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Rapport                     Tittel                                                              .

N1DCS001                    Diagnoses and Service Overview with Coding                          .
N1DCSCLASS_DISPLAY          DCS: Display Content of N1DCSCLASS (Classifications)                .
N1DCSCLASS_INITIALIZE       DCS: Initialize Classification Table (N1DCSCLASS)                   .
N1DCSZTAB_TO_NEW_COPY       DCS: Quick Entry Transfer Z Tables to New Tables                    .
N1DIACOSTEST                Test Application for OLE-Integration DIACOS                         .
N1DOCVAL_DOWNLOAD           Download of Document Contents                                       .
N1MATVUM                    Conversion Report NTPK - NMATV                                      .
N1TESTLMV                   Test program for FB-ISHMED_NLEI_MARA_VORSCHLAG (LN1MAU01)           .
N1TESTMATV                  Test Program for the Material Consumption                           .
N1_CORRECT_KONTEXT          Correction Report for Converting KZ ASSGN of NOCTY                  .
N1_CORRECT_SERVICE_ANCHOR   Report for Canceling Nursing Anchor Services                        .
N1_MIGPRG                   Program N1_MIGPRG                                                   .
N2DEMO_TABSTRIP             Demo: TabStrip-Control                                              .
N2SAMPLE_PMD_TO_XML_TO_ABAP Conversion: PMDXML Export Format to ABAP                            .
NAVP_DEMO_TABLE             Bruk navigeringsprofiler i CL_GUI_ALV_GRID                          .
NAVP_DEMO_TABLE_COMPLEX     Bruk navigeringsprofiler i CL_GUI_ALV_GRID (kompleks eksempel)      .
NAVP_DEMO_TREE              Bruk navigeringsprofiler i CL_GUI_ALV_TREE                          .
NAVP_DEMO_TREE_COMPLEX      Bruk navigeringsprofiler i CL_GUI_ALV_TREE (kompleks eksempel)      .
NAVP_REPORT_PROFILES_DELETE Sletting av alle navigeringsprofiler for et program                 .
NAVP_REPORT_PROFILES_MANAGE Administrer navigeringsprofiler                                     .
NETGRAPHIC1_TEST            Report NETGRAPHIC1_TEST                                             .
NETZOCX1                    Demonstration Program: Network Control                              .
NETZOCX2                    Demonstration Program: Network Control with Callback Processing     .
NETZWEB1                    Demonstration Program: Network Control                              .
NETZ_BO2                    Demo Program: Network Graphics in Maintenance Mode                  .
NETZ_BO3                    Demo Program: Network Graphic in Maintenance Mode (Enhanced Version).
NF2CHECK                    Check Routine for the NF2 Editor                                    .
NLS_LIST_TEST               Test                                                                .
NLS_MAKE_SBCS_TEXT          SAPscript Standard Text Print Program for Latin Languages           .
NOTE300906                  Analyser feilaktig regnskapsreferanse og konteringer                .
NOTE_ALLOC_BEFORE_46D       Assign notes to node manually                                       .
NOTST100                    Number range test program                                           .
NROB_TRANS_REPAIR           Opprydding i datainkonsistens i nummerserietransaksjoner            .
NROWS                       DD: Count table entries                                             .
NXDD02L                     N-time enlargement for DD02L-like table                             .
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