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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
类别名称                T 组件名                     头衔                                                    

XCO_CFG             C CREATE_OBJECT_PROFILE   Stage Configuration Profile for an Instance
XCO_CFG             C ENTRY_GET               Gets General Information for Access Specifications
XCO_CFG             C GENERAL_EXPLOSION       Multi-Level Explosion
XCO_CFG             C HAS_STRUCTURE           Gets Current Structure
XCO_CFG             C INSTANCE_EXPLOSION      Instance Explosion (Single-Level)
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_CHANGE            Instance: Change
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_DELETE            Instance: Delete
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_GET               Read Instance
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_HAS_PARENT        Parent Instance for an Instance
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_HAS_PARTS         Read all Subordinate Instances for an Instance
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_PREPARE_FOR_CHARS Prepare Instance for Characteristics
XCO_CFG             C ISELF_SYNCHRONIZE       Instance: Synchronize
XCO_CFG             C PARAMETER_SET           Set Parameters
XCO_CHARS           C CHAR_HAS_ATTRIBUTES     Attibutes for Characteristics
XCO_CHARS           C CHAR_HAS_VALS           Read all Values of a Characteristic
XCO_CHARS           C GET_CLASS_INFO          Class Information (Class Name and Description)
XCO_CHARS           C HAS_CHARS               Read all Characteristics
XCO_CHARS           C MASTERDATA_LOAD         Load Master Data
XCO_CHARS           C NON_UNIQUE_VALUE        Check whether value is not unique
XCO_CHARS           C REFRESH                 Reset Characteristics and Values
XCO_CHARS           C UPDATE_VARIANZ          Change Variance Scheme
XCO_OBJECT_INSTANCE C NEW                     Allocation of a New Object Instance
XCO_PROFILE         C GET                     Get Profile
XCO_PROFILE         C HAS_PROFILE             has profile
XOM_CLASS           C GET                     Read Class
XOM_CLASS           C HAS_DEPENDENCY_LINKS    Stage Object Dependency Assignments
XOM_IPPE            C DEPENDENCY_DELETE       Delete Object Dependencies for an Instance
XOM_IPPE            C GET_CHARS_VS            Read all Characteristics from Variance Scheme
XOM_IPPE            C GET_LOADED_CHARS_VS     Read Current Characteristics from Variance Scheme
XOM_IPPE            C GET_SOURCE              Read Object Dependencies for an Instance
XOM_IPPE            C HAS_DEPENDENCY_CHANGES  Gets Changed Object Dependencies
XOM_IPPE            C HAS_DEPENDENCY_LINKS    Are there any object dependencies for the instance?
XOM_IPPE            C IS_DEPENDENCY_CHANGED   Has the object dependency been changed?
XOM_IPPE            C IS_NODE_CHANGED         Has the node been changed?
XOM_IPPE            C IS_POSVAR_CHANGABLE     Can the specified component variant be changed?
XOM_IPPE            C NODE_EXPLODE            Explode iPPE Node
XOM_IPPE            C POSVARS_GET             Read all Component Variants
XOM_IPPE            C POSVARS_TRANSFER        Prepare Component Variants for Dependency Maintenance
XOM_IPPE            C POSVAR_HAS_INSTANCE     Instance of a Component Variant
XOM_IPPE            C POSVAR_READ             Read a Component Variant
XOM_IPPE            C POSVAR_UPDATE           Change a Component Variant
XOM_IPPE            C SET_LOADED_CHARS_VS     Set Current Characterstics for Variance Scheme
XOM_IPPE            C SET_SOURCE              Set New Object Dependencies
XOM_IPPE            C TK_HAS_KNNUM            Partial Conjunction Has KNNUM
XOM_IPPE            C TK_LINKS_DELETE         Delete Links for Unneeded Partial Conjunctions
XOM_IPPE            C TK_LINK_INSERT          Add Link for Partial Conjunction
XOM_PROFILE         C CHANGE_PROFILE          OM: Change Profile
XOM_PROFILE         C CREATE_PROFILE          OM: Create Profile
XOM_PROFILE         C DELETE_PROFILE          Delete Configuration Profile
XOM_PROFILE         C HAS_CHANGES             OM: Has Changes
XOM_PROFILE         C HAS_DEPENDENCY_LINKS    Are there object dependencies of a dependency type?
XOM_PROFILE         C HAS_PROFILE             OM: Has Profile
XOM_PROFILE         C IS_AN_OLD_PROFILE       OM: is an old profile
XOM_PROFILE         C IS_A_PROFILE            OM: is a profile
XOM_PROFILE         C SET_PROFILE             OM: set profile
*** End-of-List ***

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