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Adjust Printer-Device-Description (PrintFarm)

If concept was missing at start or provider is changing, normally you get a lot of work if you want to adjust the device-parameters (printer-, servernames, IP-Addresses etc.) of installed printers in a SAP-System.
Additional you may get the problem, that only a small time-slot is available for a complete adjustment of a productive System.
Of course you can export all descriptions in a text-file. But after that a lot of manual work is required.

We can support at this manual work.

Our solution enables the integrated replacing of all device-parameters at once.

After testing all your justifications you can import the final text-file in your SAP-landscape (without any transportorder too!)

At all a simple and effective solution.
If we could raise your interest feel free to contact us.

Keywords: SAP, print, printer, change, device, parameter, printfarm, servername, host

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