEANSING_CASHDESK      Program ITAGCY_CLEANSING_CASHDESK                                     .
ITAGCY_CLEANSING_TRIGGER       Report ITAGCY_CLEANSING_TRIGGER                                       .
ITAGCY_STMTRANSF               Agency Collections: Post Container                                    .
ITSQ_CTMENU                    Rapport ITSQ_CTMENU                                                   .
ITSQ_DIALOGBOX                 Rapport ITSQ_DIALOGBOX                                                .
ITSQ_DOCKER                    Rapport ITSQ_DOCKER                                                   .
ITSQ_HTML_CONTROL              Program ITSTEST_HTML_VIEWER                                           .
ITSQ_PICTURE                   Rapport ITSQ_PICTURE                                                  .
ITSQ_SPLITTER                  Rapport ITSQ_SPLITTER                                                 .
ITSQ_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD           Program ITSQ_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD                                          .
IVIEW_CO_GR_SELECT_CUST_ORDERS IView kundeordre - ordreutvalg                                        .
IWBADMIN                       IWB: Administration Information                                       .
IWBPREP                        KW: Prepare training system                                           .
IWO_BAPI_TRACE_TEST            Program for testing av måledata                                       .
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