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BADI                 Tittel                                                      .

UA_CONNECTOR         Egendefinert konvertering                                   .
UA_COSTING_IMPORT1   Costing Import 1                                            .
UA_COSTING_IMPORT2   Business Add-In: Import Objects and Price Tables            .
UA_COSTING_IMPORT3   Business Add-In: Change XML Document                        .
UA_FIELD_CONTROL_OBJ Costing engine object field control                         .
UA_FOBJ_AUTHORITY    Authorization Check for FIN Objects                         .
UA_INV_GRIR_AUTH     Authorization Check for GR/IR Clearing                      .
UA_UPLOAD_EXPLLIST   Business Add-In: Upload Itemizations Cost Estimate          .
UA_UPLOAD_OBJSTABS   Business Add-In: Upload Objects and Tables                  .
UA_UPLOAD_QTY_STRUCT Business Add-In: Upload Quantity Structure (KALKTAB)        .
UA_UPLOAD_SURCHARGE  Business Add-In: Upload Template                            .
UA_UPLOAD_TEMPLATE   Business Add-In: Upload Template                            .
UA_UPLOAD_XML        Business Add-In: Upload XML                                 .
UBC_CE_TRANSFER      Transfer of Cost Events to an External Billing Application  .
UBC_CSP_WF_STRAT     Determination of Strategy for Workflow                      .
UC_CTR_CTPROC        SEM-BCS: Valutaomregning - omregningsprosedyre              .
UC_CTR_XRPROC        SEM-BCS: Valutaomregning - kursfastsettingsprosedyre        .
UC_DATATRANSFER      SEM-BCS: BADI for bruk i dataoverføring                     .
UC_TASK_CUSTOM       SEM-BCS: Egendefinert tiltak - utføring                     .
UDM_ADD_DATA_PPF_C   Correspondence: Determine Additional Data                   .
UDM_BASIS_RULE       Basic Rules BAdI                                            .
UDM_BP_PROFILE_C     Determine Profile to Be Entered for Business Partner        .
UDM_CCT_DEFAULT      Standard Note and Measurement of Duration for Customer Cont..
UDM_CHNG_SGMT_DATA_C Determine Group and Specialist to Be Entered per Segment    .
UDM_COLL_AMT_C       BAdI: Calculate Amount to Be Collected                      .
UDM_EXT_RATING_C     External Valuation                                          .
UDM_LOC_MASSACT_C    BAdI: Mass Activities on Dispute Cases                      .
UDM_PARALLEL_RUN_S   Parallel Processing                                         .
UDM_PARTNER_PPF_C    Partner Determination for PPF Connection                    .
UDM_PREPARE_DESCR_C  Name of Node in Case Record                                 .
UDM_RSM_DEFAULT      Properties and Values of Attributes of Resubmission         .
UDM_RULE             Rules BAdI                                                  .
UDM_STORE_EVENTS_C   Triggering of Events                                        .
UDM_WL_ITEM_CREATE_C Create Worklist Item                                        .
UDM_WL_ITEM_DISP_C   Display Worklist Item                                       .
UDM_WL_ITEM_DIST_C   Distribution of Worklist Items to Collection Specialists    .
UKM_BLACKWHITE_LIST  Black and White Lists                                       .
UKM_BP_ADD_FIELDS    Additional Attributes of Business Partner                   .
UKM_CHECK_STEP       Individual Step of Credit Check                             .
UKM_COMMITMENT_PUSH  Enhancement of Interface 'Accept Liabilities'               .
UKM_CONV_TO_PARTNER  Converts Partner Numbers with Different Procedure IDs       .
UKM_CREDIT_CHECK     Adjust Result of Credit Check                               .
UKM_CREDIT_INFO      Evaluate External Credit Information                        .
UKM_EVENTING         Event Handling                                              .
UKM_EVENT_PUBLISHER  Enhancement to Interface 'Publish Credit Events'            .
UKM_EV_FORMULA       Formula Parameters and Functions                            .
UKM_FILL             Fyll ut detaljposter for oppdatering av forpliktelser       .
UKM_MASSDATA_SELECT  Selection Criteria for Mass Processing                      .
UKM_PROCESSES        Follow-On Processes for Events                              .
UKM_R3_ACTIVATE      BADI: Aktivering av SAP Credit Management                   .
UKM_VECTOR_PUSH      Enhancement of Interface 'Accept FI Summary'                .
UMB_AUTHORITY        Definisjon: BADI for autorisasjonskontroll styringskort     .
UMB_LOCK             BADI-definisjon: Sperre av styringskortelementer            .
UMB_VISIBILITY       Synlighet for styringskortelementer                         .
UPB_SY_HIERARCHY     Importer målgruppehierarki                                  .
UPS_ADDONS           Utvidelsesmuligheter for UPS                                .
UPS_NAME_RESOLVE     Navneoppløsning for status- og sporingssystem               .
UPS_OBJECT_SERVICE   Objekttjenesteutvidelser                                    .
UPX_LAYOUT_RENDER    BADI: Endring av utvidet oppsett                            .
UPX_RESP_SOURCE      Business add-in: Kilde for ansvarsområdene                  .
UR_REALIGNMENT_1     Definition and Execution of Realignment Runs                .
UWS_FORM_RUNTIME     Exit-er: Kjøringstidsformularer                             .
UWS_SURVEY_COCKPIT   Exit survey_cockpit                                         .
UWS_SURVEY_PUB       Endre avsenderadresse                                       .
UWS_SURVEY_VAL       Validering av spørreskjemaer                                .
UXS_PIPELINE         Exiter: Kjøringstidsformularer                              .
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