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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
Object Type Name          T Titel                                                    .

BADI_EXAMPLE_PERSISTANCE  C Example for checking persistance before saving           .
BADI_EXAMPLE_SRS_GR_FIELD C Example - Implementation for BAdI Definition SRS_GR_FIELD.
BADI_HRPAYES_FINE0        I Interface f. BAdI: HRPAYES_FINE0                         .
BADI_HRPAYES_INEE0        I Interface f.BAdI: HRPAYES_INEE0                          .
BADI_HRPAYES_INEE1        I Interface f. BAdI: HRPAYES_INEE1                         .
BADI_HU_PACKING_QTY       I Add-in Interface BADI_HU_PACKING_QTY                     .
BADI_HU_VHILM_CHECK       I Business add-in interface BADI_HU_VHILM_CHECK            .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL  C Simulation System Date                                   .
BDMT_CONTROL              C Administers Tree Control for Monitoring                  .
BD_LS_MON                 C Organizes Monitoring Data For Logical System             .
BIC_SELECTION_EXM_LOTS    C Example Implementation for BAdI Definition BIC_SELECTION .
BI_EVENT_HANDLER          I Event handler                                            .
BI_EVENT_HANDLER_STATIC   I Static Event Handler                                     .
BI_OBJECT                 I Business Instance                                        .
BI_PERSISTENT             I Persistent Business Instance                             .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION       I Interface to Archiving Object Applications               .
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