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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
类别名称                       T 组件名                           头衔                                                           

IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I CHANGED_FOR_GROUP             Check if Changes Were Made at Current PI Sets/X Steps
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I CHGDOC_OBJID_GET              Determine Object IDs for Change Documents of PI Sets/X Steps
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I CONCATENATE                   Concatenate PI Sets/Execution Steps
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I EDIT                          Edit PI Sets/Execution Steps (Without Editor)
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I EDITOR                        Call Up Editor for PI Set/Execution Step Maintenance
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I EDIT_PRES                     Determine Processing Type (PI, PS/ES, or Migration)
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I EXIST                         Determine Existence of PI Set/Executipn Step for Header
IF_EX_CPS_EXECUTION_D      I MIGRATION                     PI Set/Execution Step Migration
IF_EX_FI_PAYREF_BADI_010   I CREATE_KIDNO                  Determination of KIDNO
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_010      I END_OF_LIST                   End-of-Page Event in List Display
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_010      I TOP_OF_PAGE                   Top-of-Page Event in List Display
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_011      I APPEND_TAX_ITEM               Event 'APPEND' for Line Item Lists
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_011      I SET_FLAGS                     Activate Call from 'APPEND_TAX_ITEM' (and more)
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_012      I GET_BKPF_LATE                 Event 'GET bkpf LATE' during Selection
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_012      I SET_FLAG_USE_BADI_12          Activate Call for Method GET_BKPF_LATE
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_013      I SET_DMEE_PARAMETER            Set Parameters for DME Engine (Tree Type UMS1)
IF_EX_FI_TAX_BADI_014      I MODIFY_FIELDCAT               Modification of Field Catalog of Output List for ALV
IF_EX_FMBS_VALID_ADDRESS   I VALIDATE_BO                   Validate the address of budget object
IF_EX_FMBS_VALID_ADDRESS   I VALIDATE_PO                   Validate the address of posting object
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I EXIT_PAI_CLASS                User-exit PAI Sponsored Class
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I EXIT_PAI_PROGRAM              User-exit PAI Sponsored Program
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I EXIT_PBO_CLASS                User-exit PBO Sponsored Class
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I EXIT_PBO_PROGRAM              User-exit PBO Sponsored Program
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I GET_DATA_SCREEN_CLASS         Get data from the Screen Class
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I GET_DATA_SCREEN_PROGRAM       Get data from the Screen Program
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I PUT_DATA_ON_SCREEN_CLASS      Copy data to screen to make it available on Screen for Class
IF_EX_GM_SPONSOREDOBJ      I PUT_DATA_ON_SCREEN_PROGRAM    Copy data to screen to make it available on Screen for Prog.
IF_EX_HRCCE_DIST           I METHOD                        Implements addition distribution method
IF_EX_HRCCE_PAYMENT        I PCL24                         Country specification of processing class 24
IF_EX_HRCCE_RETRO          I PROC_WT                       Process wage type with given process class 23
IF_EX_HREXP_EXPERT         I CHECK_LDAP_ENTRIES            Check Entry Found in LDAP Directory
IF_EX_HREXP_EXPERT         I GET_PROFTYPES                 Determine Expert Profile Attributes of Expert
IF_EX_HRFPM_ENC_PER        I GET_ENC_PERIODS               Determining Commitment Periods
IF_EX_HR_IN_PF_REP_MARCH   I GET_MARCH_DATA                Get March Data From Legacy System
IF_EX_IPPE_ADD_FUNC        I CIF_ACTIVE                    Check whether Core Interface (CIF) is connected
IF_EX_IPPE_ADD_FUNC        I CO_ACTIVE                     Check whether Controlling (CO) is connected
IF_EX_IPPE_ADD_FUNC        I EXT_BROWSER_ACTIVE            Check whether PDM Browser (CC04) is connected
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I APILOG_READ_CALO              Read Log for Configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I CONFIG_MAINT                  Create configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I CONFIG_READ                   Read Configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I CONVERT_CMPID_E2I             Material Conversion External -" Internal
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I CONVERT_CMPID_I2E             Material Conversion Internal -" External
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I DEPEND_MAINT                  Create Object Dependency
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I DEPEND_READ                   Read Object Dependency
IF_EX_IPPE_BAPI            I GENERATE_CONFIG               Generate Configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CHARACTERISTIC_CALL           Call Characteristics Maintenance
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CHARACTERISTIC_GET            Read Characteristic
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASSIFICATION_COPY           Copy the Classification in the Copy of the iPPE Object
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASSIFICATION_DELETE         Deletion of Classification
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASSTYPE_GET                 Read Class Type
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASS_ACTIVE                  Classification system exists in system
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASS_CALL                    Call Class Maintenance
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASS_GET                     Read Classes
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I CLASS_GET_BY_RANGE            Read the Classes from RANGES Table
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I HIERARCHY_CALL                Call Maintenance of the Class Hierarchy
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I HIERARCHY_CHECK               Check the classes for arrangement of hierarchy
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I HIERARCHY_GET                 Read hierarchy
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I PNODID_CHECK                  Check whether class is valid for nodes
IF_EX_IPPE_CLASS           I POSVID_CHECK                  Check whether class is valid for variants
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CALL                          Call up Display/Maintenance Transaction
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CALL_CMPID_FROM_SCREEN        Display/Maintenance of Component from Screen
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CHECK_BOM_DECOMPOSITION       Check whether BOM exists for component
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CHECK_BOM_FOR_DISPO           Read the BOMs for MRP Check and Recursion Check
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CHECK_CMPID_DATA              Check component data (valid unit, quantity, ...)
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Checks existence and gets basic data (unit of measure, type)
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CHECK_VERSION_ACTIVE          Checks whether the version in the system is active
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CMPID_ACTIVE                  Check Existence of Connection to Material Master
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CMPID_GET_BY_RANGE            Read components from RANGES table
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CMPID_LOCID_READ              Checks existence and gets plant-dependent data (CUOBJ, KMAT)
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CMPID_TEXT                    Gets the field names
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CMPID_UNLOCK                  Unlock Components
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I CONVERT_CMPID                 Conversion of components internal "-" external in iPPE
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I GET_DESCRIPTIONS              Read texts for component / component type
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I GET_DISPO_FOR_CMPID           Read the low-level codes for the components
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I GET_DYNPRO_INFORMATION        Gets screen and program for component display
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I GET_UNITS                     Read units of measure for the component
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I GET_VERSION_INFO              Gets information on the versions of components
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I PLANNING_TABLE_UPDATE         Update the planning file entry
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I SET_CMPID_SPECIAL_FUNCT       Set special functions for components
IF_EX_IPPE_CMPID           I SET_DISPO_FOR_CMPID           Set new low-level codes for components
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_COPY              Copy object dependency for KNOBJ
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_DEFINITION        Maintain object dependency for KNOBJ (dialog)
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_DELETE            Delete object dependency for KNOBJ
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_MAINTAIN          Maintain object dependency for KNOBJ (API)
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_READ              Read object dependency for KNOBJ
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I ALLOCATIONS_UPDATE_MODE       Controls the Updating of the Object Dependency
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CFG_CREATE                    Starts new configuration (Initializes SAP Configurator)
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CONFIG_ACTIVE                 Implementation exists for configuration ['X', ' ']
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_COMPLEMENT_DISJUNCTION   Fuzzy Logic - Logical NOT of a disjunction
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_DDB_CREATE_INSTANCE      Fuzzy Logic - Generate an Instance
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_DDB_SET_SELF_PARENT_ROOT Fuzzy Logic - Set formal instances $SELF $PARENT $ROOT
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_DDB_SET_VALUES_TO_INSTA  Fuzzy Logic - Set Values in the DDB
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_EVALUATE_CONDITION       Fuzzy Logic - Evaluation of Selection Condition
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_JOIN_DISJUNCTION         Fuzzy Logic - Delete Redundant Entries
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUFE_LOG_AND_OF_DISJUNCTIONS  Fuzzy Logic - Logical AND for two disjunctions
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUKR_GET_DOCU                 Read Documentation for Relationship
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUKR_GET_SOURCES              Gets Source Text for a Given Quantity of Relationships
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUKR_INIT                     Initial Buffer for Runtime Accesses to Rel. Master Data
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUOBJ_COPY                    Copy configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUOBJ_COPY_FOR_POSVID         Copy CUOBJ for variants
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUOBJ_DELETE                  Delete CUOBJ entries
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUOBJ_READ                    Read Configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I CUOBJ_SAVE                    Save configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I DBA_SELECT_PROFILES           Determines Conf. Parameters for a Configuration Object (OM)
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I EVALUATE_CONFIGURATION        Evaluate Configuration (Consistency Check)
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I FILTER_CONF_GET               Read the Configuration in Filter and Lang.-Dep. Texts
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I FILTER_CONF_SAVE              Save Configuration Simulation for the Filter
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I FILTER_CONF_SET_TO_INDX       Write configuration data in INDX table
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I INIT_API_CUKD                 Initializes all global variables, tables, and so on for CUKD
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I INIT_CONFIG                   Initialization of the Configuration
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I INIT_CUXI                     Initialization and Resetting of Buffer
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I INIT_LOG_API                  Initialization of the API Environment
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I INIT_LOG_MEMORY               Initialize Log Interface
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I KNOBJ_COPY_FOR_POSVID         Copy KNOBJ for variants
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I KNOBJ_DELETE                  Delete KNOBJ entries
IF_EX_IPPE_CONFIG          I PROFILE_CALL                  Access Transaction for Displaying/Editing Config. Profile
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_ACTIVE                    DMU functions exist in the system
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_BUFFER_BACKUP             Note buffer content
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_BUFFER_REFRESH            Discard buffer content
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_BUFFER_RESTORE            Restore buffer content
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_COPY_FROM_PVCMP           Copy DMU data due to copy of variant
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_DELETE_FROM_PVCMP         Delete DMU data due to deletion of variant
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_DOC_CHECKOUTVIEW          Check out document for display
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_DOC_INIT                  Initialize the document search
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_DOC_SELECTION             Select Documents
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_DOC_SELECT_PARAMS         Set selection parameters for document search
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_INIT                      Initialization of DMU tables
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_MAINT                     Change DMU item object
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_READ_FROM_PVCMP           Read DMU item object
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_SAVE                      Save DMU tables to database
IF_EX_IPPE_DMU             I DMU_SINGLE_TMX_MAINT_PV       Change single DMU item in matrix
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I CALL                          Display / Change Document
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I CHECK_DOCID_IN_ENTRY          Check document assignment on entry level
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Check whether document exists
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I CONVERT                       Conversion: internal "-" external
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID2TEXT                    External key as text
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_ACTIVE                  Check Existence of Connection to Document Master
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_GET_BY_SEARCH           Read documents for the search help
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_PARAMETER_GET           Read the document parameters (status, owner, ...)
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_READ                    Read the attributes of a document
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_TEXT                    Identification of Connected Object (Document)
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_UNLOCK                  Unlock Documents
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I DOCID_VERSION_GET             Determine document version (last, ...)
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I GET_DYNPRO_INFORMATION        Screen data for displaying the object link
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINKS_SAVE                    Save the object relationships
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_CHECK                    Check an object relationship
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_COMMUNICATION            Communication link with BAdI from DMS
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_CREATE                   Create an objecz relationship
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_INIT                     Initialization of the object link
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_MAINT_WITH_GUI           Maintain object relationships with GUI
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_PASS_OKCODE              Transfer of function code
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I LINK_READ                     Read object relationships
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I ORIGINAL_DISPLAY              Display the original file
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I PXXXID_DELETE                 Next operation when deleting an iPPE object
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I SELECTION_PARAMETERS          Edit the parameters for document selection
IF_EX_IPPE_DOCID           I URL_GET_FOR_OBJECT            Gets URL for object for thumbnail functions
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I AENNR_GET_BY_RANGE            Read the change numbers by RANGES table
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I BUFFER_TECHS_READ             Read Buffer (Effect. Variant + Overriding with Change No.)
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CALL                          Call the transaction
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CHANGE                        Swap ECNs in an iPPE object
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CHANGE_CHECK                  Check whether possible to swap the ECN in an iPPE object
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CHECK                         Check whether the ECN can be used in an iPPE object
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CHECK_EFFECTIVITY             Check parameter effectivities of a change number
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Check existence of ECN
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I ECM_ACTIVE                    Check whether connection to ECM exists
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I GRAPH_CHECK                   Check change statuses against change sequence graph
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I PARAM_CHECK                   Check the parameters
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I PXXXID_DELETE                 Delete the Object Management Record for iPPE Object
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I READ                          Read Attributes of ECN
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I TECHS_COPY                    Copy: Technical Status/Valuation
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I TECHS_CREATE_DARK             Create in the Background: Technical Status/Valuation
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I TECHS_RENAME                  Rename: Technical Status/Valuation
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I UNLOCK                        Unlock change numbers
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN             I VSHEME_HIST                   Check whether variance scheme can be maintained with ECN
IF_EX_IPPE_ECN_SORT        I EX_ECN_SORT                   Sorting of Change Statuses
IF_EX_IPPE_ENG_CUST        I CHECK_CCODE_FIELDS            Check Values for Color Code and Offset
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPLCU_EVALUATE               Evaluation of Object Dependency
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPLCU_GET_CONFIGURATION      Determine the Characteristic Valuation (Also w. dialog box)
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPL_CMPID_CHK                Read Material Data Contolling the Explosion
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPL_CMP_DATA_GET             Read the material data for the explosion
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPL_EXPLOSION_CO             Explosion for Controlling
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPL_EXPLOSION_MRP            Explosion for Material Requirements Planning
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPL            I EXPL_HANDLE_APG               Consideration of the Alternative Item Group
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPLACT         I CO_SORT_ACTIVITIES            Sort activities for displaying the costing data
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPLACT         I RTO_COMPLETE_RTOBJ            SA and RP Assignments for Explosion of Shop Floor
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPLACT         I RTO_EXPL_SEQGROUPS            Format the sequence for the runtime object
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPLACT         I RTO_GET_RPP_STRUCT            Generates Reporting Point Runtime Object for Activities
IF_EX_IPPE_EXPLFLO         I EXPLODE_RTOBJ                 Explosion Runtime Object for Production Lines
IF_EX_IPPE_FLO             I INVALIDATE_FLO_MATRIX         Invalidate FLO Matrix
IF_EX_IPPE_FLO             I INVALIDATE_REPPOINT_VERSION   Invalidate RP version when master data is changed
IF_EX_IPPE_GIFOC_EXTRACT   I GET_CTMENUE_FOR_EXTR          Gets menu entry for extraction
IF_EX_IPPE_GIFOC_EXTRACT   I TRIGGER_ACTION_FOR_EXTR       Starts action for extraction
IF_EX_IPPE_HDR             I GET_PRODVER                   Read Production Versions
IF_EX_IPPE_HDR             I PRODVER_CIF_CREATE_PRODVER    Create production version using CIF
IF_EX_IPPE_HDR             I PRODVER_GET_SUBSCREEN_DATA    Get the data from the initial screen
IF_EX_IPPE_HDR             I PRODVER_NOTIFY_PLANING        Notification from planning
IF_EX_IPPE_HDR             I PRODVER_PUT_SUBSCREEN_DATA    Transfer the data to the initial screen
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Checks Existence of Location
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I CONVERT_LOCID                 Conversion of location internal "-" external
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I GET_IMPL_TYPE                 Gets properties of system-specific location
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I GET_PARAMETER_ID              Gets content from parameter ID for location
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I LOCID_ACTIVE                  Plant/location is available in the system
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I LOCID_LENGTH                  Gets the field length of the location
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I LOCID_TEXT                    Gets the field name
IF_EX_IPPE_LOCID           I SET_PARAMETER_ID              Sets content of parameter ID for location
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I GET_IMPL_TYPE                 Gets type of implementation (APO-Res, proxy object, none)
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I LINERES_UPDATE_TAKTS          Change the number of takts for the line resource
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I PLANRES_ACTIVE                Active planning resource exists in the system
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I PLANRES_CALL                  Call the display/change transaction
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I PLANRES_MAINT                 Maintain a Planning Resource
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I PLANRES_READ                  Read a Planning Resource
IF_EX_IPPE_PLANRES         I READ_COST_RESOURCE            Reads CO Resoure Data
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_ACTIVE                Check whether connection to a production version exists
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_DELETE                Delete a Production Version
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_GET_BY_RANGES         Read the Production Versions By RANGES Tables
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_MAINT                 Maintain a Production Version
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_ORDER_EXISTS          Check whether orders exist for a production version
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_READ                  Read a Production Version
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_SAVE                  Save the production versions
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_TEXT                  Read the texts for the production version
IF_EX_IPPE_PRODVER         I PRODVER_USABLE_FOR_PPE        Check whether production version can be used for iPPE
IF_EX_IPPE_PS              I EKG                           Data Analysis and Correction
IF_EX_IPPE_PS              I PS_ACTIVE                     Check whether connection to Project System exists
IF_EX_IPPE_PS              I PS_CONVERT                    Conversion of Project Identification: Internal "-" External
IF_EX_IPPE_PS              I PS_GET_BY_OBJECT              Read the PS objects/data assigned to the iPPE object
IF_EX_IPPE_PS              I PS_GET_BY_RANGES              Read the assigned PS objects from the RANGES table
IF_EX_IPPE_SETUPGROUP      I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Check whether a setup group exists in a plant/location
IF_EX_IPPE_SETUPGROUP      I SETUPGROUP_ACTIVE             Active setup group exists in system
IF_EX_IPPE_SUPPLYAREA      I CHECK_EXISTENCE               Check whether the SA exists in a plant/location
IF_EX_IPPE_SUPPLYAREA      I SUPPLYAREA_ACTIVE             Active SA exists in the system
IF_EX_IPPE_SUPPLYAREA      I SUPPLYAREA_READ               Read a Supply Area
IF_EX_IPPE_TEXT            I GET_TEXT                      Gets the appropriate texts for the fields
IF_EX_OM_EDITOR            I AFTER_CHANGE                  BAdI to supply additional fields after a change
IF_EX_OM_EDITOR            I BRACKET_SOURCE                BAdI for customer-specific compound of characteristics
IF_EX_OM_EDITOR            I CUST_SYNTAX_CHECK             BAdI for Check on Customer Syntax
IF_EX_PPEGIFCAT            I FIELDCAT_FILL                 Fills the Extension of the Field Catalog
IF_EX_PPEGI_CTMENU         I MENU_REQUEST                  Extend Menu
IF_EX_PPEGI_CTMENU         I MENU_SELECT                   Intercept Menu Item
IF_EX_PPELISCMPV           I PRECOND_CHECK                 Additional Checks for Maintenance of Preconditions
IF_EX_PPELISCMPV           I STATUS_CHECK                  Additional Checks for Maintenance of Status
IF_EX_PPELISCMPV           I STATUS_CREATE                 Detailed Values when Creating Status
IF_EX_PPELISGENN           I PRECOND_CHECK                 Additional Checks for Maintenance of Preconditions
IF_EX_PPELISGENN           I STATUS_CHECK                  Additional Checks for Maintenance of Status
IF_EX_PPELISGENN           I STATUS_CREATE                 Detailed Values when Creating Status
IF_EX_PPEUISET_DISPLAY     I SET_DISPLAY                   Displaying the Set Dependency
IF_EX_PT_ABS_REQ_CUST      I GET_T559D_WEB                 Read Quota Customizing
IF_EX_WLF_ADDITIONAL_DATA2 I CHANGE_ITEM_DATA              Change item data
IF_HRPA_MESSAGE_HANDLER    I ADD_MESSAGE                   Notification
IF_IBASE_ARCHIVE           I CL_SET_LOG_NAME               ...
IF_IBASE_ARCHIVE           I GET_DATA                      GET_DATA
IF_IBASE_ARCHIVE           I GET_TABLE                     ...
IF_IBASE_ARCHIVE           I PUT_RECORD                    PUT_RECORD
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I CD_DISPLAY_CLB                Callback for Changing Document
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I CHANGE_NUMBER_CLB             Callback for Setting/Changing ECN
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I CMPID_REC_CHECK_CLB           Callback for Recursiveness Check by CMPID
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I CMP_ASSY_TEMP_CLB             Callback for Setting the Assembly Structure
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I CMP_ASSY_TEMP_SINGLE_CLB      Callback for Setting the Assembly Structure
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I COLOR_CODE_CLB                Callback for Color COde
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I DMU_ATTRIBUTES_SET            Callback for Graphical Attributes in DMU Tool
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I DMU_OBJ_DELETE_CLB            Callback to automatically remove an object from the viewer
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I DMU_OKCODE_CLB                Callback for OK Codes for DMU Functions
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I EXTERNAL_BROWSER_START_CLB    Callback to Start the External Browser
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I FILTER_ACTIVE_CLB             Callback to see if filter is active
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I FILTER_READ_CLB               Callback to read the filter
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I FILTER_SET_CLB                Callback to set the filter
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I GUI_STATUS_SET_CLB            Callback to set the GUI status
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I GUI_TITLE_SET_CLB             Callback to set the GUI title
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I MODELMIX_CLB                  Callback for model mix maintenance
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I OKCODE_CLB                    Callback for own OK codes
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I PPE_DISTRIBUTION_CLB          Callback for iPPE distribution
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I PRODVER_CLB                   Callback for maintenance of production version
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I PS_INTERFACE_CLB              Callback for PS interface
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I SAVE_CLB                      Callback to save
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I STATUS_COCKPIT_CLB            Callback for status cockpit
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I STRUCTURE_COMP_CLB            Callback to compare the structures
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I STRUCTURE_COPY_CLB            Callback to copy the structure
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I STRUCTURE_OPERATION_CLB       Callback for the structure operations
IF_PPEGUIENG_CNTL          I TIME_ANALYSIS_CLB             Callback for the time analysis
IF_PPEGUIREL_CNTL          I PRELID_DELETE                 Delete a PRELID Record
IF_PPEGUIREL_CNTL          I PRELID_MAINT                  Create/Change a PRELID Record
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I AFTER_SAVE                    Goto External Object After Saving
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I BUFFER_BACKUP                 Backup the Buffer Tables
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I BUFFER_REFRESH                Refresh/reset the Buffer Table
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I BUFFER_RESTORE                Restore the Buffer Table
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I BUFFER_SAVE                   Save Buffer Tables
IF_PPELIEXT_CNTL           I DBOP_READ                     Read Update Indicator of the External Data for the Object
IF_PPELIEXT_CONTEXT        I CONTEXT_ASSIGN                Assign an iPPE Object to the Context
IF_PPELIEXT_CONTEXT        I CONTEXT_CHECK                 Checks Whether an iPPE Object Can Be Assigned
IF_PPELIEXT_CONTEXT        I CONTEXT_READ                  Read the Context for an iPPE Object
IF_PPELIEXT_OPERATION      I PXXXID_CHANGE                 iPPE Object Changed
IF_PPELIEXT_OPERATION      I PXXXID_CREATE                 iPPE Object Created
IF_PPELIEXT_OPERATION      I PXXXID_DELETE                 iPPE Object Deleted
IF_PPELIFLO_CCY_FILTER     I CONTAINED                     Checks Whether Comb. of Mat./Plant/SA Should Be Processed
IF_PPELIFLO_CMP_FILTER     I CHECK_LOCID_PRVBE_CMPID       Check Against Plant, Supply Area, and Material
IF_PPELIFLO_FLO_FILTER     I CHECK_LOCID_PRVBE             Check Against Plant and Supply Area
IF_PPELIFLO_HDR_FILTER     I CHECK_CLASS                   Check Against Class
IF_PPENIENG_CNTL           I NODE_ATTRIBUTE_SET            Set the display attributes for nodes from network graphic
IF_PPENIENG_CNTL           I REL_ATTRIBUTE_SET             Set the display attributes for relatshps from network graph.
IF_PPENIENG_CNTL           I REL_CREATE                    Application-Specific Creation of Relationships
IF_PPEXIENG_CNTL           I ECM_EVALUATE                  ECM Evaluation
IF_REBD_ARCH_OBJECT        I CHECK_AONR                    Checks Identification of Architectural Object
IF_REBD_BUILDING           I CHECK_XGETXT                  Checks Text for Building
IF_REBD_MEAS_MNGR          I HAS_INTERSECTIONS             Are There Overlaps?
IF_REBD_MEAS_MNGR          I INSERT_DETAIL                 Inserts New Measurement
IF_REBD_NUMBER_MNGR        I INSERT_DETAIL                 Adds a New Number Assignment
IF_REBD_PROPERTY           I CHECK_NFLURNR                 Checks Land Parcel Number in Land Register
IF_REBD_PROPERTY           I CHECK_XGRTXT                  Checks Text in Land Register
IF_REBD_PROPERTY           I CHECK_XNUTZGRU                Checks Current Usage of Property
IF_REBP_PARTNER            I GET_COMMUNICATION_DATA        Delivers Communication Data
IF_REBP_PARTNER            I GET_KEY                       Delivers Fields of the Business Key
IF_REBP_PARTNER_MNGR       I DELETE_DETAIL                 Deletes Partner Object Relationship
IF_REBP_PARTNER_MNGR       I UPDATE_DETAIL                 Changes Partner Object Relationship
IF_RECA_MESSAGE_LIST       I GET_LIST_X                    Supplies All Collected Messages
IF_RECA_STORABLE           I GET_CHILDREN                  Supplies All Subobjects Inserted with ADD_CHILD
*** End-of-List ***

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