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Not only buildings and appartments need "smoke detectors".

Where smoke is coming up, fire is often not far away.
SAP-Jobs are not started by fooling around. In most cases they carry out mass-activities in background to create invoices or miscellaneous postings or they serve as base for next daily work. Failing of jobs can have fatal effects. Well-directed information in time produces safety.

Our solution produces this safety.

Our JobAlert-Manager enables companies by perodical scheduling to inform specific users about aborted jobs selective and in time.
The abort-information can be alternatively send by SAP-office (optional by "express") and/or by eMail.
Per job one or more users can be informed by indivdual language.
All selected users are informed about abort only one time.
A restart of sending can be done all time.
The creation of the alerttext is free.
All jobs to be monitored can be entered as in- or exclude by diverse characteristics.
The manager-settings and the alert-dispatch can be controlled and simulated at every time.

... the one who asks, leads!