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Report                         Title                                                                 .

AAA_PRINT_MENU                 Program EASYACCESS_PRINT_MENU - Print Easy Access menu structure      .
ABADRCHECK                     Characteristic Derivation: Check Table                                .
ABADRTRACE_NEW                 Characteristic Derivation: Analyze Derivation Steps                   .
ABAPHTML_MAINTAIN              Maintain HTML Buffer for ABAP Keyword Documentation                   .
ABAP_CODEENGINEER_01           SAP Enterprise Tomograph                                              .
ABAP_DOCU_LIST                 Docu Objects for the ABAP Keyword Documentation                       .
ABAP_ENGINEER_01               ADWP Additional Functions                                             .
ABAP_INTROSPECTOR_01           Enterprise Introspector                                               .
ABAP_SEARCH_01                 SAP Enterprise Integrated Indexing Engine                             .
ABA_BUSINESS_PARTNER_SEND      Program BUPA_MDM_SEND                                                 .
ACAC_ARCHIVING_PREPARE         Manual Accruals: Preparation of Archiving in Accrual Engine           .
ACAC_BASISDATA_SEL_FOR_MAIN    Accrual Objects                                                       .
ACAC_CARRY_FORWARD             Balance CarryForward in Accrual Engine                                .
ACAC_DATA_TRANSFER_EXAMPLE     Example: Transfer of Vendor Invoices to Accrual Engine                .
ACAC_DSITEMS                   Display Accrual Objects                                               .
ACAC_DSPARAMS                  Display Parameters                                                    .
ACAC_FI_RECONCILIATION         Reconciliation of Accrual Engine with Financial Accounting            .
ACAC_PERIODIC_POSTING          Manual Accruals: Start Periodic Accrual Run                           .
ACAC_POSTINGS_2_ACC_TRANSFR    Transfer of Accrual Engine Documents to Accounting                    .
ACAC_PSDOCITEMS                Manual Accruals: Display Line Items in the Accrual Engine             .
ACAC_PSITEMS                   Manual Accruals: Display Totals Values in the Accrual Engine          .
ACAC_REVERSAL_POSTING          Reverse Periodic Accrual Runs                                         .
ACC_BAPI_SXDA_DOCUMENT_POST    Test Access BAPI Accounting Document                                  .
ACC_BAPI_TEST_BILLING          Test Report for BAPI Billing                                          .
ACC_BAPI_TEST_DOCUMENT         Test Access BAPI Accounting Document                                  .
ACC_BAPI_TEST_GOODS_MOVEMENT   Test Report for BAPI Goods Movement                                   .
ACC_BAPI_TEST_INVOICE_RECEIPT  Test Report for BAPI Invoice Receipt                                  .
ACC_CLASSIFY_OBJECT            Program ACC_CLASSIFY_OBJECT                                           .
ACC_CUST_CALL                  Program ACC_CUST_CALL                                                 .
ACC_INPH3_CHECK_AND_REPAIR     Accessibility Check Report for INPH3                                  .
ACC_INTERFACE_FIELDS           Interfaces to Accounting: Field Overview                              .
ACC_RTM_TRANSFER_NEU           Evaluate and Save Accessibility RTM Data                              .
ACC_SYSTEM_CLONE               Program ACC_SYSTEM_CLONE                                              .
ACC_SYSTEM_SELECT              Accounting System: Restrict Validity Area                             .
ACEPSCALLBKEDR                 CO-PA Derivation of Characteristic Values: Callbacks                  .
ACEPS_CARRY_FORWARD            Accrual Engine - Balance Carryforward                                 .
ACEPS_CORRECTION_POSTING       Adjustment Postings in Accrual Engine (Adjusting Data Inconsistencies).
ACEPS_FI_RECONCILIATION        Reconciliation of Accrual Engine with Financial Accounting            .
ACEPS_ITEM_TOTALS_RECON        Reconciliation of Accrual Engine Line Items with Totals Records       .
ACEPS_PERIODIC_POSTING         Accrual Engine - Start Periodic Posting                               .
ACEPS_POSTINGS_2_ACC_TRANSFER  Transfer of Accrual Engine Documents to Accounting                    .
ACEPS_REVERSAL_POSTING         Reverse Accrual Run                                                   .
ACE_ARCHIVING_PREPARE          Preparation for an Archiving Run in the Accrual Engine                .
ACE_BASISDATA_SEL_FOR_MAINT    Manual Maintenance of Basis Data in the Accrual Engine                .
ACE_CHECK_CONSISTENCY          ACE_CHECK_CONSISTENCY                                                 .
ACE_CURRENCY_CONVERSION        Currency Conversion in Accrual Engine: Table Conversion               .
ACE_DS_CHANGEDOC_SHOW          Display Change Documents                                              .
ACE_LEGACY_DATA_DELETE         Deletion of Legacy Data Transferred to the Accrual Engine             .
ACE_SOP_BASISDATA_SEL_FOR_MAIN Display Grants of Awards in the Accrual Engine                        .
ACE_SOP_CARRY_FORWARD          Stock Option Accounting: Bal. Carryforward to Accrual Engine          .
ACE_SOP_FI_RECONCILIATION      Stock Option Accounting: Reconciliation Accrual Engine - FI           .
ACE_SOP_HR_CONNECTION          Definition of the Connection Data to the HR System                    .
ACE_SOP_HR_DATA_TRANSFER       Transfer of Granting of Awards from HR System                         .
ACE_SOP_PERIODIC_POSTING       Calculate and Post Provisions for Granting of Awards                  .
ACE_SOP_PERIODIC_SIMULATION    Simulation of Periodic Provisions                                     .
ACE_SOP_POSTINGS_2_ACC_TRANSFR Transfer of Accrual Engine Documents to Accounting                    .
ACE_SOP_REVERSAL_POSTING       Reverse Periodic Provision Postings                                   .
ACE_UPGRADE_LAMACC_46C_TO_470  Conversion of Customizing and User Data for Upgrade 4.6C -" 4.70      .
ACPICT1                        CPI-C Test Program                                                    .
ACPICT33                       CPIC test program                                                     .
ACPICT9                        CPIC test program                                                     .
ACTIVITY_STATUS_OVERVIEW       Status Overview for Activity Types                                    .
ACTIV_OBJECT_RELATION          Duplicate maintenance objects in projects                             .
AD01DPR2                       Post Down Payment Clearings                                           .
AD01_DEL_SAVE_DLI              delete DLI buffer (INDX)                                              .
AD01_PROF_CONV                 Profile conversion                                                    .
AD02ACTV                       Activity Allocation Conversion                                        .
AD02PRCE                       Program To Compute Actual Labor Pricing                               .
AD02_HIERARCHY_DETERMINE_PSJ   Project Based Payment Run - get project hierarchy                     .
AD03CTC1                       Costs-to-complete evaluation                                          .
AD03PDH1                       Plan data handling                                                    .
AD03PHV1                       Plan data handling WBS object type version setting                    .
AD04CAS1                       Create WBS element group (Set -" PRPS -" COSR -" Set)                 .
AD04CAS2                       Create WBS element group  (Set -" COSR -" PRPS -" Set)                .
AD04CSC1                       Split material costs according to standard cost estimate              .
AD04CSF1                       Assessment Preprocessor: Write Stat.Key Figures from WBS elements     .
AD04CSF2                       Assessment Preprocessor: Write Stat.Key Figures from Cost Centers     .
AD04CSF3                       Assessment Preprocessor: Write Stat.Key Figures from WBS with rollup  .
ADBC_DEMO                      Demo Program for Using ADBC API                                       .
ADBC_DEMO_LOBS_ORA             Demo Program for Accessing Oracle LOBs using ADBC API                 .
ADBC_DEMO_METADATA             Demo Program for Accessing Database Metadata via ADBC                 .
ADBC_QUERY                     Free Table Selection (Including Non-DDIC Tables)                      .
ADBC_TEST_CONNECTION           Testing a Database Connection Defined in DBCON                        .
ADDI_ANALYSIS_OF_CHANGES       Additionals: Change analysis                                          .
ADDI_APPL_LOG                  Additional: display application log                                   .
ADDI_ARCHIVE                   Archiving additionals                                                 .
ADDI_ARCHIVE_DELETE            Deleting archived additionals                                         .
ADDI_ASSIGN_FM_TO_CUSTOMERS    Additionals: Procedure for additionals and customers                  .
ADDI_ASSIGN_FM_TO_SUPPLIERS    Additionals: Procedure for additionals and vendors                    .
ADDI_IDOC_REQUEST              Request an additionals IDoc for materials                             .
ADDI_MASTER_DATA_SEND          Send additionals for a material                                       .
ADDI_MATNR_MASS_ASSIGN         Mass maintenance for assigning additionals to materials               .
ADDI_MONITOR                   Additionals monitor                                                   .
ADDI_ORDERS_CREATE             Generate purchase orders for additionals                              .
ADDI_PR_IDOC_REQUEST           Manually request additionals for materials in a promotion             .
ADDI_STWB_REQUEST              Labeling Request                                                      .
ADDR_STRCONV_READ              Read Converted Keys for Street Sections                               .
ADEXMAIN                       Order-Material transfer posting                                       .
ADFSHCUST                      Flight schedules                                                      .
ADFSH_FLGTDET_ARCHIVE_DL       Flight Scheduling: Program to delete the archived seasonal records    .
ADFSH_FLGTDET_ARCHIVE_RL       Flight Scheduling: Program to reload the archived seasonal records    .
ADFSH_FLGTDET_ARCHIVE_WR       Flight Scheduling: Program to archive the seasonal records            .
ADFSH_FLGTMAS_ARCHIVE_DL       Flight Scheduling: Program to delete the archived seasonal records    .
ADFSH_FLGTMAS_ARCHIVE_RL       Flight Scheduling: Program to reload the archived seasonal records    .
ADFSH_FLGTMAS_ARCHIVE_WR       Flight Scheduling: Program to archive the seasonal records            .
ADFSH_FLIGHT_DETAIL            Flight Scheduling: Actual Data Maintenance                            .
ADFSH_FLIGHT_DETAIL_TCF        Flight Scheduling: Actual Data Maintenance                            .
ADFSH_FLIGHT_MASTER            Flight Scheduling: Seasonal Data Maintenance                          .
ADFSH_FLIGHT_MASTER_TCF        Flight Scheduling: Seasonal Data Maintenance                          .
ADFSH_PENDING_TASK             Display the pending task for a functional location                    .
ADMIN_SET_START_TRANSACTION_FO Set Start Transaction for User                                        .
ADP_CATT                       Automated Adapter Tests                                               .
ADP_DELT                       Adpter Test Object: Delta Load                                        .
ADS2KIPBRO_STATUS_UPDATE       Update IP status after creating master data                           .
ADS2KIPUPL_DISPLAY_APPL_LOG    SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning: Display Application Log                .
ADS2KIPUPL_START_UPLOAD        SPEC 2000 Initial Provisioning: Upload                                .
ADS2KIP_BROWSER                SPEC 2000 Initial Provisioning                                        .
ADS2KIP_DP                     SPEC2000: IP Data Archiving Delete Program                            .
ADS2KIP_PP                     SPEC2000: IP Data Archiving Preprocessing Program                     .
ADS2KIP_RP                     SPEC2000: IP Data Archiving Read Program                              .
ADS2KIP_UB                     SPEC2000: IP Data Archiving Unblocking Program                        .
ADS2KIP_WP                     SPEC2000: IP Data Archiving Write Program                             .
ADSPCIPCSN_ARCHIVE_DL          Delete program for SPCIPCSN                                           .
ADSPCIPCSN_ARCHIVE_RD          Archive Read Program for CSN object                                   .
ADSPCIPCSN_ARCHIVE_RL          Reload program for SPCIPCSN                                           .
ADSPCIPCSN_ARCHIVE_WR          Archive write program for CSN object                                  .
ADSPCIPPDR_ARCHIVE_WR          Program ADSPCIPPDR_ARCHIVE_WR for object ADSPCIPPDR                   .
ADSPCIPPDS_ARCHIVE_WR          Program ADSPCIPPDS_ARCHIVE_WR                                         .
ADSPCIP_ARCHIVE_WR             Archive Write Program for Sequence Number                             .
ADSPCM_MSG_TOOL                Program ADSPCM_MSG_TOOL                                               .
ADSPC_CUSTRNMGR                Program ADSPC_CUSTRNMGR                                               .
ADSPC_IP                       SPEC 2000: Initial Provisioning                                       .
ADSPC_PARTNER_PROF             Program ADSPC_PARTNER_PROF                                            .
ADSPC_S2K_DISP_TOOL            Program ADSPC_S2K_DISP_TOOL                                           .
ADSPC_S2K_MESSAGE_CREATE       Spec2000 Message Create                                               .
AD_IDOC_INBOUND_TEST           Test for Inbound IDoc                                                 .
AFX_ARCHIVING_TERMINATOR       Interrupt Archiving Run (Parallel Processing)                         .
AFX_CODE_SCANNER               Program AFX_CODE_SCANNER                                              .
AFX_MONITOR                    Archiving Monitor                                                     .
AGR_ACTIVITY_GROUPS_TRANSLATE  Translate role texts                                                  .
AGR_CHECK_ALL_ACTIVITY_GROUPS  Check Report for Roles                                                .
AGR_CHECK_ALL_AGRS_3           Check for Duplicates in the Role-Profile Assignment                   .
AGR_CHECK_ALL_AGRS_3B          Check for Duplicates in the Role-Profile Assignment                   .
AGR_CHECK_ALL_AGRS_5           Texts Without Menu Nodes                                              .
AGR_CONVERT_GENERATED_PROFILE  Convert Profiles for a Role into Manual Profiles                      .
AGR_RESET_ORG_LEVELS           Reset Manual Status and Contents of Organizational Levels             .
AGR_STAR_0_PROBLEM             Clean Up Problem with *0 in the Profile Generator                     .
AGR_XPRA                       Conversion of old roles to the new maintenance transaction            .
AGR_XPRA_MENUS_REPAIR          Repair roles after migration                                          .
AGR_XPRA_REGENERATE_REPAIR_1   Program AGR_XPRA_REGENERATE_REPAIR_1                                  .
AIRPOSNRPOSID                  Analysis: POSNR and POSID in external and internal format             .
AKB_CI_TABCHECK_INSPECT        Program AKB_CI_TABCHECK_INSPECT                                       .
AKB_SET_UNCRITICAL             Set All Check Results to "non-critical"                               .
ANALYZE_MISSING_ELEMENTS       ANALYZE_MISSING_ELEMENTS Report                                       .
APB_LAUNCHPAD_PARAMETRIZED     Launchpad Selection                                                   .
APB_LPD_CALL_RW                Report APB_LPD_CALL_RW                                                .
APB_LPD_CALL_TRANSACTION       Call Transaction from Launchpad                                       .
APB_LPD_LPA_CUST_TO_LPD_CUST   Übernahme von existierendem Customizing ins neue Launchpad            .
APB_LPD_XML_CHECK_IN           APB_LPD_XML_CHECK_IN                                                  .
APB_LPD_XML_CHECK_OUT          APB_LPD_XML_CHECK_OUT                                                 .
APB_LPD_XML_SHOW               Report Show Launchpad XML                                             .
APPEND_INTERNET_MENU_JSSM_45A  Add Internet Application to Session Manager Menu -" New Report        .
APPLICATION_LOG_DISPLAY        Display Application Logs                                              .
ARCDEL_APPLOG                  Display Application Log                                               .
ARCDEL_CONVERT_630             Migration of CRM Archiving to 6.30 Basis                              .
ARCDEL_DELETE_PARA             Cross-Archiving-Object Delete Program                                 .
ARCDEL_VERIFY_PARA             Cross Archiving Object Check Program                                  .
ARCHIVELINKBARCODEINTERNAL     Display Open Internal Bar Code Entries                                .
ARCHIVELINKBARCODEINTSINGLE    Individual Processing of Internal Bar Code Entries                    .
ARCHIVELINKCARAHTTP            Store Asynchronous Print Lists Using HTTP                             .
ARCHIVELINK_CARA               Processing Asynchronous ArchiveLink Storage Requests                  .
ARCHIVELINK_MONITOR_ASYNC      Monitor For Asynchronous Processes                                    .
ARCHIVE_EXPLORER               Archive Explorer                                                      .
ARCHREAD                       Read Data Archive                                                     .
ARCHTEXT                       Reads text from the archive                                           .
ARCHVBFA                       Program ARCHVBFA                                                      .
ARCH_ANA_PROCESS               Table Analysis: Carry Out Analysis                                    .
ARCH_REPOW_IMPORT              Import ARCH_REPOW Entries from Another Client                         .
ARTCLASSCHECK                  Check Consistency of Classification Data in the Material Master       .
ARZ_PROD_UMSETZUNG             Database Conversion                                                   .
ASCORR01                       Correction Program Archive Information System                         .
ASCORR02                       Correction Program Archive Information System                         .
ASCORR03                       Correction Program ArchivInfoSystem: ZARIX Tables without DDIC Def.   .
ASCORRINDX                     Adjust database indexes for archive information structures            .
ASDATASOURCETEST               Test Program for Data Source Selection                                .
ASMDDEL                        Deletion of Service Texts Without Service Master                      .
ASSIGNMENTS_OF_REQUEST         Display classifications of objects in requests                        .
ASSIGN_DOCUMENTS_TO_FLOWS_VAL  Program ASSIGN_DOCUMENTS_TO_FLOWS_VAL                                 .
AS_DATA_MOVE                   Move Data of Infostructure                                            .
AS_TAAV_GENERATE               Generate analysis variant for infostructures                          .
ATPBD001                       ATP Server: Shared Buffer Monitor                                     .
ATP_BASIC_SETTING              ATP_BASIC_SETTING                                                     .
ATRA_FRAME_WORK                Program ATRA_FRAM_WORK                                                .
ATRA_FRAME_WORK_AGG            Program ATRA_FRAM_WORK                                                .
AUTHORITY_CHECK_ALLOW_VALUES   Check of allowed values in authorization object                       .
AUTO_RCPTRANS                  AUTOMOTIVE version of program for transferring changes to master data .
AUT_ARCH01                     Archiving of Long Text Logs: Write Program                            .
AUT_ARCH02                     Archiving of Long Text Logs: Delete Program                           .
AUT_ARCH03                     Archiving of Long Text Logs: Reload Program                           .
AUT_ARCHV                      Archiving of Long Text Logs: Preprocessing Program                    .
AUT_ARCH_UNDO                  Archiving of Long Text Logs: Deletion of Last Preprocessing           .
AUT_CUST01                     AUT_CUST01; Customizing tool for AUDIT TRAILs                         .
AUT_DEL                        Deletion of Long Text Logs                                            .
AUT_REP10                      AUT_REP10; Reporting Tool for AUDIT TRAILs                            .
AU_CATEGORY_ADD                eRhein Auction Category Add                                           .
AVO_STAT_CORRECT_ALL           Report AVO_STAT_CORRECT_ALL                                           .
AW01N                          Asset Explorer                                                        .
AW_IGS_GET_AUTHOR              Determine Which Chart Engine Is Installed                             .
AW_TEST_CHART                  Programming Example of Bar Chart                                      .
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