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Explanation for column T (Classtype):
C = Class, I = Interface
Naam objecttype        T Naam component              Titel                                                    .

MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C AM_I_RELEVANT               Relevant?                                                .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C CHECK_CONTROLLER_AWAKE      Is Controller Generally Active?                          .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C DETERMINE_STRATEGIES        Determine Strategies for Source Object                   .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C FLUSH                       Lock Flush                                               .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C LOCK                        Set Locks                                                .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C SLEEP                       Inactivate Controller Throughout                         .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C STRATEGY_IMPLEMENTATION_GET Provide Reference to a Strategy Implementation           .
MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER    C UNLOCK                      Undo Locks                                               .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C ACT_EVENTS_READ             Read Active Events for a Source Object                   .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C ACT_STEPS_SYNC_OBJECT_READ  Read Active Options for a Source Object                  .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C ALL_STEPS_READ              Read All Synchronization Options with All Data           .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C CLASS_FOR_SYNC_STEP_READ    Read Class of a Strategy Implementation                  .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C EXTRACTOR_CLASS_READ        Read Extractor Class for a Synchronization Object        .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C MUST_PPO_ORDERS_BE_CREATED  Create PPO Requests for Combination of Source and Target?.
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C OBJECT_TYPES_READ           Read All Object Types with All Data                      .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C SYNC_OBJECT_CHECK           Checks Whether Specified Synchronization Object Exists   .
MDS_CTRL_CUSTOMIZING   C TRANSACTION_CONTEXT_CHECK   Check Whether Transferred Transaction Context Is Valid   .
MDS_CTRL_EVENT_HANDLER C AM_I_RELEVANT               Relevant?                                                .
MDS_CTRL_EVENT_HANDLER C EXECUTE                     Event Execution                                          .
MDS_CTRL_EVENT_HANDLER C GET_INSTANCE                Factory method                                           .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C AM_I_ALREADY_USED_AS_SOURCE Already Used as Source?                                  .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C AM_I_ALREADY_USED_AS_TARGET Already Used As Target?                                  .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C CHECK_STEPS                 Supports AM_I_RELEVANT                                   .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C DEACTIVATE_LOOP_PREVENTION  Deactivaition of Loop Prevention                         .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C DETERMINE_STEPS             Determining Individual Steps                             .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C FLUSH                       Lock Flush                                               .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C INITIALIZE                  Initialization                                           .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C INITIALIZE_FLAGS            Initialization of Static Flag                            .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C LOCK                        Set Locks                                                .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C PREVENT_SYNCHRONIZATION     Prevention of Synchronization                            .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C SYNCHRONIZE                 Synchronization                                          .
MDS_CTRL_STRATEGY      C UNLOCK                      Undo Locks                                               .
MDS_CTRL_TOOLBOX       C FILL_BAPIRET2               Fill Structure BAPIRET2 from Current System Variables    .
ME_INTF_ME88_CQ_RESET  I DETERMINE_OFFSET            Determine offset for new cumulative quantity             .
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