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Rapport                        Tittel                                                                .

O2_SHOW_PAGE_STRUCTURE         02: Display Page Structure (DO NOT USE)                               .
O2_WAPD_COMPARE_VERSION        02: Program to Compare Two Versions                                   .
O2_WAPD_DISPLAY_VERSION        02: Program RSO2_DISPLAY_VERSION                                      .
O2_WAPD_RECOVER_VERSION        O2: Program to Reload Version                                         .
O2_WAPP_COMPARE_VERSION        02: Program to Compare Two Versions                                   .
O2_WAPP_DISPLAY_VERSION        02: Program to Display Version                                        .
O2_WAPP_RECOVER_VERSION        O2: Program to Reload Version                                         .
OAADMILI                       SAP ArchiveLink: All link entries for stored document                 .
OAARCH03                       Read Archived Links in ArchiveLink                                    .
OAARCH04                       Archiving of ArchiveLink Links                                        .
OAARCH05                       Reload Archived ArchiveLink Links                                     .
OAARCH05PRI                    Report OAARCHPRI05                                                    .
OAARCH06                       Deletion of Archived ArchiveLink Links                                .
OAARCH06PRI                    Program OAARCH06PRI                                                   .
OAARCHLOG04                    Skriveprogram for protokolloppføringer for dokumenter                 .
OAARCHLOG04P                   Skriveprogram protokolloppføring for utskriftlister                   .
OAARCHLOG05                    Sletteprogram for protokolloppføringer for dokumenter                 .
OAARCHLOG05P                   Sletteprogram for protokolloppføringer for utskriftslister            .
OAARCHLOG06                    Program for ny innlasting av protokolloppføringer for dokumenter      .
OAARCHLOG06P                   Program for ny innlasting av protokolloppføringer for utskriftslister .
OAARFCRD                       Transactional RFC                                                     .
OABARCODEGENERATE              Program for Creating Bar Codes                                        .
OABARCOX                       Open Bar Code Entries                                                 .
OACARA                         SAP ArchiveLink: Asynchronous processing of store job                 .
OACARAFA                       SAP ArchiveLink: Asynchronous storing in file storage system          .
OACARAJB                       Storing a document asynchronously in a content server                 .
OACGDAFA                       SAP ArchiveLink: Asynchronous Retrieval                               .
OACGDAJB                       Retrieving a document asynchronously from a content server            .
OACHANGE                       Dialog module: Reassign stored documents                              .
OACONTA2                       SAP ArchiveLink: Link Table Contents                                  .
OACONTA4                       SAP ArchiveLink: Link Table Contents                                  .
OACREATEFROMFRONTEND           SAP ArchiveLink: Select Document Type and Document Class From Obj.Type.
OADEFSPL                       Define Print List Delimiters                                          .
OADESTCK                       SAP ArchiveLink: Connection Test for Storage Systems                  .
OADIALF3                       Display of stored print lists                                         .
OADIALF4                       Display of stored print lists                                         .
OADISPPR                       ArchiveLink: Hit List for Stored Print Lists                          .
OADISPPRWF                     Program OADISPPRWF                                                    .
OADLIST                        SAP ArchiveLink: Select document type and document class from obj.type.
OADLSETP                       Search for Stored Print Lists                                         .
OADOCCHA                       Subsequent assignment of stored documents                             .
OADTCHK                        Synchronize Document Class with Link Entries                          .
OAEXPIRY                       ArchiveLink: Subsequent Calculation of Expiration Date                .
OAFAMIG                        Migrate File Archive                                                  .
OAFIND                         ArchiveLink: Stored Documents Search                                  .
OAFIND_1                       Find Stored Documents                                                 .
OAFIND_2                       ArchiveLink: Stored Documents Search                                  .
OAGENALL                       Generation of all SAP ArchiveLink programs                            .
OAILFIND                       Find all objects of type 'IMAGE'                                      .
OAIMFIND                       Find all objects of type 'IMAGE'                                      .
OAKOMM01                       ArchiveLink: Communications Interface Administration                  .
OAKOMM02                       Process Communication Protocol                                        .
OAKOMM03                       Create Communication Protocol                                         .
OAKOMM04                       ArchiveLink Protocols: Overview of Protocol                           .
OAKOMM05                       ArchiveLink: Application Maintenance                                  .
OAKOMM07                       Maintain Individual Applications                                      .
OALINES                        Report for generating outgoing documents                              .
OALINESNEW                     Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms                    .
OALISTEX                       Example report, print list with attributes                            .
OALOGX                         SAP ArchiveLink: Logging Entries                                      .
OANEWCON                       Dialog module: Reassign stored documents                              .
OANEXTCO                       Subsequent assignment of stored documents                             .
OAPLCLDU                       Display and Clean-Up Duplicated Entries for Print Lists               .
OAREPAIRASY                    Program OAREPAIRASY                                                   .
OAREQUES                       SAP ArchiveLink: Display Open Requests                                .
OARESEAR                       ArchiveLink: Find Archive Files                                       .
OASCAN                         SAP ArchiveLink: Call Scan Application                                .
OATESTFORM                     SAP ArchiveLink: Storing outgoing documents with form                 .
OAUPDATE_LINK                  Program to Change Links (Retention Period)                            .
OAUPDATE_LINKDATE              Correction of Storage Data from Content Server                        .
OA_0817_06_DEL                 Report OA_0817_06_DEL                                                 .
OA_ELIMINATE_FAX               Replace Document Class FAX with TIF in Database                       .
OA_KPRO_ENTRY_CREATION         ArchiveLink: Subsequent Maintenance of KPro Entries                   .
OA_KPRO_ENTRY_CREATION_PL      ArchiveLink: Subsequent Maintenance of KPro Entries for Print Lists   .
OA_KPRO_ENTRY_DELETION         ArchiveLink: Delete KPro Entries Related to Link Entries              .
OA_KPRO_ENTRY_DELETION_PL      ArchiveLink: Delete KPro Entries for Print Lists                      .
OA_LINK_CHECK_DOCUMENT         Report OA_LINK_CHECK_DOCUMENT                                         .
OA_LOG_VIEW_DOC                Applikasjonsprotokoll for dokumenter                                  .
OA_LOG_VIEW_PRI                Applikasjonsprotokoll utskriftslister                                 .
OA_PRILIST_SET_DELDATE         Program OA_PRILIST_SET_DELDATE                                        .
OA_TEST_FUNCTION_CFBA          Test Program for Storage System Confirmations                         .
OA_TEST_FUNCTION_CFBC          Test Program for Storage System Confirmations                         .
OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK             Program OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK                                            .
OBJ2_TEST_LOG_DISPLAY          Program OBJ2_TEST_LOG_DISPLAY                                         .
OFX_ACCOUNT_STMT_GET           Anmod kontoutskrift via OFX                                           .
OFX_FROM_FILE                  OFX-behandling fra fil                                                .
OFX_MSG_SELECT_DISPLAY         Vis Internett-meldinger                                               .
OIRADBT_CORR_DTF_PARTNER       Report to update partner timestamp in OIRADBT for PC transactions     .
OLR3_CALL_PB                   Direkte start i Project Builder for cProjects-objekttilknytninger     .
OLR3_CALL_PDOC                 Program OLR3_CALL_PDOC                                                .
OMIS_CHECK_VTYPE_MAPPING       BW-ekstraktorer CO-OM: Kontroller avbildingstabeller for VVTPE        .
OMT3SHOW                       Testrapport for visning av alle skjermbildefelt i en bildesekvens     .
OM_CLEAN_USER_FROM_TABLES      Program CLEAN_USER_FROM_TABLES                                        .
OM_DEMO_OBJECTMANAGER_MULTIPLE Program MS_OBJECTMANAGER                                              .
OM_DEMO_OBJECTMANAGER_SINGLE   Program SS_OBJECTMANAGER                                              .
OM_GEN                         Generering av org.enheter fra CO-standardhierarki                     .
ONE_MAT_MBEW_ML_COMPARISON     Sammenligne MBEW med ML-data og visning                               .
OPENPS                         Last ned aktiviteter på Palm Pilot                                    .
OPTIMIZE_TABLES                Rydding i rolle- og tilknytningstabeller                              .
ORF1                           Spare Parts Stock Calculation: Results                                .
ORF2                           Spare Parts Stock Calculation: Calculation                            .
ORF4                           Spare Parts Stock Calculation: Maintain Essentiality Code Table       .
ORF5                           Multiple Item Stock Calculation                                       .
OS_APPLICATION                 Main Program for Object-Oriented Applications                         .
OS_CHANGE_CATEGORY             Object Services: Changes a Manageable Class to a Normal Class         .
OS_CHECK_CLASS_GUIDS           OS: Consistency Check for Class GUIDs                                 .
OS_CHECK_MAPPING               Checks the Mapping for All Persistent Classes                         .
OS_CLEANUP_CLASS               Delete components that are no longer needed                           .
OS_CREATE_CLASS                Object Services: Generate Persistent Class                            .
OS_DELETE_CLASS                Object Services: Delete Persistent Class                              .
OS_EX_BOOKING                  Object Services Examples: Booking in the Flight Data Model            .
OS_EX_TREE                     Object Services Examples: Trees                                       .
OS_GENERATE_DIFFERENT_CLASS    Generate Class Actor (Using Other Templates)                          .
OS_MIGRATION_EXCEPTIONS        Object Services: Migration to OO Exceptions                           .
OS_MIGRATION_V1_TO_V2          Object Services: Migration from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0            .
OS_SHOW_CLASS                  Overview of Persistent Classes                                        .
OS_SHOW_MAPPING                Object Services: Show Mapping                                         .
OS_UPDATE_CLASS                Generate classes and their class actors                               .
OTBPARAM                       Generelle parametere for OTB                                          .
OT_PROCESS_OUTBOUND_FRAME      Outbound process of idocs for Outsourcing                             .
OT_RUN_PROCESS_MODEL_CALL      Process model - Outsourcing                                           .
OT_SELECT_PERNR_OTCA           Gross payroll selections for Process Model - CA                       .
OT_SELECT_PERNR_OTFR           Launch payroll process for ADP departments                            .
OT_SELECT_PERNR_OTNL           Gross payroll selections for Process Model - NL                       .
OT_SELECT_PERNR_OTUS           Gross payroll selections for Process Model - US                       .
OT_SELECT_PERNR_OTUT           US Tax Services Periodic/Quarterly Export - Process Model             .
OXT_EXT_ANALYZE                Program OXT_EXT_ANALYZE                                               .
OXT_TASKAPI_TEST               Program OXT_SYSTAB_FILL                                               .
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