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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
Naam objecttype          T Naam component               Titel                                                .

BADI_HRPAYES_FINE0       I GET_DATA_CER_EMPR            Obtain Company Certificate data                      .
BADI_HRPAYES_INEE0       I GET_DATA_GEN_CONTR           Obtain contract general data                         .
BADI_HRPAYES_INEE0       I GET_DATA_GEN_TRANS           Obtain transformation general data                   .
BADI_HRPAYES_INEE1       I GET_DATA_COM_COPBA           Obtain data from communication of contract basic copy.
BADI_HU_PACKING_QTY      I BADI_HU_PACKING_QTY          Reduction of the Quantity To Be Packed               .
BADI_HU_VHILM_CHECK      I BADI_HU_VHILM_CHECK          Additional checks for new packaging material         .
BADI_RTMATGRP_SIMULATION I CHECK_AUTHORITY              Authorization Check                                  .
BADI_RTMATGRP_SIMULATION I SPECIAL_CHECKS               Customer-Specific Checks                             .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_CATEGORY        Internal: Read Go-Live Indicator of Client           .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SIMULATION_DATE Internal: Determine New Date                         .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SIMULATION_TIME Internal: Determine New Time                         .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SY_DATLO        Determine Simulated SY DATLO                         .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SY_DATUM        Determine Simulated System Date                      .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SY_TIMLO        Determine Simulated SY TIMLO                         .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_SY_UZEIT        Determine Simulated SY Time                          .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_TIME            Determine Simulated Time                             .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_GET_TIMESTAMP       Determine Simulated Time Stamp                       .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_INIT                Internal: Initialize Data                            .
BANK_TMC_CL_TIME_CONTROL C BANK_TMC_REFRESH             Update Internal Database                             .
BDMT_CONTROL             C ADD_M_ITEM                   Inserts Item                                         .
BDMT_CONTROL             C ADD_M_NODE                   Inserts Monitoring Node                              .
BDMT_CONTROL             C BUILD_NODE                   Creates Node with Possible Subnodes                  .
BDMT_CONTROL             C CHANGE_M_ITEM                Changes Item Text                                    .
BDMT_CONTROL             C CHECK_DATA_COLLECTION        Obsolete? Checks whether data collector has to run   .
BDMT_CONTROL             C COLLECT_INFO_OBJ             Searches for required info objects                   .
BDMT_CONTROL             C COUNT_IDOCS                  Counts how many IDocs there are in the info quantity .
BDMT_CONTROL             C GET_FILTER_QUALIFIER         Formulates filter crieria as text                    .
BDMT_CONTROL             C GET_NEXT_NODE_KEY            Gets New Node Name                                   .
BDMT_CONTROL             C GET_NODE_INFO                Provides Details of Node                             .
BDMT_CONTROL             C GET_SEL_NODE                 Returns selected node/item                           .
BDMT_CONTROL             C IS_EXPANDABLE                Checsk whether node can expanded (folder)            .
BDMT_CONTROL             C PRINT_TREE                   Prints Tree                                          .
BDMT_CONTROL             C PRUNE_TREE                   Sets Expanded Flag                                   .
BDMT_CONTROL             C PT_PRINTCHILDREN             Recursive Printing of Nodes                          .
BDMT_CONTROL             C REORGANIZE_TREE              Restructure Hierarchy by structure change            .
BDMT_CONTROL             C SET_FILTER                   Sets Filter Criteria for IDocs                       .
BDMT_CONTROL             C SORT_LIST_BY_STATUS          Sorts Info List by Status Lights                     .
BDMT_CONTROL             C STAT_2_STGRP                 Assigns Status to Status Group                       .
BDMT_CONTROL             C STGRP_2_STAT                 Assigns Status to Status Group                       .
BDMT_CONTROL             C STGRP_INFO                   Returns Icon and Text to Status Group                .
BDMT_CONTROL             C UPDATE_TREE                  Refreshes Display                                    .
BD_LS_MON                C APPLY_OBJ_FILTER             Filters IDoc Statistics with Object Filter           .
BD_LS_MON                C BUILD_MAPTAB                 Maps Mapping Table for NT, OBJ                       .
BD_LS_MON                C COLLECT_DATA                 Triggers data collection for LS                      .
BD_LS_MON                C FILL_DOCNUM2                 Internal                                             .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_DOC_INFO                 Gets IDoc Data from Local System                     .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_LONGNAME                 Creates Lon Name of LS                               .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_OBJ_LIST                 Provides list of all ALE object types                .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_RFC_INFO                 Provides details of tRFC queue                       .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_SYSTEMS                  Collects all LS                                      .
BD_LS_MON                C GET_TRACE_INFO               Gets IDoc data from other systems                    .
BD_LS_MON                C MAP_NT2OBJ                   Maps NT-"OBJ                                         .
BD_LS_MON                C MAP_OBJ2NT                   Maps NT"-OBJ                                         .
BD_LS_MON                C OBJ2OBJNAME                  Provides long name of object type (and method)       .
BD_LS_MON                C OBJNAME2OBJ                  Provides object type (and method)                    .
BD_LS_MON                C PREPARE_ST_ERROR_TEXT        Writes messages in long form                         .
BD_LS_MON                C PROCESS_IDOCS                Processes IDocs                                      .
BD_LS_MON                C SET_DIV_PARTNER              Switches div_partner on or off                       .
BD_LS_MON                C SET_FILTER                   Sets Filter Criteria for IDocs                       .
BD_LS_MON                C SET_OBJ_MODE                 Switches OBJTYPE mode on or off                      .
BI_EVENT_HANDLER         I ON_EVENT                     Handling of an Event                                 .
BI_EVENT_HANDLER_STATIC  I ON_EVENT                     Static Handlngi of Event                             .
BI_OBJECT                I DEFAULT_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE      Value of Default "Attribute" (as Data Reference)     .
BI_OBJECT                I EXECUTE_DEFAULT_METHOD       Execute Default Methods                              .
BI_OBJECT                I RELEASE                      Release for Garbage Collector to Delete              .
BI_PERSISTENT            I FIND_BY_LPOR                 Find Using Local Persistent Object Reference         .
BI_PERSISTENT            I LPOR                         Local Persistent Object Reference                    .
BI_PERSISTENT            I REFRESH                      Flag to Reload from Database                         .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I ADDFIELDS_FILL               ALV: Fill in Other Fields                            .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I AIS_EXISTENCECHECK           Existence Check Against AIS                          .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I AT_SEL_SCR                   AT-SELECTION-SCREEN                                  .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I AT_SEL_SCR_OUT               AT_SELECTION_SCREEN OUTPUT                           .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I AUTHORITY_CHECK              Authorization Check                                  .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I DATA_GET                     Data Collection                                      .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I INDEX_SET                    Index Determination                                  .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I INITIALIZATION               INITIALIZATION                                       .
BVW_INT_APPLICATION      I NAVIGATE                     Navigation                                           .
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