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All translated & titled SAP®-Modulepools

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Report                         Title                                                                 .

ACC_RESULT_MANAGER             Management of Check Results for Accessibility                         .
AFX_WORKBENCH                  Archiving Workbench                                                   .
BDT_TEST_001                   Program BDT_TEST_001                                                  .
BDT_TEST_002                   Program BDT_TEST_001                                                  .
BDT_TEST_003                   Program BDT_TEST_001                                                  .
BUPA_BIP_DIALOG                Program BUPA_BIP_DIALOG                                               .
CACSMENUE                      Program CACSMENUE                                                     .
CAVC_TEST                      Configurator API Test                                                 .
CCMSBI_TESTENV_CPH_POINTER     CPH/BW: Module Pool for the Test Environment 'CPH Pointer'            .
CCMSBI_TESTENV_EXTR_SEL_OPTS   CPH/BW: Module Pool for Test Environment 'Extractor Selection Options'.
CCMSBI_TESTENV_MASTERDATA      Report CCMSBI_TESTINV_MASTERDATA                                      .
CCMSBI_TESTENV_ONLINE_EXTR     CPH/BW: Module Pool for Test Environment 'CPH Online Extractor'       .
CCMSBI_TESTENV_TESCASE_ADMIN   CCMS/BW: Administration of Test Cases + Associated Data               .
CFX_BI_BOM_EXPORT_TO_CF        Program CFX_BI_BOM_EXPORT_TO_CF                                       .
CFX_BI_BOM_IMPORT_FROM_CF      Program CFX_BI_BOM_IMPORT_FROM_CF                                     .
CFX_BI_TAB_FROM_CFOLDERS       Program CFX_BI_TAB_FROM_CFOLDERS                                      .
CIBDKAGR                       Transfer of Master Data to Subsystems                                 .
CIBDKAKO                       Maintain Communication Parameters for Kanban Subsystem Link           .
CIBDKOMM                       Maintain Communication Parameters for HR Subsystem Link               .
CIBDOPDE                       Delta Transfer of Operations to Subsystems                            .
CIBDOPGR                       Transfer of Operations to Subsystems                                  .
CIBDSTTA                       Transfer of Master Data to Subsystems                                 .
CIBDVERB                       Update PDC Confirmations                                              .
CKML_ACTIVITY_PRICES_SHOW      Display Transaction for Services in Multiple Currencies and Periods   .
CNV_TDMS_11_ADRSCR             Program CNV_TDMS_11_ADRSCR                                            .
COM_PRODUCT_ACTIVATE_MULTI     Program COM_PRODUCT_ACTIVATE_MULTI                                    .
COM_SE_ADMIN                   Search Engine Service: Administration                                 .
CUSTCREATE_TCD                 TCD-TEST                                                              .
DMC_L_GUI                      Program DMC_L_GUI                                                     .
DXADMIN                        Data Transfer Workbench                                               .
DXTOOLS                        Include DXTOOLS                                                       .
EC_TUTORIAL_SAPGUI             eCATT: Tutorial Example for SAPGUI Command                            .
EC_TUTORIAL_TCD                eCATT Tutorial: TCD                                                   .
EC_TUTORIAL_TESTDATA           eCATT: Demo Program for Use of Test Data Containers                   .
EWBCMPMD                       Program EWBCMPMD: CMP Client Copy and Analysis for Any Tables         .
EWSTEUER                       Control Tables: Consistency Check                                     .
FAMPRICE_MANAGEMENT            Program FAMPRICE_MANAGEMENT                                           .
FCIWCU_DSOURCE_GEN             Generate DataSources for Consolidation                                .
FERCM000                       Regulatory Reporting Status of Current Period                         .
FHVIEWER                       Test Program for Extractors                                           .
FIBL_FRFT                      Rapid Entry with Repetitive Code                                      .
FIBL_RPCODE_MAINTAIN           Edit Repetitive Codes                                                 .
FIIMGLNK                       Display Of SAPscript Document With ID 'TX'                            .
FINB_CONF_WB                   Report ZWG_ASPECT                                                     .
FINB_TR_DISPLAY_CONTAINER      FINB TR: Display Transport Container                                  .
FINDR_MAINT                    Customizing for Characteristic Derivation                             .
FIN_ACCDOCNO_MAINT             Program FIN_ACCDOCNO_MAINT                                            .
FKJO_CMDR                      Job Commander                                                         .
FKJO_CONTAINER                 Job Container Administration                                          .
FMFGRCN_DEF_RULE               Reconciliation Rule Definition module pool                            .
FMFGRCN_DEF_SLICE              Reconciliation Slice Definition module pool                           .
FOPC_USER_FACTORY              Connect User and Person                                               .
FO_RM_CUST_LISTYPEN            FO_RM_CUST_LISTYPEN Program                                           .
GENCODE                        Generate Source Code for API Calls                                    .
GRMG_MAINTENANCE               Program GRMG_MAINTENANCE                                              .
H00EHS00PROT                   OBSOLETE? Display Protocol Objects                                    .
H99HRF03                       HR Forms Workplace                                                    .
HINCREMP                       HR-IN: Disbursement of claims                                         .
HINCTER0                       Program HINCTER0                                                      .
HMXP5000                       Module pool for Austria payroll menu                                  .
HNZCLEA0                       Module Pool to display/adjust Leave for New Zealand                   .
HNZCLVV0                       Module Pool to display/adjust Leave for New Zealand                   .
HNZCTR20                       Terminations New Zealand                                              .
HRUUT7RUN                      T7RUN-tables tools                                                    .
ICLEWM                         Program ICLEWM                                                        .
ICLE_CMC_MT                    Program ICL_CMC_MT                                                    .
ICLSCWM                        Program ICLSCWM                                                       .
ICLWM                          Program ICLWM: Claims Management Task Level Menu                      .
ICL_CMC_MT                     Program ICL_CMC_MT                                                    .
ICL_CVERM_TICL160_MAINTAIN     Program ICL_CVERM_TICL320_MAINTAIN                                    .
ICL_CVERM_TICL320_MAINTAIN     Program ICL_CVERM_TICL320_MAINTAIN                                    .
IDPR_INVOICE_VOID              Void Prenumbered Forms                                                .
IDXMETA                        Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter                                    .
IDXPORT                        Port Maintenance for IDoc Adapter                                     .
IPPE_PS_REL                    Module pool for IPPE_PS_REL                                           .
J_1APAC                        Program J_1APAC                                                       .
J_1B_MIGRATE_TAX_RATES         Tax manager's workplace                                               .
J_3RF_TAX_INSTALL              Installation of FI-SL Databases                                       .
MAINTAIN_CUSTOMIZING           Program MAINTAIN_CUSTOMIZING                                          .
MASS_EINE_SITE                 Inforecord site mass maintenance program                              .
MASS_EKKO                      PO mass maintenance program                                           .
MASS_MARC_SITE                 Logistic data site mass maintenance program                           .
MBARCBSP                       Graphical Customizing of the Bar Chart                                .
MDBAPI01                       Planned order BAPI testing transaction program                        .
MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT               Program MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT                                              .
MENUKE50                       Pool: Initial screens for account-based/costing-based EC-PCA          .
MENUORKE                       Customizing Menu: Profitability Analysis                              .
MENUVS00                       Menu VS00                                                             .
MEREPMI_DEVICE_MANAGEMENT      Program MEREPMI_DEVICE_MANAGEMENT                                     .
MEREPMI_MSD                    Mobile Solution Descriptor (Program MEREPMI_MSD)                      .
MEREP_DIALOG                   Filterling Criteria and Default Value                                 .
MEREP_PROFILE_RSHS             Profile Dialog                                                        .
MEREP_SBUILDER                 SyncBO Builder                                                        .
ML_PROD_ORDER_HIST_DISP        Program ML_PROD_ORDER_HIST_DISP                                       .
MP000000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0000 (Personnel Actions)                        .
MP000100                       Module Pool: Infotype P0001 (Org.Assignment)                          .
MP000200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0002 Personal Data                              .
MP000300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status)                           .
MP000400                       Module Pool: Infotype P0004 Challenge                                 .
MP000500                       Leave Entitlement Infotype (0005)                                     .
MP000600                       Infotype 0006, MODULE POOL: Addresses                                 .
MP000700                       Planned Working Time Infotype (0007)                                  .
MP000800                       Module Pool for Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay)                             .
MP000900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)                             .
MP001000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0010 Capital Formation                          .
MP001100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0011 External Transfers                         .
MP001200                       Module Pool for Infotype P0012: Fiscal Data (D)                       .
MP001300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0013 Social Insurance (D)                       .
MP001400                       Module Pool for IT 0014  (Recurr.Payments/Deductions)                 .
MP001500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0015  Additional Payment                        .
MP001600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0016 Contract Elements                          .
MP001700                       Module Pool: Infotype P0017 Travel Privileges                         .
MP001700_CORE                  Module Pool: Infotype P0017 Travel Privileges                         .
MP001900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0019 Monitoring of Dates                        .
MP002000                       Module Pool for Infotype P0020: DUEVO (D)                             .
MP002100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0021 Family                                     .
MP002200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0022 Education                                  .
MP002300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0023 Previous Employment                        .
MP002400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0024 Qualifications                             .
MP002500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0025 Personal Appraisals                        .
MP002600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0026 (Direct Insurance)                         .
MP002700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution)                        .
MP002800                       Infotype 0028, MODULE POOL: Int. Medical Service                      .
MP002900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0029 Mutual Indemnity Societies                 .
MP003000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0030 Powers of Attorney                         .
MP003100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0031 Reference Personnel Number                 .
MP003200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0032 (Internal Control)                         .
MP003300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0033: Statistics                             .
MP003400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0034 Corporate Function                         .
MP003500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0035 Company Instructions                       .
MP003600                       Module Pool for Infotype P0036 (Social Insurance)                     .
MP003700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0037 Insurance                                  .
MP003800                       Module Pool for Infotype P0038 - (Tax)                                .
MP003900                       Module Pool for Infotype P0039  (Addit.Org.Assignment)                .
MP004000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0040 Objects on Loan                            .
MP004100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0041 Date Specifications                        .
MP004200                       Module Pool for Infotype P0042 (Tax Data (A))                         .
MP004300                       Module Pool for Infotype P0043 (Family Assistance (A))                .
MP004400                       Module Pool for Infotype P0044 (Social Insurance Data (A))            .
MP004500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0045 Loans                                      .
MP004500_DE                    Loans Administration Germany                                          .
MP004500_IN                    Program MP004500_IN                                                   .
MP004500_VE                    Loan Administration Venezuela                                         .
MP004600                       Module Pool for Infotype P0046 (Company Pension Fund)                 .
MP004800                       Module Pool for Infotype P0048 (Residence Status)                     .
MP004800_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype P0048 (Residence Status)                     .
MP004900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0049 Reduced Working Hrs./Bad Weather (D)       .
MP005000                       Time Recording Infotype (0050)                                        .
MP005100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0051 BAT:Cap.Formation Contributions (D)        .
MP005200                       Module Pool: Infotype P0052 (Standard Wage Maintenance)               .
MP005300                       Module Pool for Infotype P0053: Pension Reserves                      .
MP005400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0054 Works Council Pay                          .
MP005500                       Infotype 0055, MODULE POOL: Previous Employer (A)                     .
MP005600                       Module Pool for infotype P0056 (Sickness Certificates)                .
MP005700                       Infotype 0057, Module Pool: Membership Fees                           .
MP005800                       Module Pool for Infotype P0058 (Commuter Lump-Sums)                   .
MP005900                       Module Pool for Infotype 0059 (Social Insurance)                      .
MP006000                       Module Pool for Infotype 0060 (Fiscal Data NL)                        .
MP006100                       Module pool infotype P0061 (Social Insurance - E)                     .
MP006200                       Module Pool Infotype P0062 (Tax E)                                    .
MP006300                       Module Pool for Infotype P0063 (Social Ins. Funds NL)                 .
MP006400                       HR-F: Infotype 0064 - Social Insurance (F)                            .
MP006500                       Module Pool for Infotype Tax GB (0065)                                .
MP006500_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype Tax GB (0065)                                .
MP006600                       Module Pool for infotype 0066 - Canadian garnishment: order           .
MP006700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0067: Canadian Garnishment: Debt             .
MP006900                       Module Pool for Infotype National Insurance GB (0069)                 .
MP006900_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype National Insurance GB (0069)                 .
MP007000                       Module Pool for Infotype Court Orders GB (0070)                       .
MP007000_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype Court Orders GB (0070)                       .
MP007100                       Module Pool for Infotype 0071 - Pensions Administration (GB)          .
MP007100_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype 0071 - Pensions Administration (GB)          .
MP007200                       Module Pool for Infotype P0072 - Tax (DK)                             .
MP007600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0076 Workers' Compensation (NA)                 .
MP007600_CE                    Module Pool: Infotype 0076 Workers' Compensation (NA)                 .
MP007700                       Module Pool Infotype 0077: Additional Personal Data                   .
MP007700_CE                    Module Pool Infotype 0077: Additional Personal Data                   .
MP007800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0078 Loan I/O                                   .
MP007900                       Module Pool for Infotype P0079: SI Supplementary Insurance (D)        .
MP008000                       Maternity Protection Infotype (0080)                                  .
MP008100                       Military Service Infotype (0081)                                      .
MP008200                       Module Pool for Infotype 0082 (Addit. Absence Data)                   .
MP008200_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype 0082 (Addit. Absence Data)                   .
MP008300                       Leave Compensation Infotype (0083)                                    .
MP008400                       Module Pool for Infotype 0084 - SSP Control (GB)                      .
MP008500                       Module Pool for Infotype 0085 - SSP PIW Record (GB)                   .
MP008500_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype 0085 - SSP PIW Record (GB)                   .
MP008600                       Module Pool for Infotype 0086 - SSP/SMP Exclusions (GB)               .
MP008600_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype 0086 - SSP/SMP Exclusions (GB)               .
MP008700                       Module Pool for Infotype P0087 - WFTC/DPTC GB                         .
MP008800                       Module Pool for Infotype 0088 - SMP Record (GB)                       .
MP009000                       Module pool infotype 90                                               .
MP009200                       Module pool Infotype P0092 (Seniority - E)                            .
MP009300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0093, Previous Employer (D)                  .
MP009400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0094 Residence Status                           .
MP009800                       HR F : Infotype 0098, Profit Sharing (France)                         .
MP010000                       Module pool infotype 0100 (social insurance - Belgium)                .
MP010100                       Module Pool Infotype 0101 (Tax - Belgium)                             .
MP010200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0102 Grievances (NA)                            .
MP010300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0103 Bond Purchases (NA)                        .
MP010300_CE                    Module Pool: Infotype 0103 Bond Purchases (NA)                        .
MP010400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0104 Bond Denominations (NA)                    .
MP010400_CE                    Module Pool: Infotype 0104 Bond Denominations (NA)                    .
MP010600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0106 Family/Related Person (NA)                 .
MP010700                       Module pool infotype 0107 (work schedule - Belgium)                   .
MP010800                       Module pool infotype 0108 (personal data - Belgium)                   .
MP010900                       Module pool infotype 0109 (contract elements - Belgium)               .
MP011000                       Module Pool for Infotype 0110 (Pensions)                              .
MP011100                       Module Pool: Garnishment Administration (D)                           .
MP011200                       Module Pool: Garnishment Repayment (D)                                .
MP011300                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Interest Data                                .
MP011400                       Module Pool: Garnishable Amount                                       .
MP011500                       Module Pool for Infotype 0115, Garnishment Wages (D)                  .
MP011600                       Module Pool: Garnishment Transfers (D)                                .
MP011700                       Module Pool: Garnishment Clearing Payments D                          .
MP011800                       MP011800  Infotype 0118: Child Allowance (D) "INCLUDES"               .
MP011900                       MP011900  Infotype 0119: Annual Income CA Civ.Serv. (D) "INCLUDES"    .
MP012000                       This program is for Switzerland only                                  .
MP012100                       Module Pool for Infotype 0121 (Priority for Ref. Personnel Number)    .
MP012600                       Module Pool for Infotyp 0126 - Supplementary Benefits                 .
MP012700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0127 (Commuter Traffic NL)                   .
MP012800                       Notifications                                                         .
MP013100                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Administration (A)                           .
MP013200                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Repayment (A)                                .
MP013300                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Interest Data                                .
MP013400                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Amount (A)                                   .
MP013500                       MODULE POOL: Special Conditions for Garnishments (A)                  .
MP013600                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Transfer (A)                                 .
MP013700                       MODULE POOL: Garnishment Compensation (A)                             .
MP013900                       Infotype 0139 (Employee's Applicant Number)                           .
MP014000                       Module Pool for Infotype P0140 - Social Insurance Basic Data          .
MP014100                       Module Pool for Infotype 0141 Social Insurance Premium Data           .
MP014200                       Module Pool for Infotype 0142 Residence Tax Data                      .
MP014300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0143 Life Insurance Data                     .
MP014400                       Property Accumulation Savings                                         .
MP014500                       Module Pool for Infotype 0145 Income Tax Data                         .
MP014600                       Module Pool for Infotype 0146 Year End Adjustment                     .
MP014700                       Module Pool for Infotype P0147 - Personal Appraisals JP               .
MP014800                       Module Pool for Infotype 0148 Family Data                             .
MP014900                       Module Pool Infotype 0149                                             .
MP015000                       Module pool infotype 0150                                             .
MP015100                       Module pool infotype 0151                                             .
MP015400                       Module pool of infotype 0154 - Social security data Italy - Main      .
MP015500                       Module pool of Infotype 0155 - Additional administrative data         .
MP015600                       Module pool of infotype 0156 - Tax Deductions Italy - Main            .
MP015700                       Module pool of Infotype 0157 - User administrative data               .
MP015800                       Module pool of IT 0158 - Amounts paid by third party- Main            .
MP015900                       Module pool of Infotype 0159 - Seniority Italy - Main                 .
MP016000                       Module pool of infotype 0160 - Family allowance Italy - Main          .
MP016200                       Module Pool for Infotype 0162 Life Insurance Year End Adjustment      .
MP016500                       Module Pool for IT 0165 (Deduction Limits)                            .
MP016700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0167 Benefits Health Plans                      .
MP016800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0168 Benefits Insurance Plans                   .
MP016900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0169 Benefits Savings Plans                     .
MP017000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0170 Benefits Flexible Spending Accounts        .
MP017100                       Module Pool: Infotpye 0171 General Benefits Information               .
MP017200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0172 FSA Claims                                 .
MP017300                       Entering and maintenance of tax card information                      .
MP017700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0177 (SAMEN)                                 .
MP017900                       Infotype P0179 / Master data Singapore                                .
MP018100                       Module for P0181                                                      .
MP018200                       Module Pool for P0182                                                 .
MP018300                       Modulpool for P0183                                                   .
MP018400                       Module Pool for P0184                                                 .
MP018500                       Module Pool for P0185                                                 .
MP018600                       Module fo P0186                                                       .
MP018800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0188  Tax Australia                             .
MP018900                       Module Pool Infotype P0189 (Wage for Constr. - SI Cash Office)        .
MP019100                       Module Pool: Construction Industry Expenses Infotype (0191)           .
MP019200                       Module Pool for IT 0192 (Assign Construction Pay)                     .
MP019400                       Module Pool Infotype 0194                                             .
MP019600                       Infotype 0196 - Employee Provident Fund (EPF - Malaysia)              .
MP019700                       Infotype 0197 - Employee Social Security (SOCSO - Malaysia)           .
MP019800                       Infotype 0198 - Schedular Tax Deduction (Tax - Malaysia)              .
MP019900                       Infotype 0199 - Additional Tax Deduction ( Malaysia)                  .
MP020100                       Module pool infotype 0201 - basic pension amounts                     .
MP020200                       Module pool infotype 0202 (Entitlements)                              .
MP020500                       Module Pool for Finnish Infotype P0205, Tax Card                      .
MP020600                       Module Pool for Finnish Infotype P0206, Social security               .
MP020700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0207 Resident Tax Area (USA)                    .
MP020800                       Infotype 0208, MODULE POOL: Work Tax Area (USA)                       .
MP020900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0209 Unemployment State (USA)                   .
MP021000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0210 Withholding Information W4/W5 (USA)        .
MP021100                       Module Pool: Infotpye 0211 COBRA Beneficiaries                        .
MP021200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0212 Benefits COBRA Health Plans                .
MP021500                       Module pool for constr.industry infotype: Transaction data (0215)     .
MP021600                       Module Pool for Infotype 0216: Garnishment Adjustment                 .
MP021700                       HR-F : Infotype 0217, INSEE code                                      .
MP021800                       HR-F : Infotype 0217, INSEE code                                      .
MP021900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0219 External Organizations                     .
MP022000                       Module Pool: P0220 Superannuation Australia                           .
MP022100                       Module Pool of Infotype 221                                           .
MP022200                       Module Pool for Infotype P0222 - Company Cars GB                      .
MP022400                       Infotype 0224, MODULPOOL: Canadian Taxation                           .
MP022500                       Module Pool for Infotype P0225 - Company Car Unavailability GB        .
MP022700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0227 TFN Australia                              .
MP022800                       Module Pool for Finnish Infotype P0228, Garnishment                   .
MP023200                       Module Pool for Infotype 0232: 'Child Allowance D'                    .
MP023300                       Module Pool Infotype 0233 : 'Bilan Social' (F)                        .
MP023400                       Infotyp 0234, MODULE POOL: Additional Withholding information (USA)   .
MP023500                       Infotyp 0235, MODULPOOL: Other taxes (USA)                            .
MP023600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0236 Benefits Credit Plans                      .
MP024100                       HR-ID: Tax Indonesia                                                  .
MP024200                       HR-ID: JAMSOSTEK Indonesia                                            .
MP026200                       Modulpool Retrocalculation Infotype                                   .
MP026700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0267 One time payments off-cycle                .
MP027000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0270 COBRA Payments                             .
MP027100                       Module pool IT0271 (Public Sector Statistics)                         .
MP027200                       HR-F : infotype 0272, Garnishment                                     .
MP027300                       Module pool for Infotype P0273 - Tax (SE)                             .
MP027400                       Module Pool for Infotype P0274 - Insurances (SE)                      .
MP027500                       Module Pool for Infotype P0275 - Garnishments (SE)                    .
MP027600                       Module Pool for Infotype P0276 - OPIS (SE)                            .
MP027700                       Module Pool for Infotype P0277 - Exceptions (SE)                      .
MP027800                       Module Pool Infotype P0278 (Basic Data PF [CH])                       .
MP027900                       Module Pool Infotype P0279 (Indiv. Values PF [CH])                    .
MP028300                       Archived Objects Infotype                                             .
MP029000                       Module pool for infotype 0290 (Documents CIS)                         .
MP029100                       Module pool for infotype 0291 (Taxes/Netto payments Russia)           .
MP029300                       Module pool for infotype 0293 (Previous Employer CIS)                 .
MP029400                       Infotype 0294                                                         .
MP029500                       Module pool for infotype 0295 (Garnishment Order CIS)                 .
MP029600                       Module pool for infotype 0296 (Garnishment Document CIS)              .
MP029700                       Module pool for infotype 0297 (Add. Payments for Taxes CIS)           .
MP029900                       Module pool for infotype 0299 (Tax privileges Russia)                 .
MP030300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0303 (Premium Reduction)                     .
MP030500                       Module pool of IT 0305 - Previous employers data - Main               .
MP031000                       Module Pool: P0310 Superannuation NZ                                  .
MP031300                       HR-NZ: Module Pool: New Zealand Taxation (P0310)                      .
MP031700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0317 (Special Provisions)                    .
MP031900                       HR-ID: Private Insurance Indonesia                                    .
MP032000                       Module pool IT0320 (Official Housing)                                 .
MP032100                       Module pool IT0321 (Employee Accommodations)                          .
MP032300                       Module pool for infotype 0323 (Entitlementment groups HR-BAV)         .
MP032900                       Infotype 0329 module pool (Sideline Job)                              .
MP033100                       MP033100                                                              .
MP033200                       Infotype 0332 (Social Security PT)                                    .
MP033300                       IT 0333 (Disability PT)                                               .
MP033400                       Grouping for vacation allowance                                       .
MP033700                       MP033700                                                              .
MP034400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0344/0021 (HK Family members)                   .
MP034500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0345 (HK Tax)                                   .
MP034600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0346 (Contribution plan)                        .
MP034700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0347 (Entitlement Plan)                         .
MP034800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0348 (HK Appraisal and Bonus)                   .
MP034900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0349 (Eligibility groups)                       .
MP035100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0351 (Country information)                      .
MP035300                       MP035300                                                              .
MP035400                       MP035400                                                              .
MP035500                       MP035500                                                              .
MP035600                       Infotype 0356: Employment Stabilization Fund                          .
MP035900                       Module Pool for Infotype Tax IRL (0359)                               .
MP036000                       Module Pool for Infotype PRSI IRL (0360)                              .
MP036100                       Module Pool for Infotype Pension Administration IRL (0361)            .
MP036300                       Module pool IT0363 (Previous Employment Periods)                      .
MP036400                       Tax THAILAND                                                          .
MP036500                       Social Security  THAILAND                                             .
MP036600                       Provident Fund THAILAND                                               .
MP036700                       Module pool for infotype 0367 (SI notification supplements A)         .
MP036900                       Infotype IMSS Mexico                                                  .
MP037000                       Infotype INFONAVIT Mexico                                             .
MP037100                       Other employment deductions infotype                                  .
MP037200                       Integrated daily wage infotype                                        .
MP037400                       Infotype 0374 - General Eligibility                                   .
MP037500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0375 HCE Information (US)                       .
MP037600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0376 Benefits Medical Information               .
MP037700                       Module Pool Infotype 0377: Benefits Miscellaneous Plans               .
MP037800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0378 Adjustment Reasons                         .
MP037900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0379 Stock Purchase Plans                       .
MP038000                       Infotype 380: Compensation Adjustment                                 .
MP038100                       Infotype 0381, Compensation Employee Eligibility                      .
MP038200                       Infotype 0382, Compensation Stock Plan                                .
MP038700                       Module Pool for Infotype Starters Details IRL (0387)                  .
MP038800                       Module Pool for Infotype 0388 Union Due Deduction                     .
MP038900                       Infotype 0389                                                         .
MP039000                       Infotype 0390                                                         .
MP039100                       Infotype 0391                                                         .
MP039200                       Infotype 0392                                                         .
MP039300                       Infotype 0393                                                         .
MP039400                       Infotype 0394                                                         .
MP039700                       Module pool Infotype P0021 (Family)                                   .
MP039800                       Module pool Infotype P0016 (Contract elements)                        .
MP039900                       HRMS-VE: Module Pool for Infotipo 0399 (ISLR)                         .
MP040000                       HRMS-VE: Module Pool for Infotype 0400 (Social Insurance)             .
MP040100                       HRMS-VE: Module Pool for Infotype 0401 (Severance Payments)           .
MP040200                       Module pool for Payroll infotype                                      .
MP040500                       Module pool infotype 'absence events' (0405)                          .
MP040700                       Module pool of Infotype 0407 - Additional absence data                .
MP041000                       Module pool Infotype P0410 (Transportation ticket)                    .
MP041100                       Module Pool: P0411 Tax Philippines                                    .
MP041600                       Subroutines Infotype 0416                                             .
MP041900                       Manual tax reporting information for Norwegian annual tax reporting   .
MP042100                       Module pool of infotype 0154 - Additional social security data - Italy.
MP042200                       Social Security Philippines                                           .
MP042300                       HDMF Philippines                                                      .
MP042400                       Modulpool Infotyp P0424 (Absences)                                    .
MP042600                       Garnishment Order Infotype                                            .
MP042700                       Garnishment Debts Infotype                                            .
MP042800                       View of the Family/related person infotype (IT0021)                   .
MP042900                       Modulepool infotype (0249), administrative position                   .
MP043000                       Modulpool for View (0430) for IT0021 HR-PSF                           .
MP043100                       Modulpool for View (0431) for IT0008 HR-PSF                           .
MP043300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0433                                         .
MP043400                       Module Pool for Infotype 0434                                         .
MP043500                       IT0435 : ITF ADP 309 Free Format                                      .
MP043600                       IT0436 : ITF ADP 409 Free Format                                      .
MP043800                       Module Pool: Infotype P0001 (Org.Assignment)                          .
MP044000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0440 (HK Receipts)                              .
MP044200                        Module Pool for Infotype P0442 - Company car                         .
MP044200_CE                     Module Pool for Infotype P0442 - Company car                         .
MP044600                       Payrollinfotype                                                       .
MP044900                       Module Pool for Infotype 0449                                         .
MP045000                       Module Pool for Infotype 0450                                         .
MP045100                       Module Pool for Infotype 0451                                         .
MP045200                       Module Pool for Infotype 0452                                         .
MP045300                       Module Pool for Infotype 0453                                         .
MP045400                       Module Pool for Infotype 0454                                         .
MP045500                       Module Pool for Infotype 0455                                         .
MP045600                       Module Pool for Infotype 0456                                         .
MP045700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0457                                         .
MP045900                       Payroll Infotype                                                      .
MP046000                       Payroll Infotype                                                      .
MP046500                       Documents Infotype Module Pool                                        .
MP046700                       Module poos infotype 0467 (SI addit. notifs. plant contracts A)       .
MP047000                       Infotype 0470 - Travel Profile                                        .
MP047000_CORE                  Infotype 0470 - Travel Profile                                        .
MP047100                       Infotype 0471 - Flight Preference                                     .
MP047100_CORE                  Infotype 0471 - Flight Preference                                     .
MP047200                       Infotype 0472 - Hotel Preference                                      .
MP047200_CORE                  Infotype 0472 - Hotel Preference                                      .
MP047300                       Infotype 0470 - Car Rental Preference                                 .
MP047300_CORE                  Infotype 0470 - Car Rental Preference                                 .
MP047500                       Infotype 0475 - Customer Programs                                     .
MP047500_CORE                  Infotype 0475 - Customer Programs                                     .
MP047600                       Module Pool for infotype 0476: International Garnishments: Order      .
MP047700                       Module Pool for Infotype 0477: Intnernational Garnishment: Debt       .
MP047800                       Module Pool for Infotype 478: International Garnishments: Adjustments .
MP048200                       HRMS-VE: Module Pool for Infotype 0482 (Additional Fields of IT0021)  .
MP048300                       CAF data - Infotype 0483                                              .
MP048500                       Modulepool Infotype (0485), training period                           .
MP048600                       Module pool for infotype 486.                                         .
MP048700                       ECA/ Voluntary Service                                                .
MP048800                       Leave Scheme                                                          .
MP048900                       Singapore Public Sector Voluntary Services/ECA                        .
MP049000                       HR-PS-SG: Employee Suggestion Scheme - Suggestion Entry Infotype      .
MP049100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0491 Payroll Outsourcing                        .
MP049300                       Modupol for I0493                                                     .
MP049400                       HR-PS-SG: Employee Suggestion Scheme - Evaluation Infotype            .
MP049500                       Singapore Public Sector Pensions Scheme                               .
MP049600                       mp049600                                                              .
MP049700                       mp049700                                                              .
MP049800                       mp049800                                                              .
MP049900                       MP049900                                                              .
MP050000                       MP050000                                                              .
MP050100                       MP050100                                                              .
MP050200                       Letter of appointment                                                 .
MP050800                       Prior Service                                                         .
MP050900                       Higher Duty Allowance                                                 .
MP051000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0510 Tax-sheltered annuity information          .
MP051100                       Infotype Cost-of-Living Allowance/Office (0511)                       .
MP052100                       Infotype 0521, MODULE POOL: SEMIRETIREMENT D                          .
MP052600                       Module Pool Infotype 0526 (Employment and Income Statement A)         .
MP052800                       Module pool of infotype view IT0021 for China                         .
MP052900                       Additional Personal Data for CN                                       .
MP053000                       Public Housing Fund (CN)                                              .
MP053100                       Income Tax (CN)                                                       .
MP053200                       Social Insurance (CN)                                                 .
MP053300                       Personal File Management (CN) 0532                                    .
MP053400                       Party Information (CN) 0534                                           .
MP053500                       Project & Achievement (CN) 0535                                       .
MP053600                       Administration Information (CN) 0536                                  .
MP053700                       Going Abroad Information (CN)                                         .
MP053800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0538 (Separation payment)                       .
MP053900                       Module pool infotype 0539 (personal data - South Korea)               .
MP054000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0540 Family/Related Person (KR)                 .
MP054200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0542 (Year End Adjustment data)                 .
MP054400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0544 (Social insurance premium)                 .
MP054600                       Infotype P0546. Master Data Singapore  ( Termination Data Infotype )  .
MP054700                       BIK Infotype screen                                                   .
MP055100                       Infotype 0551                                                         .
MP055700                       MP055700 Additional personal data for Korea                           .
MP055900                       Module pool for Infotype 0559(Commuting allowance info.)              .
MP056000                       Module Pool for Infotype 0560 (Overseas pay)                          .
MP056500                       Module Pool: Infotype 0565 Retirement Plan Valuation Results          .
MP056600                       Module Pool: Infotype 0566                                            .
MP056700                       Termination - Data Container                                          .
MP056800                       Anniversary Date History Infotype                                     .
MP057000                       HR-GB: Module pool for offshore tax infotype (0570)                   .
MP057000_CE                    HR-GB: Module pool for offshore tax infotype (0570)                   .
MP057100                       HR-GB: Module pool for offshore social security infotype (0571)       .
MP057100_CE                    HR-GB: Module pool for offshore social security infotype (0571)       .
MP057200                       Absence Scheme Override Infotype                                      .
MP057300                       Aust. Public Sector Leave infotype                                    .
MP058200                       Exemptions                                                            .
MP058500                       Section 80 detials infotype                                           .
MP058600                       Investment details Info-type                                          .
MP058700                       Provident Fund for India                                              .
MP058800                       Employees'  welfare schemes                                           .
MP058900                       Indiviual Reimbursements                                              .
MP059000                       HR-IN: Long Term Reimbursements Infotype IT0590                       .
MP059100                       Nominations.                                                          .
MP059200                       Module Pool Infotype 0592 (Public Sector - Foreign Service)           .
MP059600                       Philippines PhilHealth                                                .
MP060200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0602 Retirement Plan Cumulations                .
MP061300                       Main Module for Sick Leave Donations                                  .
MP061400                       Infotype HESA Master Data (0614)                                      .
MP061500                       Infotype 0615: HE Contract Data (GB)                                  .
MP061800                       Infotype Academic Qualifications                                      .
MP062500                       Infotype 0002 - Race/complexion                                       .
MP062600                       Infotype : Module pool for payment summary                            .
MP063400                       Philippines Prev. Employer Info                                       .
MP064500                       Infotype 0645. Work relationship termination, Venezuela               .
MP065400                       Infotype 0654. Work termination (Mexico)                              .
MP065600                       Nature of Action Infotype                                             .
MP066100                       Infotype 0661. Work contract termination Brazil                       .
MP067100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0671 COBRA Flexible Spending Accounts           .
MP069600                       Main Module for Absence Pools                                         .
MP069700                       Main Module for Drug Screening                                        .
MP071300                       Termination SWE                                                       .
MP071600                       Request management infotype                                           .
MP072500                       Foreign SARS Codes (South Africa)                                     .
MP073600                       Alimony order for Brazil                                              .
MP073700                       Alimony debit for Brazil                                              .
MP073800                       Alimony adjustment for Brazil                                         .
MP073900                       Module pool for infotype 0739                                         .
MP074100                       Module pool for infotype 0741                                         .
MP074200                       HDB Concession                                                        .
MP074400                       Blacklist                                                             .
MP075200                       Declaration of Purchase of Land                                       .
MP075300                       Declaration of Shares in Private or Non-listed Public Companies       .
MP075400                       Declaration of Interests in Business Firms                            .
MP075500                       Declaration of Non-indebtedness                                       .
MP075700                       Module Pool for Infotype P0757 - Tax Credit GB                        .
MP075700_CE                    Module Pool for Infotype P0757 - Tax Credit GB                        .
MP075800                       Modulepool Infotype 0758 - Compensation Program                       .
MP075900                       Modulepool Infotype 0759 - Compensation Process                       .
MP076000                       Modulepool Infotype 0760 - Compensation Eligibility Override          .
MP079900                       MP079900                                                              .
MP080900                       Mod. Pool MP080900                                                    .
MP081700                       Income Tax Withholding Variations-Australia                           .
MP084900                       Program MP084900                                                      .
MP085400                       Mod.Pool MP085400                                                     .
MP085800                       Mod. Pool MP085800                                                    .
MP086500                       Mod. Pool MP086500                                                    .
MP087300                       Module pool for infotype 0873                                         .
MP087400                       PA: Write "Archived Objects" Infotype (0283)                          .
MP087600                       Mod. Pool MP087600                                                    .
MP087900                       Mod.pool MP087900                                                     .
MP088100                       Mod. Pool MP088100                                                    .
MP089300                       Mod. Pool MP089300                                                    .
MP089400                       Mod. Pool MP089400                                                    .
MP089500                       Mod. Pool MP089500                                                    .
MP095800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0958 Additional  Contract Elements (NPO)        .
MP095900                       Module Pool: Infotype 0959 Additional  Family data (NPO)              .
MP096800                       Modulpool MP096800                                                    .
MP098000                       Module Pool MP098000                                                  .
MP100000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1000 Object                               .
MP100100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1001 Relationships (variant for appl.sys) .
MP100200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1002 Descriptions                         .
MP100300                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1003 Staff/Department                         .
MP100400                       PD Infotype 1004 - Character                                          .
MP100500                       Infotype 1005 - Planned Compensation                                  .
MP100600                       PD Infotype 1006 - Restrictions                                       .
MP100700                        1007 Vacancy                                                         .
MP100800                       PD Infotype 1008 Account Assignment Features                          .
MP100900                       PD Infotype 1009 - Health Examinations                                .
MP101000                       PD Infotype 1010 - Authorities/Resources                              .
MP101100                       Work Schedule                                                         .
MP101300                       Infotype 1013 Employee Group / Subgroup                               .
MP101400                       PD Infotype 1004 - Character                                          .
MP101500                       PD Infotype 1015 Cost Planning                                        .
MP101600                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1016                                      .
MP101700                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1017                                      .
MP101800                       HR infotype 1018                                                      .
MP101900                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1019                                          .
MP102000                       HR Module Pool for Infotype 1020                                      .
MP102100                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1021                                          .
MP102200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1022                                      .
MP102300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1023 (Availability Indicators)            .
MP102400                       HR Module Pool for Infotype 1024                                      .
MP102500                        Infotype 1025 - Validity                                             .
MP102600                        1026 - Business Event Info                                           .
MP102700                       Infotype 1027 - Addititional Location Info                            .
MP102800                       Infotype 1028 - Address                                               .
MP102900                        1029 - Business Event Type Info                                      .
MP103000                       Infotype 1030: Procedure                                              .
MP103100                       Infotype 1031                                                         .
MP103200                       Module Pool for Infotype 1032                                         .
MP103300                       HR infotype 1033                                                      .
MP103400                       HR Infotype 1034                                                      .
MP103500                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1035                                      .
MP103600                       PD Infotype 1036 Costs                                                .
MP103700                       PD Infotype 1037                                                      .
MP103800                       PD Infotype 1038 - Additional Key                                     .
MP103900                       Module Pool for Shift Group infotype (1039)                           .
MP104100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1035                                      .
MP104200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1042                                      .
MP104300                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1043                                          .
MP104400                       PD infotype 1044                                                      .
MP104500                       PD infotype 1045                                                      .
MP104700                       HR PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1047                                     .
MP104800                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1048                                          .
MP104900                       HR Modul Pool for Infotype 1049                                       .
MP105000                       PD infotype 1050                                                      .
MP105100                       PD infotype 1051                                                      .
MP105500                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1055                                                 .
MP106000                       PD Module pool infotype 1060                                          .
MP106100                       HR Module Pool Infotyp 1061                                           .
MP106200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1062                                      .
MP106300                       HR Infotype 1063                                                      .
MP107000                       PD Infotype 1070                                                      .
MP107100                       PD Infotype 1071                                                      .
MP107200                       PD Infotype 1072                                                      .
MP108000                       PD Infotype 1080                                                      .
MP108100                       PD Infotype 1081                                                      .
MP108200                       PD Infotype 1082                                                      .
MP120100                       PD Infotype 1201 Object Method                                        .
MP120500                       PD Infotype 1205 Workflow Definition                                  .
MP120800                       PD Infotype 1208 SAP Organizational Objects                           .
MP120900                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1209                                                 .
MP121700                       PD Infotype 1217 Classification/Lock Indicator                        .
MP122000                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1017                                          .
MP122200                       HR Module pool infotype 1222                                          .
MP126000                       HR PLAN Infotyp 1260                                                  .
MP126100                       PD Infotype 1261                                                      .
MP127000                       PD Infotype 1008 Account Assignment Features                          .
MP127100                       PD Infotype 1271                                                      .
MP129100                       Infotype 1291                                                         .
MP140300                       Module pool infotype 1403                                             .
MP140400                       Module pool infotype 1404                                             .
MP150000                       HR infotype 1500                                                      .
MP150100                       HR Infotype 1501                                                      .
MP150200                       HR Infotype 1502                                                      .
MP150300                       HR Infotype 1503                                                      .
MP150400                       HR Infotype 1504                                                      .
MP150500                       HR Infotype 1505                                                      .
MP150600                       HR Infotype 1506                                                      .
MP150700                       HR Infotype 1507                                                      .
MP150900                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1509                                     .
MP151100                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1511                                                 .
MP151200                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1512                                                 .
MP151300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1513                                                 .
MP151400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1514                                                 .
MP151500                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MP151600                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1516                                                 .
MP151700                       RP PLAN Infotype 1517                                                 .
MP151800                       Hr Infotype 1518                                                      .
MP151900                       HR Infotype 1519                                                      .
MP152000                       HR infotype 1520                                                      .
MP160000                       Infotype 1600                                                         .
MP160100                       Infotype 1601                                                         .
MP161000                       PD Infotype 1610                                                      .
MP161100                       PD Infotype 1611                                                      .
MP161200                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1003 Staff/Department                         .
MP161300                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1613                                          .
MP162000                       Infotype 1620                                                         .
MP163000                       PD Infotype 1630                                                      .
MP163100                       PD Infotype 1631                                                      .
MP163200                       PD Infotype 1632                                                      .
MP164100                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1641                                          .
MP165000                       PD Infotype 1650                                                      .
MP165100                       PD Infotype 1651                                                      .
MP165200                       PD Infotype 1652                                                      .
MP165300                       PD Infotype 1653                                                      .
MP166000                       PD Infotype 1660                                                      .
MP166100                       PD Infotype 1661                                                      .
MP168000                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1680                                          .
MP168100                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MP168200                       PD Infotype 1682                                                      .
MP168300                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1683                                          .
MP168400                       HR-PLAN Modulepool Infotype 1684                                      .
MP168500                       HR-PLAN Infotype 1685                                                 .
MP168600                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1686                                          .
MP168700                       PD Infotype 1687                                                      .
MP169000                       PD Infotype 1690                                                      .
MP170100                       PD Infotype 1701                                                      .
MP170200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1702                                      .
MP170300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1703                                      .
MP170500                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1705                                      .
MP170600                       PD Infotype 1706                                                      .
MP170700                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1707                                      .
MP170800                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1708                                      .
MP171000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1710                                      .
MP171100                       PD Infotype 1711                                                      .
MP171200                       PD Infotype 1712                                                      .
MP171300                       PD Infotype 1713                                                      .
MP171400                       PD Infotype 1714                                                      .
MP171600                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1716                                      .
MP171800                       PD Infotpye 1718                                                      .
MP171900                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1719                                      .
MP172100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1721                                      .
MP172200                       PD Infotype 1722                                                      .
MP172400                       PD Infotype 1724: Where-Used List (Study)                             .
MP172500                       PD Infotype 1725: Where-Used List (Program Type)                      .
MP172800                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1728                                      .
MP173000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1730                                      .
MP173100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1731                                      .
MP173200                       PD Infotype 1732                                                      .
MP173300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1733                                      .
MP173500                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1735                                      .
MP173600                       PD Module Pool for Infotpye 1736                                      .
MP173700                       Module Pool for PD Infotype 1737                                      .
MP173800                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1738                                      .
MP173900                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1739                                      .
MP174100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1741                                      .
MP174200                       PD Infotype 1742                                                      .
MP174300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1743                                      .
MP174400                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1744                                      .
MP174600                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1746                                      .
MP174700                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1747                                      .
MP174800                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1748                                      .
MP174900                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1749                                      .
MP175000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1750                                      .
MP175100                       PD Infotype 1751                                                      .
MP175200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1752                                      .
MP175300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1753                                      .
MP175500                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1755                                      .
MP175600                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1756                                      .
MP175700                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1757                                      .
MP175800                       PD Infotype 1758                                                      .
MP176000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1760                                      .
MP176100                       PD Infotype 1761                                                      .
MP176200                       PD Infotype 1762                                                      .
MP176300                       PD Infotype 1763                                                      .
MP176400                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1764                                      .
MP176600                       PD Infotype 1766                                                      .
MP176700                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1767                                      .
MP176900                       Module Pool for PD Infotype 1769                                      .
MP177000                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1770                                      .
MP177100                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1771                                      .
MP177200                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1772                                      .
MP177300                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1773                                      .
MP177400                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1774                                      .
MP177500                       PD Module Pool for Infotype 1775                                      .
MP177600                       PD Infotype 1776                                                      .
MP177700                       PD Infotype 1777                                                      .
MP177800                       PD Infotype 1778                                                      .
MP177900                       PD Infotype 1779                                                      .
MP178000                       PD Infotype 1780                                                      .
MP178200                       PD Infotype 1782                                                      .
MP178300                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1783                                          .
MP178500                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1785                                          .
MP178600                       HR Module Pool Infotype 1786                                          .
MP179000                       PD Infotype 1790                                                      .
MP180000                       RP PLAN Infotype 1800                                                 .
MP180100                       RP PLAN Infotype 1803                                                 .
MP180200                       RP PLAN Infotype 1802                                                 .
MP180300                       RP PLAN Infotype 1803                                                 .
MP180400                       RP PLAN Infotype 1804                                                 .
MP180500                       RP PLAN Infotype 1805                                                 .
MP180600                       RP PLAN InfoType 1806                                                 .
MP181000                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1810                                                 .
MP181100                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1811                                                 .
MP181200                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1812                                                 .
MP181300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1813                                                 .
MP181400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1814                                                 .
MP181500                       RP PLAN Infotype 1815                                                 .
MP181600                       RP PLAN Infotype 1816                                                 .
MP181700                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1817                                                 .
MP181800                       RP PLAN Infotype 1818                                                 .
MP181900                       RP PLAN Infotype 1819                                                 .
MP182000                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MP182100                       RP PLAN Infotype 1821                                                 .
MP182200                       RP PLAN Infotype 1822                                                 .
MP182300                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MP182400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1824                                                 .
MP188100                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1881                                                 .
MP188200                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1882                                                 .
MP188300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1883                                                 .
MP188400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1884                                                 .
MP188500                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1885                                                 .
MP195000                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1950                                                 .
MP195100                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1951                                                 .
MP195200                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1952                                                 .
MP195300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1953                                                 .
MP195400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1954                                                 .
MP195500                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1955                                                 .
MP195600                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1956                                     .
MP195700                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1957                                     .
MP195800                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1958                                                 .
MP195900                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1959                                     .
MP198000                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1980                                     .
MP198100                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1981                                     .
MP198200                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 1982                                     .
MP198300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1983                                                 .
MP198400                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1984                                                 .
MP198500                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1985                                                 .
MP198600                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1986                                                 .
MP199000                       RP-PLAN Infotype 1990                                                 .
MP320700                       Module Pool Infotype 3207                                             .
MP320800                       Infotype Module Pool for IT3208                                       .
MP321100                       Contract Elements (CN)                                                .
MP321200                       Mod. Pool MP321200                                                    .
MP400300                       Infotype 4003 (Applicant Activities)                                  .
MP400400                       Infotype 4004                                                         .
MP500300                       Learning Solution Infotype 5003 (Course Content Static)               .
MP500400                       Learning Solution Infotype 5004 (Info Curriculum Type)                .
MP500600                       Learning Solution Infotype 5006 (Course Type Content)                 .
MP500700                       Learning Solution Infotype 5007 (Delivery Method)                     .
MP500800                       Learning Solution Infotype 5008 (Completion Specifications)           .
MP500900                       Learning Solution Infotype 5009 (Course Content)                      .
MP501000                       HR Infotype 5010                                                      .
MP502000                       PD Infotype 5020                                                      .
MP502100                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5021                                          .
MP502200                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5022                                          .
MP502300                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5023                                          .
MP502400                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5024                                          .
MP502500                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5025                                          .
MP502600                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5026                                          .
MP502700                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MP502800                       HR Module Pool Infotype 5028                                          .
MP503000                       HR Infotype 5030                                                      .
MP503100                       HR Module Pool for Infotype 5031                                      .
MP503200                       RP-PLAN Infotype 5032                                                 .
MP504100                       Learning Solution Infotype 5041 (Workflow Settings)                   .
MP504200                       Learning Solution Infotype 5042 (External Catalog Connection)         .
MP504300                       RP-PLAN Infotype 5043                                                 .
MP504400                       HR Infotype 5044                                                      .
MP504500                       RP PLAN Infotype 5045                                                 .
MP504600                       RP PLAN Infotype 5046                                                 .
MP504700                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 5047                                     .
MP504800                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 5048                                     .
MP504900                       RP-PLAN Module Pool Infotype 5049                                     .
MP505000                       PD Infotype 5050                                                      .
MP507000                       HR Module Pool for Infotype 5070                                      .
MP511500                       RP-PLAN Infotype 5115                                                 .
MP558000                       HR Infotype 5580                                                      .
MP558100                       HR Infotype 5581                                                      .
MP558200                       HR Infotype 5582                                                      .
MP558300                       HR Infotype 5583                                                      .
MP558400                       HR Infotype 5584                                                      .
MP558500                       HR Infotype 5585                                                      .
MP558600                       HR Infotype 5586                                                      .
MP558700                       HR Infotype 5587                                                      .
MP558800                       HR Infotype 5588                                                      .
MP620000                       HR Infotype 6200                                                      .
MPMMMM00                       Module Pool for Infotype MMMM                                         .
MPS00100                       PD Module Pool Infotype 1001 Relationships (Basis System Version)     .
MPSSSS00                       PD Infotype SSSS                                                      .
MPTTTT00                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MPV00800                       Modified PSG Version of MP000800                                      .
MPV02100                       Module Pool for Infotype 0021 (Family)                                .
MPV02700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution)                        .
MPV05200                       Module Pool: Infotype P0052 (Standard Wage Maintenance)               .
MPV14800                       Module Pool for Infotype 0148 Family Data                             .
MPV18700                       Module Pool: Infotype 0021 Family                                     .
MPV21300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0021 Family                                     .
MPV26800                       erweiterte Tabellenpflege untere Ebene                                .
MPV28000                       Module Pool: Infotype 0016 Contract Elements                          .
MPV28100                       Module Pool: Infotype 0045 Loans                                      .
MPV28800                       Module Pool: Infotype 0021 Family                                     .
MPV30600                       Modulpool Infotype P0021 (Family)                                     .
MPV31800                       HR-ID: Family Details Indonesia                                       .
MPV33500                       View infotype 0021 + 0335 / Molga 19                                  .
MPV33600                       View infotype 0002 + 0336 / Molga 19                                  .
MPV34200                       Module Pool: Infotype 0342/0002 (HK Personal Data)                    .
MPV34300                       Module Pool: Infotype 0343/0016 (HK Contract Elements)                .
MPV35200                       Infotype 0352 (Additional family data Taiwan)                         .
MPV36200                       HR-ID: Membership details Indonesia                                   .
MPV40400                       Module Pool: Infotype 0081 Military Service                           .
MPV99800                       HR-GB: Module Pool: Infotype View 0998 (Primary Infotype is 0077)     .
MPWPAR00                       Set Parameters for Incentive Wage Transactions                        .
MPXXXX00                       PD Infotype XXXX                                                      .
MPYYYY00                       HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY                                          .
MPZZZZ00                       Module pool for additional infotypes in infotype views                .
MSEIDOC0                       Modification of an Outbound File and Triggering of Inbound Processing .
MSEIDOC1                       Write IDoc Status Records to File                                     .
MSGOSHIST                      Object history as transaction                                         .
MSTT041A                       Clearing Transaction Maintenance                                      .
MSTT504R                       Screen for tables T504R to T504Z                                      .
OCNETOPT                       Graphical Customizing of the Network and Hierarchy Graphics           .
PCA_SECURITY_CHECK             Report PCA_SECURITY_TEST                                              .
PCA_SERVER_CHECK               Program PCA_SERVER_CHECK                                              .
PPEUICMPREP_SELSCR             Program ZSES_REP_V3_SELSCREEN                                         .
PRG_LOGICAL_DEST_MAINTAIN      Screen Flow Demo                                                      .
PR_ESF_TEST_CLIENT             Reads Metadata from ABAP GCP                                          .
RALMFAELLSZ                    ALM: Maintenance of Due Date Scenarios                                .
RANA_STRUCT_GEN                OLTP Metadaten Repository                                             .
RBDIDOCPROCESS                 Manual Processing of IDocs                                            .
RBDMONI4                       ALE/ CCMS Monitoring Connection: Customizing Initial Screen           .
RBDPOTRNS1                     Mod. Pool RBDPOTRNS1                                                  .
RBDSTARTSM58                   Program RBDSTARTSM58                                                  .
RBDSTARTWE02                   Program RBDSTARTWE02                                                  .
RBMVSHOW                       Manage Data Transfer by Direct Input                                  .
RDDM0003                       Global Overview/Workflow of Initial Organizer Screens                 .
RECP_OPA                       Internal Orders: Easy Cost Planning                                   .
RECP_PS                        Project System: Easy Cost Planning                                    .
REFSITE_MANAGEMENT             Reference site for purchasing                                         .
RFEBRFT1                       Repetitive Funds Transfer Transaction Selection                       .
RFEBRFT2                       Repetitive Funds Transfer Transaction Selection                       .
RFEBWR00                       Wire authorization report                                             .
RFEPOS00                       Line Items (Module Pool)                                              .
RFFR0TB0                       Customizing BDF                                                       .
RFFRDDE0                       C80/C82 Documents BDF                                                 .
RFKKCC00                       Correspondence Generation - Parallel Start                            .
RFTP_CUST_COPY                 Travel Planning Customizing Tables                                    .
RFVD_CFA_MAIN                  Program ZSIMCORR00                                                    .
RHACTOR0                       Interface for Roles                                                   .
RHALERELAX                     HR: Maintain Relationship Status (Expert Mode)                        .
RHCPBT00                       HR budgeting                                                          .
RHIQHEADER                     Program RHIQHEADER for RHV6                                           .
RHIQPROGRESS                   Program RHTTMSPROGRESS                                                .
RHIQREG0                       RHIQREG0: Object Registration for Campus Management                   .
RHIQ_SM_SHOW00                 Program RHIQ_SM_WORK00                                                .
RHMCROLL                       PLOG Search Function: Change of Roll Area                             .
RHPP25ST                       Personnel Cost Planning: Basic Dialog                                 .
RHRAUM00                       Room Reservations                                                     .
RHRAUM30                       Modules/Routines for Company Maintenance in Room Reservation Mgmt     .
RHRHV6_LSO                     Enhancements for Master Data Maintenance                              .
RHSFLOW0                       Interface for Workflow Template                                       .
RHSTASK0                       Standard Task Interface                                               .
RHTGRP0                        Interface for Task Groups                                             .
RHXXXX00                       Include RHMMMM10                                                      .
RJJPRDH_CUST_TPRSUCH           IS-M/AM: Customizing Settings for the Product Search                  .
RJJPRDH_CUST_TUAGROL           IS-M/AM: Maintain Recoding of Agency Roles                            .
RJJPRDH_CUST_TVKCUS            IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy - Global Customizing Settings              .
RKAKALFI                       Reporting the Cost Flows to Financial Accounting                      .
RM06BB10                       Modules for Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders                   .
RMCLDINU                       Copy DIN Standard                                                     .
RN1ME_IM_FL_SCRAP              Program RN1ME_IM_FL_SCRAP                                             .
RN1PERIN                       IS-H*MED: Perinatal Monitor - Calling Programs                        .
RN2DEMOBEFUND                  Includes and Subscreens for ISHMDEMO to the angiologic demo-findings  .
ROIUH_ESCHEATPROC              Escheat processing                                                    .
RPCGCOQ0                       Group certificate override table maintenance                          .
RPCLEAQ0                       Module Pool to display/adjust Leave for Australia                     .
RPCTO2Q0                       Terminations/Redundancy Packaging                                     .
RPDSIMBM                       SI declaration management: overview                                   .
RPIAVGF0PBSLIST                Display list of people by promotion process step                      .
RPLCMTJ0                       Module pool for Commuting allowance infomation management             .
RPMMMM00                       Modification Concept for Infotypes: Customer Program (Model)          .
RPMYPA42                       Programm TMYPA42                                                      .
RPPBSAR0                       Letter of Appointment                                                 .
RPPBSTQ0                       Termination Organiser                                                 .
RPPBSUQ0                       Increment Progession Menu                                             .
RPPOBJ_TEST_TOOL               POBJ Generic Framework Test Tool                                      .
RPPSPDM0                       HR-DK-V2: entry of special payment days                               .
RPPWF1M0                       Module Pool for Payroll Transaction (DK)                              .
RPUCUS42                       RPUCUS42 - Modulepool for transaction HROBJ                           .
RPUEXAU1                       Customer Subscreen Example 1                                          .
RPUEXAU2                       Customer Subscreen Example 2                                          .
RPUEXAU3                       Customer Subscreen Example 3                                          .
RPUMSFQ0                       Superannuation fund maintenance -  transaction PC00_M13_SUPM          .
RRX2_SET_TRACE                 Configuration of the trace tool                                       .
RSA1REP                        Module: Repository for DataSources                                    .
RSAUDIT0                       Audit Information System: Initial Screen                              .
RSCRMBW_ISQ_REGISTER           Program RSCRMBW_ISQ_REGISTER                                          .
RSCRM_DISPLAY_MDX              Program RSCRM_DISPLAY_MDX                                             .
RSDBCHKCONF                    Configure DB Check: Oracle                                            .
RSDBPROF                       Program RSDBPROF                                                      .
RSINFCK2                       Customization of table 'infcfgthre' (for checktool 'infcfgcheck')     .
RSINF_DBSPACE_EXT              Informix: Dbspace extension: Chunk adding (interaction with sapdba)   .
RSINPUT                        Data Entry for Demo and Prototyping                                   .
RSIO0007                       Enhance extract structure for tranaction data                         .
RSIO0009                       OLTP Metadata Repository                                              .
RSLVCADM                       liveCache: Administration                                             .
RSLVCCON                       Program RSLVCCON                                                      .
RSM13000                       Update control                                                        .
RSOLETT1                       OLE 2.0 Automation Demo Program                                       .
RSORADBMSG                     Display DB Check Results: Oracle                                      .
RSPOSP01                       Output Controller                                                     .
RSPOSP01NR                     Program RSPOSP01N (New SP01)                                          .
RSRZOLD                        Program RSRZOLD                                                       .
RSSDBCON                       Integration of Database                                               .
RSTBOE01                       SO85 - Sequ. Search via a SAPscript Text (Test)                       .
RSTGRE13                       Test: Entering, changing and indexing texts                           .
RSUVM000                       System Measurement: Dialog Interface for Transaction USMM             .
RSXDB_24                       CCMS: Central Logging of All DBA Actions Using XDB-IF                 .
RS_ADMINWB_REMOTE              Remote control of AWB only for CAT                                    .
RS_ISTD_REMOTE                 Maintenance of one InfoSource per transaction                         .
RTLABELD                       Special request for labels                                            .
RWSADMIN                       Web Service Administration                                            .
S2K_IP_SET_EXCEL_MAP           Program S2k_IP_SET_EXCEL_MAP                                          .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SBOOK_CREATE      SBOOK - Create Table Entry                                            .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SBOOK_DISPLAY     SBOOK - Display Table Entry                                           .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SBOOK_EDIT        SBOOK - Change Table Entry                                            .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SCUSTOM_CREATE    SCUSTOM - Create Table Entry                                          .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SCUSTOM_DISPLAY   SCUSTOM - Display Table Entry                                         .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SCUSTOM_EDIT      SCUSTOM - Change Table Entry                                          .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SFLIGHT_CREATE    SFLIGHT - Create Table Entry                                          .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SFLIGHT_DISPLAY   SFLIGHT - Display Table Entry                                         .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_SFLIGHT_EDIT      SFLIGHT - Change Table Entry                                          .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_STRAVELAG_CREATE  STRAVELAG - Create Table Entry                                        .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_STRAVELAG_DISPLAY STRAVELAG - Display Table Entry                                       .
SAPBC_GLOBAL_STRAVELAG_EDIT    STRAVELAG - Change Table Entry                                        .
SAPCDHRC                       Maintain Communication Parameters for HR Subsystem Coupling           .
SAPCDRPA                       Transfer of Master Data to Subsystem                                  .
SAPCDRPD                       Supply Subsystems with HR Data                                        .
SAPCDUP1                       Generate Upload Request in Subsystem                                  .
SAPCDUP2                       Generate upload request on subsystem                                  .
SAPCDUP3                       Generate Upload Request in Subsystem                                  .
SAPCDUP4                       Generate Upload Request in Subsystem                                  .
SAPCDUP5                       Generate upload request on subsystem                                  .
SAPDFKA1                       FI Customizing: Line Layout Variants                                  .
SAPDFKA2                       FI Customizing: Totals Variants                                       .
SAPDFKA3                       FI Customizing: Field Selection for Search, Sort, Total               .
SAPDFKA4                       FI Customizing: Worklists                                             .
SAPDFKA5                       FI Customizing: Default Values                                        .
SAPDFKA6                       FI Customizing: Entry Screens                                         .
SAPDFKA7                       FI Customizing: Sort Variants                                         .
SAPDFKB1                       Copy Log                                                              .
SAPDFKB4                       FI Customizing: Clearing Transactions                                 .
SAPDFKB5                       FI Customizing: Posting Keys                                          .
SAPDFKS0                       FI Customizing: Account Determination                                 .
SAPDFKT1                       FI Customizing: Text IDs                                              .
SAPDFKZ1                       Payment Program Configuration                                         .
SAPDFKZ2                       Payment Program Configuration                                         .
SAPDFKZ3                       Payment Program Configuration                                         .
SAPDGTXT                       DG: Date Determination                                                .
SAPDJK12                       IS-PSD: Dialog Module for Order Pricing                               .
SAPDM06Q                       Dialog Quota Arrangement Maintenance                                  .
SAPDMATE                       Dialog Module for Possible Entries: Material Master Maintenance       .
SAPDSBRU                       Find character strings in short texts                                 .
SAPDSBRV                       Specify Character Strings                                             .
SAPDV02P                       Dialog Module RV_BELEG_PARTNER                                        .
SAPDV70A                       Edit Output Status Records                                            .
SAPF107V                       FI Valuation Program (Individual Value Adjustment Discounting)        .
SAPF111V                       Module Pool for Entering Payment Runs for Payment Requests            .
SAPF130                        Module Pool for Balance Confirmations                                 .
SAPF150V                       Module Pool for the Dunning Program (Parameter Maintenance and Run)   .
SAPFGJVD                       Joint Venture Master Maintenance Transaction - External Forms         .
SAPFKCAQ                       Module Pool for Data Transfer ABAP/QUERY -" SAP-EIS                   .
SAPFKCDB                       IS-B: Data transfer, exceptions                                       .
SAPFKCDF                       IS-B: Data transfer, exceptions                                       .
SAPFKEDU                       CO-PA External Data Transfer: Application-Specific Routines           .
SAPFLOREO                      Module Pool for Customizing TLOREO, Transaction FLOREO                .
SAPFQE10                       Tabular Results Recording for Inspection Points                       .
SAPFQE20                       Tabular Results Recording for Inspection Lots                         .
SAPFQE30                       Tabular Results Recording for a Characteristic                        .
SAPFVD_DUNNING                 Module Pool Dunning Program (Parameter Maint. and Execution)(Temp CML).
SAPJCL00                       JCL Service Main Module                                               .
SAPM00PBSNO_FW                 Notification System for Germany                                       .
SAPM00PS_0021                  Program for Payment of Pension Administration                         .
SAPM00PS_BPAY                  Program for Payment of Pension Administration                         .
SAPM00PS_MAS                   Program for Master Data Screens of Pension Administration             .
SAPM00PS_RPAY                  Program for Payment of Pension Administration                         .
SAPM00PS_SEN                   Program for Length of Screen of Pension Administration                .
SAPM00PS_WB                    HR PS : Process Workbench Engine ( PWE)                               .
SAPM021M                       Customizing MM Account Determination Wizard                           .
SAPM0CNL                       Variable Overviews: Call View Cluster Maintenance                     .
SAPM59L0                       Program SAPM59L0 -Scr for Accepting Receipt/Cheque Details for T5LRN  .
SAPMA03B                       Module pool for determining G/L acct. balances for old data           .
SAPMA03W                       RA Module Pool:Display Value Field                                    .
SAPMA06C                       FI-AA: Asset History Sheet Customizing (Step Loop Method)             .
SAPMA15B                       Line Item Display of AuC Settlement                                   .
SAPMAADM                       Archive Management Module Pool                                        .
SAPMABADR                      Customizing for Characteristic Derivation                             .
SAPMACCR01                     Accruals/Deferrals: Master Data Maintenance                           .
SAPMAFWBM                      TRM: Program SAPMAFWBM for Transactions AFWBM +  AFWBMPH              .
SAPMAFWCH_FL                   Program SAPMAFWCH_FL                                                  .
SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCHAR             Program SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCHAR                                            .
SAPMAPAD                       Administration of Application Packages                                .
SAPMAVCK                       Call Availability Check                                               .
SAPMBBPO                       Product Catalog in Internet via ALEWEB                                .
SAPMBBPS                       SD Scenario 'Order Status'                                            .
SAPMBCA_RE_BC                  Bank Check Reprinting                                                 .
SAPMBIBS                       Examples of User Interface Design (Ergonomics)                        .
SAPMBKCD                       Data transfer: Rule maintenance for ALE                               .
SAPMBKL0                       Program SAPMBKL0 - Screen for Changing Text for BIK codes: T5LBT      .
SAPMBORRT                      Regular routes: Master data                                           .
SAPMBP01                       Business Partner: Initial Editing Screen                              .
SAPMBSVA                       General Status Management: Status Profile Maintenance                 .
SAPMBSVW                       Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Technology (STEP LOOP)          .
SAPMC27V                       Where-used Lists / Mass Replace                                       .
SAPMC29A                       BOMs - Alternative Selection Dialog Module                            .
SAPMC29B                       Display Change Documents for BOM                                      .
SAPMC29C                       Engineering Change Management - Online Maintenance Transactions       .
SAPMC29D                       BOMs - Read BOM Dialog Module                                         .
SAPMC29L                       BOM Reporting                                                         .
SAPMC29M                       BOMs - Online Mass Changes                                            .
SAPMC29S                       BOMs: Maintenance Transaction Dialog                                  .
SAPMC29V                       BOMs - Online BOM Comparison                                          .
SAPMC64M                       Costing Program: Multilevel BOM Explosion                             .
SAPMC65A                       Dialog Capacity Planning                                              .
SAPMC65B                       Program for Capacity Leveling                                         .
SAPMC65C                       Customizing for Flow Control                                          .
SAPMC68A                       Work Center Maintenance                                               .
SAPMCAPS                       Archiving Project Structures                                          .
SAPMCA_TTE_ADMIN_COND          TTE: Condition maintenance (tax rates, exemptions, deductibility)     .
SAPMCA_TTE_CUST_LOCATION       TTE Customizing for Tax Location (Country, Community and Tax Region)  .
SAPMCC02                       ECM: Effectivity Types                                                .
SAPMCEVF                       Module Pool for CAPP Formulas Procedure                               .
SAPMCEVM                       Module Pool for Processing of CAPP Methods                            .
SAPMCEVV                       Managing CAPP Processes                                               .
SAPMCH01                       Specification system                                                  .
SAPMCIAP                       Program SAPMCIAP                                                      .
SAPMCIC0                       Call Center Main Screen                                               .
SAPMCICO                       Initial screen for country version program                            .
SAPMCLAIM                      Reference Docus/Object, Assessment, Execution, Costs, Status Object   .
SAPMCLJP                       Call Calender Table Maintenance for Japan                             .
SAPMCLNA                       Program SAPMCLNA                                                      .
SAPMCMAPMAINT                  Program SAPMCMAPMAINT                                                 .
SAPMCMPSALSURV                 Compare salary survey with employee data                              .
SAPMCNMP                       MPX Interface for Standard Networks                                   .
SAPMCNSM                       Ref. Milestone Management                                             .
SAPMCNVS                       Copy from projects "--" versions                                      .
SAPMCNW1                       WWW: Individual Confirmation in the Internet                          .
SAPMCO57                       Create Message (Obsolete)                                             .
SAPMCODC                       Change Documents for Order and Network                                .
SAPMCOINT_ERR                  Cockpit for Controlling Integration                                   .
SAPMCRFC                       Display and Maintain RFC Destinations                                 .
SAPMCTAV                       Characteristics Management                                            .
SAPMDB20                       Create and Delete Statistics                                          .
SAPMDEMO_SCREEN_FLOW           Dialog Programming: Screen Control                                    .
SAPMDEMO_TRANSACTION           Introductory Example: A Single-Screen Transaction                     .
SAPMDMEE_ABA                   Program SAPMDMEE_ABA                                                  .
SAPMDOCUMENTARY_BATCH          Program SAPMDOCUMENTARY_BATCH                                         .
SAPME325                       Program SAPME325                                                      .
SAPMEA40                       Maintain Schedule Records                                             .
SAPMEA43                       Generate/Delete Individual Sch. Records                               .
SAPMEG83                       Compile Sample Lot                                                    .
SAPMEG85                       Determine Sample Devices/Log for Sample Drawing                       .
SAPMEG8C                       Combine Sample Lots                                                   .
SAPMEG8D                       Determine Sample Devices/Log for Sample Drawing                       .
SAPMEK31                       Template Screens for Document Posting                                 .
SAPMEK31T                      Template Screens for Document Posting                                 .
SAPMEMIG_CONVOBJ               Migration: Maintain Conversion Objects                                .
SAPMEMIG_FIELD                 Migration: Maintenance of Field Characteristics                       .
SAPMEMIG_FIRMA                 Migration: Company Maintenance                                        .
SAPMEMIG_IMPORT                Migration: Data Import                                                .
SAPMEMIG_KSV                   Migration: Maintain TEMKSV                                            .
SAPMEMIG_OBJECT                Migration: Maintenance Interface of Migration Object                  .
SAPMEMIG_PROJEKT               Project Maintenance                                                   .
SAPMEMIG_SCHEDULE              Migration: Job Management                                             .
SAPMEMIG_STRUCTURE             Migration: Maintenance of IS-U Automation Data Structure              .
SAPMEMIG_USER                  Migration: User Data Maintenance                                      .
SAPMEMIG_VALUES                Migration: Fixed Value Maintenance                                    .
SAPMEMMA_CASE_CATEGORY         Maintenance Dialog for Case Category                                  .
SAPMEW4Z                       Selection of Currencies to be Converted per Package                   .
SAPMEWAR                       Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRIT                                  .
SAPMEWCM                       Maintain Currency Tables TCUR* for Euro Introduction                  .
SAPMEWKE                       Program SAPMEWKE                                                      .
SAPMEWTF                       Select Table Entries for Setting Restart capability                   .
SAPMEWWU                       EMU Procedure Monitor                                                 .
SAPMF00H                       Enhancements for the FI General Ledger Menu                           .
SAPMF01A                       Display Change Documents Initial Screen                               .
SAPMF02A                       Change Document Display Bank Data: Initial Screen                     .
SAPMF02B                       Bank Master Data                                                      .
SAPMF02C                       Credit Management Master Data                                         .
SAPMF02D                       Customer Master Data                                                  .
SAPMF02E                       Financial Statement Layout                                            .
SAPMF02I                       House Bank/Bank Account Customizing                                   .
SAPMF02K                       Vendor Master Data                                                    .
SAPMF05L                       Document Display/Change Module Pool                                   .
SAPMF05O                       FI Editing Options                                                    .
SAPMF05R                       Reset Cleared Items Module Pool                                       .
SAPMF05U                       Central Module Pool for Reversal of Cross-Company Code Transactions   .
SAPMF05V                       Document Parking                                                      .
SAPMF06A                       Central Module Pool for Payment Advice Note Management                .
SAPMF08A                       Financial Calendar                                                    .
SAPMF100                       Help Transaction: Call Up View Maintenance                            .
SAPMF10B                       FI-LC: Consolidation Posting                                          .
SAPMF10C                       Maintain Central Group Table                                          .
SAPMF10D                       Data Transfer Customizing                                             .
SAPMF10E                       Export and Send Data to the Consolidation System                      .
SAPMF10F                       Maintain Consolidation Status                                         .
SAPMF10G                       Company Maintenance                                                   .
SAPMF10H                       FI-LC: Module Pool for Bundling Data Imports                          .
SAPMF10K                       Module Pool for Customizing Consolidation of Investments              .
SAPMF10L                       Ledger Assignment                                                     .
SAPMF10N                       FI-LC: Transport Transaction GC35                                     .
SAPMF10Q                       Currency Translation in Consolidation                                 .
SAPMF10S                       Subgroup Maintenance                                                  .
SAPMF10T                       FI-LC: Transaction GC33 - Financial Reporting Data Table Maintenance  .
SAPMF10V                       Manually Maintain Extended General Ledger Accounts for Consolidation  .
SAPMF10X                       Maintain Test Data                                                    .
SAPMF200                       SAP Consolidation: Help Transaction: Call Up View Maintenance         .
SAPMF210                       SAP Consolidation: Module Pool for FS Item Maintenance                .
SAPMF2102                      SAP Consolidation: Module Pool for FS Item Maintenance                .
SAPMF2103                      Program SAPMF2103                                                     .
SAPMF21A                       SAP Consolidation: Module Pool for Dimension Maintenance              .
SAPMF21B                       Program SAPMF21B2                                                     .
SAPMF21B3                      SAP Consolidation: Module Pool for Consolidation Units and Groups     .
SAPMF21C                       SAP Consolidation: Module Pool for Hierarchies                        .
SAPMF21S                       EC-CS: Set Maintenance Transactions                                   .
SAPMF230                       Initial Screen for Entering Additional Financial Data                 .
SAPMF231                       Enter Changes in Investments/Investee Equity                          .
SAPMF23A                       Module Pool for General Download                                      .
SAPMF23B                       Module Pool for Specific Download                                     .
SAPMF260                       Posting                                                               .
SAPMF261                       Delete held document from file                                        .
SAPMF271                       SAP Consolidation: Form Pool for Rollups to Consolidation             .
SAPMF40A                       Postprocessing Electonic Bank Statement: Central Module Pool          .
SAPMF40C                       *** Automatic Cash Concentration  ***                                 .
SAPMF40E                       Module Pool for Memo Records (Advices and Plan Items - Trans.FF63)    .
SAPMF40F                       Module Pool for Archiving CMF Payment Advices from Bank Statement     .
SAPMF40K                       Manual Bank Statement: Central Module Pool                            .
SAPMF40K_NACC                  Manual Bank Statement: Central Module Pool                            .
SAPMF40L                       Postprocessing Lockbox Data: Central Module Pool                      .
SAPMF40M                       Program SAPMF40M                                                      .
SAPMF40S                       Central Module Pool for Check Deposit Transaction                     .
SAPMF40S_NACC                  Central Module Pool for Check Deposit Transaction                     .
SAPMF42B                       Balance Display and Account Analysis                                  .
SAPMF600                       Module Pool for Screen for Correction Item Outflow                    .
SAPMF601                       Correction Item Transfer within an Asset                              .
SAPMF602                       Screen: Reverse retransfer correction items within asset              .
SAPMF60A                       Land Register Screen                                                  .
SAPMF60B                       Dialog: Business Entity Master Data                                   .
SAPMF60C                       Screen: master data for properties                                    .
SAPMF60D                       Dialog: Master Data for Buildings                                     .
SAPMF60E                       Maintain rental units                                                 .
SAPMF60F                       Customizing Screen Settlement Variants for Darwin Real Estate         .
SAPMF60I                       Initial Transaction for Customizing Index Types/Base Years            .
SAPMF60J                       Maintain Comparative Group                                            .
SAPMF60M                       Lease-Out One-Time Postings                                           .
SAPMF60O                       Real Estate Customizing: Call-up of Customizing Transactions          .
SAPMF60Q                       Maintain Comparative Apartment                                        .
SAPMF60R                       Maintain Rooms                                                        .
SAPMF60Y                       Customizing: Maintain Installation Parameters (Only client-dep.,TIPZZ).
SAPMF60Z                       Assignment                                                            .
SAPMF61A                       Maintain Settlement Unit Screen                                       .
SAPMF61C                       Correction Items Maintenance                                          .
SAPMF61F                       Change Active Lease-Outs                                              .
SAPMF61K                       Lease-out notice                                                      .
SAPMF61M                       Maintain Maintenance Measure and Assignments                          .
SAPMF61O                       Tenant Changeover; RU Handover and Release of Deposit                 .
SAPMF61U                       Transfer of "Older" Rent Adjustments to Rent Adjustment History VIMI18.
SAPMF61Y                       Real Estate Manual Incoming Payment Fast Entry                        .
SAPMF61Z                       Real estate manual incoming payments                                  .
SAPMF62E                       Events for Management Contracts Maintenance Screen                    .
SAPMF62W                       Cost Efficiency Analysis Based on II. WoBauG (German Building Law)    .
SAPMF63W                       Application Master Data for Real Estate Managment                     .
SAPMF64B                       Securities: Position Indicator (Obsolete)                             .
SAPMF64H                       TR-TM-SE: Balance Sheet Transfer                                      .
SAPMF64M                       Physical bank securities account for an ID number                     .
SAPMF64O                       Securities: Order Entry                                               .
SAPMF64R                       TRTM-PM: Corporate Actions                                            .
SAPMF64S                       Cash flow display for securities                                      .
SAPMF64Z                       TRTMPM: Posting Functions: Incoming Payments and Manual Posting       .
SAPMF67A                       Loan Master Data                                                      .
SAPMF67B                       Loan Transfers                                                        .
SAPMF67F                       Rollover: Create/Change/Delete File                                   .
SAPMF67G                       Total Loan Commitment                                                 .
SAPMF67I                       Loans Interested Parties                                              .
SAPMF67K                       Manual Debit Position (ManDP)                                         .
SAPMF67P                       Rollover: Edit File                                                   .
SAPMF67Q                       Collateral Value (Value Object)                                       .
SAPMF67U                       Filed Documents                                                       .
SAPMF67X                       Maintain condition table                                              .
SAPMF67Z                       Loan Contract Header Data (Include Screen)                            .
SAPMF68A                       Loans - Order Entry                                                   .
SAPMF68S                       Module Pool for Reversal Transaction                                  .
SAPMF68U                       Balance Sheet Account Transfer Module Pool                            .
SAPMF68V                       Central Module Pool for Reversal in the Loans Area                    .
SAPMF69N_HEADER                Program SAPMF69N_HEADER                                               .
SAPMF69P                       Create/Edit Partner (In Respective Role)                              .
SAPMF69W                       Message Maintenance for a VV-Application Area                         .
SAPMF69X                       Main Initial Screen for Partner Management (For Use With FUGR FVZ9)   .
SAPMF70D                       Forex Hedges: Initial Processing Screen                               .
SAPMF70E                       Forex Hedging: Specific TR-TM Include Screens, Modules, Forms, ..     .
SAPMF70M                       General Initial Transactions for Derivative Financial Instruments     .
SAPMF70Z                       Treasury: Allocation of a Transaction to a Master Agreement           .
SAPMF73C                       Module Pool for Underlying Transactions                               .
SAPMF73E                       OTC Options                                                           .
SAPMF73F                       Fast Entry of Currency Options                                        .
SAPMF73W                       Security as underlying                                                .
SAPMF740                       Auxiliary Functions for Money Market                                  .
SAPMF77A                       Fast Entry - Forex Transaction                                        .
SAPMF7AK                       Calculation Module for Standard Options                               .
SAPMF7AK_BIS110                Calculation Module for Standard Options                               .
SAPMF7C1                       Module Pool for Scenario Maintenance                                  .
SAPMF7ZI                       Interest calculator                                                   .
SAPMF82T                       Display/Maintain Tax Codes                                            .
SAPMFBSM                       Maintain House Banks for Payment Requests Manually                    .
SAPMFBWE                       Bill of Exchange Presentation                                         .
SAPMFBZG                       Failed Payment Transactions - Customers                               .
SAPMFCCR                       Payment Card Evaluations                                              .
SAPMFCD0                       Module Pool for Government of Canada                                  .
SAPMFCD1                       *** Cash Deconcentration ***                                          .
SAPMFCG1                       Maintain Characteristic Values                                        .
SAPMFCHI                       Check number maintenance                                              .
SAPMFCHK                       Check management module pool                                          .
SAPMFCJ0                       SAPMFCJ0: Cash Journal                                                .
SAPMFCX1                       Module Pool: Post with Currency Exchange (FBBCX)                      .
SAPMFDEC                       *** Cash Deconcentration ***                                          .
SAPMFDTA                       Administration Transaction for TemSe and REGUT Data                   .
SAPMFFD1                       Cash Management Implementation Tool                                   .
SAPMFFDKUSER                   Module Pool: Maintain Derived Account for Internet Application        .
SAPMFILACUST                   Program SAPMFILACUST                                                  .
SAPMFIQT                       Program SAPMFIQT                                                      .
SAPMFITP                       Travel Planning                                                       .
SAPMFITP_SETTINGS              Settings for Travel Planning                                          .
SAPMFK00                       Module Pool for Formal Transaction Calls                              .
SAPMFK90                       Customizing Display Formats                                           .
SAPMFKA0                       Customizing Display Formats                                           .
SAPMFKA6                       Screen Variants: Fast entry                                           .
SAPMFKB0                       Customizing Automatic Postings / Special G/L                          .
SAPMFKC0                       Account Determination Customizing                                     .
SAPMFKCB                       Account Determination Configuration                                   .
SAPMFKD0                       Dunning Procedure Customizing                                         .
SAPMFKK_EVENTS                 Management of Events                                                  .
SAPMFKL9                       FKK: Display Line Items                                               .
SAPMFKM2                       Rename Document Types                                                 .
SAPMFKM8                       Copy / Delete Chart of Accounts (FI)                                  .
SAPMFKP1                       Post document                                                         .
SAPMFKS0                       Account Determination Configuration                                   .
SAPMFKS1                       Post document                                                         .
SAPMFKT0                       Customizing Texts                                                     .
SAPMFKZ0                       Payment Program Customizing                                           .
SAPMFLIGHT                     Global Flight Availability                                            .
SAPMFLQMANUAL                  Liquidity Calculation: Change Line Items Relating to FI Manually      .
SAPMFLQQRMAINT                 Liquidity Calculation: Maintain Query                                 .
SAPMFM00                       Central Functions                                                     .
SAPMFM03                       Display FM Document                                                   .
SAPMFM10                       General Hierarchy-Related Data Entry - Funds Management               .
SAPMFM3M                       FIFM: Master Data Indexes                                             .
SAPMFM9R                       Reporting                                                             .
SAPMFMCI                       Maintaining commitment items                                          .
SAPMFMFS                       Maintaining the Funds Centers (in a Hierarchy Variant)                .
SAPMFPMO                       FI-CA: Application Monitor                                            .
SAPMFQMG                       Withholding Tax Changeover Screen                                     .
SAPMFSEPA                      SEPA Mandate Management: Start of the Transactions                    .
SAPMFTDT                       Administration for TemSe and VTBKORTMS Data TREASURY                  .
SAPMFWTC                       Customer Master Record - Manage Withholding Tax Information           .
SAPMFWTV                       Routines for Withholding Tax Information in Vendor Master Records     .
SAPMGCU0                       Module Pool for FI-SL Customizing                                     .
SAPMGCU1                       FI-SL Diagnosis                                                       .
SAPMGCU2                       FI-SL: Table Installation                                             .
SAPMGCU3                       FI-SL: Delete Transaction Data                                        .
SAPMGJAM                       JV - AM/MM Transactions                                               .
SAPMGJC1                       cash call transaction                                                 .
SAPMGJCG                       Cutback GB01 Posting Transaction                                      .
SAPMGJGO                       Driver transaction to call customizing views                          .
SAPMGJGR                       Module Pool for Graphic Displays in FI-JVA                            .
SAPMGJSX                       Call set maintenance (create/change/display)                          .
SAPMGJTS                       Subscreen processing for Tax Screen in SAPMF05A for ISOIL-UPSTREAM    .
SAPMGJVA                       Joint Operating Agreement Maintenance Transaction                     .
SAPMGJVAUP                     Joint Operating Agreement Maintenance Transaction(ENJOY GUI)          .
SAPMGJVD                       Joint Venture Master Data Maintenance Transaction                     .
SAPMGJVDUP                     Joint Venture Master Data Maintenance Transaction(ENJOY GUI)          .
SAPMGJVMDJOA                   JOint Venture Masterdata: Joint Operating Agreement                   .
SAPMGLRE                       FI-SL: Rollup Definition                                              .
SAPMGPLC                       FI-SL Source Data                                                     .
SAPMGPSP                       Maintain Distribution Key                                             .
SAPMGR01                       Maintain assignments of WBS elemnts to MRP WBS elements               .
SAPMGR02                       Maintain Assignments Between Grouping WBS Elements and MRP Groups     .
SAPMGRAP                       Module Pool for Graphic Displays in FI-SL Customizing                 .
SAPMGRWD                       SAP Report Writer: Processing of Object Type 'Report'                 .
SAPMGRWJ                       SAP Report Writer: Processing of Object Type 'Report Group'           .
SAPMGRWL                       SAP Report Writer: Processing of Object Type LIBRARY                  .
SAPMGRWX                       Change and Display Key Figures                                        .
SAPMGSBM                       Module Pool for Set Maintenance                                       .
SAPMGUM1                       FI-SL: Master Data Maintenance (TG55)                                 .
SAPMGUM2                       FI-SL: Master Data Maintenance (TG55)                                 .
SAPMGUM3                       FI-SL: Master Data Maintenance (TG55)                                 .
SAPMGUM6                       FI-SL: Master Data Maintenance (TG55)                                 .
SAPMGUMS                       Overview for Conversion                                               .
SAPMGUOB                       Maintain Code Combinations                                            .
SAPMH5A0                       Module Pool for PD Transactions                                       .
SAPMH5AK                       Personnel Cost Planning                                               .
SAPMH5AR                       Menu Control                                                          .
SAPMHBSAFF                     Affected Building Generation RE-SCM                                   .
SAPMHBSBLD                     Maintain Building Master Data   -   RE-SCM                            .
SAPMHBSCOM                     Maintain Business Entity Master Data   -   RE-SCM                     .
SAPMHBSFIT                     Maintain Lot  Fit List  -   RE-SCM                                    .
SAPMHBSGEN                     Auto Generation Tool   -   RE-SCM                                     .
SAPMHBSHOM                     Maintain Home  Master Data   -   RE-SCM                               .
SAPMHBSICX                     Program SAPMHBSICX                                                    .
SAPMHBSLOT                     Maintain Lot  Master Data   -   RE-SCM                                .
SAPMHBSPRS                     Pre-Sales browser   -   RE-SCM                                        .
SAPMHBSRUL                     Maintain Business Entity Building/Sales Rules   -   RE-SCM            .
SAPMHPS0                       Control for Dynamic Menu onto Area Menu                               .
SAPMIKSC                       Functions to maintain fixed price versions                            .
SAPMILA0                       Interaction btw. Location and AcctAssignment in MaintObject (ILOA)    .
SAPMILO0                       Functional Location and Reference Functional Location Interaction     .
SAPMILO1                       Online List Entry for Functional Location and Reference Location      .
SAPMILO2                       Transfer of Data to Technical Objects                                 .
SAPMINE0                       Object Link: Master Data                                              .
SAPMIO10                       Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Technology (STEP LOOP)          .
SAPMIO1E                       Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Technology (STEP LOOP)          .
SAPMIRBX1                      IAC for Testing Internet Transaction Server (ITS)                     .
SAPMITST1                      IAC for Testing Internet Transaction Server (ITS)                     .
SAPMIWO0                       Notifications                                                         .
SAPMIWOW                       Entering Service Notifications via WWW                                .
SAPMJ001                       Main Program for Simple Screen Sequence                               .
SAPMJ1A6                       Modify Official Document Number (Argentina)                           .
SAPMJ1AC                       Customer master data (South America)                                  .
SAPMJ1AV                       Vendor master data (South America)                                    .
SAPMJ1B1                       Nota Fiscal Writer                                                    .
SAPMJ1IA                       Excise Invoice Details                                                .
SAPMJ1IARE_ANALYSIS            Program SAPMJ1IARE_ANALYSIS                                           .
SAPMJ1IB                       Excise Invoice Details                                                .
SAPMJ1IBN                      BOND MAINTENANCE TRANSACTION                                          .
SAPMJ1ID                       excise rate maintenance & amending open po's & so's for rate change   .
SAPMJ1IF                       Subcontracting                                                        .
SAPMJ1IFN                      Subcontracting process                                                .
SAPMJ1IFQ                      Program SAPMJ1IFQ                                                     .
SAPMJ1IG                       Depot goods receipt                                                   .
SAPMJ1IGA                      Depot goods receipt                                                   .
SAPMJ1IH                       Main program of Excise JV transaction                                 .
SAPMJ1II                       Sale from factory                                                     .
SAPMJ1IIN                      Sale from factory                                                     .
SAPMJ1IJ                       Excise selection at depot sale                                        .
SAPMJ1IK                       Excise Invoice selection - common routine                             .
SAPMJ1IL                       text object common routine                                            .
SAPMJ1ILIC                     Module pool for Licenses                                              .
SAPMJ1IM                       Window to display balances                                            .
SAPMJ1IN                       TDS main program.                                                     .
SAPMJ1INJV                     Adjustment entry for withholding tax                                  .
SAPMJ1IS                       Excise invoice for transaction type OTHR                              .
SAPMJ1IU                       Forms Tracking                                                        .
SAPMJ1IUN                      Forms Tracking                                                        .
SAPMJ1IV                       Excise invoice for others                                             .
SAPMJ1IW                       Excise Invoice Details                                                .
SAPMJ1IX                       Excise Invoice Details                                                .
SAPMJ1S0                       IS-M/SD: Additional Postal Code Data (CH)                             .
SAPMJ1S1                       IS-M/SD: Additional Street Data (CH)                                  .
SAPMJ3G?                       ETM Transaction Calls                                                 .
SAPMJ3GF                       Creation of Shipping Documents                                        .
SAPMJ3GI                       Creation of Operator's Report                                         .
SAPMJ3GJ                       CEM Condition Technique for Price List Determination                  .
SAPMJ3GO                       CEM Transaction Calls for Joint Ventures/Work Cooperatives            .
SAPMJ3GW                       Program for Processing BOMS (CEM)                                     .
SAPMJ45A                       Sales Order Processing                                                .
SAPMJ59A                       IS-M/SD: Module Pool for Settlement                                   .
SAPMJ60A                       IS-M/SD: Module Pool for Billing                                      .
SAPMJBCFTRANSACTION            Cash Flow Transaction: Maintenance Transaction                        .
SAPMJBD1                       Account: Maintain master data and turnovers                           .
SAPMJBD6                       SAP Banking: Position Maintenance                                     .
SAPMJBD8                       Program SAPMJBD8                                                      .
SAPMJBDBEW                     SAP Banking: Maintain Position Changes                                .
SAPMJBDD                       Service Maintenance                                                   .
SAPMJBDK                       SAP Banking: Copy/Transport Customizing Settings                      .
SAPMJBDO                       Financial Object Maintenance                                          .
SAPMJBDZ                       Maintain Interest Rates                                               .
SAPMJBLC                       Customizing for the Variable Transaction - Value Maintenance 5        .
SAPMJBM0                       Maintenance Transaction for Disbursement (Loans) - Customizing        .
SAPMJBMK                       Display Required/Optional Fields                                      .
SAPMJBMU                       Display Required/Optional Control for a Transfer Category             .
SAPMJBOR                       OPEN Reporting: Additional Components in Menu                         .
SAPMJBPERIOD                   Maintenance for Period Values                                         .
SAPMJBR10                      Credit Limit: Online Checking of Transactions                         .
SAPMJBRA                       SAP Banking: Maintain Risk Management Area                            .
SAPMJBRH                       SAP Banking: RM Maintain Characteristic Values                        .
SAPMJBRR                       Maintain Risk Hierarchy (Old)                                         .
SAPMJBRR_CLASS                 Program SAPMJBRR_CLASS: Risk Hierarchy Maintenance                    .
SAPMJBRS                       Maintenance Dialog for Market Data Shifts (New)                       .
SAPMJBRSN                      Maintenance Dialog for Market Data Shifts (New)                       .
SAPMJBRT                       Copy Generic Transaction                                              .
SAPMJBTLSVORMERK               Maintain selection table for type one cash flow disturburance         .
SAPMJBTR                       SAP Banking: Maintain Costing Rule                                    .
SAPMJBTZ                       Cash Flow Maintenance Transaction                                     .
SAPMJBWPORD                    Program SAPMJBWPORD                                                   .
SAPMJD01                       IS-M: Maintain Generation Rule for Edition                            .
SAPMJD10                       IS-M: Main Program for Issue Maintenance                              .
SAPMJD31                       IS-M: Main Program for Maintaining Publications                       .
SAPMJD34                       IS-M: Main Program for Management of Editions                         .
SAPMJD37                       IS-M: Main Program for Issue Maintenance                              .
SAPMJD40                       IS-M: Collective Issue Processing                                     .
SAPMJD61                       IS-M: Main Program for Service Type Management                        .
SAPMJDM0                       IS-M: Media Product Master Data                                       .
SAPMJG01                       IS-M: Central Module Pool for Business Partner Management             .
SAPMJG03                       IS-M/SD: Module Pool for SC/Employee Assignment (Lost Time)           .
SAPMJG07                       Address Management                                                    .
SAPMJGWWWIU1                   IS-M: IAC Create Internet User                                        .
SAPMJGWWWIU2                   IS-M: IAC Change Access Data for Internet User                        .
SAPMJH14                       Program SAPMJH14                                                      .
SAPMJHA1                       IS-M/AM: Order Processing - Standard Access and Classified Order Entry.
SAPMJHA6                       IS-M/AM: Order Processing - Central Access                            .
SAPMJHAW                       IS-M/AM: IAC Order Processing                                         .
SAPMJHAW_WEBEDITOR             Program SAPMJHAW_WEBEDITOR                                            .
SAPMJHB4_IAC                   IS-M/AM: IAC Fixed Spaces Planning                                    .
SAPMJHO1                       IS-M: Response Administration                                         .
SAPMJHV1                       IS-M/AM: Maintain Contract Requirements                               .
SAPMJHW0                       IS-M/AM: Contract Monitoring                                          .
SAPMJHW1                       IS-M: Contract Maintenance                                            .
SAPMJHW2                       IS-M: Media-Mix Contracts Access                                      .
SAPMJHWW                       IS-M/AM: Contract Query with IAC                                      .
SAPMJISDCIRCCAT                IS-M/SD: Mass Maintenance of Audit Report Category for SD Orders      .
SAPMJISD_AUDITREPORT           IS-M: Evaluation of Audit Report                                      .
SAPMJJA1                       IS-M/AM: Master Data Maintenance for Contact Person                   .
SAPMJJB1                       IS-M: Maintenance Transaction for Booking Units                       .
SAPMJJB7                       IS-M/AM: Maintenance Transaction for Booking Units for Specific Dates .
SAPMJJD1                       IS-M/AM: Master Data Management - Service                             .
SAPMJJI1                       IS-M: Maintenance Transaction for Content Components                  .
SAPMJJS4                       IS-M: Main Program for Maintaining Ad Inserts                         .
SAPMJJWA                       IS-M/AM: Module Pool for Advertising Campaign                         .
SAPMJK07                       IS-M/SD: Fast Entry of Subscriptions                                  .
SAPMJK16                       Unlimited Quantity Changes/Changes for Specific Dates per Retail Order.
SAPMJKCOMPL                    IS-M/SD: Module Pool for Complaint Processing from 4.61               .
SAPMJKD0                       IS-M: Edit Delivery Viability Optimization                            .
SAPMJKD1                       Determine Viable Editions for an Address                              .
SAPMJKFB01                     IS-M/SD: Mass Incoming Payment for Renewals                           .
SAPMJKP0                       IS-M/SD: Ad Pre-Print Order                                           .
SAPMJKSD01                     Return Requests                                                       .
SAPMJKSD02                     IS-M/SD: Goods Transfer                                               .
SAPMJKSD03                     IS-M: Quantity Planning for Contract                                  .
SAPMJKSD05                     Central Access to MPS                                                 .
SAPMJKSD07                     Return and Complaint Processing                                       .
SAPMJKSDWWW01                  IS-M: Return Recording via WWW                                        .
SAPMJKSDWWW10                  IS-M: Retail via Internet                                             .
SAPMJKSE01                     IS-M: Shipping Planning                                               .
SAPMJKWWW01                    IS-M/SD: IAC Internet Subscription Sales                              .
SAPMJKWWW02                    IS-M/SD: IAC Address Change                                           .
SAPMJKWWW03                    IS-M/SD: IAC Vacation Service (Redirection and Suspension)            .
SAPMJKWWW04                    IS-M/SD: IAC Change Payment Data                                      .
SAPMJKWWW05                    IS-M/SD: IAC Create Complaint                                         .
SAPMJM01                       Material Master Data Administration                                   .
SAPMJN03                       IS-M/SD: Fast Entry of Bank Returns                                   .
SAPMJPC1                       Create Media Product Master from WBS Elem.of Approp.Req.              .
SAPMJPG0                       Media Product Generation                                              .
SAPMJPTREE                     ISM-PMD: Browser                                                      .
SAPMJR01                       IS-M/SD: Maintain Truck Route                                         .
SAPMJR04                       Maintain Truck Route Contract                                         .
SAPMJR07                       IS-M/SD: Maintain Loading/Unloading Points                            .
SAPMJR10                       IS-M/SD: Mass Rec.of Daily Truck Routes                               .
SAPMJR11                       IS-M/SD: Maintain Daily Truck Route                                   .
SAPMJR18                       IS-M/SD: Unloading Viability Sets                                     .
SAPMJR19                       IS-M/SD: Limited Changes to Unloading Viability Sets                  .
SAPMJR21                       IS-M/SD: Unloading Rules                                              .
SAPMJR24                       IS-M/SD: New Unloading Rules                                          .
SAPMJR27                       IS-M/SD: Truck Route Master Data                                      .
SAPMJS01                       IS-M/SD: Geographical Units (Master Data)                             .
SAPMJS10                       IS-M/SD: Postal Codes (Post)                                          .
SAPMJS13                       IS-M/SD: Cities (Post)                                                .
SAPMJS16                       IS-M/SD: Streets and Street Sections (Post)                           .
SAPMJS19                       IS-M/SD: PO Box Racks (Post)                                          .
SAPMJS22                       IS-M/SD: Truck Route-Edition Assignment                               .
SAPMJS43                       Create Change Number                                                  .
SAPMJS50                       IS-M/SD: Display/Edit Round Sequence for Specific Carrier Routes      .
SAPMJS80                       IS-M/SD: Module Pool for Splitting and Merging Cities/Streets         .
SAPMJSST                       IS-M/SD: Structures                                                   .
SAPMJV01                       IS-M/SD: Carrier Routes (Master Data)                                 .
SAPMJV04                       IS-M: Home Delivery Round                                             .
SAPMJV10                       IS-M/SD: Viability Set / BP Viability Sets                            .
SAPMJV41                       IS-M/SD: Shipping Problem Messages                                    .
SAPMJV45                       IS-M/SD: Edit/Display Deliveries                                      .
SAPMJV50                       IS-M/SD: Maintain ZEBU                                                .
SAPMJV64                       Main Program for Completeness Check on Planning Trigger               .
SAPMJV76                       Main Program for General Shipping Document Control Parameters         .
SAPMJVPHDATE                   IS-M/SD: Edit Dates for Phase Delivery                                .
SAPMJVPHGEO                    IS-M: Edit Dates for Phase Shipping                                   .
SAPMJVSDPACKRULE               Program SAPMJVSDPACKRULE                                              .
SAPMJVSO                       IS-M/SD: Shipping Order Maintenance                                   .
SAPMJVSOIA                     IS-M/SD: Import Assistant for Shipping Orders                         .
SAPMJW31                       IS-M/SD: Campaign Framework                                           .
SAPMJW34                       IS-M/SD: Campaign Framework                                           .
SAPMJWAK                       IS-M/SD: Sales promotion                                              .
SAPMJWW1                       Main Program for Business Partner Sales Activity                      .
SAPMK21L                       FI-LC: Journal Entry Reporting                                        .
SAPMK23B                       CO Module Pool: Actual Postings                                       .
SAPMK70B                       Master Data Module Pool for Base Planning Object                      .
SAPMK70D                       Module Pool for Unit Costing Dialog Module                            .
SAPMKACT                       Splitting Activity-Independent Planned Costs to Activity Types        .
SAPMKAL1                       Allocations: Maintenance Program CO-OM-CCA, FI-SL, CO-PA              .
SAPMKAL4                       Program SAPMKAL4                                                      .
SAPMKAUF                       Master data maintenance for internal orders and CO production orders  .
SAPMKAVG                       Business Transaction Groups for Overhead Cost Orders                  .
SAPMKB01                       Planning Report: Initial Screen                                       .
SAPMKBPT                       Transport CO-ABC Customizing                                          .
SAPMKBUC                       Budget - Budget Object                                                .
SAPMKBUD                       Module Pool for Budgeting and Planning                                .
SAPMKC02                       Transport CCA Customizing                                             .
SAPMKCBH                       Report portfolio data transfer                                        .
SAPMKCC0                       Maintain Currency Translation Type (Table T242Q)                      .
SAPMKCCO                       SAP-EIS: Edit aspect                                                  .
SAPMKCDB                       Define conversion rules for IDOC segments                             .
SAPMKCDM                       SAP-EIS: Display / Delete Transaction Data                            .
SAPMKCEE                       Execute/Change/Display/Create Report                                  .
SAPMKCGD                       Generation of characteristics / basic key figures                     .
SAPMKCGF                       Maintain field groups for structure generation                        .
SAPMKCI2                       SAP-EIS: Maitain comments for master data                             .
SAPMKCIA                       SAP-EIS: Edit Aspect                                                  .
SAPMKCIC                       SAP-EIS: Comment Management (Transaction KCT0)                        .
SAPMKCIK                       SAP-EIS: Key figure transaction, Module pool                          .
SAPMKCIP                       Module Pool SAPMKCIP                                                  .
SAPMKCIS                       Start data selection programs                                         .
SAPMKCPD                       Deletion of plan data with key figure selection                       .
SAPMKCPL2                      Automatic Planning                                                    .
SAPMKCSL                       SAP-EIS: Data slices                                                  .
SAPMKCSP                       Module Pool Period Lock                                               .
SAPMKCTR                       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Transport EC-EIS/EC-BP                                  .
SAPMKDEL                       Delete Multiple Cycles at the Same Time                               .
SAPMKE0C_TEMP                  Program SAPMKEC0_TEMP                                                 .
SAPMKE1P                       EC-PCA: Copy Data to Plan                                             .
SAPMKE61                       Programm SAPMKE61: Main Program for Copying Cost Element Groups       .
SAPMKEA3                       CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern                                     .
SAPMKEA3_NEW                   Maintain Operating Concern (Data Structures)                          .
SAPMKEC0                       EC-PCA: Transport Customizing Settings                                .
SAPMKEC1                       EC-PCA: Master Data Maintenance                                       .
SAPMKEC4                       EC-PCA: Monitor (Assignments)                                         .
SAPMKEC6                       EC-PCA: Transfer Balance Sheet Items                                  .
SAPMKEC7                       EC-PCA: Call Substitution Maintenance                                 .
SAPMKECM_MAIN                  Program SAPMKECM_MAIN (Main Program of CO-PA Customizing Monitor)     .
SAPMKECM_VALUATION             Program SAPMKECM_VALUATION (Part of CO-PA Customizing Monitor)        .
SAPMKECM_VFIELDS               CO-PA Customizing Monitor: Analyze Value Fields                       .
SAPMKECP                       CO-PA: Copy Operating Concern Templates                               .
SAPMKEDR                       Customizing for Characteristic Derivation                             .
SAPMKEDV                       Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Method (STEP-LOOP)              .
SAPMKEFB                       Module Pool for Authorization Objects                                 .
SAPMKEFT                       SAP-EIS: Transport EIS                                                .
SAPMKEI2                       Create/Display LI                                                     .
SAPMKEND                       CO-PA: Maintain Realignments                                          .
SAPMKETREPROT                  Log for Accesses of Summarization Levels                              .
SAPMKETRESTORAGE               Maintain "Alternative Storage" for Summarization Levels               .
SAPMKFPC                       Functionality for Maintaining Fixed Price Versions                    .
SAPMKGA1                       Allocations: Overview of Cycles Processed                             .
SAPMKGA2                       Allocations: Data Flow Module Pool                                    .
SAPMKKAA                       Results Analysis                                                      .
SAPMKKAB                       Set Cutoff Period                                                     .
SAPMKKAC                       WIP Calculation Module Pool                                           .
SAPMKKB0                       Costing: Module Pool for Reporting                                    .
SAPMKKB2                       Maintain User-Specific Reports for Costing KKB                        .
SAPMKKB3                       Maintain Module Pool: Cost Element Groups/Cost Component Groups       .
SAPMKKB4                       Module Pool for Unit Costing Reporting                                .
SAPMKKB5                       Maintain Application-Dependent Reporting Parameters                   .
SAPMKKP0                       Process Manufacturing: Maintain Hierarchy Master Records              .
SAPMKKP2                       COC Repetitive Mfg: Variance Calculation for Cost Object Hierarchy    .
SAPMKKP4                       Process Manufacturing: Cost Object Hierarchy Report                   .
SAPMKKPA                       Actual Cost Distribution for Cost Objects in Process Manufacturing    .
SAPMKKPP                       Cost Object Planning                                                  .
SAPMKKPZ                       Process Manufacturing: Overhead Calculation for Cost Object           .
SAPMKKRD                       Dialog Control: Rollup CO Object                                      .
SAPMKKS0                       Variance Calculation                                                  .
SAPMKLSDC                      Credit Limit: Single Transaction Check                                .
SAPMKLSI01                     Credit Limit: Transaction for Managing Collateral Provisions          .
SAPMKMA1                       Cost Centers: List Processing, Raw Version                            .
SAPMKMA6                       Activity Type Master Data                                             .
SAPMKOAU                       Settlement: Initial Screen                                            .
SAPMKOMP                       Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Method (STEP-LOOP)              .
SAPMKOSA                       Production Cost Collector                                             .
SAPMKOSA_46                    Program SAPMKOSA_46                                                   .
SAPMKPT2                       Planning tools: Activate line items and integrated planning           .
SAPMKPT4                       Planning Tools: Plan-"Plan, Actual-"Plan for Any CO Objects           .
SAPMKPT5                       Program SAPMKPT5                                                      .
SAPMKPU1                       Plan Revaluation: Maintenance Transactions                            .
SAPMKPU2                       Revaluation: Trace Module Pool                                        .
SAPMKSA0                       Maintain Cost Center Accrual Calculation                              .
SAPMKSRD                       Cost center rollup                                                    .
SAPMKSRE                       Execute Rollup                                                        .
SAPMKSZB                       Calculate CO-OM Accrual                                               .
SAPMKWM1                       Program to Transfer LIS Data to CO                                    .
SAPMKXHI                       SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenance                                        .
SAPML03N                       Maintain Emergency Switch for Change Management in Decentralized WMS  .
SAPML03T                       Generate transfer order: screens, reference documents, ...            .
SAPML04I                       Module pool inventory                                                 .
SAPML05S                       Module pool coll.proc.                                                .
SAPMLDAP                       Directory Connection                                                  .
SAPMLDAPMAP                    Program SAPMLDAPMAP                                                   .
SAPMM00C                       Dynamic Sreen Modification                                            .
SAPMM03A                       Display Change Documents                                              .
SAPMM03D                       Maintain MRP Profiles for Material Master                             .
SAPMM03E                       Maintain Units of Measure for Material                                .
SAPMM03G                       Set Deletion Flags for Material                                       .
SAPMM03K                       Maintain Short Texts on Material                                      .
SAPMM03M                       Material Master Maintenance                                           .
SAPMM03S                       Maintain Special Stocks                                               .
SAPMM03Y                       Maintain Material Management Record                                   .
SAPMM03Z                       Change Material Type                                                  .
SAPMM06B                       Module Pool: Purchase Requisitions                                    .
SAPMM06E                       Module Pool: PO History                                               .
SAPMM06I                       Module Pool, Purchasing Info Processing                               .
SAPMM06L                       Module Pool: Vendor Evaluation                                        .
SAPMM06R                       Reporting: Purchasing Documents                                       .
SAPMM07I                       Module Pool for Physical Inventory                                    .
SAPMM07M                       Module Pool for Goods Movements                                       .
SAPMM07N                       Output Determination: Inventory Management                            .
SAPMM07R                       Module Pool for Reservations                                          .
SAPMM07S                       Module pool for inventory sampling                                    .
SAPMM08K                       GR/IR Clearing Account Maintenance                                    .
SAPMM08N                       Invoice Overview                                                      .
SAPMM08N_MR1B                  Invoice Overview                                                      .
SAPMM08T                       Invoice Verification: Texts                                           .
SAPMM08Y                       Module Pool for Transactions MR32, MR33, MR34, and MR35               .
SAPMM11E                       Test Entry                                                            .
SAPMM11P                       External Services Management: Master Data, Service Item               .
SAPMM11Y                       Test Program: Entry SAPLMLSR                                          .
SAPMM60M                       PP Demand Management - EXCEL - Interface                              .
SAPMM60X                       Module Pool                                                           .
SAPMM61C                       Customizing for MRP                                                   .
SAPMM61G                       Create, change, and display run schedule headers                      .
SAPMM61I                       PPC Planning Calendar                                                 .
SAPMM61K                       MRP control program                                                   .
SAPMM61L                       Long-Term Planning: Planning Scenario                                 .
SAPMM61O                       Display Source Requirements                                           .
SAPMM61P                       Planned Order Processing                                              .
SAPMM61R                       MRP List                                                              .
SAPMM61S                       Maintaining BOM Explosion Numbers                                     .
SAPMM61U                       New Key Assignment for Projects                                       .
SAPMM61W                       Forecast                                                              .
SAPMM61X                       Run-time statistics                                                   .
SAPMMBW1                       EC: Display Special Stocks                                            .
SAPMMCHCL                      Batch Class Conversion                                                .
SAPMMCL1                       Logistics Information Library                                         .
SAPMMCLF                       Classification Module Pool                                            .
SAPMMCLK                       Class Maintenance as a Tool for Various Objects                       .
SAPMMCLS                       Search Result                                                         .
SAPMMCLU                       Classes: Utilities                                                    .
SAPMMCP3                       Product Groups Management                                             .
SAPMMCP6                       Module Pool: Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)                        .
SAPMMCP7                       Module Pool: Create Activity for Background Processing                .
SAPMMCS1                       Central Module Pool for Generating Statistics Types                   .
SAPMMCS2                       Central Module Pool for Creating Evaluations                          .
SAPMMCS3                       Maintain Field Catalogs and Info Structures                           .
SAPMMCS7                       Module Pool for Defining Logical Evaluation Structures                .
SAPMMCSC                       Customizing: Standard Analyses                                        .
SAPMMCSE                       Event Generation: LIS                                                 .
SAPMMCSH                       Module Pool for General Hierarchy                                     .
SAPMMCSV                       Module Pool for Managing Selection Versions in LIS                    .
SAPMMCY1                       Module Pool for Early Warning: Exceptions Management                  .
SAPMMDRP                       Module Pool: Distribution Resources Planung                           .
SAPMMEWP                       Web based PO Create                                                   .
SAPMMG01                       Control Program: Material Master Maintenance                          .
SAPMMG02                       Control Program for Retail Material Master Maintenance                .
SAPMMGC5                       Program SAPMMGC5                                                      .
SAPMMMLS                       Module Pool Transaction MMLS                                          .
SAPMMPKB                       Kanban Board                                                          .
SAPMMPKR                       Control Cycle Definition                                              .
SAPMMPKW                       Transactions for KANBAN Internet Applications                         .
SAPMMPRP                       Maintain Forecast Profiles for Material Master                        .
SAPMMRHW                       Module Pool SAPMMRHW (Invoice Posting/Verification)                   .
SAPMMSDL                       Cross-Application Initial Screen for Mass Maintenance                 .
SAPMMTSK                       Make Multitasking Settings                                            .
SAPMMWCH                       Program SAPMMWCH                                                      .
SAPMMWE0                       Main Program MEW0                                                     .
SAPMMWE1                       Module Pool: Create Requirement Coverage Request                      .
SAPMMWE2                       Module Pool: Release of Purchase Requisitions - MEW3                  .
SAPMMWE3                       Module Pool: Release of Purchasing Documents - MEW5                   .
SAPMMWE6                       Module Pool: Create Requirement Coverage Request                      .
SAPMN1A0                       ISHMED: Master Data Maint. - Service That Can Be Performed Internally .
SAPMN1ABWMSG                   IS-H*MED: Table Maintenance for N1ABWMSG                              .
SAPMN1AF                       IS-H*MED: Define Request Type - Initial Screen                        .
SAPMN1AT                       IS-H*MED: Define Request Type - Initial Screen                        .
SAPMN1B0                       ISHMED: Maintain Org. Unit - Assignment                               .
SAPMN1L0                       IS-H*MED: Subsequent Service Entry (Initial Screen)                   .
SAPMN1L1                       IS-H*MED: List of Cataloged Diagnoses                                 .
SAPMN1L2                       IS-H*MED: Employees Involved                                          .
SAPMN1L3                       IS-H*MED: Module Pool for Materials Consumed                          .
SAPMN1L4                       IS-H*MED: Initial Screen for Worklist                                 .
SAPMN1MATV                     IS-H*MED: Module Pool for Materials Consumed                          .
SAPMN1MATVOLD                  IS-H*MED: Module Pool for Materials Consumed                          .
SAPMN1MLZUO                    Maintain Material Proposal:                                           .
SAPMN1P1                       IS-H*MED: Module Pool for 'Specify treatment' + 'Request services'    .
SAPMN1PM                       IS-H*MED: Module Pool for Patient Monitor                             .
SAPMN1PW                       IS-H*MED: Application - Waiting List for Patient Routing System       .
SAPMN2SD                       IS-H*MED: System Admin. for Parameterizable Documentation             .
SAPMN2TL                       IS-H*MED: Transaction Frame for Toolbox                               .
SAPMNB01                       Bus. Vol. Comparison/Agreement: Subsequent Settlement - no longer used.
SAPMNB20                       IS-H: Maintain Organizational Units                                   .
SAPMNB21                       IS-H: Maintain Organizational Hierarchy                               .
SAPMNB22                       IS-H: Maintain Inter-Departmental Bed Assignments                     .
SAPMNB23                       IS-H: Maintenance Of Statistical Bed Figures                          .
SAPMNB24                       IS-H: Maintainance Of Organizational Unit - Building Unit Assignments .
SAPMNB30                       IS-H: Maintain Building Units                                         .
SAPMNB32                       IS-H: Maintain Building Hierarchy                                     .
SAPMNB33                       IS-H: Maintain Building Unit Planning Characteristics                 .
SAPMNB34                       IS-H: Maintain Building Unit Facilities Characteristics               .
SAPMNBEG                       IS-H: Module Pool Medical Grounds                                     .
SAPMNBU1                       IS-H: Maintain Fixed Values of User Master                            .
SAPMNC01                       IS-HCM: Maintain Message Structures                                   .
SAPMNC02                       IS-HCM: Maintain Message Structures                                   .
SAPMNDIA                       IS-H: Diagnosis Documentation                                         .
SAPMNDRG                       IS-H: DRG Processing                                                  .
SAPMNDYM                       IS-H: Screen Modification                                             .
SAPMNEO01                      IS-H: External Order Administration                                   .
SAPMNEO02                      IS-H: External Orders - Management of Order Placer Master Data        .
SAPMNEX1                       IS-H: Copayments (Initial Screen)                                     .
SAPMNFKL                       IS-H: Case Classification (Gen. Case Class. / Nrs. Acuity Class)      .
SAPMNKRS                       Error Log Number Ranges                                               .
SAPMNL01                       IS-H: Service Entry/IV Request In-House SC/Billing Information        .
SAPMNL03                       IS-H: Preliminary Service Entry - Module Pool                         .
SAPMNM02                       IS-H: Material Requisition (Case-Related)                             .
SAPMNM03                       IS-H: Material Requisition (OU-Related)                               .
SAPMNP47                       IS-H: Maintain Procedures for Case                                    .
SAPMNPA1                       IS-H: Outpatient Admission                                            .
SAPMNPA10                      IS-H: Clinical Process Builder                                        .
SAPMNPA2                       IS-H: Inpatient Admission                                             .
SAPMNPA3                       IS-H: Transfer                                                        .
SAPMNPA4                       IS-H: Module Pool Call FM Insurance Patient/Case                      .
SAPMNPA5                       IS-H: Absences                                                        .
SAPMNPA6                       IS-H: Case Overview                                                   .
SAPMNPA7                       IS-H: Medical Record Management                                       .
SAPMNPA8                       IS-H: Discharge                                                       .
SAPMNPB1                       IS-H: Care Unit Mgmt (Occupancy Statistics / Unit Overview )          .
SAPMNPB2                       IS-H: Outpatient Clinic Management                                    .
SAPMNPK1                       IS-H: Insurance Verification (Initial Screen)                         .
SAPMNPR0                       IS-H: Collective Invoice - Create and Print                           .
SAPMNRL1                       IS-H: Enter Statistics for Evaluating the NLSU File                   .
SAPMNSERV01                    IS-H: Service Entry for All Cases                                     .
SAPMNT11                       IS-H: Service Master with Time-Dependent Catalog Columns (Intervals)  .
SAPMNT31                       IS-H: Maintain Service Group                                          .
SAPMNT40                       ISHMED: Assignment of Person - Qualification                          .
SAPMNT60                       ISHMED: Master Data Maint. - Service That Can Be Performed Internally .
SAPMNTPL                       IS-H: Template Transaction                                            .
SAPMNWCH70                     IS-H CH: Insurance Verification                                       .
SAPMNWCH90                     IS-H CH: Fee recipient                                                .
SAPMNWPCB                      IS-H: Customizing Workplace MiniApps: Inpatient Billing               .
SAPMO10M                       Split Valuation of Materials                                          .
SAPMO20M                       Automatic Posting                                                     .
SAPMOH20                       CUSTOMIZING: Maintain payroll constant groups                         .
SAPMOIAD                       Exchange Statement Print Request Processing                           .
SAPMOIAJ                       Exchange user exits                                                   .
SAPMOIAN                       Exchange - Netting Statement                                          .
SAPMOIAQ                       Line Items (Module Pool)                                              .
SAPMOIAU                       LIA Module Pool                                                       .
SAPMOIB2                       Transactions - for oil quantity conversion maintenance                .
SAPMOIB_DEF                    Program SAPMOIB_DEF                                                   .
SAPMOICF                       Formula and Average Pricing Maintenance Dialog                        .
SAPMOICJ                       Modifikationstool: Generierungsprogramm                               .
SAPMOICSDPDCM                  Program SAPMOICSDPDCM                                                 .
SAPMOIFA                       IS-Oil MRN Business Location maintenance                              .
SAPMOIFD                       IS-Oil MRN change document processing                                 .
SAPMOIGA                       TD compatibilities                                                    .
SAPMOIGC                       TD Transport Unit                                                     .
SAPMOIGD                       TD Driver                                                             .
SAPMOIGM                       TD Vehicle Meters                                                     .
SAPMOIGR                       TD Rack Meters                                                        .
SAPMOIGS                       TD Transport for scheduling, loading and delivery confirmation        .
SAPMOIGV                       TD Master Data - Vehicles                                             .
SAPMOIHL                       Module pool for license master data                                   .
SAPMOIHL2                      License Master Data                                                   .
SAPMOIIA                       Storage object assignment maintenance - non application specific      .
SAPMOIIC_DIP                   Tank Dip Creation                                                     .
SAPMOIID                       Meter assignment maintenance - non application specific               .
SAPMOIII                       Customer inventory update                                             .
SAPMOIJA                       IS-Oil TSW: Master data - Transport system                            .
SAPMOIJL                       IS-Oil TSW: Master Data - TSW Locations                               .
SAPMOIJPI                      OIL-TSW: Update physical inventory                                    .
SAPMOIJR                       IS-OIL TSW: Master Data - Partner Roles                               .
SAPMOIJRD                      Stock Projection Worksheet                                            .
SAPMOIJT                       IS-OIL TSW: Ticket processing - enter or change a movement document   .
SAPMOIJTN                      TSW: Ticket processing                                                .
SAPMOIJTS_CD                   Transport system change document processing                           .
SAPMOIKM                       TAS LID master data maintenance                                       .
SAPMOIKN                       Release LID's                                                         .
SAPMOIKP                       IS-OIL  TPI Shipment Planning Workbench                               .
SAPMOIKT                       Time / date maintenance for Orders/Deliveries/Shipments               .
SAPMOIKU                       LID Load data User Interface                                          .
SAPMOIRB                       IS-Oil SSR Business Location maintenance                              .
SAPMOIRB_01                    IS-OIL SSR Location area management                                   .
SAPMOIREDTF                    Payment Cards Transaction Data Application                            .
SAPMOIRH_21                    Internet Transaction for Competitor Price Watch(IS-OIL, SSR)          .
SAPMOIRH_31                    Internet Transaction for Location Master data access (IS-Oil SSR)     .
SAPMOIRH_41                    Internet Transaction for Meter Reading(IS-OIL, SSR)                   .
SAPMOIRH_51                    Internet Transaction for Dip Reading(IS-OIL, SSR)                     .
SAPMOIUCI_CDEX_REMX            CDEX to Remitter Cross Reference                                      .
SAPMOIUCI_CDEX_WORKPLACE       CDEX Workplace                                                        .
SAPMOIUCI_PPD                  PRA Payment Posting Desktop                                           .
SAPMOIUCI_PRODXREF             CDEX Company Product Cross Reference                                  .
SAPMOIUCM_MAINTAIN_CM_SN_NR    Maintain PRA Number Ranges                                            .
SAPMOIUCW_BANK_DATA            Program SAPMOIUCW_BANK_DATA                                           .
SAPMOIUGT_GRAPHICS_EDITOR      Upstream Graphics Editor                                              .
SAPMOIUREP_MMS_2014            MMS-2014 Master Data/Reporting                                        .
SAPMOIUX1_MASTER_QUY           Tax reporting Master Maintenance                                      .
SAPMOIUX1_TAX_ADJ              Program SAPMOIUX1_TAX_ADJ                                             .
SAPMOIUX1_TAX_MSTR_MNT         Tax reporting Master Maintenance                                      .
SAPMOIUX1_TAX_REPORTING        Tax reporting execution and viewing environment                       .
SAPMOLVI                       CS Selection Menus for MM-WM - Customizing                            .
SAPMOMB1                       Reason for Movement                                                   .
SAPMOMB2                       Default Values: Reservation                                           .
SAPMOMB3                       Stock Balance Display                                                 .
SAPMOMB4                       Number Ranges: Purchasing                                             .
SAPMOMB5                       General Printer Setting, Inventory Management                         .
SAPMOMB6                       General Printer Setting, Inventory Management                         .
SAPMOMB7                       Dynamic Availability OMB1, OMCP, OMCM                                 .
SAPMOMB9                       Automatic Storage Location                                            .
SAPMOMBA                       Stock Balance Display                                                 .
SAPMOMBB                       Print Label                                                           .
SAPMOMBC                       Availability of Plant Stock                                           .
SAPMOMBD                       Global Valuation Parameters Table TCURM                               .
SAPMOMBE                       Global Valuation Parameters Table TCURM                               .
SAPMOMBF                       Prototype view cluster with SUBSCREEN technology (STEP LOOP)          .
SAPMOMD1                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD2                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD3                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD4                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD5                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD6                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD7                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMD8                       Classifiable Objects                                                  .
SAPMOMDB                       Customizing: Convert Planned Order -" Production Order                .
SAPMOMEL                       Purchasing Lists                                                      .
SAPMOMEV                       Customizing: Consignment via Consignment Info Record                  .
SAPMOMEW                       Customizing: Activate chargeable info record                          .
SAPMOMR0                       Invoice Verification: Referenced Screens                              .
SAPMOMR2                       Doc. Types/No. Ranges   GR/IR Clearing Account Maintenance            .
SAPMOMR3                       Tolerance Keys and Tolerance Limits                                   .
SAPMOMR4                       Document Supplement                                                   .
SAPMOMS0                       Material Master Data, Preceding Screens                               .
SAPMOMS1                       Factory Calendar/Plant Assignment                                     .
SAPMOMS2                       Number Range Maintenance: Vendor OMCJ                                 .
SAPMOMS3                       Valuation Classes and Account Category Reference                      .
SAPMOMS4                       Units of Measurement                                                  .
SAPMOMW0                       Valuation: Previous Screen                                            .
SAPMOMW1                       Document Types/No. Ranges   Price Changes                             .
SAPMOMW2                       Document Types/No. Ranges   Debit/Credit Material                     .
SAPMOPFI                       Business Transaction Events: Additional Menu Components               .
SAPMOPFIIMG                    Module Pool for calling the "Area Menu" FIBF from IMG                 .
SAPMOPPQ                       Sub-screen for Customizing External Procurement in MRP                .
SAPMOUT1                       Logistics: previous screens                                           .
SAPMP000_M07_C224              Infotype 224 Conversion Workbench, Canada                             .
SAPMP50A                       HR Master Data: Initial Screen                                        .
SAPMP50ASR                     Module Pool HR Administrative Services (DAB)                          .
SAPMP50A_CE                    Person ID & Combo Box for PersAssignments                             .
SAPMP50D                       Infotypes                                                             .
SAPMP50J                       Enhancement Tool for Personnel Administration Infotypes               .
SAPMP50R                       Popup to get MOLGA                                                    .
SAPMP51E                       Time Management Pool                                                  .
SAPMP51S                       Module Pool for Work Schedule Generation                              .
SAPMP52X                       Transaction PA03: Maintain Personnel Control Record                   .
SAPMP53B                       Module Pool for Statements                                            .
SAPMP53L                       Module Pool for Incentive Wages Entries                               .
SAPMP56F                       Module Pool for Posting Transaction HR-FI/CO                          .
SAPMP56PS_TRG                  Program SAPMP56PS_TRG                                                 .
SAPMP56T_PD                    Program SAPMP56T_PD                                                   .
SAPMP56T_WEB_INTERFACE         Module Pool for Testing PTRA_WEB_INTERFACE Function Modules           .
SAPMP56V                       Edit Advances                                                         .
SAPMP5A0                       Module Pool for Payroll Menu (Austria)                                .
SAPMP5C0                       Fast Entry of Initial Entry Data (Switzerland)                        .
SAPMP5E0                       Fast data entry for master data Spain                                 .
SAPMP5F0                       Master Data Fast Entry (France)                                       .
SAPMP5G0                       HR-GB: Module Pool for Fast-entry New Hire                            .
SAPMP5GQ                       Qualifying Day Pattern Generation                                     .
SAPMP5P0                       HR-PT: Fast Entry of Action Data                                      .
SAPMP5U0                       HR US: Fast Data Entry Initial Entry                                  .
SAPMP5X0_CE                    Hiring - Identification of Employees                                  .
SAPMPAB1                       Display / change JIT calls                                            .
SAPMPAC0                       HR-CH: PC Administration: User interface maint. for processing control.
SAPMPACA                       HR-CH: PF: Administration                                             .
SAPMPACB                       HR-CH: Pension Fund : Account Management                              .
SAPMPACC                       HR-PF: Pension Fund Debugger                                          .
SAPMPACE                       HR-CH: Pension Fund : Display and Maintain Postings                   .
SAPMPACO                       Account/Posting Maintenance PF                                        .
SAPMPACP                       HR-CH: Menu pension fund adinistration                                .
SAPMPACT                       HR-CH: User interface maintenance for PC parameter                    .
SAPMPAKY                       Adjustment transaction                                                .
SAPMPAP3                       Applicant Activities (PB50 and PB60)                                  .
SAPMPAP4                       Identification of Multiple Applicants and Former Employees            .
SAPMPAP6                       Fast Data Entry: Transfer Applicant Data                              .
SAPMPAP9                       Access WinWord for Customizing                                        .
SAPMPBWD                       Initial Screen for Statements SAPScript                               .
SAPMPCA3                       EC-PCA: Delete Transaction Data                                       .
SAPMPCAP                       EC-PCA: Change Plan Data/GL Planning                                  .
SAPMPCP0                       Posting to Accounting: Edit posting runs                              .
SAPMPDSY                       Program SAPMPDSY                                                      .
SAPMPE00                       Maintain Schemas and Personnel Calculation Rules                      .
SAPMPE01                       Editor for Payroll Schemas                                            .
SAPMPE04                       Transaction PE04: Create Functions and Operations                     .
SAPMPE50                       HR Form Editor                                                        .
SAPMPE51                       HR Form Editor                                                        .
SAPMPE51_CHECKTABLES           Maintain Check Tables for HR Forms                                    .
SAPMPECLUSTER                  SAPMPECLUSTER program                                                 .
SAPMPEST                       Display/Maintenance of a Process Model for Status Management          .
SAPMPEXPQ                      Program SAPMPEXPQ                                                     .
SAPMPFDE                       HR-PF: PC Editor II                                                   .
SAPMPFM1                       Period-End Partner: Main Program                                      .
SAPMPHIPAA1                    Program SAPMPHIPAA1                                                   .
SAPMPHRWFD_EM                  HCM - WFD Employee Maintenance                                        .
SAPMPLAN                       Maintain Planning Parameters                                          .
SAPMPMMI                       HR: Common Interface for Master Data Maintenance                      .
SAPMPMWF                       HTML Screen for Workflow Template 20000317                            .
SAPMPPFBOOKDEMO                PPF: Book Management (Demo Application)                               .
SAPMPRAP                       Interface for External Applicant Systems                              .
SAPMPRSM00FBA                  External HR Master Data                                               .
SAPMPRSM00PAR                  Create Parameters for External Employee Data                          .
SAPMPT50                       Quota Overview                                                        .
SAPMPTKC                       Tax calculation tools for Canada                                      .
SAPMPU12                       Connection to Third-Party Payroll - Module Pool for Transaction PU12  .
SAPMPU16                       Check Management                                                      .
SAPMPU19                       Tax Reporter USA                                                      .
SAPMPU30                       Wage type maintenance - Module pool for transaction PU30              .
SAPMPU95                       HR: Maintenance Interface for T512W - Views                           .
SAPMPU98                       Assignment of Wage Types to Wage Type Groups                          .
SAPMPUFK                       Edit Forms                                                            .
SAPMPUST                       Modules for Status Management                                         .
SAPMPUU1                       BSI Testing Tool                                                      .
SAPMPW02                       Internet scenario 'career center' : OBSOLETE (substituted by PBW3)    .
SAPMPW03_TC                    Module pool SAPMPW03_TC                                               .
SAPMPW04                       SAPMPW04: OBSOLETE                                                    .
SAPMPW10                       Programm SAPMPW10: OBSOLETE                                           .
SAPMPYKT                       Configuration Copier                                                  .
SAPMPZ00                       ESS: Start Menu                                                       .
SAPMPZ01                       Who's Who                                                             .
SAPMPZ01C                      Program SAPMPZ01C (Transaction PZ01C)                                 .
SAPMPZ04                       ESS: Control Using Header and Data Screen for Web Report              .
SAPMPZ07                       Module Pool for Internet Scenario "Participation Overview"            .
SAPMPZ14                       Module pool for internet scenario "Enrollment"                        .
SAPMPZ15                       ESS - Hire Event                                                      .
SAPMPZ23                       Program SAPMPZ23 (Transaction PZ23)                                   .
SAPMPZ30                       Program SAPMPZ30                                                      .
SAPMPZ40                       Module pool for internet scenario 'Spending Account Claims'           .
SAPMPZ43                       Module pool for internet scenario 'Retirement plan valuation results' .
SAPMPZ50                       Who's Who: Your Own Data                                              .
SAPMPZ63                       Module pool for internet scenario "Enrollment"                        .
SAPMPZ64                       Module Pool for Internet Scenario "Participation Overview"            .
SAPMQBAA                       QM in Procurement: Edit Q-info                                        .
SAPMQCPA                       Process Certificate Profile                                           .
SAPMQCPR                       Program SAPMQCPR: Certificates in Procurement                         .
SAPMQCWA                       Module Pool: Quality Certificate on the World Wide Web (Dialogs)      .
SAPMQDDR                       Module Pool for Dynamic Modification Rules                            .
SAPMQDQL                       Module Pool for the Quality Level                                     .
SAPMQDSP                       Module Pool for Sampling Schemes                                      .
SAPMQDSV                       Module Pool for Sampling Procedures                                   .
SAPMQEEA                       Inspection Results Processing                                         .
SAPMQEVA                       Usage Decisions / Stock Postings in QM                                .
SAPMQFFE                       Defects Recording: Initial                                            .
SAPMQM00                       QM: SUBSCREENs for Quality Notifications                              .
SAPMQMSP                       Material Specifications                                               .
SAPMQMWF                       HTML Screen for Workflow Template 24500047 - Quality Notification     .
SAPMQPBA                       Usage of Code Groups                                                  .
SAPMQPCA                       Inspection Method Use                                                 .
SAPMQPDA                       Master Inspection Characteristic Usage                                .
SAPMQSCA                       Maintain Inspection Method Master                                     .
SAPMQSEA                       Inspection Catalog: Evaluations                                       .
SAPMQVDM                       QM Information Record, QM Control in SD                               .
SAPMRHPE_WWW                   Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance -" Main Program                      .
SAPMRHPE_WWW_DEMO              Advanced HR: Person for User                                          .
SAPMRHPE_WWW_HEAD_PERSON       Advanced HR: Object Header -" Person                                  .
SAPMRHPE_WWW_PART_QUALI        Advanced HR: Subprofile -" Qualifications                             .
SAPMRMCU                       Repetitive Manufacturing Profile ASSISTANT                            .
SAPMRRI1                       Report Monitor                                                        .
SAPMRSA1                       Old AWB                                                               .
SAPMRSAU                       Module Pool for Maintenance of the Update Rules                       .
SAPMRSBW                       Program SAPMSUGL                                                      .
SAPMRSCATTAWB                  Program SAPMRSCATTAWB                                                 .
SAPMRSD0                       Start: Editing InfoCube / InfoObject catalog                          .
SAPMRSDO                       Maintenance InfoObject                                                .
SAPMRSPLF1                     Program SAPMRPLF1                                                     .
SAPMRSSE                       Selection start InfoCube                                              .
SAPMS01C                       Maintain Authorizations and Profiles                                  .
SAPMS01D                       Create Authorization Fields (obsolete)                                .
SAPMS01E                       Create Authorization Objects                                          .
SAPMS01J                       Maintain User                                                         .
SAPMS05W                       Internet User Administration                                          .
SAPMS33C                       Context Builder: Initial Screen                                       .
SAPMS380                       ABAP Runtime Error                                                    .
SAPMS38E                       ABAP Program Development: Editor (SE38)                               .
SAPMS38L                       Function Builder                                                      .
SAPMS38M                       ABAP/4 prorgram development - Reporting (SE38, SA38, SC38)            .
SAPMS38O                       Maintain InfoSets                                                     .
SAPMS38R                       Maintain queries                                                      .
SAPMS38S                       Maintain User Groups                                                  .
SAPMS38T                       Runtime Analysis                                                      .
SAPMS38U                       ABAP Query: Additional function maintenance                           .
SAPMS38V                       Table TVARV: Maintenance Using SM31 or Directly Using STVARV          .
SAPMSAD0                       Address Management: Module Pool For Transactions                      .
SAPMSADR                       Address maintenance transaction initial screen                        .
SAPMSBDT                       Transaktionsrecorder Batch-Input                                      .
SAPMSBR0                       Industry utilities                                                    .
SAPMSBRU0                      Program SAPMSBRU0                                                     .
SAPMSCAT                       Computer Aided Test Tool                                              .
SAPMSCC1                       Copy Client-Specific Tables from a Client                             .
SAPMSCDO                       Change document creation maintenance object module pool               .
SAPMSCEM                       CATT - EM                                                             .
SAPMSCKT                       Object Directory Consistency Check                                    .
SAPMSCLS                       Simulation: Customer enhancements                                     .
SAPMSCMP                       Split-Screen Editor for ABAP/4 Comparison                             .
SAPMSCOMP                      User Company Address Maintenance                                      .
SAPMSCUA                       Program SAPMSCUA                                                      .
SAPMSD20                       Matchcode Object: Attribute                                           .
SAPMSD23                       Matchcode ID: Attribute                                               .
SAPMSD24                       ABAP Dictionary: Aggregate: Fields for Matchcode ID                   .
SAPMSD26                       DD:Aggregate: Base tables for MC object                               .
SAPMSD27                       ABAP Dictionary: Aggregates: Fields for View, Entity View, MC Object  .
SAPMSD28                       DD: Aggregate: Sel. cond. for MC ID                                   .
SAPMSDBE                       Explain an SQL statement                                              .
SAPMSDIA                       Dialog Module Administration                                          .
SAPMSDXX                       DD: Dialog Modules for DD in SEU                                      .
SAPMSDYN                       Tree Structure of Screen Sequence                                     .
SAPMSED4                       Segment editor                                                        .
SAPMSED5                       IDoc type development                                                 .
SAPMSED6                       Editor for maintaining views of logical message for IDoc type         .
SAPMSED7                       IDoc: Test Tool for IDoc Inbound Processing                           .
SAPMSEDC                       Editor Splitscreen: Initial Screen                                    .
SAPMSEDIDOCU                   Documentation in the area IDoc Interface                              .
SAPMSEDIPARTNER                Maintain Partner Profile                                              .
SAPMSEDMESTYP                  Message tree for IDoc processing                                      .
SAPMSEDPORT                    Port Definition for IDoc Processing                                   .
SAPMSEDR                       IDoc: Repair and check programs                                       .
SAPMSEDS                       DD_ Technical Settings Maintenance Transaction                        .
SAPMSEDT                       ABAP Editor                                                           .
SAPMSEM1                       System Messages                                                       .
SAPMSEMM_UTIL                  Modification Browser Initial Screen: Utilities                        .
SAPMSERP                       Report Tree                                                           .
SAPMSEUM                       ABAP/4 Development Workbench Information System: Maint. SE89 Trees    .
SAPMSEUN                       Menu Painter: Standards Maintenance                                   .
SAPMSEUZ                       Call hierarchy                                                        .
SAPMSF01                       Maintenance of Process Model Elements: Initial Screen                 .
SAPMSGTB                       Database Utilities for DD Tables                                      .
SAPMSHD0                       Transaction Variant Maintenance                                       .
SAPMSHLP                       SAP Help System                                                       .
SAPMSIWB_STRUC_EDITOR_LINK     Program SAPMSIWB_STRUC_EDITOR_LINK                                    .
SAPMSIZE                       Program SAPMSIZE                                                      .
SAPMSJOB                       Job Administration User Interface                                     .
SAPMSL02                       PAW - Entrance Menue                                                  .
SAPMSL311                      PAW - Test Type Definition                                            .
SAPMSL32                       PAW - Test Catalog Definition                                         .
SAPMSL96                       PAW - Results - Release Control                                       .
SAPMSLDAPICUST                 Customizing: Access data System Landscape Directory                   .
SAPMSLDB                       Module Pool for Transaction SLDB (Logical Databases)                  .
SAPMSLIC                       SAP License Transaction SLIC                                          .
SAPMSLLT                       Display of Translation Performance Statistics                         .
SAPMSLOG                       Log Management: Display and Reorganization                            .
SAPMSLW_ADMIN                  Program SAPMSLW_ADMIN                                                 .
SAPMSLW_ADMIN_II               Program SAPMSLW_ADMIN                                                 .
SAPMSM13                       Program SAPMSM13                                                      .
SAPMSM14                       Program SAPMSM14                                                      .
SAPMSM19                       Security Audit: Audit Parameter Settings (Global, Permanent)          .
SAPMSM29                       Transfer of Model for (Client-Specific) Tables                        .
SAPMSMES                       Module Pool for Messages/Message IDs                                  .
SAPMSMOD                       SAP Enhancement Management                                            .
SAPMSMPE                       Master transaction for GUI tes                                        .
SAPMSMWF                       HTML Screens for Workflow Template 20000318 - Service Notification    .
SAPMSNRO                       Number Range Object Maintenance initial screen                        .
SAPMSNUM                       Parameterized Transaction for Number Range Interval Maintenance       .
SAPMSP00                       Sequencing                                                            .
SAPMSPAM                       Module Pool for Transaction SPAM                                      .
SAPMSPTP                       Maintain Text Elements For Formats                                    .
SAPMSQIO                       Queue Management Transaction                                          .
SAPMSRB1                       AS400 DDIC: ADIC Main Menu                                            .
SAPMSRCTP                      Remote Controlled Transaction Processing: server part of controller   .
SAPMSRD0                       ABAP Dictionary Initial Screen                                        .
SAPMSRMQUERY                   Program SAPMSRMQUERY                                                  .
SAPMSROLECMP                   Program SAPMSROLECMP                                                  .
SAPMSRR1                       System Administration Assistant: Main Module                          .
SAPMSRT0                       Program SAPMSRT1                                                      .
SAPMSS03                       Performance: Workload analysis of the SAP system (transaction ST03)   .
SAPMSSCA                       Appointment Calendar: Administration                                  .
SAPMSSCB                       Help Routines for Form Debugger                                       .
SAPMSSCC                       Customizing of SAPscript Control Tables                               .
SAPMSSCD                       Display Text as ABAP List                                             .
SAPMSSCE                       SAPscript Standard Text Maintenance                                   .
SAPMSSCF                       SAPscript Form Maintenance                                            .
SAPMSSCG                       SAPscript Translation Tool for Forms                                  .
SAPMSSCH                       SAPscript: Administration of Graphics Stored as Texts                 .
SAPMSSCO                       Font Administration                                                   .
SAPMSSCS                       SAPscript Style Maintenance                                           .
SAPMSSCU                       SAPscript: Maintenance Tools For Print Format Conversion              .
SAPMSSFO                       SAP Smart Forms: Maintenance Tool                                     .
SAPMSSFS                       SAP Smart Forms: Maintenance Tool for Smart Styles                    .
SAPMSSLS                       Demonstration: Selection Screen as Initial Screen of a Module Pool    .
SAPMSSOM                       SAPoffice: Dialog module SO_OBJECT_MANAGER                            .
SAPMSST1                       Project Analysis for CATT/IMG Projects                                .
SAPMSSY7                       Scheduler                                                             .
SAPMSSYS                       System (Internal): Start Report with Parameter Transaction SUB%       .
SAPMST10                       Table Call Statistics                                                 .
SAPMST100DIALOG                Initial Screen for T100 Call Dialog                                   .
SAPMSTAZ                       Display Table Contents                                                .
SAPMSTBM                       Old Standard Table Maintenance                                        .
SAPMSTFB                       CATT function module test                                             .
SAPMSTRD                       Output the number of tuples of table according to statistics          .
SAPMSTRO                       Output the Number of Tuples of Table According to Statistics          .
SAPMSU17                       Maintain Assignment Entity Type - Table                               .
SAPMSU20                       Maintain Authorization Fields                                         .
SAPMSUGL                       Program SAPMSUGL                                                      .
SAPMSVIM                       Extended table maintenance module generation                          .
SAPMSVMA                       Extended Table Maintenance: Dispatcher Transaction                    .
SAPMSWEC                       SUBSCREEN Prototype View Cluster (STEP LOOP)                          .
SAPMSWEV                       SUBSCREEN Prototype View Cluster (STEP LOOP)                          .
SAPMSWRP                       IAC: Initial Transaction for IAC Workflow Status                      .
SAPMSWUB                       Workflow: Maintain RFC Destination                                    .
SAPMSX02                       SAPconnect Easy E-Mail                                                .
SAPMSYNT                       Syntax Trace Analysis                                                 .
SAPMSYST                       System Program                                                        .
SAPMS_ABAP_TRACE               Runtime Analysis                                                      .
SAPMTABLECONTROL_TEMPLATE      Framework for table control generation (gen.)                         .
SAPMTABSTRIP_TEMPLATE          Framework for tabstrip control generation (gen.)                      .
SAPMTCUWS_MAT_APO              Program SAPMTCUWS_MAT_APO                                             .
SAPMTERM                       Maintain Print Filter                                                 .
SAPMTOBJ                       Specification of Maintenance and Transport Objects                    .
SAPMTS20000780H                Module Pool for task TS20000780                                       .
SAPMTTE_DT_MAINT_UI            Decision Tree Maintenance                                             .
SAPMTXWC                       Maintain global settings for data files (read/write)                  .
SAPMTXWV                       Data view maintenance                                                 .
SAPMTXXV                       Define Data Extract Views                                             .
SAPMTZ10                       Dialog Programming: Introductory Example (Data Transport)             .
SAPMTZ20                       Dialog Programming: Function Code Processing                          .
SAPMTZ30                       Dialog Programming: Input Checks                                      .
SAPMTZ31                       Dialog Programming: Input Checks                                      .
SAPMTZ40                       Dialog Programming: Screen Control                                    .
SAPMTZ50                       Dialog Programming: Screen Modification                               .
SAPMTZ60                       Dialog Programming: Tabular Display (Table Control)                   .
SAPMTZ61                       Dialog Programming: Tabular Display (Step Loop)                       .
SAPMTZ70                       Dialog Programming: Interface to List Processing                      .
SAPMTZ80                       Dialog Programming: Authorizations                                    .
SAPMTZ90                       Dialog Programming: Locking                                           .
SAPMTZA0                       Dialog Programming: Asynchronous Database Updates                     .
SAPMTZB0                       Dialog Programming: Documentation and Help                            .
SAPMU91I                       Sort ADW Text Files into TDM.. Tables, Version 'AD'                   .
SAPMUD00                       Data Modeler                                                          .
SAPMUNIT                       Module Pool for Unit of Measurement Maintenance                       .
SAPMUSLG                       Info system of distributed user                                       .
SAPMV08A                       Groups of SD Documents                                                .
SAPMV13A                       Condition Maintenance                                                 .
SAPMV13B                       Output Maintenance                                                    .
SAPMV13H                       Maintenance of Conditions for Batch Determination                     .
SAPMV13N                       Conditions: Maintain Free Goods/Bonus Buy                             .
SAPMV13R                       Derivation: Maintain Condition Records                                .
SAPMV14A                       Main Report for Generating Pricing Reports                            .
SAPMV23N                       Bonus buy: Maintenance of Material Grouping                           .
SAPMV43A                       Module Pool for Sales and Sales Support Activities                    .
SAPMV43M                       Module Pool for Processing Address Lists                              .
SAPMV45A                       Sales Order Processing                                                .
SAPMV45B                       Dummy Program for New Interface                                       .
SAPMV45W                       SD Scenario 'Order Entry with Configuration'                          .
SAPMV45X                       SD Scenario 'Order Status'                                            .
SAPMV45Y                       SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop'                                         .
SAPMV50A                       General Delivery Module Pool                                          .
SAPMV50B                       Module Pool Request Inb. Delivery / Confirmation of Picking Order     .
SAPMV52A                       Change transaction for Foreign Trade data                             .
SAPMV52E                       Module Pool Legal Control: Export License - General                   .
SAPMV52G                       Module Pool: Legal Control: License Data in Documents                 .
SAPMV53C                       W&S Module Pool: Customizing for Rough Workload Estimate + Pick. Waves.
SAPMV54A                       Module pool shipment costs general                                    .
SAPMV56A                       Module Pool Transport General                                         .
SAPMV56_CAR_PL_TN_EV           Programm SAPRV56_CAR_PL_TN_EV                                         .
SAPMV57A                       Module pool: Scale maintenance                                        .
SAPMV60A                       Processing Billing Documents                                          .
SAPMV689                       Download program                                                      .
SAPMV80H                       Modification Tool: Generation Program                                 .
SAPMV80P                       Customizing Partners                                                  .
SAPMV80T                       Text determination                                                    .
SAPMV86E                       Module pool for letter-of-credit processing                           .
SAPMV95E                       Foreign Trade: Preference Handling: General Functions                 .
SAPMV98E                       Foreign Trade: Customs Data                                           .
SAPMV99E                       Foreign Trade/Customs: Initial Screen FT Processing                   .
SAPMVBWB                       Maintenance Trans. for Assigning Values to Proptn Units/Product Units .
SAPMVEI1                       Create Vendor Declarations                                            .
SAPMVFSL                       Legal Control: Maintain Entries for Sanctioned Party Lists            .
SAPMVNV2                       WFMC: Access Output Types                                             .
SAPMVSIS                       PS: Versions, Integration                                             .
SAPMVVSP                       Parallelized Debit Entry                                              .
SAPMW01V                       Module Pool, Price Points                                             .
SAPMW01W                       Display Change Documents Initial Screen                               .
SAPMWAITEVENT                  Scheduler                                                             .
SAPMWAKA                       PROMOTION MANAGEMENT                                                  .
SAPMWAST                       Store Workbench: Promotions                                           .
SAPMWAUST                      Store Workbench: Allocation Tables                                    .
SAPMWB01                       Total Revaluation at Retail/Partial Revaluation at Rtl in Dialog Box  .
SAPMWBE2                       Maintain Plant Groups                                                 .
SAPMWBE3                       Dialog plant master                                                   .
SAPMWCM03                      Category Management: Project Maintenance                              .
SAPMWEWU                       Module pool for EMU conversions in Retail                             .
SAPMWFRM2                      Edit Distribution                                                     .
SAPMWFRM3                      Delivery Generation for a Distribution (CD, FT, Direct Distribution)  .
SAPMWFRM8                      Sub-item Handling in Purchasing (Own Routines and Subscreens)         .
SAPMWMFA                       MDP *** Main program MARKDOWN PLANNING ***                            .
SAPMWMVC                       Management of value and quota scales                                  .
SAPMWOG1                       Requirements Planning for Perishables                                 .
SAPMWOSD                       SAP Retail Store: Customer Maintenance                                .
SAPMWOSK                       SAP Retail Store: Consumer Order                                      .
SAPMWPED                       Sales audit editor user interface                                     .
SAPMWPRICREAT                  Maintenance of price catalogs                                         .
SAPMWPSTLE                     WPS Task List Enhancements                                            .
SAPMWPSTLHM                    DI A&D WPS: Task List Hierarchy                                       .
SAPMWRUECK                     Reply per Plant                                                       .
SAPMWS01000045H                Module pool for task WS01000045                                       .
SAPMWS01000060H                Module pool for task WS01000060                                       .
SAPMWS01000090H                Module pool for task WS01000090                                       .
SAPMWS01200170H                Module pool for task WS01200170                                       .
SAPMWS04200009H                Module Pool for Task WS20000081                                       .
SAPMWS20000081H                Module Pool for Task WS20000081                                       .
SAPMWS20000104                 Module pool for task WS20000104                                       .
SAPMWS20000377                 Module Pool for Task WS20000377                                       .
SAPMWSAF001                    Program SAPMWSAF001: Configuration dialog box                         .
SAPMWSAF002                    Program SAPMWSAF002: DSX configuration dialog box                     .
SAPMWSAPO                      Program SAPMWSAPO                                                     .
SAPMWSO2                       Assortment Module Maintenance                                         .
SAPMWSO3                       Listing Check for Copying Module of an Assortment                     .
SAPMWSO5                       Maintain Assortment Groups / Classes                                  .
SAPMWSO6                       Assortment Maintenance                                                .
SAPMWWCC                       Customer Maintenance on Internet                                      .
SAPMWWCC1                      Customer Maintenance on Internet                                      .
SAPMWWG2                       Maintain Material Groups/Classes and Assignments From Release 4.0     .
SAPMWWMC                       Product Catalog: Customizing                                          .
SAPMWWMJ                       Product Catalog in Internet via ALEWEB                                .
SAPMWWW0                       Objects for Internet Application Components                           .
SAPM_RISK_OBJECT               Maintenance Transaction for Risk Object                               .
SAPM_WRF_INVOICE_SEL_SCREEN    Module Pool for Screens for Invoice Document Overview (MIR6)          .
SAPM_WRF_PREPAY_SCREENS        Program SAPM_WRF_PREPAY_SCREENS                                       .
SAPNOLINKS                     Deactivate All Links in IDoc Area                                     .
SAPP5TW0                       HR-Taiwan: Fast entry of initial entry                                .
SAPPI250                       Transfer of R/2 Production Orders as PI Production Requirements       .
SAPPPKOM                       Maintain Technical Parameters for Communication Selection             .
SAPQISRW                       Program SAPQISRW                                                      .
SAPQMWWW                       Creating Quality Notifications on the WWW                             .
SAPRCKM_MR11_SHOW              Program SAPRCKM_MR11_SHOW                                             .
SAPRCKM_REPAIR_TABLES          Repair for Material Ledger Tables                                     .
SAPRFIKA                       Interactive Customer Information System                               .
SAPRLECHKIN                    Module Pool: Check-in                                                 .
SAPRVV34                       Container Program for Copy Screens for Fast Entry                     .
SAPSCPR7                       BC Sets: Activate                                                     .
SAPSMGFI                       Program SAPSMGFI                                                      .
SAPSMGFL                       Program SAPSMGFL                                                      .
SAPSMGV_VTYPE_CUSTOM_START     Program SAPSMGV_VTYPE_CUSTOM_START                                    .
SAPSURVEYADMIN                 Main program survey administration                                    .
SAPT457G                       Customizing transaction for MPS evaluation                            .
SAPTIMCC1COMPARAM              Program SAPTIMCC1COMPARAM                                             .
SAPUGJVD                       Joint Venture Master Maintenance Transaction - Update Modules         .
SAPUPS                         ALE Distribution Unit: Maintenance Interface                          .
SAPUPSC00                      ALE Distribution Unit: Customizing for Object Types                   .
SAPVF05A                       Module Pool for Sample SAPMF05A Screens                               .
SAPVF40K                       Module Pool for Sample SAPMF05A Screens                               .
SAPVF40S                       Module Pool for Sample SAPMF05A Screens                               .
SAPVFRAD                       Reference Screen for Payment Advice Items Fast Entry                  .
SAPVVKAG                       Main Program for Reference Screens for Fast Entry in SAPLVKAG         .
SBRN_TTT_MP                    SBRN Test Environment                                                 .
SCDT_SYSTEM_MAPPING            Program SCDT_SYSTEM_MAPPING                                           .
SDEMO_KWUIC_MULTI              Demo Program for Composite Control                                    .
SDEMO_KWUIC_SINGLE_IO          Demo program for composite control (single IO)                        .
SGOS_OBJ_DISPLAY               Default method of an object                                           .
SLXE_MASTER                    Main Program                                                          .
SMUM_EXPORT_ROLES              Export role program                                                   .
SPI_ALE_CALL                   Program SPI_ALE_CALL                                                  .
SPI_APP_LOG_CALL               Module Pool SPI_APP_LOG_CALL                                          .
SPI_BOR_CALL                   Program SPI_BOR_CALL                                                  .
SPI_CM_MAINTAIN                Metadata Maintenance Process Monitoring                               .
SPI_TRFC_CALL                  Program SPI_TRFC_CALL                                                 .
SPORTAL1                       Generic Transaction Starter                                           .
SPRX_WB_SETTINGS               Workbench Settings for proxy generation                               .
SPWSE_DTELMAP                  Include SPWSE_DTELMAP                                                 .
SUR_TRANS                      Survey: Transport Link Question Catalog and Questionnaire Structure   .
SWB_TOOL_ACCESS                Program SWB_TOOL_ACCESS                                               .
SWU5TS20000256H                Module pool for task TS20000256                                       .
SWU5WS20000102H                Module pool for task Aufgabe WS20000102                               .
S_TRUSTMANAGER                 Trust Manager                                                         .
TFVZTXT1                       Management of Table TZTXTS01 - Letter Table Text Interface            .
UCUWB000                       Program UCUWB000                                                      .
UGMD2_BDT_EXPERT_CUST          Program UGMD2_BDT_EXPERT_CUST                                         .
UGUWB000                       Program UCUWB000                                                      .
UGUWBCM0                       Program UGWBCM - Change Management                                    .
UMB_BSC_CUST                   Scorecard Design                                                      .
UMB_CM_MAINTAIN                Performance Overview: Maintenance                                     .
UMB_EBB_DESIGN                 Program UMB_EBB_DESIGN                                                .
UMB_MASS_MAINTENANCE           Balanced Scorecard Mass Maintenance                                   .
UMB_STRATEGY_MAP               Strategy map                                                          .
UMB_ST_NAV                     Program UMB_ST_NAV                                                    .
UMB_ST_VIEW                    View strategy template                                                .
UMC_CPM_MEAS                   Menu: Performance Measurement Design                                  .
UMC_CPM_STRAT                  Menu: Strategy Management Design                                      .
UMC_DFTRFC_CUST                Maintenance of the default BW system                                  .
UMC_HTTP_PROXY_CONF            Include UMC_HTTP_PROXY_CONF                                           .
UMK_BMK_XML_DOWNLOAD           Export Benchmark Values                                               .
UMK_MB_MAINTAIN                Measures & Benchmarks                                                 .
UMR_RB_MAIN                    Risk Builder                                                          .
USSRM                          Program USSRM                                                         .
USS_CUST_TABLE                 Maintenance of the Default BW System                                  .
USS_DESIGN                     Customizing                                                           .
USS_DFTRFC_CUST                Maintenance of the default BW system                                  .
USS_FILELOAD                   Program USS_FILELOAD (Load File to Server - Txn. USS_FAS)             .
USS_UDOC0                      Document Management                                                   .
USS_USTH0                      Stakeholder Management                                                .
USS_USUR0                      Web Survey: Edit Survey                                               .
USS_USUR1                      Web Survey: Select Recipients                                         .
VAL_RELN                       Release Note approval                                                 .
W3_MINIAPP_TOOLX               Maintain MiniApp                                                      .
WAF_WIZARD                     Wizard for Wireless Application Framework                             .
WDLCOPY_FILL                   Fill Customizing Table WDLCOPY                                        .
WISP_EINSTIEG                  Retail Planning: Planning Layout Maintenance: Initial Screen          .
WI_EXE_STARTER                 Start Work Item Execution                                             .
WRFM_WSO6                      Assortment Maintenance                                                .
WRF_CREATESHOP                 Program W_CREATESHOP                                                  .
WRF_MERKMALSWERTE              Program WRF_MERKMALSWERTE                                             .
WRF_SINGLESHOP                 Program WRF_SINGLESHOP                                                .
WSI_OCI_GUI                    Program WSI_OCI_GUI                                                   .
WSTN10                         Prepacks Maintenance and Allocation Planning Dialog                   .
WWIACWY1                       Who's Who: Basis Transaction                                          .
WWIACWY2                       Who's Who: Scrolling With Step Loops                                  .
WWIACWY3                       Who's Who: Input Help With FIELD-TRANSPORT                            .
WWIACWY4                       Who's Who: E-mail Connection                                          .
WWIACWY5                       Who's Who: Multiframe Transaction                                     .
WWIACWY6                       Who's Who: Synchronization (Single Frame)                             .
WWIACWY7                       Who's Who: Synchronization (Multiframe)                               .
WWIACWY8                       Who's Who: Synchronization (Multiframe With Change)                   .
W_RHPE_SKILLSPROFILE           Program W_RHPE_SKILLSPROFILE                                          .
W_RHPE_WWW_HEAD_PERSON         Advanced HR: Object Header -" Person                                  .
W_RHPE_WWW_PART_QUALI          Advanced HR: Subprofile -" Qualifications                             .
W_RHPE_WWW_START               Program W_RHPE_WWW_DEMO                                               .
*** End-of-List ***
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