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BADI                       Title                                                                             .

AAPM                       BAdI for PM-AA Integration                                                        .
ABI_IDOC_PROC_MODIF        BAdI: IDoc Processing Modifications                                               .
ACCL_PAY_MESSAGE           Accelerated Pay message handling                                                  .
ACC_DOCUMENT               Change to External Document before Accessing Acc. Interface                       .
ACEPS_ACCDET_STRUC         Fill Structure for Account Determination in Accrual Engine                        .
ACEPS_BAPIDOC_MODIFY       Change the BAPI Document Before Transfer to Accounting                            .
ACEPS_BAPIPREDOC_MOD       Change the 2-Line BAPI Document (Created from ACE Document)                       .
ACE_ARCHIVING_PREP         Preparation for Archiving: Set Status to "To Be Archived"                         .
ACE_SOP_HR_DAT_TRANS       Change the Transfer of HR Data to the Accrual Engine                              .
ACE_SOP_TRF_LIST_MOD       Change the Results List of Data Transfer HR-FI                                    .
ACE_SOP_TRF_SUM_MOD        Change the Summation in Results List of the HR Data Transfer                      .
ACE_UI_NAVIGATION          Navigation to Original Object from Accruals Object Number                         .
ACTIVATE_CC_SPLIT          Activation of Distribution of Company Code Clearing Lines                         .
AC_DOCUMENT                Change the Accounting Document                                                    .
AC_QUANTITY_GET            Transfer of Quantities to Accounting - Customer Exit                              .
AD01_RRB_COLLECTIVE1       Mod. Output List for Collect. Processing of Res-Rel. Billing                      .
AD01_RRB_REPORTING_1       Fill Other Fields in Document Flow Reporting for Bill. Req.                       .
ADAPTER_RFW                Enhancements for cl_adapter_rfw                                                   .
ADDRESS_CHECK              Business Address Services Checks                                                  .
ADDRESS_SEARCH             Business Address Services Search Calls                                            .
ADDRESS_SUBSCREEN          Implementation of Application-Defined Subscreen Area                              .
ADDRESS_UPDATE             Business Address services Updates                                                 .
ADDR_LANGU_TO_VERS         Map Languages to International Address Versions                                   .
ADDR_PRINTFORM_SHORT       Override short forms in FM ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM                                 .
ADDR_REG_SETTINGS          Activating Special Functions of the Regional Structure                            .
ADDR_TXJCD_CHECK           Override Address Fields for TXJCD Determination                                   .
ADFSH_MASTER_BADI          Flight Scheduling: BADI Defintion                                                 .
ADS2KIPBRO_CTXMENU         BAdI for context menu options in initial provisioning                             .
ADS2KIPBRO_IDOC_STAT       Handle the Idoc status in the status report                                       .
ADS2KIPBRO_PROC_SELE       Further processing of selected parts in IP browser                                .
ADS2KIPBRO_SEL_SCR         Define additional parameters on IP selection screen                               .
ADS2KIPUPL_DATE_CONV       SPEC2000: Customer Extensions for Date Conversions                                .
ADS2KIPUPL_HDR_API         SPEC2000: Customer extensions to Header API                                       .
ADS2KIPUPL_PART_API        SPEC2000: Customer extensions to Part API                                         .
ADS2KIPUPL_S_PARSER        SPEC2000: Customer extensions to S File Parser                                    .
ADS2KIPUPL_S_READER        SPEC2000: Customer Extension for S File Reader                                    .
ADS2KIPUPL_T_PARSER        SPEC2000: Customer extensions to T File Parser                                    .
ADS2KIPUPL_T_READER        SPEC2000: Customer Extension for T File Reader                                    .
ADS2KIPUPL_V_PARSER        SPEC2000: Customer extensions to V File Parser                                    .
ADS2KIPUPL_V_READER        SPEC2000: Customer extensions to V Reader                                         .
ADSPC_IDOC_PROC_EXT        Extension for adding functionality after IDOC is updated                          .
ADSPC_IP_ERRREPORT         SPEC2000:  To Faciltate comments to Error Reports                                 .
ADSPC_S1NVOICE             BAdI: S1NVOICE OCH and TAX                                                        .
ADSPC_S2KFILEHANDLER       S2K File Interline Message Formats-Handling  Procedures                           .
ADSPSC_PR                  Badi for purchase requisition in SPSC                                             .
AD_SPC_IP_MD_TAB           SPEC2000 -  IP : To access data used in Master Data creation                      .
AFABD_CHANGE               Change Relationship                                                               .
AFTER_TRIP_SETTLEMNT       Customer Enhancement Travel Management - Settlement                               .
ALERT_CHECK_CONDTN         Check subscription conditions                                                     .
ALERT_DELIVERY             Alert Delivery: User-Specific Decision                                            .
ALERT_EXIT                 Obsolete: Use the new BAdIs                                                       .
ALERT_EXIT_LOCAL_PPF       Read Application Data for an Alert                                                .
ALERT_EXP_DATE             Alerts: Determine Expiry Date                                                     .
ALERT_MODIFY_TEXT          Change Alert Text                                                                 .
ALERT_TO_BE_DELETED        Alert is to be Deleted                                                            .
ALERT_TO_BE_ESCALATE       Alert will be escalated                                                           .
ALERT_UWL_SELECTION        Selection of Alerts                                                               .
ALERT_WAS_CONFIRMED        Alert is being confirmed                                                          .
ALERT_XML                  Alerts: Enhance XML Document                                                      .
ALE_FLTOBJ_VALUE_ADD       Enter Filter Object Values in Distribution Model                                  .
ALINK_AUTH_CON             Additional Authorization for ArchiveLink Link                                     .
ALM_ME_001_ORDER           BAdI: Order/Operation Data                                                        .
ALM_ME_005_TIMECONF        BAdI: Time Confirmation                                                           .
ALM_ME_006_GOODSMVT        BAdI: Material Confirmation                                                       .
ALM_ME_010_NOTIF           BAdI: Notifications                                                               .
ALM_ME_015_CODES           BAdI: Code Catalogs                                                               .
ALM_ME_016_CATLGPROF       BAdI: Catalog Profiles                                                            .
ALM_ME_017_CODEGROUP       BAdI: Code Groups                                                                 .
ALM_ME_018_CLASS           BAdI: Classification details                                                      .
ALM_ME_030_FUNCLOC         BAdI: Functional Location                                                         .
ALM_ME_031_EQUIPMENT       BAdI: Equipment                                                                   .
ALM_ME_040_MEASUREMT       BAdI: Measurement Documents                                                       .
ALM_ME_041_MEAS_PT         BAdI: Measuring Point                                                             .
ALM_ME_050_PARTNER         BAdI: Partner Data                                                                .
ALM_ME_070_INVENTORY       BAdI: Material Stock                                                              .
ALM_ME_080_SIGNATURE       BAdI: Signature Capture                                                           .
ALM_ME_090_CUST_USER       BAdI: User Data                                                                   .
ALM_ME_095_CUST_SCEN       BAdI: Scenario-Specific Customizing                                               .
ALM_ME_COMPONENT           MAM 1.0 Components                                                                .
ALM_ME_CONTRACT            MAM 1.0 Contract                                                                  .
ALM_ME_CUSTOMIZING         MAM 1.0 Customizing                                                               .
ALM_ME_EQUIPMENT           MAM 1.0 Equipment                                                                 .
ALM_ME_FUNCLOCATION        MAM 1.0 Functional Location                                                       .
ALM_ME_INVENTORY           MAM 1.0 Stock Data                                                                .
ALM_ME_NOTIF_HEADER        MAM 1.0 Notification Header                                                       .
ALM_ME_OBJECTLIST          MAM 1.0 Object List                                                               .
ALM_ME_ORDER_HEADER        MAM 1.0 Orders                                                                    .
ALM_ME_ORDER_LIST          MAM 1.0 Plant Order List                                                          .
ALM_ME_ORDER_OPER          MAM 1.0 Order Operations                                                          .
ALM_ME_PARTNER             MAM 1.0 Partner                                                                   .
ALM_ME_PUSH_DECISION       BAdI: Determination of Push Data                                                  .
ALM_ME_SERVERDRIVEN        BAdI: Back-End Controlled Replication                                             .
ALM_ME_TECH_ADDR            Create address for technical objects                                             .
ALM_ME_USER                BAdI: User Data Enhancement                                                       .
ALM_ME_USER_DATA           MAM 1.0 User Data                                                                 .
ALV_GRID_XT                BADI for ALV Grid Class CL_ALV_GRID_XT                                            .
ALV_SWITCH_GRID_LIST       ALV: Customer Exit for Switch Grid to List                                        .
APAR_EBPP_CHECK_INV        SAP Biller Direct Bill Receipt: Check Files                                       .
APAR_EBPP_DEBITOR_SL       Biller Direct: Search for Possible Customers                                      .
APAR_EBPP_GET_DATA         Biller Direct: Determine Bill/Payment Data                                        .
APAR_EBPP_NOTIFY           Biller Direct: Notification by e-mail/SMS                                         .
APAR_EBPP_NOTIFY2          Create Text of a Notification (as TXT or HTM)                                     .
APB_LAUNCHPAD_SELPAR       Modification of Selection Parameters in Report Launchpad                          .
APB_LAUNCHPAD_SETVAL       Resolution of Set Values in Report Lauchpad                                       .
APPL_OBJ_OHFW              Application object functionality connector                                        .
APPL_OBJ_POST_OHFW         Posting of application objects per type                                           .
APPL_OHFW                  Application logic                                                                 .
APPOINTMENT                Badi for Appointment Management API                                               .
APPREQUEST_UPDATE          Business Add-In Appropriation Requests for Checks                                 .
AQ_QUERY_PROT              Query Logging                                                                     .
ARCHIEV_CHECK_E            BAdI for Customer Checks for Archiving DP/Store                                   .
ARCH_ROUTING_EXTERN        Archive Routing                                                                   .
ARC_BC_HROBJ_CHECK         Archiving Object BC_HROBJ: Archivability Checks                                   .
ARC_BC_HROBJ_WRITE         Archiving Object BC_HROBJ: Additional Table Entries                               .
ARC_FI_ACE_OBJ_WRITE       Archivation Object FI_ACE_OBJ: Additional Table Entries                           .
ARC_FM_FUNRES_CHECK        BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (FM_FUNRES)                              .
ARC_MM_EBAN_CHECK          BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EBAN)                                .
ARC_MM_EBAN_IBS            Archiving MM_EBAN for IS2ERP                                                      .
ARC_MM_EBAN_PRECHECK       BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EBAN)                                .
ARC_MM_EBAN_WRITE          BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EBAN)                                 .
ARC_MM_EINA_CHECK          BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EINA)                                .
ARC_MM_EINA_IBS            Archiving MM_EINA                                                                 .
ARC_MM_EINA_WRITE          BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EINA)                                 .
ARC_MM_EKKO_CHECK          BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EKKO)                                .
ARC_MM_EKKO_IBS            Archiving MM_EKKO                                                                 .
ARC_MM_EKKO_WRITE          BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EKKO)                                 .
ARC_MM_EKPO_SEND           Send data to other systems                                                        .
ARC_MM_INVBEL_CHECK        BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_INVBEL)                              .
ARC_MM_INVBEL_WRITE        BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_INVBEL)                               .
ARC_MM_MATBEL_CHECK        Prüfung ADD-ON-spezifischer Kriterien für MM_MATBEL                               .
ARC_MM_MATBEL_WRITE        Check Add-On-Specific Data for MM_MATBEL                                          .
ARC_OBJECT_ADD_CLASS       Adding of Classes to an Archiving Object                                          .
ARC_OBJECT_ADD_TABLE       Adding Structures to the Structure Definition of an Archiving Object              .
ARC_PLM_AUD_CHECK          Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data                         .
ARC_PLM_AUD_WRITE          Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data                       .
ARC_PLM_QUM_CHECK          Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data                         .
ARC_PLM_QUM_WRITE          Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data                       .
ARC_PM_ORDER_CHECK         BAdI for order archiving object - Additional check in the write phase             .
ARC_PM_ORDER_DELETE        BADI for order archiving object - Delete phase                                    .
ARC_PM_ORDER_PREPROCESSING BAdI for order archiving object - Preprocessing Phase                             .
ARC_PM_ORDER_WRITE         BADI for order archiving object - Write phase                                     .
ARC_PM_PLAN_CHECK          Enhancement of checks on Task list archiving                                      .
ARC_PM_PLAN_DELETE          Delete additional data                                                           .
ARC_PM_PLAN_WRITE          Select additional data to write into archive file                                 .
ARC_PM_QMEL_CHECK          BADI for notification archiving object - Archivabiltiy checks in write program    .
ARC_PM_QMEL_DELETE         BAdI for notification archiving object - Delete phase                             .
ARC_PM_QMEL_PREPROCESS     BADI for notification archiving object - preprocessing phase                      .
ARC_PM_QMEL_WRITE          BADI for notification archiving object - Write phase                              .
ARC_P_ORDER_WRITE          Archiving of Additional Data for Manufacturing Orders                             .
ARC_QM_SAMPLE_CHECK        Own Checks when Blocking Samples for Archiving                                    .
ARC_QM_SAMPLE_WRITE        Archiving of Additional Data for QM_SAMPLE                                        .
ARC_RV_LIKP_CHECK          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for RV_LIKP                                        .
ARC_RV_LIKP_WRITE          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for RV_LIKP                                        .
ARC_SCMG_CHECK             Checks the archivability of the business objects using add-on specific criteria   .
ARC_SCMG_CHECK_INTERN      Checks the archivability of business objects with add-on specific criteria        .
ARC_SCMG_DELETE            Deletes add-on specific table entries                                             .
ARC_SCMG_DELETE_INTERN     Deletes add-on specific table entries                                             .
ARC_SCMG_READ_INTERN       Reads add-on specific case data from the archive                                  .
ARC_SCMG_WRITE             Writes add-on specific case data to the archive                                   .
ARC_SCMG_WRITE_INTERN      Writes add-on specific case data to the archive                                   .
ARC_SD_COND_CHECK          Archiving Object SD_COND: Additional Checks                                       .
ARC_SD_COND_WRITE          Archiving Object SD_COND: Archive Additional Data                                 .
ARC_SD_VBAK_CHECK          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBAK                                        .
ARC_SD_VBAK_WRITE          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBAK                                        .
ARC_SD_VBREV_CHECK         Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBREV                                       .
ARC_SD_VBREV_WRITE         Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBREV                                       .
ARC_SD_VBRK_CHECK          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBRK                                        .
ARC_SD_VBRK_DEL            Archiving Exit SD_VBRK: Delete Technical Data                                     .
ARC_SD_VBRK_WRITE          Check ADD-ON-Specific Criteria for SD_VBRK                                        .
ARC_SD_VTTK_CHECK          Check BADI for archiving Shipments                                                .
ARC_SD_VTTK_DELETE         Delete BADI for archiving Shipments                                               .
ARC_SD_VTTK_WRITE          Write BADI for archiving Shipments                                                .
ARC_SRM_GSP_CHECK          Checks the archivability of business objects according to add-on specific criteria.
ARC_SRM_GSP_CHECK_INTERN   Checks the archivability of business objects according to add-on specific criteria.
ARC_WB2_CHECK              Checks                                                                            .
ARC_WB2_DELETE             Delete Data                                                                       .
ARC_WB2_WRITE              Write to Archive                                                                  .
ARTMAS_BAPI_EXTEND         Influence Inbound Processing for Material-BAPI                                    .
ARTMAS_DATA_ENRICH         Enrichment of ALE Change Pointers for ARTMAS IDocs                                .
ARTMAS_DATA_REDUCE         IDoc Filtering at Time of Data Import for ARTMAS                                  .
ARTMAS_FILTERING           Customer-Defined Recipient Filter for ARTMAS IDoc                                 .
ASSORTMENT                 BAdi in Area of Assortment and Listing                                            .
ASSORTMENTLIST_UPD         Business Add-In for Assortment List                                               .
ASSORTMENTLIST_UPD_2       Business Add-In for Assortment List: Change Analysis                              .
ASSORTMENTLIST_UPD_3       Business Add-In for Assortment List: Versioning                                   .
ASSORTMENT_TOOL            Customer Enhancement for Assortment Assignment Tool                               .
ASSORT_MAINT               BAdI For Assortment Maint. Transactions WAOS1..4                                  .
ATT_SELECT_BCS             BAdI for Selecting Attachments on Send Screen                                     .
AT_MTRX_INFO               Adjustments to Matrix Interface in Allocation Table                               .
AUTHORISATION_CHECKS       Authorisation checks                                                              .
AUTHORITY_CHECK_ACL        Logbook: Check authoriztion for activity and object                               .
AUTHORITY_SPROJ            Customer-Specific Authorization Check in the Standard Proj.                       .
AXBP_USER_EXIT             xcvdb                                                                             .
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